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[Music] hello and welcome to my youtube video on my top 10 things that will always make you look and feel good now this time of the year I always think is a bit of a hard time of year I think you've got the buildup of December and gent and like Christmas and all that a new year and then you kind of come to genuine it's like oh it's cold back to work and people just generally feel a bit down so I thought I'd share with you my top ten tips of things that are just going to instantly pick you up and make you think come on let's get through this

so number one really easy really simple polish nails so having your nails done is something that I have done on a regular basis because obviously I'm in the image industry and I've got to always look polished and presentable and I generally do that myself I have my own gel UV UV lamp but however I have started recently going back to my amazing nail lady Suzy B who does my nails but because actually you know what it makes me feel fantastic I only have it doing probably once every three or four weeks and I just have gel overlay oh my over my nut rolls but it really is an instant pick-me-up it doesn't cost a fortune and you can have a color to suit your mood and I just love it so number one for me is having your nails done the nuts or polish manicure

number two spriter is an instant confidence boost an instant pick-me-up again straight away doesn't cost very much money you look better your clothes look nicer on you and it just gives you that sunkissed look when it's absolutely Baltic outside

number three would be great tailoring now again this time of the year you've probably eaten far too much over the Christmas and New Year as I did and you're feeling probably not as confident with your body my key secret is scrap those slouchy jumpers that I lived and died in in November and December and go for some good tailoring so making sure your jackets got structured shoulders it's nipping you in at the waist it's fitting you perfectly good tailoring hides a multitude of sins just makes you feel a bit chic or a bit smarter and just picture up a bit number four would be an amazing pair of heels so I live and die in flats because I'm always running around the place or that we trainers or boots or ugg boots but actually they don't actually make you feel fantastic today where are you putting the pair of heels and you just feel like you can conquer the world so putting on something that you really feel confident in really does make a difference

number five one of my favorite but big and bouncy blowdry this is something I don't do a lot and it would generally be on a special occasion or my when I have a hair done but really does make a massive difference to how I feel and feeling confident if you if you know someone that's really good at blow-drying your hair walking out of that salon you're literally just on cloud nine you feel incredible your heads big and bouncy and you don't have to wash it for a few days afterwards which is just brilliant number six will be to wear some color says she in a black polo neck but it really does lift your spirits even if it's just a statement piece like a bright pink coat or a pair of fabulous boots just wearing something colorful then it just lifts your spirits and also people also comment on as well say my goodness because they're attracted to it I love what you're wearing

number seven should really take a leaf out of my own book but a statement lip so again if you didn't want to do the color on your body then perhaps something like a bright red lipstick or bright pink lift lipstick will just lift your spirits and that you make you feel better

number eight well-kept eyebrows so this is something that is sound so simple but actually well-groomed eyebrows just make you feel so much better they just make you feel more polished and it really is a massive grooming trick to have really good eyebrows number nine great underwear so I like to help all my clients the first thing you've got to get yourself professionally measured not at Marks and Spencers so you want you either john lewis or an independent stockists if you're on the large side mr. mo but just make sure you go somewhere that's renowned for being good at measuring bras Brittany and Pella incredible and even better an independent stockist someone that really knows bras inside-out your underwear is what your whole look is based upon is the foundation of we're looking good and feeling good all begins and my clients will all know this the amount of lust we've had in the fitting room it when I've taken them down to back sizes and up to several cup sizes and then I've got a personal shopper walked out with a boob job but that's normal but having really good for fitting nice underwear again will make you feel incredible if you put some old gray loose thing with pants up to your armpits you're never gonna feel good in that so great underwear is my number nine

number ten I have taken a leaf out of my book and booked a holiday so if there is anything that is going to get you through January it is booking a nice sunny holiday and that is exactly what I have done and where I'm going at the end of the month so they are my top ten things that will make you feel better during the January blues thank you for watching bye


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In this video Cleo reveals her top 10 things that will make you feel better during the January Blues, from little treatments to luxurious items. These fashion and beauty tricks are guaranteed to make you feel better. For business enquiries contact

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