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yo what is up guys I'm playing GTA 5 once again with your daily gt5 mom videos we are here with the when a mod man this guy's chillin it up in los santos we're with the spider-man mod applied to him so he got you know the spider web and whatnot you know apparently it's not pulling him it's supposed to the whoa you did not expect that man he's armed become costume but it guys that is the real Wenham now he's got a noticing something are you looking on here man what oh you oh you since our look at that I love this huh

you lose also piano run away from oh look at that t-rex I'm gonna plant that here get away t-rex will you go oh we can't punch him he can also jump pretty high whoa look at that beef so I basically random had to adjust to this life of both mountain man no one like him out there but you had to prove to them that he's a good guy never mind he's not gonna prove nothing he is ugly bad he's a bad guy guys come on I'm gonna be messing around here I just dude lay on his phone he has no idea what's going on I'm gonna come right here and punch I mean kick I guess

how do I change my attack mode possible

and one got crazy dude oh look at this stuff man this guy's monster he's bigger than a regular guy who could be like normal Pez are much smaller let's compare our side okay hold on SEC really these random dudes showing you like world oh whoa we got up okay these two things easy things I'm playing a prank with him like I'm on your costumer something think this is a joke you come with me right now he gave me our pet right now it was I'm gonna run against it got your yeah that's what top you come after me still oh okay he still doesn't realize that I'm the real one he did not wear your costume so here we go here we go yeah that's a kick and he gets run over I call you to get off this guy's crazy and you still want more whoa get away he's gone yup y'all acting like you didn't see that huh why do I act my unity - that's what taught I will knock her up yeah we all got y'all ain't got no spider-man respond a man that man my man will be coming he will be coming guys trust me ta he's coming to town to save Los Santos from Wenham the videos gonna be up three friendly he's taking a selfie right there and I'm gonna problem with him when he's checking now at whoa what the hell oh oh buddy wants to go bro bye [Music] yeah hate me you don't mean that it's right okay oh she should be she knows something I always went with the real one name I should get running yeah he's running that's right can't wait you know what let me Karl hey come with us [Music] well do this oh you can touch me oh that's so cool you catch a carp yo that's awesome this guy cannot move our way now whoo yo there's awesome so give me tie two cards together yet you can all there you go yo we can do it time award hold up yeah I got tries it we're going to connect two cards together one chilling good place and these two Farnum I just worth it oh okay clear down animal here all right so we got if you got okay here you go okay we've gotta take this we will have the ability to keep moving oh they're trying hard both equally strong oh okay yeah that Jeep got taken away yo we car I did a jeep a week what you soft I let think this is anything

all right that trust about to get was they're going to be hard for the trouble one [Music] for my gut benny dayal struggling okay so my guy just in his place all right all right all right I left that somehow you know stop swinging around the city here you all right here we go go get on top of this building and see where you can go man here you go oh I'm all Gianni oh no strain the pool does anyone rounder you know I just do the what could be shiny there oh look at that and what a beast I need to go on the building so you can swing it you know and just use the web because right now wake up with the web's top you know like when you're out the building gonna make sense like right now you know this soku is running upward onto the building like a bead and then we're gonna jump oh crap that it work hold on Thanks all right here you go Blenheim how you feeling bro oh and that tongue we've got a crazy-ass dude man is his tongue is damaged man don't hit him oh there you go we're swinging whoo-hoo you this is so cool and even now and whoo we're gonna practice is good good very good out great and again I want to go real close to the ground and the footing oh oh here you go

whoo all right so yeah guys this guy pretty cool and you will have a video coming up a bottom spider-man vs. venom will be coming up very soon there's going to be a crazy crazy you know mod on my video I guess and I'll be a crane battle so if you guys enjoyed this video we will have some crazy stuff coming up make sure you like subscribe and comment until then we're going to mess around a little bit more oh this poor guy he's still alive no but you ain't going nowhere though let's attack him he's drunk I could tell you that lie he's really calm any entry closet are like midnight I keep in Gladwell oh my gosh we're gonna talk like to go record yes go away

Camero let you get back to all you got neon lighting too bad cool oh oh all right we got a lot oh this is doing something we found Method Man yeah that's a talent where you going to string attack right what that happen oh he's keeping crap on that one huh poor guy random dude started attacking him he's dead man do the Tom let him go and Asian dude where is this off why you mad man oh he just noise random lady the oh crap Hunter mess breast here is a two-string that's what you know you have stuff

oh he got old we dead he's gone good contact

[Music] alright hope you guys enjoyed the video makers I subscribe and comment we will have of course as I said earlier super Maggie's fireman vs. right I'm coming up very soon so stay tuned for that can be a crazy fool you know video I'm super excited for that and of course we have a lot more coming up man not just this mommy got Deadpool we got random pool why don't pull yet the Deadpool combined with when a giant Red Hulk like Deadpool recipe it's crazy stuff right there man there guys keep on

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