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[Music] Danny flex some seconds out here we've James the gal on a natural question people gonna ask because the accumulation of injuries the issues you've had and you've also made a lot of money in the spool how long have you got left not just cause of your body because your motivation as well

I'm gone but cuz I'm training smart now I'm feeling great I'm sparring great people can't touch me in the gym I'm loving boxing again I know I've used that before but I really am Thomas in and when you love your school and when you're enjoying it then you're flying so yeah coming back to your question how long I got left in the school I don't know but the way I'm feeling now I'm gone for another couple years but I've always said though that I won't be winding fires that the that would go on where they're getting beat by people issue me getting beat by and then I will know when school it they people tell him to go some people could tell them to cool it they off the tracks one I knew in myself before we thought specifically about your next fight was the possibility of this fight coming together the reason why you gave up your IBF tile one of my main reasons hammer man Terry mr. gay guy and me being me I was gonna take it but I was gonna get a course off the money I begin in the dangers fight and I've always said I wanted to be in the big fights and domestic grudge matches I suppose our hema and he said Jay what saying bitch I've got something better for you this whole tight and then they come back with this and I was like yeah this is the one let's go and he said before you before you were done your career is done you will box for an award sounds don't worry so don't mean that mean we saw a lot bit well a lot better and yeah I should yeah but easy to find someone I want to be in he's funny it's like just to finish off my career I need them then let me see kind of fights then find that people always gonna remember me for John Roselli domestic once so you miss the watch i'ma stand for just miss down from John says just because Manchu freestyle and then he decided to give it up I bought scrubs years ago six seven years ago so yeah if I could get occur are you bang or groves and Smith whatever but listen to me I don't need no one like people would saying that I need them like different fires I've got I'll hated by me I will always make money and always be in big fight so don't people to think I need them to money and to get what I was good I've got the power first man in boxing Miami and we've got a good relationship and we get it on the increasing well big big fire before we go into the specifics of this how did the beef between you and you met jr. first start Facebook messaged me just saying that don't worry about a loss you will come back stronger mean you're gonna fight one day well I just talking bear nonsense I took no notice of it any time pro I don't know if he was pro dead and he almost calm down the spa said yes he comes down this bar feeling we did six rounds the next day oh I had a little argument he's dead and now I remember what it was about or but he didn't come on you know what you been - like I'm Baptist hey much and then the next day come out of that school James ago just crazy he's just looking but prior to that he sent me a big long essay on on Facebook saying that one day we're gonna fight and they're gonna make loads of money and this and that half licking my heart ass half not half just like I was there but the guy is confident the confident young boy he's probably the most deluded box our boxing everything this guy thinks he still be Jules beautifully well he still believes that no Dan he believes it and he's got confidence and yeah he did he survives all right but and he stepped up to the ice level yeah found out what do you remember about the sparring session the six rounds sixty vermeer one more good good friends watching me right after two rounds he left the gym he watched the first try and left the gym because I was just bars it was easy John then he left the gym the next day I spoke to him and I was finished I'll go yeah wicked the next day find that he's come and said what do you think his motivation was though cuz he must not know him by saying that he weren't gonna spy you him anymore like that door would be closed to him for saying things like even back then this message I'm gonna have to in it and see we actually put be sent me a big long essay so you think it was all part of a master plan like getting your gym spire you try and wind you up but general you might as a cordis to retirement fight because if I lose many if I lost I have to retire because I come on be i shouldn't be losing to you Ben jr. good five I shouldn't John said if he loses when he loses sorry this guy has four attacks even people I mean grows big Joe Saunders he doesn't think he lost the first two but did his plan work in he said that he scored you whatever did it wind you up like I'm right-handed I get young but I run my mouth but right now I think I'm getting older I'm getting more chill I'm getting a bit more softer John saying that no no I don't care I just call I'm happy what I'm doing and I'm just looking forward to literally this this is gonna be stands on the head job John said it's not me a beat down on a make him look stupid to be staging the fight woman to beat him up but this should be more standing ahead John what would you have to do to improve on grosses performance against him because that was pretty dominant but I've gotta be myself once again don't sigh like a parrot but fully fit injury-free healthy these people how would a win over you bet jr. compared in son fast satisfied you'd be compared to other wins in your career he still runs his mouth still chuck still believes that what happen this bomb whatever still believes that he can be mean that he will be mean this is gonna be I'm gonna enjoy this one [Music] you


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