Mortal Kombat X: ESL Season 2 - Week 3 - Biohazard VS SonicFox!


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look at that bracket Evan and see exactly what we're up against here we're up against some tough matches we're up against a lot of critical reaction oh yeah it's basically the story here he's dab first his technical reaction that's that's gonna be the story for us down I mean and damn has beaten CR before the only member I haven't seen him take down actually might be wild cowboy and sonic foxy wasn't able to take down sonic Fox in season 1 yeah you know what I've never seen dad versus wild cowboy I don't think I've ever seen it I think we may want to say we have insisted on that I'm not sure if he's played a biohazard in fact I'm not really sure in the lobby I know that cowboy it was our week 1 finals here yes it was with cowboy it was absolutely our final yes I guess as I was saying Tonya that's Tonya so these would be some good matches but man you know what see are just really proving that they're a force to be reckoned with yet season they're a top-level team there's no doubt about it and we're gonna start off with I mean inevitably when you get to top 8 even top 16 you're gonna have to fight your team in fighting games it's it's a one-on-one eSport if you will I'm calling it right now a lot of people are gonna be angry we sports now yeah you know what I'm saying and so it is it is a one-on-one competetive games so regardless ability of a team you have training partners you are going to play each other at some point in the tournament if you're both getting to the higher levels in higher bracket yep and I mean on the downside you have to eliminate your friend but on the bright side one of these to see our members is going to be in finals yeah I mean there's there's just no way around it we're gonna have a CR grant funds yep bet it out maybe - who's is it gonna be though I know we're about to see now this is another match this is actually I actually haven't seen before I've never seen these to play and I haven't seen this matchup really much either of course sonic Fox sticking with Cassie man I think you just don't catch the host yeah and this is gonna be I think this is gonna be very tough for biohazard but he if you notice he is playing wacky he's not putting useless or vicious and Lackey does not have hair on his back it gives me back to see better Normans and some better armor so he's gonna make that oh yeah I think that's what oh and there it was but he gets punished for it when he gets clipped by the low the second part of that straight very neat very convincing ROM where sonic Fox and it's not that biohazard I guarantee you by heaven knows this matchup which is very difficult floor affair or excuse me torn this story this time this side this it's his heart it's very difficult but you know the down one in particular in Lackey is one of the best normal game it's six frames yes super far so there we go she's right there all nice with the conversion off the earlier and he's gonna get the engine you know at least he got out of the corner there though that was a really good narrow its noticed biohazard is preemptively going to those air bears

wow the two shots I really just like that got denied deny that is the perfect way to put that he's like I'm coming for you no you you sir or not better so some pretty cool to make that a little too violent but no no I mean hey we saw them at that's right there so what do you think is gonna happen here we see you gonna possibly play okay you know what let's stick to it I personally feel like he know he's a great choice here just because keno has really good moments together pressure aperi yeah oh yeah he's got the Perry's the Perry's are huge damage really good against Cassie in particular and he's got I mean it's got safe she's got a lot of that wall she doesn't a lot of minutes she's got like a few true lows on top of that he can actually challenge her and potentially win in the zoning game yes which invents something that we're seeing sonic balls winning a lot right here like I was saying he's using it's not air shot yeah it's air guns a lot dis tournament actually oh so much impact most hits and boom just smashes the ground stuff that was like yeah

pressure by itself yeah alright so again talks going back to the air gun shots to kind of keep about oh but he gets caught by the forward to you know now I could be wrong here but I believe that that charge is actually unsafe putting on almost dommage is and here we go all right follows is doing a very good job of taking the first round for himself and getting - yep this is the spacing that ferret or wants because his command grab actually leaves you back at perfect command grab range only in the corner and I was a beautiful with punished from sonic Fox and now fire has are trying to get his own offense in there oh wow that one actually meet the foot that's up with that normal on what's the mix-up and he goes overhead up nice I'm good block Oh air-to-air almost converted on that I respect the every spa hazard there and I like the patience of the approach but sonic Fox is doing a really good job of my eyes are up even come a frustrating at me here they've caught standing once two's out of the air no conversions but that's gonna be that's gonna be tough if I he's gotta get out of the corner here and he has no meter on top of that sonic Fox almost x-ray and we know how he loves x-ray fighting his way out of the corner but I'm pretty sure yeah Fox is gonna put him right back in it again going for that low first time in a while tends to me to be in my opinion sonic Fox of style she goes to overhead almost every time in Wow nut bunches out of the corner and he likes the condition now he's almost got nothing but lows the conditioning is so strong oh nice pocus keep himself alive here wait a second he still got quite a bit of life delete all you know he tried to avoid that but there's just no digging care of that foot kicks range okay so quite a bit of a life lead to to get whittled to hell but yeah but I mean fair toy especially lack he does have the damage especially in the corner there yeah we saw that in the first round that biohazard actually won yeah yeah I mean the quarter control is very scary especially if that command grab one of the strongest clan grabs in the game and some of the first furthest range to get this yeah was big stretchy tore arms fairly far right he's a hoarder mikeam it and push the ball I would dress that's the top baby row since this is sort of sort of picking up a split down so sonic box and I'm sorry biohazard going back in with Sonic as sonic ctrl-c our bio Fox by flu god help us if he ever does good cybernetic implants no that's that's too much oh yeah going back in with Lackey he's gonna try to really just take the whole thing back I mean he has been doing really well yeah how rates the armor I just want to just take away from that this is one of my favorite stages the Genesee chamber just I like the stage oh you know even when you make this stage red it is a little stylish and there for mr. bio fox ffox 5000 get the number makes my robot Oh fortunately that engine API which smile isn't the court knows to use armor in its category so I'll go for a simple couple going there again use it every single low that's a lot of conditioning in the first game though sonic parts pretty much went from nothing but overheads yep and all of them were blocked but I mean that's the the price you pay I mean he's like sure I'll do six safe overheads on block if I can hit one love yeah again I'm trying to get not cracked it oh right to the corner here we go a good start for a biohazard a nice chunky damage about 40% 40% flat Wow I like that he went for the overhead and God is like oh I'm getting called load and then he just like nope good combo I'm grabbing you that was a very smart decision that's what makes rappers so dangerous and weddings even if they hit you didn't they just reset you with a gravity and strong crowd especially if you use arm or a meter you gots an armored super damage event oh wow one answer what just jump one three work bringing the heat this game in a very difficult match to put Fox whoa dropping his combo that's gonna be punished oh that was that wasn't not a well spaced armor I mean I thought he was going for there you he expected some folks to move forward a little bit more than he did but gonna pay now he's gonna armor through does he have anything unfortunately he doesn't but you know it was a good showing he had a lot of really dominant moments but he yeah kept saw me Fox in the corner didn't let him get out but a sonic Fox just continuing his scree of domination with cassia and again my queen like we mentioned you are right my house was doing a really good job but you know it is a tougher matchup for for tor yeah I mean you you never see fare sores get this far in tournaments in less than him it's CFIA and not only that but he is doing well yes he did lose three straight games but there was definitely a fight in those games yeah absolutely and look at that damage I look there it's all one coolest characters close up back-to-back perhaps nuts I'm tell you that's what's scary about him dingdong either corner all right so mr. mr. Fox moving on finals yep so that is gonna set us up now for dab versus the cowboy that should be another great match should be a real a real barnburner you know what I'm saying yeah you know I'm really just to see if the matchup is the same as we saw in the finals of season Earth sorry the finals uh-huh we did see necromancer shinnok which I haven't seen cowboy pull out and at all were dancin it worked so well like it worked really nothing else to say about it and that's that's the beauty of having a character specialist like one cowboy knowing all three variations pulling out a variation you may not be too familiar with and yeah there you have it I mean honestly we haven't seen except for that moment pretty much any high-level Nukem answer play Nick I've never even seen it actually well there was a point early on in season one when cowboy had made a top eight or top 16 or top eight and pig was actually telling me that he has a necro and unfortunately he never pulled it out so I never got to see it so that was the first time I had seen a very high level necro and it was it looked obnoxious to play it looks awful yeah I mean for those of you who don't know because you don't seem too much necromancerr has zoning he's got these giant bones yes and he summons the bone dude it's the bone that it's the entirety of the character his bone hands he's got giant bone hands that crush you from the zone actually he has little he has little mini bone hands want him in himself right like like how could you eat like imagine putting like a big burger in those hands like it just would not work if you just fall through I mean you think you think when chuck was a child and his bone hands he's trying to expand castles at the beach all right so we are gonna go into dab versus Wang cowboy we're most likely gonna see Tonya versus bone shaper cope would you two versus bone shaper yeah yeah definitely a I mean definitely that's probably probably yeah so it's a though I mean really who knows after what they've you know what they did week one but I mean if we look at consistency and their track record as far as what's gotten them here it's been those characters in those variations that we we do know that again round can play other variations we know that I mean he also has a sub sir I mean he started out the game with Sub Zero before he went to shinnok and we also know that that plays a plethora of characters he can play Cassie he can play Sonya he can play Jackie Jackie he can play jacks Tania so he can he has a lot of options and choices but Tania has been working out for him the most that's obviously what he's most comfortable with at this point what he's strongest with so it's probably we're gonna see we are just waiting for dad to connect real quick he is uh he's doing formulating his mind game maybe he is planning planning but you know I want to see Dad return to a point like he was in Mortal Kombat 9 in one poor Mortal Kombat 9 he had a plethora of characters yes he had Liu Kang he had a Kung Lao he had Jax Jax I mean he was so good and he just picked different really good characters based on the matchup yes I mean and just out of the blue to recall a moment where he'd be perfect Legend with Liu Kang that was sort of information he was like Liu Kang and what exactly but I mean he's that type of player he's great with so many characters and as far as something he's good I really like to see him play cuz he started out as a counter picker yeah and now we kind of see him with Tanya again I just want to remind everyone about our social giveaway you might not you might know something about that social giveaway is going to be very cool then I really like that Xbox elite pad personally I really want to try out that d-pad but if you guys want a chance to win it it's absolutely free to enter go check it out at ESL GG / MKX s2 prizes and that is all capital well

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