GTA 5 - Faggio Fun! (GTA 5 Glitches, Ramps, and Funny Moments)

by: speedyw03

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attention the following video is going to totally kick ass if you enjoy any of it and/or have a large penis please click the like button below enjoy he took your spot just press just hopefully it works everybody reverse everybody everybody in the back reversal Oh No fuck up again we're smoking smoking shit that's me I've been

let me just fix that for you guys a quick query where you get stuck just try to stand in the back we ready to go to the party now yeah this is surprising they're working a lot there you go for Danny Deluxe steady don't hit the world yeah we've also kept it under two mile an hour so you already launched it yeah Tony Hawk's I'm NRT yeah this is better than anything he's ever done we got it I really like your helmet did it's like a BMX helmet oh no put that away put that away

I just fucking turned off my xbox by accident I'll never know what happened Charlene I have an idea for backup oh

fuck can landed on my face I don't know how to swim what the fuck you can did you really just save it it doesn't disable your vehicle you can fucking Drive that shit yeah

why would you

alright that's way took credit for killing everyone that's bullshit when to the goddamn help help help help now what's wrong the fat guy fighting you fucking blueberry dude that guy's fighting you dude unbelievable Ranjha taking her on better than bump-up there's no way you can hop that oh he just gave up stuck the landing oh my god

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