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by: TomKat Stitchery

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I'm Whitney and before I get started I just want to say if you're in the u.s. I hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far we've got Thanksgiving coming up in two days so I hope everyone's enjoying time with family and friends everywhere in the world but especially as we're getting ready to celebrate this wonderful holiday about giving thanks for everything that we've been blessed for on that note today I have a little bit of a different video for you I was selected by Athena cacao who is the one of the people that was behind the smiley patterns and the smiley magazine and the whole smiley movement the sowing makes you love yourself movement from last year she released her own line of patterns earlier this year and selected me amongst many others to review one of her patterns for the month of November so for the month of November her pattern was her newest Nikki cardigan that I think she released in October if I'm not mistaken and just asked some youtubers and bloggers and influencers I guess in general to make up the pattern review it and give their opinions on their social media accounts so I was given this pattern for free I will tell you that up up right up here at the front but all opinions are definitely my own I was very excited this is my very first Athena cacao kakou I totally might be pronouncing her name incorrectly cacao so anyway I'll have a link to all of this down below but this was my first of her patterns to make I hadn't made any of the smiley patterns yet or any of her other patterns in her range so I was very excited to dig in and to try this one out I from the get-go thought this one was adorable I love the crossover wrap detail on it I will pop a picture of what the pattern kind of looks like and they're a couple different views there's a longer one and a shorter one I made the shorter one and I in this wonderful fabric and I'll talk about the fabric here in a minute as well and but I did the short one only because I have some longer I've gotten a Blackwood cardigan and I've got my new mm EG duster cardigan that are kind of a longer line cardigan and thought it might be kind of fun to try a shorter one so I made I think it's view one of that the shorter version I did a size 16 and did my normal if I made the size 8 I think maybe the smallest size the 4 in the shoulder and then an in the neck and then grade it out to the 16 and through the arms I and into the sides because that's just kind of a normal adjustment for me my first impressions of the pattern I was very impressed with her instructions they were very thorough very detailed this is a very simple make but even so her if you were brand new to sewing with knits or brand new to making a cardigan I think you would find these to be very informative she also does so Long's for all of her patterns on her youtube channel so I think that as well for beginners is super helpful so I would definitely recommend these Athena cacao patterns for anyone that's a brand new seamstress I also found the drafting to be wonderful it was very true to size it's exactly what the size chart had said everything fit together all the pieces fit together yeah I I loved the pattern so let's talk a little bit about it so this is a cardigan I used a very thick knit for this so this knit is from Stone Mountain daughter I will link her down below she does not have this one in any longer she is sold out but I'll link a couple of for other sweater knits that I think that would make this pattern up fantastically this is quite possibly one of the coziest knits I've ever made so it is kind of um it's a double sided knit so it is bonded together it's like two layers that are bonded together and you can really see it like on the cut edge that they're like tacked together kind of like with little threads I guess so it's this marled heather charcoal gray on one side and then this darker charcoal that has been like tact with like a texture into it so it's like wavy kind of oh my gosh I love it it gives such nice texture it is so warm very spongy great stretch it's this cardigan is like gonna be worn all winter long because it's an insanely comfortable cozy now I will say I was very excited to try the tie detail on this cardigan and I loved it and all of the pictures that Athena has on her website however and this knit I think it's too bulky I will put hopefully I've been showing you or I will now pictures of video of me kind of prancing around and trolling around in it and I will show it open which is how I probably will wear it most often and then also tied with the tie bow now the first time I made this I did the tie belt per the instructions and which is just taking like the long strip of fabric and then you know folding it in half and sewing it and then turning it right-side out that made a way too bulky tie belt for this fabric because again it's almost two layers of net that have been kind of attached together and it was just way too thick and just added way too much bulk around my waist which is one of my thicker areas anyway I don't need any extra bulk in that so I went back and hold on let me grab the tie okay I went back and I cut the tie half the width so that I only needed one layer because I also thought actually a friend of mine my friend Ginny recommended it she's like it's so gorgeous on both sides you should just have like one strip of fabric basically because it's a knit so it's just cut and it's kind of rough Lea cut but I kind of like that deconstructed look so I sewed them together in the center waistband and then just top stitched my sup my seams down and then just cut close to that so when it's tied you can see both sides of the fabric which I'm like that's a genius idea and it took away a lot of the bulk because again this is basically and you can kind of see on this how the two layers of fabric they can kind of come apart in places but they're taxed down together I think it's tacking the wavy texture in the top portion of the net too so they're both somewhat thin it's especially the top layer but together they're just pretty well so anyway I did that for the typo and I do like that a lot better however I think if I made this in a lighter weight sweater net I would definitely do the tie belt and I think that I would wear it that way because I do like a good rap and I love you like a trenchcoat style I really do enjoy that so I think that if I and I will make this again I really love this cardigan I love that it's shorter which is a little different than the other cardigans you kind of see out there you can make it long as well that's the second view but I really like this short view I think it's very complementary to my shorts - so anyway I probably won't wear this much with the tie belt maybe I might but I really love it open and again this is one of the warmest things ever it is so cozy so what yeah anyway love it so that is it that is my review of this pattern it was a definite win I loved all the finishing on this it was somewhat similar to the Blackwood cardigan actually if you've made that the finishing along the neck band and the hem it's got the sleeve bands on it that I loved the hem band it just finishes off real nicely and again it was just drafted really beautifully so if you're looking for a good cardigan pattern this winter or something a little different I would definitely recommend that one and again for fabric I will link down to snow mountain daughter some of the stuff that she carried that I think would probably be pretty good I've not tried any of the other ones but I think they would probably work I would buy them for myself to make this pattern put it so that's it for now but please hit that subscribe button if you haven't already oh and I forgot to mention I cut my hair you probably have noticed that now I yeah I cut bangs I get bored with my hair very easily and so you know I've only had this channel for three months so you haven't gotten to know me super well yet but I changed my hair all the time so yeah I did this yesterday so they have that might be the elephant in the room you might be thinking oh my gosh she's done something different with her hair love it or hate it whatever something different and I enjoy doing different things so anyway on that note yes hit subscribe so you don't miss anything later on this week we've got I'm doing my five favorite coat patterns for well for any time of year really anytime you do bring a coat fall spring winter um so that's coming up at the end of the week and then next week I will have my so my style hopefully I'm waiting for some bra supplies to arrive hopefully this week so I can get the the bra and panties that is for the so my style for November completed but that review should be next week and then Oh what else did I have planned for next week drawing a complete blank Oh some the so frosting the hash tag so frosting is also due next weeks so this is so hard I film these videos like a week in advance so technically for me next week is Thanksgiving but as you are watching this Thanksgiving is two days away so next week will be the last week of November and that is when the end of the so hashtag so frosting is ending and so I was going to show you my entries for that challenge as well so those will be something to look forward to next week so that is it for now please hit the subscribe button hit a thumbs up if you liked this video and I will see you soon bye

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