FLUTTERSHY PLAYS DELTARUNE 🍉 | i can't with this toothpaste child. | Part 3

by: Vannamelon

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[Music] excuse me oh my goodness Maryland heads I just want to let you know I am having an allergy attack right now wait at the door I'm having an allergy attack right now melon heads so uh if I sneeze let's put a counter here in this video how many times I sneeze what would their horse key mr saye be in the puzzles guy fix that door since it was just three of us it should work without any issues anyhow hoping it helps you deal with the king who is the king by the way I would love to know I took allergy medicine right now let's just see how many times I sneeze in this game play wheat with the hassle keeps going the delta drone keeps oh goodness [Music] nothing we can do with you uh uh blow on breathe huh okay let's try that let's see oh wait what what it's a full carats what's happening angel bunny uh oh we can spare okay let's settle this very meaty they'll be really happy I can't am I supposed to there they are I was literally by to talk about this guy here what do you want now like Sooey Lancer so-called heroes are you finally ready to see what happens we can try excellent a team that crushes anyone in their way how long have they been trying to study that dark jackal answer violet axe Susie together we are huh Oh the dark um so what's your evil plan huh dude we just formed our team we haven't done anything past our intro yet have a little patience please oh sorry we're looking forward to the rest won't have to look forward for a long coem unstoppably they may give you a plan to thrash you clouds okay watch your backs okay fine but we're the troupe and your friends but wait a true Hot Topic team got all the gift cards are you threatened by them rail I really I I I'm really not I don't know if that's fans is son-in-law cousin-in-law or just stands entirely look what they're doing there what are they doing don't mind me I'm on break say help me I need to get something for my friend clovers birthday Oh her only interest our sports cute boys and trees well that's for ya specific maybe I'll just get her a card oh why does it keep scaring me guys don't mind me that I sound Snively Rizzoli allergy allergies what are you guys doing huh huh how's that evil scheming going oh that oh yeah born so we're having a snack what do you have I seen come on all I ate breakfast was chalk didn't mean anything sorry what are you doing having exactly just a daily treasure I hate in this thumb school with this and that is thank you for yourself my name man ah yeah I'll try it I don't want around the try any bits point is in it I'll take it for the team there was a honey pot of salsa inside the stump honey pot of salsa Winnie the Pooh Google you ate some salsa they recovered is something not HP just something they recovered my my need for the tango can we just talk about this music bill melonhead's old witness ok let's go over here oh goodness Oh Emma's happy enter the password no duty everyone forgetting the password it's written at the top clover clover wait what are you guys doing over here mustache over there like this yeah how's that skinny coming along you too hey don't look spoilers do silly I'll show you a spoiler and it ends with my hairspray going on there enough I'm better than that red black red and then flip yeah are you red black red black so let's sue Spain diamond speed hey thanks for doing the puzzle for us losers thank you so much losers rebel look what I bet they shop at Old Navy now then a true Hot Topic squads another puzzle looking one second look around oh when did you tell me that was there wait a minute we gotta figure out the code here it must be ok here we go there's a diamond here where's a busy man over there what's this here looks like it's supposed to be the solution to the puzzle but it's been vandalized with a calligraphy pen looks like the order of symbols was red black red ok red black red wait are we are we supposed to do this here it black red but it flips it right give me a second whoa what was that I'm scared I can't stand this okay maybe we have to talk to them let the little of us sing I'll be scared of everything hello arcade came by what a hunk that's the king isn't he he vandalized the puzzle to stop the Leitner's but we know the answers oh you want to get through of course it will tell you um the first symbol is a heart ah yes so thank you first it was a heart okay should I write this down um simple puzzle all the symbols were different they think you can't um still see the colors they were to Sarah I can't be any more help that's okay you actually all your things is helpful how about you huh simple puzzle why should we care none of the symbols are clubs oh sorry it's alright it's salty the first one has to be a heart it turns into that see okay wait wait I see we got a key here heart got it yeah I'm so smart I miss my knee why are you pants excuse me you know what I want to speak to him huh hey sir hello me here who are you all goodness look at this block sir we rearranged and the fence I see the shoes oh uh head Bonnie and I'm juicier better have Luxor's pleased with his new cell I'm so happy thank you keep going you didn't even say hello all the teachers you let's fight actually stop and say hi folks shut up they don't deserve us hey hey calm down you two let's celebrate my birthday yeah I'll get ready to hurt oh I'm so sorry about this oh oh goodness clover it's your birthday oh oh it's right our only interest our sports cute boys and trees uh what was it when we talked about boys um what kind of boys do you like cute wearing one I mean all seems like clover enjoy talking about that that's right cars are cute fluffy glasses that's it I'm sure what is all these things are these mu cakes uh uh uh uh uh what sports do you like on sports I want to eat a football boys with your food oh I love you to see my clover enjoyed something on the back getting in tennis balls oh okay you really agree with that machinist you brought out the topic is that everyone who ever seemed happy they didn't sprout can we keep can we keep this warming can we let it replace Suzy the toys-r-us colada goodness what's happening here okay join join the join the conga did the conga a revived mint oh that's interesting here's a fallen Ally to max HP and Stephanie useful indeed can I keep going oh good what are you doing now oh woe is me woes and woes and woes in wolves if only a hero would help answer is everything all right oh I'm not Lancer I'm just a silly little boy why does a sweet little boy have a moustache so what kind of help do you need see I have this evil plan and we could make why does a sweet boy need an evil plan to impress his cool friend Suzie dot-dot-dot goodness Chris if it's for friendship well then we'll gladly help what shall we do it's all in the paper you delicious little apple don't call him a little Delicious apple what what is this just fill it with the most evil thing you can imagine oh okay but the generate come generated content begin you need my youtube channel create a machine to thrash your own butt are you serious ahead of flame a duck what are we making Blazer tomboyish so research for upscales events it's burning with desire sure to make you blush and we want to us representing cheetah we can I say choose the color oh my goodness oh look we have elegant light with cute hot cool done a plane a wheel a tank or a duck just look at this is making you lose points oh look at this this is beautiful okay let's make the body and the top is gonna represent chica or maybe Shelley at this point and in the bottom could be get the green chica Shelley through a sheep a she 5000 that's what it is right there I will die with that well looks nasty are you sure you aren't evil I mean no I suppose we just have a knack for it trick to you idiots never do something someone else can do it for you uh okay hey why did you draw something like it's okay to express yourself Chris anyway great job later they were sitting ducks uh and it's all thanks to our enemies thank you very much thrash you later uh I'm just gonna run with that deal idea okay uh oh goodness me what's that oh goodness oh goodness oh goodness oh goodness hello oh goodness me it says revolve around the center and look carefully darker gets the more you can see what revolver on the center the darker it gets the more you can see what does that mean I don't like you I see so the more you see okay okay okay well what's in the center wait a minute well this one thing over here look there is well the hard to see there was a switch in the tree all goodness mean little did I know what buddy mean what are you guys doing so uh ready to be a good guy again Suzy gotta say being a bad guy is pretty sweet not only is it way more fun than being good but my teens proud of what I do earlier Suzy made a pinecone off the floor he gave her a terrible stomach ache it was very brave and cool see finally some respect really Leiter's this girl's with you right he's for the control neither my enemies actually we split up cuz I was too evil for him Oh guys I'm so sorry how's the threshers you InDesign going the what machine the machine we had a little sequence about it oh that yeah we'll make it at the last minute you two should really start working on it earlier what's with the lecture I'm gonna come here for a second dad oh yeah you tell him you need to take charge of your man Suzy by the way beware yourself with the fours maze you'll probably get completely lost without someone who knows the way through that is yeah I know the force like the back of my head I'll charge accepted huh okay what do you guys want what what are you leaving me the way now are you reading the way well why don't you do that for so which way keep going next we were following you oh I have no idea where I'm going Chris let's just go or ever Lancer doesn't go I should have known that little Dookie doodoo toothpaste making fun of me but of my round by round boy hello there sorry I have no time I'm going that way I'm going this way what do you want what do you want Susie hey losers wait a sec where's Lancer oh well he wouldn't go in the right way so you let him wander off by himself you know he's bad at mazes right he's probably lost and confused right now sorry Susie we didn't mean to make you worry about him huh look I'm not worried about him bad guys gotta look out for each other at all anyway get in my way I'm gonna fight him soon so she doesn't know the right way either Chris oh yeah wait I saw them whoa huh kind of shook me I see oh okay okay you guys not going in the middle I see you okay Saifuddin right here get out after the means okay come on ray let's go I'm not afraid is that her crew Chris isn't that the machine we design yes the Cheeka Cheeka shall we Josh your batter 5,000 all right this will be your this will be tough let's try our best oh goodness oh that's not good actually uh yeah you're right cut it out just wait and see what happens when it's stuck oh goodness your design sucks oh we blew it up so now what's your plan going to be turns out we didn't need a plan just a rule Oh anyone that gets an Ironman gets crushed into dust but Susie you need us to return home doesn't crushing us seem a little counterproductive yeah talk about the tesis see that's where you're wrong you see I know I can't get back without you guys but being a good guy gotta go really is it my style so I thought of a little way we can just serve huh if you can beat me I'll go back to being a good guy okay but if you lose you guys will have to become bad guys with us and do whatever we say no I wish is your command so what do you say um I am NOT interested in being little Hot Topic Santa Claus jr. and mrs. Santa Claus hot topic don't bother answering we were just gonna thrash you anyway so see ya okay let's go well sega stopping and turning Nilla by yes right round you sing the song sing the T song tell her what's wrong she fell asleep good good good well what a beautiful song yeah but you're not going to be involved with it mister uh let's write anything you tell Val say it's a common with the enemies yeah go go go go really great team and proud registar it's become a little convinced oh it's working on me okay all goodness I'm sorry you two if we don't stop fighting then someone might get hurt Matt you became more convinced it's working give it some given technique sovereignty to deal with the final blow - go go go in summary I'd like you to and I think we should all just get along Oh What's Wrong dude I accidentally started liking the enemies now seeing them makes me feel round and soft with your baby not Ran's up I have my sphere for battle oh well if you don't want to fight there's no point I guess battles over oh well you didn't beat us because you are kinda cheated by a ganging up on Lancer with no kindness yeah but if I have to I guess hold back to your side really but don't expect me to do anything but fight huh yes Uzi only we have a lot of talking to do but well we're happy to have you back Susy yeah yeah let's just hurry up and go home yay oh I forgot about you mr. toothpaste mr. Santa um Suzie does this mean we are a team anymore I mean of course we're still a team you can come with us be part of the Hot Topic squad well me in the topics : leave if I hang out with the good guys then and we still have monogram to track jackets yeah Rossi will make him uh-huh man who joins the team with a bad lovely fact I can't stand you little answer but you're alright join the team topic squaw hey beautiful I think I think this could work I think this can [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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