Wrath of the Gods [Panoots]

by: Panoots

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so this is like a point-and-click I think there's full motion video alright hardcore gamers should click this button

beep wait why did she just say beep oh well my boy I've raised you in the ways of beasts I think it's skipping some duck oh please kind here oh I'll reward you if you carry me across this river but please carry me across give me a reward please [Music] is that Josh Peck was so angry he was so mad pick up the stool maybe use that to break out of the oh shit here we go

[Music] I am sky ron and these are my quits I demand that you kneel down before me and watch my bit I will not he's just gonna do it don't listen to Skyrim why are you doing this I didn't even have a choice push it what this is the River Styx what you know what happened in lore you have to pay the boat roar with the coin they place in your mouth after you die well that would fucking that'd that'd do it oh wait yeah it worked it works I think I think those roars okay thanks for the musical introduction all right let's fucking kill him this time how do i yes yes [Music]

25 bonus I have no idea what's going on in this story no idea what the fuck is this oh ok hi don't be shy dive in oh no stay forever and be my friend ok we can bake cupcakes together I want to leave though you're just gonna get on his boat alright yeah let's go let me see if I've got this straight you're given a custom boat and you don't even try out the options next time check out all the bells and whistles perfect wait Oh get him yes what are you doing here old lady witch hello again remember me no want to buy some nice seasoned firewood no oh no I already have like a sword work at a club do that of a sword can't I'll take this twelve seconds later go get the club give me that give me it give me the eyeball gimme it give me the club all right do I get to keep the bow as well what's the point in giving me a choice then you just get both of you do it twice take this what it's the thigh bone of an ox wrapped in fat what what do you what did you give me the thigh bone of an ox wrapped in fact what is that supposed to do for me well I'm in a fucking bustling town what's your pleasure smart shopper you got all my favorite things paper rock bottle the eye chart you find any Cyclops tell him you're a doctor haven't cover one eye that'll be two gem the wine I'll have to see some ID just kidding that'll be two gem I can't sell you that electricity won't be invented for another few thousand years you know what's funny is it sounds like the few thousand years part was re-recorded I feel like they said the wrong amount of years and then they had to rerecord that part I can't sell you that electricity won't be invented for another few thousand years it isn't magic or anything but hey it's cheap that'll be two gems looking at the camera oh they got his hand just going that'll be two gems East anointment you just know this stuff's gonna come in handy that'll be two gems electricity won't be invented for another few thousand years I just don't think hi it's me the god Dionysus you've been selected to receive the Midas touch yes yes I am the mighty Dionysus and I've got the power you better watch where I point that thing who are you you're not Chiron I am the Great God pan and you're not oh oh if you look like this DM me [Music]

okay hello are you that old woman again somebody's going to have to move that thing out of the way and don't look at me I'm no God where are you going okay normally I'd give you a hand with that pillow dad just broke Pampa I'm sorry you broke your what dad just broke my pan pipe oh fuck there he goes I said there he goes [Music] looks like Hermes a pair of winged sandals next sandal go away kid yeah bother me pardon me like five feet oh okay Oh could my dude just maybe not stub his toe oh wait there there we go that worried you have to be specifically careful about where you click in this room get the winged sandals what is this guy oh no he's hot I got a ticket okay hold on here here's the ticket ticket we'd recommend that you hold on for dear life [Music] oh I almost forgot there's something I'm supposed to give you hope it's a helmet of invisibility but all right you have to look at the shield right right all right and 25 more if you escape what does that mean can I go faster hmm okay now put on the helmet put on the winged sandals now now I'll try to walk away all right

[Music] are you are you for real okay all right good you just joined a boatload of victims for the minute or I guess I just got captured I hope your stay will be a pleasant one now he's doing it he's no fucking way dude there's no way you did that oh my god the here he goes we made it we made it back to the mainland oh shit that's the king from earlier she put am I just gonna go back there I don't want to go back there I just left

oh he's gone he went right in holy shit the fuck is happening in this game who are you oh you give me the ring [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] it's the same thing as before we learned how to do this what is the point of all that do you have to watch this every time don't you just have to time it like you did before [Laughter] [Music]

[Applause] [Music]


[Music] Oh what why did that work why did that work 50 bonus points you did it congratulations my son for you have successfully completed the trials of Olympus I just like to thank all the little people who made this possible [Laughter]

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