Hindenburg - OMNI Wins ClanWars Pilot Season, Tanking Competition Winners & Big Preview Tonight

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hello hello everyone now I decided to choose a very long hidden game since I figured it would give me an opportunity to mention some of the things that I want to talk about first of all the matchmaking in this game is very heavily tier 10 focused very high tier the conker is just one of my subs who happen to join our division but mostly I'm playing with runner and he's pushing towards C so my plan is of course to support him speaking of Omni only managed to win the clan wars season 1 I guess I guess this is this was season 1 it ended just the last Wednesday and Albany clinched the top spot so that is of course always extremely satisfying it's one thing to claim you're the best and it's another thing to prove it by ending up as number one on Interphone 1 so that's of course extremely satisfying if you want to see some of the vods of the matches we played you can check my twitch channel you can just click videos on my twitch channel and there's previous sports of basically look for any board that says Omni clan wars or Omni CBS clan battles so forth and there will be a lot of clan war gameplay on my stream I haven't bothered exporting too much of that to youtube because usually they are like long segments like three three to four hours of clan wars non-stop so it's a bit much to export at once another thing my tanking competition came to an end and we have our winners the big 8 congratulations goes to similar from who played a grouse Sakura force and managed to tank a pretty damn insane 7 million potential damage 7 million 31,400 to be exact and he managed to clinch the top spot now I'm gonna take a break before I mentioned the second one because you know what happens when a neptune gives even the slightest bit of broadside turn to a Hindenburg yep that's exactly what happens it becomes a very short game for mister Neptune second place winner who gets a law young hero goeth gross the court first gets the law yang with 63 sorry 6.33 actually let me say that in a better way six million three hundred and thirty-eight thousand seven hundred potential damage third-place Fox's shadow in a Yamato six million three hundred and twenty thousand eight hundred in a Yamato fourth place wins the Sean Horst suit with a Yamato five million five hundred and seventy two thousand five hundred potential damage and the first place goes to and easy Lewis in a grocery cool forced tanking five point five million so even though there was a lot of entrances I've in fact I think something like two hundred people sent the replays thank you very much for taking part that was a pretty huge participation the difference is still pretty massive the winner has 1.5 million potential more than the fifth place some very close fights between places two and three and four and five but ultimately the winner is certainly well deserved not surprisingly the game he had I showed it on streem it featured two minotaurs shooting him much of the game in fact most of the people who got really really heavy potential damages were people who had minotaurs against them and the miniatures we just noticed of spam them with spam them with AP all game long and that that rainbow fire gave them a tonne of potential damage anyway clan wars and the tanking competition winners you can stop sending me replaced by the way now since since the winners have been decided that the prizes will be given out you don't need to do anything to claim your prizes I've already let wargaming you know about who the decided winners are and wargaming will deal with it and of course shooting a full broadside rule eight opens feels good man and there's nothing you need to do the prizes are on the way I hope you guys enjoyed it I'll try to think of some fun competition to organize for my na viewers since this tanking competition was of course EU only I'd love to give something to my NA viewers as well now moving on the game itself as I've racked up a pretty good 80 mm damage we got a pretty good advantage at this point but if random battles have taught me anything in all the time I've been playing this game is that they can flip extremely quickly your team can find the most magical of ways to throw the game and in fact runner goes down to Yamato AP and the enemy team is capping Abe we have a Fletcher in there who is quite alone against a huge horde of the enemies now usually going a on this map is a terrible idea but the problem is the enemy team has a huge blob there and we've got a bunch of cruisers who strike the pick a fight with them so I do not expect to see our Dedes or cruisers in live particularly long trying to fight that many people I should mention one thing by the way in case you're wondering why my client is in Russian it's because the patch just recently came out and I tried to play my replay this is played on EU this is on my main account I tried to play it on my ear client but it didn't work because it was updated so I had to play the replay on my Russian client that I haven't updated yet I was actually able to play this older replay file on this one now the Hindenburg I am expect out of clan wars build which means of course I'm running reload mode instead of range model for ranked of course running range mode was the way to go but once you're outside of ranked it's fun to be able to go back to this DPM monster that is the Hindenburg of course the additional penetration of the Hg really shows against this Yamato that is if I would stop hitting his belt and you can see the massive damage is eating he also it's double fires and I assume he doesn't have any repair quickly using torps to estimate his speed that's something people can just like what a lot if you have torpedos just quickly press 3 to get an idea of if he's accelerating he's turning his down reversing whatever and it makes it so much easier to keep that grain of fire going you can see the amount of raw damage plus fire that I'm able to bring down on him this guy is pretty much dead at this point I mean the prop biggest problem with the Yamato is if you find yourself in a bad position it's really hard to disengage especially since my concur well he's kind of deep and kinda suiciding at this point he is one of my subs his positioning is quite quite Yolo at this point but the good thing is that he's actually supporting the co motto so DMF can't stop shooting and go undetected at any point so that of course gives me the opportunity to do what the cruiser does best and that is form non-stop damage on this Yamato he's giving broadside so ap would actually be quite good here but since I know his use disrepair I want to make sure I can burn him down and finish this skill and it does in fact go down some big ap pens not much you can do about those Yamato shooting at the cruiser is always going to be on the phone and as I mentioned the game can turn quite quickly we had a three-shift lead suddenly we're tied for ships we're tied for caps and the enemy is pushing into B I'm hoping there's some AP pens on his core force note that when you shoot battleships that are in a slightly angled with German AP you want to aim for the superstructure because your shells will simply bounce trying to get some quick shots on the Megami he is reversing he is quite far away I think he's just a bit angle though actually it's quite a bit angled he's angling even further it's unlikely I'm gonna get any and hoping to get some sneaky citadel's on him but ultimately he reversed and he backed off so now I have to focus on the core forced himself you shouldn't have too many issues with battleships as long as you maintain your angling as you fish into them if you get too close of course they have an easy time lining shells but at moderate distances like this one you should have a fairly easy time of burning them to death I don't have time to get the kill as the Yamato finishes him but at the same time we lose a member as well so suddenly the game is once more tied what's 7 vs. 7 at this point trying to get some early shells on conquer as he's coming around the corner what is quite important to note is that I'm running a bit of a weird build I've changed my Hindenburg build I will show you guys later what kind of build I'm running but I'm actually running the spotter plane module on my Hindenburg because I I like the increased strain she gets from spotter plane but I also like to increase the damage that you get from having running to reload mode so kind of combine the best of both worlds by running spotter plane mode and reload mode so I have very good close-range DPM and very good long-range DPM as well the downside is of course squishier turret square torpedo tubes in fact you might have noted when the conqueror shot me there three of my torpedo tubes were temporarily knocked out and that's of course the downside all your modules break quite easily because you're not running the module health and torpedo tube health and so forth gotta be a bit careful here since conquer a chi is pretty nasty you can't really angle against it I angle away he still hits me for 7 K 7 K might not sound like a lot but when your health pool is 51 k 52 K and you have HP already 7 K starts to sting a fair amount at this point though I disengage I want to see if I can focus this do you guys hear a pop spotter plane see if I can help my Neptune once again you can note that how far or how long my spotter plane is in the air it's more than 2 minutes of spotter plane and this is of course the advantage of running the module it also helps when you want to shoot over obstacles in this case over this island and you want to get a better better view of what they're doing on the other side it does require some experience running the spotter plane though because I know all the people have issues landing shelves with the support airplane it's not easy to use Oh m'god me was hiding behind the island and he was waiting for a shot I actually quite like that I think that's a smart play by the Megami he's in such a position that I struggled to return fire because if I want to shoot him I have to get broads out to the Bismarck and he's able to pretty much spam me undetected from there and that's the kind of player I can respect from a cruiser that's exactly how you should play a cruiser if you're able to deal damage on the enemy and the enemy struggles to deal any damage back then your positioning is probably pretty damn good and right now that Megumi's position is extremely good at harassing me Henry pops around the corner as well and now I'm starting to heavily can consider disengaging in Charlie because I got three people shooting me and the Bismarck is so far away that I can't really consistently land as many shells I would want to and get as many fires as I would want to so I start cutting away full speed the Henry is unlikely to chase me because my team is here we still have three battleships kind of sitting in our spawn waiting around and not really doing much oh another thing I should probably know this probably mention I'll be going live today or well actually when I upload this videos gonna be today but I since I'm doing it I'm doing finishing this commentary on a Thursday evening tomorrow I'll be going live 18 CET my normal time with my stream and I will be featuring the updated Salem which means of course the Salem with the soup which is the Des Moines with the super Hill so it's gonna be an extremely tanky Des Moines I'm gonna be featuring the new updated Roma I don't really know what they've changed on it besides 2 Sigma and I'm gonna be featuring a completely new ship that people have hyped up quite a bit I'm quite hard to test it as well and no one has been able to test it or CeCe's haven't been able to test it until now it's sadly under NDA so I can't mention the name of the ship but a lot of people have been looking forward to it and it should generate the fair month well it should there should be quite a lot of interest in seeing how the ship performs my own interest included I do get on detected and briefly at these ranges picking a fight with Mogami isn't worth it I want to get closer I want to be able to bring this ap DPM to bear because well the Hindenburg is good at long ranges it's still the king of close range you want to get in there you want to get close and be able to bring all that firepower potentially all the torpedoes you want to bring all that damage to bear I'm looking at my team and I'm a bit sad to say that we lost B and we kind of got like three battleships it's kinda just like sitting in our spawn and we're losing caps one by one and they're not really reacting the Megami the cruiser actually did the most the cruiser it died manage to take the concur with him which is a great trade if a tier 8 crews are trades with the tier 10 battleship that's an amazing plane Bismark pops up I have AP ready for him not as much enemies damages I had hoped I think I might have aimed a bit too low but it's kind of hard because if you aim too high you get orphans if you aim too low you get chapters on the belt you want to hit the upper belt so I guess the aim was okay it kind of comes down to RNG he starts angling I am for a superstructure still though I decided to switch to a chi because ultimately a chi is just more consistent plus there's a chance of starting those fires Megami pops up on a minimum before he renders so I'm already switching to AP and I'm gonna see if I can maybe get some surprise hits on him as he tries to get some surprise hits on me at this point we've already accrued well over 200k damage and my team has given up all the caps our Yamato is actually going in and doing something about it my corphals though well he's almost full HP is still and he's the one who should be pushing in he is the one who should be leading the charge here I'm not very impressed with him at this point because a cool forced with hydro is significantly better at pushing in towards DD then a Yamato is and I really love to see him play a bit more aggressive into the capture points and we need to secure some kills now to still maintain the game because we have lost the lead at this point and we need to finish these skills hoping to get a good volley under Megami as he spy for broadSign something you should of course never do in the Megami unfortunately I get 7 over pens and only one set that I said Megami kind of gets away with making a pretty damn big mistake this mark should be finished down Koufos finishes him off that's excellent he probably shot me with this last no he didn't shoot me that's good I'm in a bit of a crossfire here but I'll get into cover soon now the biggest threat right now I don't think the megami is a threat at this point the core force is chasing him the Yamato is also kind of locking down the mugambi from pushing I think the biggest threat right now is the shimakaze in Z and Montparnasse I can't do anything about the Mikasa because I can't see him but the Montana is certainly there and it's a TTT player and TT is another typhoon one clan so obviously their players have a pretty good idea of what they're doing so obviously I'm gonna start working on him try to get as much pressure on him as possible he started turning broadside so I switched JP even though it didn't actually do him that much damage you know that he instantly started angling in towards me unless of course that threat of that huge HP damage he cannot afford to keep pushing towards a Yamato because if he keeps pushing towards a Yamato he's giving broadside to me or even our Yamato as well and now he's sitting angled in kind of locked into position and that's when I switch to Aichi he started aiming at me so I moved forward so I put the island between me and him so that he does no longer have any vision of me and I can basically shoot him from behind cover exactly as I mentioned that the Megami did earlier which was very very well done he is a good player though as I mentioned so he instantly pops his spotter plane and this gives him vision on the other side of the island I react as soon as I see the plane and start accelerating and turning away so what he hoped to be a devastating bully on me ends up being just a couple of pens I as soon as you see a battleship on the other side of the island like that focal plane start accelerating you're gonna get plane spotted and there's a good player does that like he did there the reason is obvious he wants to get the vision of you so he can shoot you so you need to be quick on those reactions and not get caught with your pants down because that was quite close in this case though at this point we should have the victory in our bag it's not entirely shorter because they're still Ashima I assume he's somewhere behind the islands because if it wasn't I wouldn't I wouldn't be spotted at this point so I knew he's somewhere behind there corpse pop on my left so he's probably somewhere he's about to be somewhere in front of me I get detected this gives me a lot of information he's either in the gap on my right or he's on my left the detection stays that means it's unlikely that he is in the gap he's already on my left side he's sailed out of the cap and he's moving basically into a spawn and it's important now that I zone out this battle this didi my battleship is camping see he can still win it though if he kills both my battleships this game is over they get enough points that I that I it's I think it's unlikely that we can climb back in time so the best thing I can do right now is zone him out and I do this by pressing extremely aggressively towards where I expect him to be I think he'll be somewhere in front of me because that's that's where he wants to go to tore up the Yamato on my left so I am physically zoning out the B to the D da if he wants a torii Yamato he has to send his corpse past me or he has to toward me instead his choice is to try to talk I've assumed dual purpose it might be me it might be your mother behind me but I scared the torps plenty ahead so the young mother should have time to dodge them unless of course completely asleep at the wheel note that I also popped my spotter planes and I'm running the dual supporter blind mode which means I have two planes up which gives me advanced warning of incoming torpedoes more towards he actually manages to kill the Yamato which is a bit surprising unfortunate but the fact that the earlier table came from the right and an extra bullet came from the left tells me that he's actually sailing deeper into our spawn so angle even deeper and I keep pressuring him I keep forcing him deeper in this gap and forcing him away from our Yamato as we slowly win the points and with at this point there's 10 seconds left even if he manages toward me it would have matter anymore the game is over and we've actually managed we've actually managed to clutch this game and clutch a win out but which is of course extremely satisfying in fact looking at the victory screen 252,000 damage actually only two kills I only managed to get two kills one of them which was the neptune still though I got Confederate high caliber and dreadknot which is a pretty base set of you did well type of rewards like it did a fair amount of tanking it did a fair amount of damn you performed well this game looking at team score 2.8 K base XP which getting three k XP without a single cap or I think what did I have a single cap precept I think I had some cap resets but without a single cap it's always satisfying especially in a Hindenburg that doesn't have that big of an XP mode afire like for example at the Des Moines has massive XP modifier the Hindenburg on the other hand doesn't had to have the same type so it's satisfying also looking at the enemy team there were some as I mentioned TTT there were some Kings players and so forth there players you've learned to recognize from typhoon so satisfying ending to this one detailed report 91k spotting damage that's of course the dual spotter planes coming in extremely valuable 2.1 million potential damage that's of course the Hindenburg's angled tankyness which is very very good and damage dealt almost wither but pretty evenly matched between AP and a chain anyway let me show you guys might recommend the build for the ship since it has changed a bit right before I start this is of course always extremely satisfying to show now that the season has ended the pilot season has ended team number one only that is extremely satisfying considering how long the season went on and how many up and downs we had like there were a lot of people we wanted to get the 30 wins to everyone because if you got the 30 wins in typhoon you've got this flag now let me show you this flag Stalingrad and if you get three of these flags then you can exchange them for this Stalingrad tier 10 cruiser so we wanted to make sure every member who's in our clan got this flag so that when when the ship final comes out everyone will have access to it so even with making sure that all the members got it still managing to get Rank 1 is of course very satisfying anyway moving on to the Hindenburg itself consumable ones premier repair premium heal two priorities defensive AAA especially with how ridiculous Midway is these days and spotter plane for obvious reasons upgrade ones spotting aircraft mode 30% extra aircraft duration if you don't have this one just run the main armament one but I actually really like this one for the build because I think it makes the Hindenburg especially good at pretty much all ranges it eliminates the weakness of running the reload mode increased a iteration especially once again with made very being ridiculous and since we're running defensive AAA anyway we might as well use it a a range additional a a range so we both it I think we both this one too this is with aft so we bother to seven point two and six point five with defensive AAA the Hindenburg absolutely shreds planes so don't make the mistake of thinking you have week a and the thing is an absolute monster against planes faster rudder shift extremely important concealment and reload module for that additional DPM captain perks ones priority target absolute number one adrenaline rush superintendent for additional he'll spotter play in defense of AAA all of that concealment expert followed by aft for the a a range followed by improved fire chance followed my faster shell reload because add AP is so strong on the Hindon you want to be able to switch quickly to AP to pick those devastating strikes like the one you saw on the neptune you want to be able to pull those off whenever possible and finally of course increasing your spotting potential by running the bill spotter planes you saw the game earlier 91,000 spotting damage in that game that's because you have two planes constantly circling circling you're constantly giving your team information it's extremely extremely valuable flag wise protein number one I would say he'll speed if you want the far chance flags are probably more valuable detonation of like if you can spare it I think this is actually my clan wars build is I'm a clan wars flags for randoms I probably wouldn't run this one and I probably wouldn't bother with this one for randoms either fire flags I don't know not really that necessary to random battles either I think these are the core random battle flags you might run a a flag as well and rest this just in to whatever you feel like camera was well it's not really that important I'm running the premium camera of course because I place a much hindenburg I love this shape I got 1.9 million XP earned in it so I might as well buy biomass of the premium camera back in the day and this one has certainly paid itself back more than enough anyway that was my Hindenburg commenter I hope you guys enjoyed it and

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That's one long title, but I figured I'd cover all these issues in this vid. The first CB season has ended and OMNI managed to clinch the victory, ending the season as #1 in EU, which is quite satisfying, as it's one thing claiming you're the best, and another proving it. My Tanking competition also came to an end, as those that watch my stream or follow my discord already know. The winners of my competition are; 1st Place: USS Kidd - 7031400 potential - Simolal - GK 2nd Place: Lo-Yang - 6338700 potential - Pirogoeth - GK 3rd Place: Prinz Eugen- 6320836 potential - Foxs_Shadow - Yamato 4th Place: Scharnhorst - 5572500 potential - Xutoo - Yamato 5th place: 5x Christmas containers - 5503800 potential - AndyZeeLewis - GK As for my Hindenburg, I've tweaked the build a fair bit and you can find an updated version at the end.
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