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so what's the holidays everybody tis the season times the give thanks and to spend time with your loved ones your friends family give gifts whatever you celebrate copy holidays to everybody now I know it's been a while since I've made a youtube video last couple of months I've been a little bit rough if you didn't know I had a back injury I had the flu I lost my voice for a little while but I'm not here to talk about that I'm here to do what I've been wanting to do for a little while and that's to make another video to give thanks on this Thanksgiving weekend I love all things to all of you so it's time for another episode of my gaming items I'm proud to own series but today we're gonna do a little bit different we're not gonna do just three items we're gonna do a plethora of item set throughout this time and the short time have been gifts to me and donations from people like you and I'm super grateful super thankful for all of you who have stuck around and made the channel great and now it's time to showcase some of those awesome items that fans like you have given to me I'm G and welcome to the next level so first off we're gonna start off with some gaming items that were given to me from fans like you then we're gonna of course get into some sonic the hedghog gifts and then we'll end with some incredibly awesome fan artwork that was given to me so let's start off with something that might seem a little out of place in my collection but I figured this would be a good one to start off with so this is a box of super mario cereal that was actually given to me by a couple of friends of mine and co-workers by the name of oak i'm gonna call her megamix that's what i love calling her and her husband john they actually gave me this box of super mario cereal because they've been longtime friends of mine she's one of my favorite people to work with at work but they were moving they're actually moving across town into an apartment and he needed some boxes they still appreciate it all the same I even helped them move into their apartment as well and they give thanks back to that they gave me this box of super mario cereal now this is one of the original boxes that actually came with the amiibo that you can use in Super Mario Odyssey now I still don't have a copy of Super Mario Odyssey right now we'll get to that a little bit later but I just think that this is a really cool piece of Mario memorabilia to have now it is sealed I haven't opened it so I know some people have said that the cereal is only in there's only like so so it's not great but this is still awesome to have so so Megan John thank y'all so much for that this is this is awesome I hope I can get another box this one's probably gonna stay sealed hopefully I can get another box too to open it up and I'll let y'all know how it is this next piece comes from one of my Twitter friends now I've mentioned several times before that I love my Twitter fan they're the best spam out of any social media that could possibly be I met some awesome friends in the retro gaming community which is sweet this one comes from my buddy he goes by the name of OG Sega Steve this is a Japanese take a shopping bag and this is really awesome cuz this is something that didn't quite know really existed back in the day so how it worked was that he messaged me on Twitter because he also Shops at retro game Pro which is the shop that I got doomed to which was the final game in my retail Sega Genesis collection I got on Black Friday last year we became friends and he messaged me saying hey I've got this cool Japanese Sega bag would you like it if it's yours you can have it for free put it as part of your collection just got to go to write your game Pro to pick it up and sure enough I did and it's cool to actually uh it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be I didn't realize it was gonna be that big the pictures didn't really do it justice but yeah this is awesome and so unfortunately it did get a little tiny tear in it but this is really awesome so Steve thank you so much it's great to meet you at retro Palooza hopefully we can meet up again at some point but yeah this is awesome thank you so the next gif I'm going to talk about is something that my buddy Brian he goes by a nostalgic pixel on YouTube and on Twitter and pretty much any other social media his channel is pretty great so definitely check it out if you can earlier this year I've got a box links which I've never owned the links before and I do plan on making a links video at some point but we'll see what happens when it comes but I managed to get the system but at that point I couldn't really get any games so he said hey I've got a game for you and when we need it wretched Palooza I'll give it to you and it's free so he gave me a copy of California games for the links now if I'm not mistaken and correct me if I'm wrong here California games was wasn't in a packing title for the links at some point so it goes perfectly with my box collection and this is great it's actually one of my favorite versions of California games even more so than the Master System version which I played a lot back in the day in the genesis version I've gotten a fairly sizable links collection now we're all real started from this game so I really appreciate that nostalgic pixel this is awesome thank you so this next item is pretty funny so my buddy Barry he actually is a friend of mine that I met through the Facebook Asian retro group that I bought all those Japanese games from and it made those box ception videos earlier this year I met I met up with him one day and his collection is massive it's incredible the dude actually kind of puts a lot of my collection to shame but he's really great by the way Barry if hopefully you're watching this and hopefully you should really study YouTube channel that would be pretty awesome but anyway the item that he gave to me because I met up with him he bought my horizon zero dawn collector's edition statue and so he gave this to me this is a copy of way of the warrior for three do I look at the markings on because we were just going through all of his various random things in his collection he's like I don't know if this works it's like you know what do you want it consider this a donation to the collection maybe you'll make a 3do video someday I was like mmm well we'll see I gotta get a 3do first I've never had one before but hey if I do I'll definitely cover this on that video but I thought this is it was really cool so my first 3do donation to the channel comes from my buddy Barry and so hey thanks man hopefully we'll get together again soon but this is great I heard the game is mmm but you know it's an early Naughty Dog title so it's pretty interesting but yes thanks again Barry I appreciate it man so the next gift I'm going to talk about is something from my buddy stellar axel he's a local cosplayer friend of mine I met up with him at the Japanese festival because I bought a couple of games from him off Facebook the firm one of the games that I bought from him was the original medieval and when we met up we talked about how awesome medieval is a series is and it really is it's a wonderful series and he said well you're borrowing the first one from me I might have the second one at home as well just let me know if you're interested I said yeah I'm definitely interested so later on he messaged me and he said hey I found them evil - do you want it and I was like yeah I I would like it but he's like you know what Jay have really a good fan of your channel you do great work so consider this a gift to me and/or from him I guess I should say and so you gave me a copy of medieval - because in all my times like I see medieval one quite often and I even see the pspme resurrection quite often but I hardly ever see a copy of medieval - and so but when he gave this to me he did have a request he's like hey so if I give this to you could you make a medieval video at some point and I'm just like yeah now I can't guarantee when I'm gonna make that video hopefully next year but yeah that video will happen thank you so much as Volvo and yeah medieval - great game thank you so much so the next gift that I'm gonna talk about comes from my buddy Tyler you know one of my most inspirational favorite friends here on YouTube who I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for him but you always probably know about that but the gift you don't this is desert speed trap for the master system now there was a point where Tyler was actually parting with quite a few of his a master system collection and he actually gave me this one because I remember at one point we talked about how desert demolition on the Genesis is one of my favorite Genesis games and it is this is a wonderful piece to have in my collection you said hey I just wanted to really go to a good home I know you're a fan of the master system because there's so many import Master System games that I've never even touched now I know like many of the other masters some games like Sonic 2 for example this basically is a Game Gear game but it's put in the proper resolution and style for the TV making it a lot easier to play but this is perfect you know I love Looney Tunes and this is actually a great addition to the collection but not only that there is one other item from Tyler that holds specially to my heart that was also I mean I guess you could really kind of notice a gift but it's actually something that I want from him so I'm gonna consider it a gift why not right it's a little spiny suction-cup plushie I got this from Tyler at retro Palooza during his panel when he was doing Q&A and I answer one of his questions and so he gave me the spiny and what's awesome about this is that while he might not make videos on YouTube anymore I already made a video about that so I'm not gonna go into detail here that was really the last probably time that we'll be able to do conventions together as a guest and he told me he said to everybody that his favorite moment of retro Palooza last year was watching my panel and seeing how the channel has grown and just like all of you I wouldn't be here from went for him and his contributions to the channel so this guy this is great thank you so much Tyler I really appreciate that all right now I know you a lot of you have been waiting for the sonic gift so you know what let's go ahead and dive right on and because what better gifts to go to my Sonic the Hedgehog collection then all these get some wonderful fans so let's start off with these gifts from my buddies James and L James is uh he's known as stuff we play here on YouTube and his channel is awesome I've done a few collabs with him throughout the year and not only is he one of my favorite people to talk to you're on YouTube his channel is just immaculate excellent stuff so they gave me these things that retro Palooza and I thought was really awesome this the Sonics neck but snapback cap it's just really freaking awesome so of course like I love the old sonic design it's just classic but I even asked him I was like hey this is great I love this hat but I need you to do one thing for me I need you to sign it and so he sure did like he signed it right there on the bottom for me and you know what I'm gonna wear it right now so I appreciate that James I was like this is this is awesome actually my head is too big for that hat there we go all right but the other item that actually got from James is this now we talked on Facebook about this about this other random Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles because he actually did buy a few random things he bought a Japanese Sonic Heroes and a few things for me at retro Palooza and he said hey so I found this this Leapster Sonic X card it's like is this something that you would need I'm like well I know that a lot of never played a Leapster before because I figured you know it's a childhood educational gaming system and I was like but you know it is a sonic game that I've never played so the thing is it like I said I don't have one so I guess I have an excuse to buy one now to check it out so yeah like that's that's really awesome so again thanks again for that James and then what's funny is that in the note that he sent to me that came with it I was like this is great it says there g-god go fast love James and Elliott stuff we play I will go fast thank you very much but yes this is great thank you so much James thanks for the Hat thanks for the game this is great thank you next is gonna be something from one of my longest time fans in the channel a great person I've met in real life but he's been super super supportive super great to talk to his name is Hector he goes by the name with FAL crow here on YouTube and he gave me a trek once again this is that retro Palooza he gave me this it's a coffee mug it's a Sonic the Hedgehog coffee mug now I have a couple of sonic glasses even have a couple of sonic shot glasses as well but I actually don't have a coffee mug and I thought this was really really cool so you know those times when it gets cold for the rare times it gets cold here in Texas I have a sonic cup that I can say and it's like hey and it says this is how I roll that's really really cool it's a big mod - oh my god this is awesome so thank you so much Hector I really appreciate everything that you've done maybe being a good ear to talk to and and helping out in any way she possibly can so yeah thank you so much so the next get really really rings special me so earlier this year I made my very first level 10 countdown video you know the 10 Sonic the Hedgehog games did you probably skip that you really shouldn't and one of the games I wanted to cover in that video I was having a devil of a time trying to find a physical copy of and it was like the Hedgehog pocket adventure for the Neo Geo pocket color which if you haven't seen the video a slight spoiler it made the list but so I reached out to my friends on Facebook and anywhere else I'm just like I can't find a copy anyone have one for sale I need it fairly quickly and so my buddy andrew is a longtime friend of mine longtime fan of both my channel and when I was prodded by retro gamer and he messaged me on Facebook and he's like hey G I've got a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog pocket adventure on you Geo pocket color do you need it I'm like yes I still need it how much you want for it he's just like you know what nothing don't worry about it man consider it a donation to the channel I'll send it to you if you need to in it and I'll just like really like so this is my first donation to the channel like this was the very first gift that I've actually got to make videos for the channel and I really appreciate it and you liked it thank you so much cuz it's like this game for some reason eludes me like even I know Neo Geo Pocket stuff is already kind of hard to find but this game always eludes me whenever I'm like out in the hunt so I really do appreciate it this is the copy that you see me playing in that video but that's not the only gift that he's actually given to me for the channel so the other thing is is that he shops a goodwill a lot and so he actually came up to me and he said hey I found something that you might interested in I'm gonna go ahead and send it to you and that's this this is a VHS copy of the Sonic the Hedgehog anime the sorta OVA the movie this was done by eighty vision here in the year in the United States which they were based out of Houston Texas it was out of the goodness of his heart he was thinking of me and I was just like I can't I can't thank you enough man and it's like this is this is really really awesome scrape your knuckles catch some tails think fast Sonic think fast indeed thank you so much Andrew so this next gift is really cool considering the person that gave to me what recently he achieved so if there's one thing that remain of you might know I have a complete US retail Sega Genesis collection but if there's one thing I'd like to experiment it's my imports collection specifically for side the Hedgehog if this one quest I would like to do now is I would like to get every version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog now I've already got two prior to receiving this gift I've got of course the original American release that came with my system and I've got the Canadian variant which a lot of people don't really know about because it says Sega Genesis at the top even though it has the import boxer notice between the two toot sonic and I guess you could say cute sonic I guess but um yeah this next version that I have I didn't have so my buddy Steve Wright jr. he's a photographer he's been a good friend of mine he lives up in in northern Texas and he sent me a message he's just like hey I've got this mega jive sonic do you need it and I was like hey just like for Andrew I basically I was like yeah I'd love to have it how much you want for me it's like no man I'll just send it to you just send me an ad just to send it to and you got it brother and I was like yeah really and it's a beautiful shape completing box and I'm like this is this is really really awesome so that's one more down now I just need the Japanese one and I'd like to get those other paper variants of us so the cool thing about Steve is that I've got a complete US retail Genesis collection he just recently completed his US retail Saturn collection something that who hopefully someday I can achieve but in the meanwhile I'm gonna give him a huge dings from the bottom of my heart for giving me this European copy or pal copy excuse me like this pal copy the hedgehog so thank you Steve keep on truckin man this is awesome thank you so my buddy Kingsley he's part of the Houston retro gamers Facebook group and he's been a good friend of mine for a long long time and so it's funny is that I walked in the retro Palooza this year he has a booth right there at the front and so it's like hey Jay catch I'm like look yeah this little plushie of sonic I was like really he's like duh it's yours take it I'm like - that's awesome and so this one actually is a 20th anniversary commemorative Sonic the Hedgehog plushy as well like this is great thank you so much Kingsley awesome so this next gift is really really cool if not a little bit strange so you know once again another member of my Twitter fan who's awesome and amazing her name is Emma she lives in the UK and what she does is that she basically goes through all these charity shops and CX shops sees all these games and shows that it's a hey do any of you need any of these games and she knows how much I love Master System imports so she messaged me and she said hey you know I found these messages and games that are any of them that you want and so she found a copy of shadow dancer for Master System which for those of you don't know is completely different from the Sega Genesis version the Sega Genesis Shadow the answer is my favorite shinobi and probably will always be my favorite shinobi game but I've never played The Master System version so I'm like yeah I'll take that so she got it from me and I paid her and she shipped it out to me well she messaged me and she said but you know what this is surprise in the box too I'm like what kind of surprise and so yeah this was the surprise it's a Sonic the Hedgehog burger king toy now the strange thing about this Burger King too is that I have no idea exactly what it's like it looks like one of those little portable gaming systems but the buttons aren't actually buttons so just part of the plastic mold and it's basically sonic space and it has two little icons of one of Sonic and one of dr. Robotnik and like okay how does this word I'm assuming is supposed to get one to the end of Sonic's face before the other but now I see there's a little just a little push pin at the bottom so I press the push pin side space vibrates and I'm like what I'm like what what what is that - I'm not really sure what exactly it does but I'll have to research more about it but this is awesome and it kind of makes me want to kick the rest of these Burger Kings boys they're vastly different than the ones that we got in here in America at McDonald's so but yeah - Emma thank you and thank you for everything you do she's just a perfect example of why the retro gaming community and Twitter for the most part is really really awesome so if you're on Twitter go follow her I'll actually leave her handle in the description so please go follow her she's awesome and thank you so much for this Emma I really do appreciate it so this next skit that didn't realize was quite as important as I thought it was and I thought it's like well this is just a cool little sonic item but until recently I found out exactly what it was so there is a local game store - absolutely love going - it's called game bros there's one on the port and there's one in Baybrook Mall down in the south side of town and there's a gentleman by the name of David who we run into each other quite a few times and shopping between you through there will game over video games and it's like you're the big Sonic fan right so I went in one day and he's like you know what I've got something for you and so it's this I was like oh this is cool it's basically it's a little gold Sonic the Hedgehog toy it's like I think it came from a cereal box and I wasn't really sure what it was I was like okay this is cool so you know it just became it's part of my collection until recently at so I can take a fan gym I went to the panel of my buddy treasure-hunting sonic which he's awesome by the way and he talked about the the Cookie Crisp and many of the other food collaborations like SpaghettiOs and a few collaborations of Sonic the Hedgehog did and you talk about the toys from this collection inside the paint there's a blue one and then there's a gold one and apparently the gold one is a little bit rarer and I was like I have the gold one right oh that's awesome so it was like hey so it's a David hey Thank You Man I really do appreciate that it's like I had no idea I know there was another there was another promotion and I believe they're here somewhere I came with these little tiny lenticular cards from cookie crisps for Sonic and one of tails I think there were more - I'm not a hundred percent sure on that but as far as this goes thank you so much David he did give me one other item that's really really awesome but I'll save that for later so I'm sure you all know absolutely love the Sonic the Hedgehog comics I love the Archie comics and I absolutely adore the IDW comic it is excellent if you haven't read it yet definitely go read it but one thing that kind of happened at the very beginning of the comic were the multiple variants of issue 1 and I said to myself I was going to collect every iteration of issue 1 of the IDW comic that came out have I finished that know will I finish it probably not but I will say that I've gotten a couple of these variants thanks to my buddy Trey now he's a buddy of mine of course from Twitter you know again Twitter fam is awesome and he messaged me and he said hey G I know you're looking for these igw sonic variants I'm going to Comic Con and whenever I'm out and about and going to these different comic convention because he's a huge comic book fan like he buys and collects all kinds of different comics and I said if you haven't to find someone like don't go out of your way but if you happen to find some please let me know and I'll definitely take care of you like I'll pay you for your trouble and however and so he found me now unfortunately I'll be honest I forgot to put it in this box but I'll show you a picture of it right now he sent me this iteration of issue number one which is the comic-con convention exclusive and not only that he gave me this which is a promotional poster that he got what he was there to shame on me I haven't framed it yet as many of the art show about to see I haven't had a chance to frame yet but this is one of the variations of issue number one and so he gave me not only that Barry ate that variant but he also gave me this this poster as well like that's so cool it was awesome so once I actually moved the sonic collection to the next room with my collection update more on that later I will definitely frame it and put it on my wall so he gave me that iteration and then months later he also gave me these two iteration because he went to another right he went to another comic convention and he gave me these two convention exclusive covers of issue number seven which these are both actually kind of tricky to find now I'm like that's once again this is great I love this one this one's actually one of my favorites covers of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic so far I'm like this really freaking cool and not only that I know might not quite be Sonic related but he also gave me these two issues as well because I haven't got a chance to read them Megaman master mix any also notes and I'm a big megaman fan as well so but between these and the Sonic the Hedgehog iterations tray thank you so much man hey let's talk I know you're looking for some Mega Drive games too so once things are awesome I'm like yeah this is this is great thank thank you so much and the last two items for the Sonic the Hedgehog collection comes from another member of the Houston retro gamers community he's a he's a big buddy of mine not only did we talk video games we also talked wrestling and him and his son is my buddy Kyle and he gave me these two items the first one is this now just like the comics I said I was going to get every Sonic Funko pop that actually came out I'm still missing Super shadow unfortunately he's gotten a little bit out of my price range but he managed to find me this one this is the GameStop exclusive super sonic you know he said that he was going to keep an eye out for it for me whenever he's hunting it around ever once again of course I told him hey we'll just let me know and I'll gladly pay for your time and just like nah man it's like I want to see and help your channel move forward just like don't worry consider it again a donation and it's like this is once again this is great I actually really like the new Funko pops that came around at this time the original line it's like what I put them in my collection I'm not gonna lie sure I would but considering how much they're worth and it helped ugly they are they actually are quite ugly I'm not really super worried about that but these I think they all look great now as Funko pops go I'm not a giant fan I think especially the human ones I think they all kind of look the same but the the sonic ones they all look great so it's like once again Kyle thank you so much for this but the other one the other gift that he gave me like Oh Lord why this is the geek life Sonic the Hedgehog hurry now I know I've already seen some videos and preparations and people that have actually eaten this thing so far now I made a promise to him this will get eaten this will get shown up at some point I haven't mustered up the courage to do it yet but tell you what Kyle once I make my next take a collection or my next sonic collection video mind you once I make my next sonic collection video I promise we'll make it I'll eat it I'll film it my stomach's probably gonna hate me afterwards but it'll happen so but yeah this is great especially because they cut the boxart of the original Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese cover and it's like this is great even on on the side instead of MD it says microwave I'm dreading eating this but I'm gonna do it so thank you Kyle thank you for the supersonic thank you for this I'm glad we're such great friends and I really do appreciate that thank you let's move on to the art gifts now these are just wonderful and this really hit me close to the heart so let's start off with this little number this is adorable art of Sonic she goes by the name of Miss Jo ster she's a local long longtime friend of mine and the sister of one of you no no not one up my best friend in the world Sam Triple S gaming and she gave me this little arch was like I know you love Sonic hope you enjoy it and he's like oh so cool I love her art by the way and if you get a chance definitely check her out like this is this is great and as you can tell about my shirt and another video you actually gonna see very soon I absolutely love and adore Sonic fan art and there's something that I only see it like conventions or whatnot I'm a sucker for Sonic fan art the clean kind I love it I'm definitely gonna frame it when put on the wall one time move the collection so David the gentleman who gave me the gold Sonic the Hedgehog cookie krisp toy he also gave me this now this is Thanksgiving weekend and we just had the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and of course Sonic the Hedgehog made his debut as part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1993 and I remember that memory so vividly like I blacked out of my seat in excitement and when I saw Sonic on the screen even if he was only on there for a brief while because I'm fortunate he popped but I just thought that that was so cool but I didn't really know that I guess Macy's and Sega actually really had this relationship of Sonic the Hedgehog so he gave me this as well this is a page from the November 23rd 1992 Houston Chronicle and it's an ad for Sonic the Hedgehog now what's cool about this is that especially it was a one day I'm assuming since the dates I'm assuming it was a Black Friday deal before Black Friday was really Black Friday I guess we're basically instead of it being 55 I wanted to being 4490 but this is just a cool unique piece of history especially somebody like me who's lived in Houston for almost my entire life he's been a huge fan of Sonic I don't think my parents got me my song too from Macy's I'm not sure I guess I'd have to ask them if they if they did or not but yeah this is awesome and like everything else I know it needs to be framed but I will definitely frame it and put it on the wall so David once again I appreciate you looking out for me and thank you so much this is awesome great little piece of history here so this next gift is really awesome so my buddy Jose he's a filmmaker and he was also part of the Power Team when we did the Power Team for AI retro gamer along with Tyler he and I we continuously talked we're great good friends and I actually was selling one of my retro three and one game systems my super retro trio it was one that I bought and I realized like yeah I don't really need it I know I probably should have done a video on it before I let go of it but I was just like yeah I don't really need it if anybody really wants it and and so he agreed to buy it from me it was basically to go towards work and maintenance for the house so he bought it from me but then when we were meeting up it's like hey well guess what I got one more thing for you and you're gonna love this and sure enough I do love it so comic Palooza this year marked my 5 year anniversary with my wife remember we got married there at Comic Palooza in 2013 and so for our 5 year anniversary we went to Comic Palooza one of the things that I love about comic Palooza is that the kids badge was a Sonic the Hedgehog fan art badge by a nova KY as the name of the artist that they did for it so not only did I buy our badges by also bought a kid's badge just because I've wanted that badge this [Music] there's an exclusive VIP print of that badges artwork from Nova Kai and Jose gave it to me he's like hey enjoy it man that's awesome like it's so great so like this is perfect and it's gonna go right next to the badge I appreciate that Jose Thank You Maya the amount of quick shout out for him he's actually doing a short film called one moment that uh he's looking to release soon so definitely check him out but I mean man they thank you so much so not only is this a commemorative of my five year anniversary of my life but just a really awesome song imprint so thank you so much Jose in the final piece of artwork comes from another friend of mine on Twitter she goes by the name of selfie she makes incredible art you know it's a lot of Nintendo a lot of sonic she makes this a wonderful incredible art and so she basically had been recovering from chemotherapy and she recently got out of chemotherapy and she was recovering from it and part of this group on Twitter that they were basically pitching in to buy her switch so when she was coming back that way she'd have a switch and she had some games to play while she's recovering and for some reason or another I missed the pitch they and I felt really bad because I was like oh man I wanted to pitch in to help out the body switch and I thought well okay what games does she want and so I asked I was like well what games do you want and she's like well she mentioned a couple and then she said well I really like Super Mario Odyssey sure enough I had recently gotten a copy of Super Mario Odyssey and I actually hadn't opened it yet it was brand-new sealed sitting on my shelf and so I told her don't buy Super Mario Odyssey like really why is is it bad no no because I'm sending it to you no you gave me so I sent it out to her and she's enjoying and like this and that's really awesome but she's just like hey I really appreciate that I'm gonna send you surprised and I was like you don't have to send me anything but she shouldn't have sent it to me anyway and her like oh this is so cool so she's sent me an original original artwork of dr. Robotnik Eggman whatever she calls it the Eggman I like all this is so cool I I love it and like thank you so much for that it's just once again that just shows that not only in the retro gaming community and the Sonic the Hedgehog community that we have such people out there that are willing to look out for each other and help each other out and that's the biggest thing I do whatever I can to help people wow this is this is just really off the cuff you know and it's like I'm not expecting anything in return but whenever I do get things in return like this I mean granted I will cherish it from the bottom of my heart so it's a Safi or sale or Safi because that's what she goes by on Twitter to to her thank you so much and and once again thank all of you for all of these gifts but this is awesome and amazing I need to buy more art from her anyway but yeah thank you so much Safi I love it absolutely love it so yeah to all these these wonderful gifts I mean from the bottom of my heart I really want to thank all of them for all the gifts that they've given to me for everything that they've donated to the channel for looking out for me for Sonic the Hedgehog so even even just the thought so just a cake you're thinking of me and that really really hits close to home on that day I have friends and fans like you that are looking out and watching and helping and contributing every minute of your time that you're inviting me to be in your home that you go out of your way to send and give me gifts like these like it's a feeling of joy that I really can't I can't express and do justice it's just it warms my heart so much and considering for somebody like me who might not get a chance to put as many videos as I'd like who gets stricken sometimes with different issues if there's one thing I really want to give thanks for today it's for every single person who spent a minute of time with me in a positive way who has given me these gifts thank you all so much it really means the world to me and this is just the beginning this is just coming in and things are just gonna get even more awesome and more fun throughout and for those of you all who have stuck around and those who have done things wonderful things like this for me just again from the bottom of my heart and from G and for the next level I really want to say thank you so much for everything there is a site collection update coming as well as many other videos that are going to be coming in the future you're just looking bright folks and yeah have a happy holiday and I'll see you on the next level

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The holiday season is here and so it's time for a special episode of "Gaming Items I'm Proud to Own" where I give HUGE thanks for some incredible gifts and donations that people like you have given to me. Thank you all for everything and keep being awesome! SPECIAL thanks to everyone that I mentioned in this video and these members of my Twitter fam: Emma (@Dragonrider4923), Tre (@BILB0FR4GGINS), & Soffie (@Sailor_Soffie). Thank you all for watching!! Don't forget to Subscribe, follow me on social media and join the conversation! Twitter:


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