Rabbi Jason's Testimony

by: Rabbi Jason Sobel

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[Music] now some of you might be wondering who is this Jewish guy up here what's his story what's his deal so I'm gonna briefly share with you my journey so we can get to know one another a little bit better I grew up in the Holy Land New Jersey where there were more Jews than in Jerusalem went to Hebrew school as a child was Bar Mitzvah lost a lot of my family during the Holocaust when I was and got into high school I was really into basketball long story short I got kicked off the basketball team joined a wannabe Filipino gang and as we got that connection with mama su that want to be Filipino gang got into all sorts of trouble started to do all sorts of crazy stuff eventually became a DJ of hip-hop and R&B and found myself working under the largest recording studios in New York City and in the midst of working with all these famous individuals I said to myself there has to be more to life than just this they had Fame and they had fortune but I knew there had to be something more and so I began the spiritual journey and basically I became a Jew boo do you guys know what a Jew boo is a Jewish Buddhist the New Age Jew I would go to synagogue and study with my rabbi but also do Eastern philosophy and religion and one day I was I would meditate for hours a day and do yoga like twist my legs over my head and also and I was like one day oh right during the Mandans stuff and all of a sudden my my soul began to vibrate and it began to lift out of my body and I was in my room and I could see myself sitting in the meditative position and my soul went through the roof through the clouds and the next thing I know I was standing in heaven and I was under the I was I was shaking under the power and the presence in the glorious euphoria of the Lord and I saw this king Rothen he saw high and lifted up and no one needed to tell me who it was I knew who it was it was his shoe it was Jesus I didn't know anything about him but I knew that who that was and he said to me you're called serve me and next thing I know is down in my body running around like I'm called to serve hey my mom's like you're called to serve whoo I had no idea what to do my best friend John who was not Jewish she was in the Filipino gang with me came to faith and he said Jason I found the truth I'm like John what's that he's like Jesus is Lord and Savior but if you don't believe in him and the end times are gonna be this big beast with all these heads are gonna eat people who don't believe I said dude what are you smoking in your hookah I don't know what's going on here doesn't seem kosher I had another experience coming out of an ashram in New York City where I walked out the door and this woman stopped me and she said do you think truth is clear deep and absolute and the front of my shirt said truth but the back said clear deep and absolute but she couldn't see the back and all of a sudden everything dissolved around me I was completely transfixed upon her it was like time and space stop and she started to tell me about the Lord and give me the good news I snapped out of it and not the woman was not to be seen or found and I realized okay something's happened Jerry my friend John calls me back on the telephone he said Jason let me ask you a question you went to Hebrew school do you think you could tell the difference between the old and the New Testament and I said sure he read me this passage about this guy who died on a cross is that that's easy John New Testament he said let me read you another passage he was bruised for our transgressions crushed for our iniquities and by His stripes were what he said old or new I said well that's easy that's the New Testament is talking about Jesus he said - Isaiah 53 the Jewish prophet I was so provoked to jealousy and I agreed to go with my friend to this messianic congregation have you guys know Rabbi Jonathan Cahn it was his congregation and Jonathan was speaking and at the end of the service they dim the lights and played the piano and pray and I figured I need help I can get so I prayed I said if you prayed this prayer raise your hand so I raised my hand so if you raise your hand will you please stand up you've just been born again I had no idea what it meant to be born again I gave my mother enough trouble when I was born once god only knows what this meant and so I thought no one was looking but they said we saw you raise your hand so I had to stand up they gave me the first New Covenant brief Kaddish I'd ever seen I took it home I was confused I hid into my bedroom god forbid anyone want you to ever find it I read it for the first time I was blown away about how Jewish it was and what was said to me in that heavenly encounter was actually a verse from the New Testament which I had never read before and I knew that he was the one that Moses and the prophets spoke of and I gave my life to Him God is good right you're so funny one week later I get a call from a homeless friend in New York City he said Jason I was sleeping outside and I had to have both legs amputated I have gangrene I have to have them amputated I'm gangrene from the knees down I'm really scared but you come pray for me what do I know I just read the book of Acts you know I go to the hospital I lay my hands on my said silver and gold have I none but I have in the name of Yeshua rise take up your bed and walked he gets healed he comes of faith and he walks out of the hospital a week later come on [Applause]

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