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make sure you tap the bells you never miss a video it's right next to the sub button thanks guys what is up your brother plans behind and seek aunt gauntlet here's the players in the game three things we found last and they get flows the em CGD CSG for the sub thank you coming mid TRO there all right yes ready yeah yeah Jeff is ready he's really precise ready he'll always should include alright histories ready it's all I'm a long a boy little you're not a writer Bruce met your you wasn't you I mean very happy into the streets deal

high-end toaster he's gone Britt always real gone sure the game just holds the rag doll after so amount of time I guess alright yeah name race I had his Ellis oh my god two people followed me and kept like trying to do this by moving me out of it vitaly's is going back trying to steal your spot I hope they get found I'm going to find it I might kill a man don't worry someone's shooting their gun they're not very smart let's go kill them I think it's I'm a killer he's saying it's gonna go game over Joe red Devin thank you for the cheer dude really appreciate that man thank you very much bro

all right

spots open in the game the next round

King MC McKenna thank you summoned Udrih seven do some alright someone gave the mic to buck I think I can adhere with dr. Inc JK can was even more cheer thank you very much dude really appreciate that Matt OH oh snap meters full we'll do a premium to spin after this game guys all right you're going to be more people hiding in this zone I just deal with it and get out of here

and I've been here that's when I went through that window guys on the jungle really all in the jungle everyone from the jungle all right so be it ran into the jungle and almost won let you live bro hey Rick while Bobby's out

we've been back there yet

Mimi dunzo all right Melissa players are here in the jungle a little on them the first aggression right levin your suits is don't belong here guys yeah many me though is originally my spot a we are asked to one east only I was hiding I think somehow thumbs my body out of it well you would have died anyway net that is quite and 14 like yeah let's go fuck you that's I mean that's much listen anyway forgot the other bronze exterior red how much you can do these leads on javelin on V out they'll face to the left

was really good one tamed his out one night of the jungle just yet fucking eggs alright peacefully shit see see TV brain is a really good spot holy shit yeah I know you stole it give me the credit everyone feeling spot huh I was gonna hide there with someone better his brains that's the only spot it's always brain that they say it's good spot it knocked me out of it knocked you out of it alright now we're talking about the spots they're cooking like it's going to give it away can turn lights off no I can't lighten the food can't be turned off in black ops 3 million mod would be done yeah Jeff's gonna look into it but for now for this game certainly not

let's go

it's gotta be more over here

there's the seven move on for now here with Alec in the south all right now does enough of this jungle for now interesting you guys tool in there but tired of the green so I thought someone was under there for a second nice little lights like oh holy shit I give us worry about that too all it is

not a single person into zona who's left eggie Bravo CTD BLT Illuma Joe cool

feels bad man yeah it gives out a good spot Brett occupies up for more aerial spots for guys that was doable totally forgot I might go thinned out we're in the game already made on the stream the game is up the deal with unfortunately alright

hmm okay few other spots want to check out

Joe cool done lads with a loud out keyboard feels good feels real bad DVD the trash spot literally Bravo Yoga remain hang it will be LP out to school blue blue man Bravo dog who's gonna be the winner limo we respond like a bazillion times everyone wondering I'm guessing is very close to here hey Green was I'm great hey and let me let me let me sir hahaha oh shoot oh the boss thank you for subscribing dude really appreciate it alright how do you like that trash fart also it's a turret let's just of y'all kids yeah Jason [Music] all right there your buddy you got your way that's just not bidding on this that was healed respawning him all right what is up unit brothers were on knockout playing hide and seek I don't know if lift above do you think maybe found less clearly not the guy who just said oh no because he's got a terrible spot but the rest you guys 5 a chance good luck

beyond knockout I hope no one picked me hello people that is the red spot I ran at a time I want to do 12 of something dear person moving stop moving I didn't really drop names though the beauties alright let's draw the name Maggie you're gonna get me killed Chris tab use the mouse wheel to move up in the processor that's a new high names I'm sorry for anyone who bet it on me so she ready shoe gonna do it let's sort of let me trav and then smiley with a memo wheel and then just answer them you stole what do you drive I think my the names are off now you did the S find it with tightening I just know it not floral I've been doing both I forgot what I which thank you for your help Jeff another good-looking map big yes can you use active channel if you want to die sure use active camera we make a sound I'm going to follow this down of it and your life I usually work aggressions downtown

mini-me is out be greedy all right oh it's getting definitely find me in my definitely that is in your spot I don't have any faith it's a random spot middle item to our our kung fu master get that Bruce Lee out for going on so much detail yep rip trees so if there's in that middle building shooting an elephant right now okay are you dead bro I didn't know khalipa

nothing matters no one to be moving


oh my god I love this math backdrop queries if I can jump down I love eight say you know actually I haven't tried our bounds on this one I get it some out of bounds on Antiques together neither this map may be low today Oh China tongue just a last time to five over again oh gosh she took her I heard they're good shot oh there's a heads up

very soothing yeah they patch the spot run the first we play this is on top of that huge ass rock dad I game took like 45 minutes no-ho-ho dig there yeah physics are back on thank you Jeff love for rip toaster I believed in you a lot will mean to I really don't like it the physics was weird that's because you shoot inside of the wall or just like against it ah this here that's a history point guys got mix up your outfits get some keep it spicy monkeys out its loft mr. jet is out hey Rick lie bed man using the green camera once again not again Bravo Doug a plus forever I lay my life Falcon all about it already going looking civilized and going faster you got a gay PBJ Reaper rays and JJ dude I have faith in you Reaper no penis lot of jelly time this has gone way too close last match woo alright three remain I think these my six of five longer eggy buddy wheel JK I'm thinking detached off the mortgage company love for ness I think race or a Aggie might

left the game rage breadcrumbs easily maybe had to go or some nice innit

well if you're the view D guys playing on I play on the maximum so five miles defaults maybe I plan on one on one - a maximum Christian ethics all right [Music] Mickey

these these people sneaky / I believe a Madame surprise I'll just give them be over within like a minute or two after we reached this point and no I'm uh burning out ideas blanks the check but then wander around till I get some ideas

roll nope

you kids where I'm not talking very much sees they kind of soak in the environment on this one

[Music] can you come please well you got good self my luck he's gonna find me next like I said pendant the cheddar ace death face thank you for subscribing dude thank you very much white cap ninja also thank you very much for this subdued

I'll brief at the PI because you kill them Swift ladies raisin eggy I'm gay couple of ideas now

raise a feel good about your spots right there salad I see one right there the game is over ah rip you see it eggy one pretty good man snapping that's honest it's pretty good at Oh check you look for it again oh here you go if you went right over here also hang on take a flying leap line eggy on my own egg is the winner hey get back in your spot back in my egg elide you you said lore says that's good at you don't move that's in position again maybe stay exactly where you're hiding you not hear me for Iggy

he killing all right

yeah calm dispatch UAB all right see where I missed it JK my gosh which kind uh currently undecided probably not though this was it yeah I was is how you about hiding like this yeah walk great by Matthew cutter videos goddamn well you went to the right if to left well done mmm my name is no weapon hero Oscar chemical gel gun let him get eaten the reversible that come on hero row cool there we go it wasn't alright we're going you can grab me one thing look at the bets really quick and see if it on a hill a bit oh yeah yes you got toasted someone's at 10 million on my spot oh

yeah look at that def med bet like 10 billion on him got nice some billion back now badly put that on the screen really quick

look at that nice 10 billion club over there Shelton guitar man alright GJ guys thanks for watching

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