FFBE JP 7* Citan Uzuki Sensei Xenogears Unit Showcase

by: felix santoso

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hello Francis Felicia welcome back in this video - showcase a tanooki from Xenogears in my opinion is pretty strong TDH Chinon / finisher possibly even a strongest if we have a two-handed katana in the game but unfortunately we don't have that yet so another weapon of choice is a gun as well as a feast weapon okay so there's a 200 gun and there's also a 250 this kind of weak inside power but his passives increases attack power when you cook yourself with a feast as well as a katana so yeah that's a good weapon of choice now let's talk about is TMR is it's a materia and if you cook yourself with the feast weapon or katana attack + 10 % equip attack + 50 % when you're to handing a weapon next is his Limit Break at level 30 max the damage modifier becomes two thousand six hundred percent today knee hits single target cost 22 Limit Break crystal Ducasse and it also recovers his old HP by 5000 and MP by 100 enables triple casts the next round for one turn unfortunately it cannot be perfectly chainable with this duplicate even because there's a huge delay between his animations okay now let's move on to his passive abilities if you clip his own DMR as well as a katana attack + 60% manslayer + 75 % MP refresh + 5 % another one of his passive abilities increases his HP and defense by 30% and TDH damage + 60 percent increases leaving break damage modifier by 10% so total two thousand eight hundred and sixty percent pretty strong pretty strong now let's move on to his another one of his passive so this passive is TDH also TDH damage + 100 % so if you combine it with the previous passive total 150% TDH damage and when you cook yourself with a feast weapon attack plus 20% or if you keep yourself without katana attack plus another 10% so that's a really huge increase in attack percentage when you keep yourself - katana right there in saying yes next passive is a killer okay so besides having sent represent manslayer he also will have sinned 5% machine killer is pretty amazing and it also boosts the attack power and spirit by 3 percent on top of that okay and not one of his passes this one he will cease this status ailments confusion and also purify but unfortunately there is no paralysis if not gonna be perfect figures and last but not least we're gonna talk about his counter ability pass so he has 40 percent chance to counter physical and also magical with enabling three podcasts the next around for one turn so yeah guys so if you get hit by like a magic attack or maybe a stray physical attacks he has 40 percent chance to counter with enabling tree podcast knife run so that's almost a permanent tree because true but cast I guess okay not forgetting his another passive skill MPN defense spear plus 20 percent attack + 10 % + + - 1 % damage modifier to the following skills ok and 12 50% damage modifier to one skill so this are the non-elemental icon here so this one right there 24mp 22 MP right there okay so the 22 MPs from seven hits but unfortunately it's not an online new frame so you cannot change it with the deformation frame right there unless it'll be perfect ok guys so for the equipment we will have his katana of course because of the huge increased tech when you keep yourself at katana his passes and this katana also increases 20% a power as well as 75% manslayer so it's really really really strong amazing ok he only need the TDH equipment he only needs one average TMR as well as a 1 cos TMR so this one is darn SSL TM r s t mr but you can also use club TMI right there and this guy is insane this equipments is like set of s TM arm an 80% increase your attack power this one also another Sephiroth STRs this get super will crazy stuff and this one is its own TM of course just now ok so I think that's about it for the comments and stuff like that and now I'm gonna take you guys to the trials I mean like just a giant trial just show cases chaining capabilities and such hey I'll see you get it guys so we're gonna showcase science skills let's go

okay now let's first unlock the three podcast right so I'm gonna cast on one of twenty here and use the win so he can also unlock free podcasts just one for 2fp below the fire icon and 44mph skill and cheetah believe perfectly with people won't believe

where there you go confection guys okay now I'm going to break take out magic so fast is gonna use this one to stack the damaged cover


okay so next we're gonna triple Cass dark here so this one is it hit six frame channel with CG Lasswell cetera a máquina as well as jeju reagan it's really really strong actually even without debugging its defense almost status however many poor folk okay so satin arrows has also 40 percent chance to counter of physical and magical checks with enabling tree podcast next room round so you're most proudly Saturn's gonna activate a tree podcast when our giant cast this meteors because it hits him so 40% chance to actually focus okay as you can see another free podcast because just now the scale only enables triple cast for one turn okay so now let's try out the other skills here we will try the water now that's this one Earth Wind and Fire okay so this are actually finishing skill and it gets stronger each time user guess so that's two hundred percent damage modifier so most of the modifier are like eight hundred fifty percent for the finishing move and the water skill just under chain is seven hundred fifty percent so plus two hundred sent Odle a one thousand fifty percent damage modifier so it's really really really strong amazing okay and now we're gonna race here people wanna defend here and we gotta cover


okay I'm gonna dispel now since he bought himself up I'm gonna kill you spell kill you buff second magic and now we're gonna try the other skills case so this time the media didn't activate so then just gonna use the other skills so we're gonna use the non-elemental icons ones the non-elemental skills here so this one the 20 to MP skill actually is stackable soul maximum damage modifier is about 700 percent damage 20 fire not to use it from 30 dual castle so maximum stackable two times right there [Music]

okay nice we're gonna use limit break and I love triple catenation and we're gonna use his full on skill [Music]

Giles's just let me bring now whoo really really cool guess

nice okay very nice so that's the lawsuit right there

let's see if his [Applause] okay now let's heal debuff same thing and we recover okay so that coulombs key will unlock people cast for one turn as well as self recover and P five thousand and one hundred how does an HP and 180 sorry my mistake all right this guy buff himself up again missing movie man enough it's gonna dispel it

[Applause] okay now is just let's use the cool affiliates so enable for triple cats for one turn and we use the avenues II this 170 this one is non-elemental but super strong nine hundred percent damage modifier but abuse it use the other skills it will increase damage modifier by 20% so total one thousand two hundred percent damage modifier also the the first school on skill unlocks triple caps for the next four turns as well as self above 75% Mankiller so yeah Arjun is gonna be dead yes like in no time the ultimate manslayer site him his katana his katana also gives a 75 percent Memphis layer as well guess so now let's finish the fight okay I'm gonna use this one the strongest finishing skill 86 ampere South buff another man Slayer by 75% of total 150% mass Slayer plus his katana also has innate seven five percent in total two hundred twenty five percent mass layer without the ass person stuff like that without any killers so uh yeah and if the tech is right now at 2500 six because of the cooldown skill that we use previous round yeah and now I'm going to finish this fight this right so and this finishing move also has four thousand four hundred percent damage modifier so it's really really really strong crazy strong okay so now let's chain and finish this fight I guess ready stop

all right as you guys can see death really amazing

okay so that's about it for seitan showcase I'll see you guys the next video I so wish you Felix peace out

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