Wednesday Service: World Religions, Cults and the Occult: Seventh Day Adventists

by: Billy Crone

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tonight so I don't know but let's get him for a father thank you so much for tonight and just another great time God is your people that we can come and be nourished by your truth and once again guys we take a look at a new chapter a new cult help us God is always to have the right hearts to understand we're not here to win a debate we're not to prove that we're right necessarily in that attitude we're here to win them to you Jesus because there's only one way to heaven and every other religion every cult the occult everyone leaves people to hell and that's serious so help us to have the heart write hearts the right attitude help us to learn and as we take a look at this new cult how to best reach them for you we love you Jesus thank you that it's all free and clear that it's not of our own works there's no way we get there so thank you for your wonderful true one-and-only gospel of salvation through you Jesus we love you and just pray and ask your blessings upon our study mask all of us in your wonderful name in Jesus name and all guys people said Amen that's right we are once again in our study world religions cult and the occult that's right mommy and we're on a brand there is Pastor Tom was that a reverse rapture that's kind of weird one thing I'm kind of torn between that response because I want to ask you how was it but then I'm going well why did you come back but anyway that's false teaching there is no reverse rapture praise God okay but I we just were boasting on you that because your incessant praying that we finally made it to a new chapter that's right number 10 Bobby what is it it's seventh-day adventists well wait a second I mean we believe in sky dressed on the seventh day six day little creation in the advent of Jesus Christ he's got to be Christian right wrong answer and that's what we're gonna start to see folks and this one I'm telling you of all the cults this one to use the terms kind like a little sleeper cult if you will this one gets kind of snuck in under the door pillow come on not those guys mm-hmm and we're gonna be dealing with the facts with that in fact I even posted what was it yesterday on social media posted a invite for people to come join us for new study and it already started oh whatever let's just begin the journey shall we but let's go ahead let's go take a look at the top of the page there who are we talking about well first of all we're talking about Colts again world religions Colts were still met topic and the on Colts right now review a Colt is sometimes difficult to define and there's many choices of definitions now again by wave recap the non-christian definition of a cult is this it usually focuses on the sociological psychological and behavioral factors now according to these factors listen a cult is a religious groups that seeks to what control all about control what did we see the last two versions of cult right with Jehovah's Witnesses a Mormons did they seek to control them people absolutely so that's a sign you're a cold to control its members by either a single individual or in organization same thing Jehovah's Witnesses Mormons the same thing is going on there so again whose definition are we making this up but we just being meaning towards with all due respect seventh-day Adventist teaching now we haven't gotten to the Christian version of a cult yet but even secular would say man you fit in that line unfortunately right so they that's what they do now to a cult is manipulative and what demands total commitment and loyalty of the followers right because that's what we do because every Sunday I break it down preach I say and you have to buy me lunch no yeah obviously ain't working I am joking by your response and that's 1932 less than somebody took me out but I'm not bitter about it but let's move on right that's total commitment and total control right now this standard evangelical diff definition this is what you and I would say is a cult it says a Christian cult add the word pseudo Christian fake Christian false Christian that's what you're dealing with there is any group that deviates from biblical Christianity and fundamental doctrines of the faith and again here's your big five guns that we've been dealing with how do you know somebody's inacol how do you know that somebody's teachings are being derived from a cult etc etc here it is number one what is it the source of authority what does that mean anybody any source anything any so-called word any person whatever that goes outside of the Bible the word of period okay or says that they're the only ones you can go through to understand the Word of God and that's what seventh-day adventists do with LG white she's their prophetess will see that Lord willing a little bit okay then guess what you're outside the Bible that's a cult okay number two the nature of God including the Trinity the person work of Jesus Christ the nature man and here it is the means of salvation how in the world did get to heaven man you can get all kinds of things wrong I don't know how many times I've warned you guys stop eating chicken you keep getting it wrong but whatever you do don't get it wrong how you get to heaven and that's what every single religion every single called the occult that's the whole unifying fact if anything what they all have in common it's the wrong way to heaven you can't get that one wrong you don't want to get that wrong that's why we love them enough to understand where they're coming from and so that we can engage into a conversation with them and hopefully lead them to Jesus Christ now in many cases these groups here's where the illusion comes from here's where the lines get blurred if you will in many cases these groups may use the same words as us but what do they do it'll just redefine them what's the word they're radically right redefine them right you got to get behind the veneer right and again believe it or not even a seventh-day Adventist would say oh no no no we're just saved by grace mm that's not really what you believe okay with this thing called the investigative judgment and that they believe it is based on your works okay again we'll get to that soon enough now remember that all false philosophies religious psychological and Ruth what's that word act he's always there right act okay our Satan's creation well what's the basis for that because we don't liked him Oh Cheryl you didn't mean that did you of course not you know better than that John chapter 8 right how many times have we seen that I'm gonna turn there John chapter 8 Satan is a murderer and he's been one from the beginning but he's also a liar and the father of all lies so what's the Bible for straight from Jesus say anything that's contrary to what Jesus the Bible God teaches ultimately we may not have been there when the demon inspired it who did it come from any life Satan so therefore any false teaching any cult any are called any religion other than true biblical Christianity who's behind it Satan right and that's what he says any distortion of the true gospel is the work of Satan whose aim is to deceive people into thinking that they're doing what is needed to be rewarded heaven upon death that is a salvation by works and other words doing good things and not doing bad things now how many people do you know that has still have that mindset I'm not that bad of a person what did you say I think it's by works well I'm not as bad as Hitler but they just say to you well I'd you know Leonard well I go to church services well they just say it's by works I believe in the Ten Commandments I'm American okay that's cool okay that doesn't save you right it's by God's wonderful grace to the cross of Jesus Christ and faith in that okay but that's what he does anything that says that you have your hand in it is a false gospel okay that came from Satan because he's the father of all this baloney anything to steer people away from the only one way the cross of Jesus Christ remember what the rule was anytime anybody I don't care who they are I don't care about secret knowledge to heaven they squit wouldn't I when they say it okay I don't care how cool that is right what would they say if it's here's the rule it's Jesus period is how you get to heaven his work on the cross that's it right Jesus if anybody says well it's Jesus and no it's Jesus or no it's Jesus bud but that's not the gospel that is not the gospel okay it's Jesus through and through it's only his work now if one carefully studies the various religions and cults of the world you're gonna discover that underline these next two words without exception right without exception this is the unifying factor of everything else other than biblical Christianity that they are founded on some form of human works human effort and works of righteousness right that you got to do something right instead of accepting a gift that God has already done it for you and frankly only he can do it because your works or what what's the Bible say open your Bibles to Isaiah Isaiah 64 Isaiah 64 filthy rags who talked about this I want to hit it again in this context so we realize that folks this isn't just well they think that you got a you know seven to Edna's will say you got a only worship on a Saturday you can't worship on Sunday right or you're toast right or no no you can't you got to keep the dietary laws that's what you got to do with folks look that's all human works you think that your your righteousness your works your self effort it's gonna get you there well let's dream it's just don't you know but just to kind of whet the appetite what does God think about that attitude excuse me that you think you're gonna get there that way about yourself right Isaiah 64 right let's take a look at verse 6 right all of us how many is that that's everybody right everybody all of us have become what like one who is unclean and all how much all are righteous acts yeah but I know a guy he's really nice he'd ripped the shirt off your back and actually off for his back then he gives you but then if you got an argument maybe he would rip it off your back but I digress but anyways though I know and he said he would never hurt a flea well guess what you lie right all right I'm sure you took something without permission once a while you it was that pencil in the third grade wasn't yours you're stealing right but all of us all of us are unrighteous tax ours what what's the word they're like filthy rags I'll get to that in a second we all shrivel up like a leaf and like the wind our sins sweep us away no one calls on your name or strives to lay hold of you for you have hidden your face from us and made us waste away because of our what our sins right Paul goes on to say and I don't I'm not gonna repeat that but if you want a parallel passage you're dealing with a depravity of man Romans chapter 3 what you say no one see these says all of us all of us what Paul said no one no one their absolute terms no one is righteous no not one no one does good no not one he says it repeatedly opened over again Old Testament New Testament the Bible says are you kidding me to think that you're actually gonna get there I don't care what you prescribed I don't care if you think it's I got a worship on this day or its refrain from this food that is an abomination to God now you might think that that's harsh but what was the words they're filthy rags now let me race you we've talked about this before but let me verbalize to you again what does that mean in Isaiah right here's one of the term fil we're eggs is very strong term and gods being very graphic because this offends His Holiness the word filthy is the translation of the Hebrew word a da which means literally the bodily fluids from a woman's menstrual cycle in rags means a Greg right so therefore these righteous acts now put put the listener take every coal every religion no I know I'm gonna earn my way to heaven by going to church services that's a filthy minstrel rag you just through before the holy throne of God you know I'm gonna I'm gonna refrain from eating pork you just threw a bloody Wow but for the whole thrown of it no I'm gonna only worship on the Saturday you just took a box are you serious John I didn't say that God did I sorry saying right and basically what why is he using that picture listen these righteous acts are considered by God as repugnant as a soiled feminine hygiene product through him before him excuse me you actually have the audacity my son's blood was shed for you and you're gonna say your own efforts which is basically a self-produced thing it's hard to even say but I mean I'm just quoting scripture do you see how they but do you see how offensive this guy and see this is why we can't budge folks we cannot budge from this we cannot but it's only through the cross of Jesus Christ is this is an offense to God it's an offense to the cross of Christ and when people come up and every Colts got their list and we're gonna see some dad list they got their list every one of these things you might as well just supplanted when you see something old but you it's Jesus and you got a the pork and and Jesus but only on son but see picture every time they add cuz each one's got the list they just took a tampon that's just suffice god that's graphic right and that's what's going on our salvation is not the results of any of our efforts a bill intelligent choices personal characteristics or access service we may perform our acts of righteousness do not produce salvation but they are the evidence of our salvation you've got the cart before the horse right because when you love Jesus what's the natural response when all hope is lost we're due to have deserve straight to hell and yet he saved this one who ever said completely past present future as we saw before I even obliterates our sins it's just awesome what's the natural response I want to serve him I want you know so don't get the cart before the horse but that's how egregious that mentality is to God and that's what these guys just like Mormonism just like Jehovah's Witnesses just like Catholics all realize they all have their things that they're checking before God don't want to be there don't want to be there okay and we are not doing anybody a service if we don't speak up and love that's how offensive that is to God okay and again the penalty is that that's what you're trusting and guess what you're going to hell so we have to love them enough to tell them the truth right now let's continue on works of righteousness that's what they all without exception agree only grace entered biblical Christianity is from God every other form of religion is from who Satan inspired by his demon spirits promoted by his lame agents and centered in works of righteousness in fact the Bible says this kind of stuff is going to increase in the last days open your Bibles to first Timothy 4 right we've been here many times and this is very applicable to seventh-day adventists right first Timothy and for one and two if you playing second Timothy what do you do yeah second Timothy yeah you almost got there Bobby that's for like the Book of Daniel or Matthew but you got the to-and-from so kind of mess all right there you go hey you got it all right let's take a look there first Timothy chapter 4 the Spirit clearly says that when in the latter times last days if you will what's going to happen how are you gonna know you're living the last days some the context is in the so-called church will what a band in the faith and what they gonna do well you got to keep the show going well they're not following God what are they following deceiving spirits and things taught by who demons lies all lies come from state now listen this he opens it up such teachings come through what hypocritical liars right whose consciousness have been seared as with a hot iron now here's a couple characteristics they forbid people to marry does they might do that today with their false teaching yeah we saw that with Catholicism and order them to abstain from certain foods right now I know every time I quote this passage you start chuckling Casey move the chicken this way you do no I'm not doing that do you want to eat chicken go ahead eat chicken I'll visit you in the hospital anyway that's right I'm not saying you can't I'm just saying why would you okay this is different but anyway but that's what we're gonna see what seventh-day Adventist right they got abstain from certainly the dietary laws all that stuff and folks I'm telling you what we're gonna if I can get that far we're gonna see that basically you got seventh-day adventists you got there early charismatic movement you got jehovah's witnesses you've got mormons you got with christian science there with all that the Church of Christ which is legalistic as well and things that all coming out about the same timeframe in the last days right the the turn of the previous century in the mid to late 1800s all them basically took off right at the last great national revival in our country's history okay and it's like Satan's last-ditch like oh boy we're getting close now and again every single one of those claims to be Christian but they're not they're fake every last one of them right so we'll get into that hopefully if we get that far now let's continue on right our heart what's our heart now and again we're just recapping why are we doing this why do we keep going through this right again it's not to win a debate knowledge puffs up but love builds up what do you do with this right we want to reach these people for Christ because again if they're trusting their own filthy you need Jesus and I don't want even my worst enemy to go to hell right so we want to study we want to learn about you we want to lead you to Jesus Christ that's our hardened that's what he says now when setting the Colts we may be tempted to scoff at the seemingly ludicrous beliefs right and that was tempting I must admit and each one of you knows there's they've got some food right remember that with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young they act still to this day can't get around this one they believe that people live on the moon and in the Sun hi okay it's we saying contain yourself it's gonna seem like wow that is loot that whoa right okay and what we just finish up with the the same thing with a Jehovah's Witnesses oh yeah so the church started with bald-headed then was smoke coming off their brains I'll refrain contain yourself cuz guess what you're gonna come wait to you see LMG white man and her so-called visions after she sustained a major mega head injury and that's mm Wow and they have this thing called the LMG white vault you know it's a vault they're hiding it what whoa but we got access to that vault but anyway so but but listen listen even an atheist knows listen when it comes to seventh-day Adventist something ain't right something ain't right with your belief system now again this is really an atheist guy he's doing it so he this is this listen to what he says about just Korb basic beliefs the seventh-day Adventist let's take a look at that there are some things that make them unique Saturday is their holy day most Christians tend to think of Sunday is kind of the day to rest but seventh-day Adventists insists that it's Saturday and screw those heretics who disagree remember how God created the universe in six days and then rested on the seventh well at Davis and they believe Jesus is coming back soon not like in our lifetime soon but like now soon the word they use is imminent and only the people who rest on Saturdays will be saved they don't believe that you're going to heaven when you die the only way anyone's going to heaven is after Jesus comes back during his second coming what happens if you die before that happens well then I guess you just have to sit unconscious in your grave until he does return which I hear should be happening any day they believe bad people don't go to hell oh no it's much worse they're just gonna be permanently destroyed because God grants us eternal life so if you don't accept God you don't get the joy of burning in hell for eternity which also means by the way that Seventh day Adventists don't believe in Hell because no one could actually end up there they believe God is going to determine your fate through a process known as investigative judgment basically until the time when Jesus comes back which is any day now God is examining your life to decide what to do with you in the afterlife it's not enough that you believe in him you also have to live your life in accordance with his rules God is always judging you seventh-day Adventists are health nuts which actually doesn't sound like such a bad thing they had stain from alcohol and tobacco and coffee and soda and unclean meats like pork because they believe those things defile your soul so not a bad idea but really we are grieving their profit was a woman lmg white so that's different and kind of cool in a way but that's really the only way she's different he saw visions in 1844 and the religion just kind of sprang from there these visions came after she suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child and after she came out of a long coma which many people believe led to epileptic seizures but you know I'm sure that had nothing to do with me an atheist now I actually pray for that guy if he's still alive it looks like a recent video but even he knows just the core beliefs something's wrong here hi this is this is to use the words but this is ludicrous and symptom did not just like wow okay now I don't know if you've noticed on the one thing they're big on the dietary laws and what was the one thing he called out you can't have pork well also rhymes with pork bacon now did you know did you know that not only a theist knows that something's wrong with this belief system even babies know something's wrong with this belief system because I got a video and I didn't doctor this one up at all right this is just fresh bread this is a baby caught on camera lied the first time it ever tasted bacon what's this


[Laughter] alright let's close in prayer no yeah but no that's what they did okay now again this is okay my seem ludicrous it's like okay and you really believe that and you really whoa you know you know be Timothy to say hey you want to come over my house for lunch what do you haven't I'm having bacon-wrapped bacon with bacon juice on the bacon sound with bacon ice cream into bacon pop you want to drive you don't do that right I know it's Ludacris right and I'm telling you we were just hitting the tip of the iceberg we're gonna run across some stuff it's like are you whoa okay but don't do that right and we must remember that the average colt is he says there that we will encounter is not a false teacher I got a little copy out here okay yeah they're maybe not they're the one who's the false teacher but if they're propagating this know you are false teacher okay so I love you're a little bit off of that statement there and but but engine I know what he's talking about but they're deceived by Satan right and this is the point there's someone that God loves for whom Christ died they need to be saved right but God demonstrates Romans 5:8 his own love towards us that while we were just perfect they could no sinners Christ died for us right but when the kindness of God our Savior and his love for who just only a certain group know he loves mankind he appeared right Tiny's three four for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him Jesus shall not perish but have eternal life John 3:16 and again Paul's examples should be our this is our attitude I'm telling the truth in cries I'm not lying my conscience testifies with me in the spirit that I have great sorrow and unceasing grief in my heart for I wish that I myself were accursed separated from Christ for the sake of my brethren my kinsmen the Jewish people according to the flesh my brethren my heart's desire my prayer is to beat these people in a in a debate ha ha ha I'm sorry wrong translation what'd he say my heart's desire my prayer is oh god that they would be safe that's to be our heart now now that's time your heart on the butt be registered don't wipeout don't wimp out cuz I'm telling you on this one 70 AD people fight you on it you're gonna have even function and they just don't know and I'm talking in the church because I don't know you haven't done your homework I don't know what it is right some people say well I know some seventh is typically respond but and they're really nice nice don't get you into heaven and I'm not saying they might be nice people but if they you truly believe that you have to worship only on Sunday to be saved or keep dietary laws to be saved or that God is looking down upon your work to decide whether or not you get into heaven that's a false gospel you're not saved and any because you're just reading it no because listen if you're really trusting in that nice or not you're going to hell and I love you enough to tell you truth so yes are we gonna have the right heart but listen don't shrink back and think you're doing them a favor by saying listen let me tell you can we exact can we have a little bit a deeper conversation here this is a cult and this is a workspace false gospel and please don't put your heart and trust it now okay so do you see the balance there all right so let's begin that journey it started believe it or not before Ellen G wife now she's the big one and we'll see that they even converged her so-called words into their so-called version of the Bible they have a Bible called the clear word Bible and with all due respect I don't think is clear about it it ain't from God because they intersperse her and it's anyway so that's the problem now let's take a look at the history let's begin that journey where in the world did all this get started from write the seventh-day Adventist grew out of what was called the millerite movement in the u.s. in the early eighteen hundreds by a guy named will you guys are studious people okay it's awesome Miller writes I was wondering what's that guy's name know it's William Miller right now he converted from deism to Christianity in 1816 and became a Baptist okay interesting choice of words I mean he got saved I don't know and just because I'm I'm a but that don't save you anyway so whatever I'm not sure about that one but let me because you might be asking well pastor Billy inquiring minds want to know what's the deist well hey thanks for asking Kyle works both my notes let me tell you what Adeus is so what was he believing in before he became a apparently about this right well this is a deism essentially is a few that God exists but he's just not even involved with this at all that's really what it is right he's just out there he's like they used the analogy it's like a a clockmaker he winds up the clock him there you go kind of a god is that so they say that there is a God a deist right but that he is involved and they also says he doesn't interfere with his creation they deny the Trinity the inspiration the Bible the deity of Christ miracles any supernatural act of redemption or salvation and again God is uncaring and uninvolved I mean I say this not you starting to wonder why it's not a very popular booth today so he exists but he's not involved now deism obviously is not biblical because how many times did the Bible say that God is not only in control of creation and responsible for creation he upholds in sustains creation but even nations and and people in Kings and kid who's the ones up and down causing who's one in control who's one involved right even when it comes to judgments where do you think they're coming from on the planet the world history and humanity are clay in the hands of God he forms them shapes him as he sees fit and I don't know how you could believe in this without even getting around this the ultimate act of God quote interfering with creation was right there the cross of Christ he came into this world took on flesh and died for us how can you say that there's a God buddy he's just out there you know that's what's called the Bette Midler false theology how'd that son go out there I'm sorry I can't do bit many way my dear let's just move on very but no that's that's what he said that's what he was into right and then he became a quote-unquote in Baptist now he studied the Bible in order to reconcile apparent biblical difficulties raised by the disk now typically those difficulties would be this well God you know the reason why we say he's uncaring and he's uninvolved because looked at the suffering I've forgotten it's the same thing today isn't gonna that's real we just fit I'd just finished preaching that message right where was gotten the Las Vegas shooting right it's his sovereignty he's still involved whatever right but the deists would say oh no and so he's probably dealing with my guess is from the deists like if gods real than wise they're evil and suffering the classic thing right so but if anything so we got him going in that direction now in his studies he developed a focus on the imminent return of Christ no that's good that's great how many times we've seen before one third of the Bible deals directly or indirectly by old prophets the Old Testament New Testament the first coming the second coming the rise and fall of Nations to come to the Messiah the first time the second time the seven-year tribulation Daniels 70th week the the Millennial Kingdom the eternal state all that stuff's in the bottom that's good stuff and you need to know that and that's good stuff right so there's nothing wrong with that but we're gonna see who did this guy influence remember Charles taze Russell I mean he was influenced by seventh-day Adventist right and again but guess what this they have in common these guys - are date setters do we have any date setters going on today yeah oh is this applicable what right and that's where he got it from so again nothing wrong with studying about the imminent return of Christ nothing wrong with studying my own prophecy but once again what the common thread is these guys win over the line and set a date and then because they're so prideful arrogant or what okay they wouldn't admit they were wrong and that kept going and that's what we're gonna see right and he began preaching at the age of what oh I don't know if you guys realize this but just a few weeks ago I just but you don't have to worry see I didn't start preaching at 50 I've been preaching for about 27 years but anyways let's move on all right now now what was the context because this answers the question well how could this many people I mean because this guy's have fallen following their souls are falling today and get off this you're gonna see you're gonna see here comes the influence to the Jehovah's Witnesses and all their dates setting all that stuff in the charismatic sand even the Mormons and and all these other people and how could so many people fall for this I mean don't people knowledge a student set a date isn't that the cardinal rules like don't deny the virgin birth and don't set a date well why did so many people fall for this baloney because it was in the midst of the second great true genuine revival in America's history and what does the enemy do when God's doing a great work he's right there to try to mess it up right and he does that with false teachings and he seduces people away now that's what that's why it's so America Second Great Awakening 1790 1840 was an intense interest in the second coming of Jesus and again is that bad no that's awesome right but again Satan will twist it and contort it now as a result the millwrights accepted Miller's idea that Jesus would return all right now if he would have stopped right there would have been fine but what's he say what's to say there in the year covering the spring 1843 in spring 1844 mmm and of course you got to have your proof text and he had one Daniel 8:14 what's the latest one today Oh revelation 12 I mean did you guys know well that there and no it has nothing to do with the church it had nothing to do rap sure said it from the get-go it's all about Israel and it's about Jesus the first coming and the ascension into the right hand the Father and then the second half read at 1260 days is the second half of seven-year tribulation which we're not even in so what are you talking about worried and it's even it's talking about Israel's not even was about stars in the sky which is why but people are doing the same thing today this guy comes out he has his verse and this was this verse it wasn't revelation 12 it was Daniel 8 he said to me for 2300 evenings and morning's then the holy place will be properly restored well he interpreted and get this this was before calculators he the 2300 evenings and morning's to be years encounter formed from 457 BC when the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem was given which I don't even think is the right date when his initial predictions failed you can put that in all caps if you'd like right they failed right he said man I am so sorry guys I violated a basic biblical rule I set a date would you please forgive me and I will never do that again as you Shepard and I'm just sticking to the Word of God I mean I just somebody must have gave me chicken my brain wasn't thinking right is that what he said there same thing that's going on today right what you say he owed Oh apparently I need to put batteries in that calculator now I'm good he adjusted his prediction to conclude that oh no no Jesus would return on 21st of March 1844 that didn't happen I'm sorry guys once again somebody force-fed me a chicken when I wasn't looking I wasn't thinking sure I should have stopped the first time a donkey got me the second I quit I'll never do it is that what he did no man is this applicable for today or what and then later on no no 22nd of October 1844 and these two what feel why because the scripture says you don't know you don't know nobody knows you don't know I don't care how nifty are with math of course he didn't have a calculator maybe hadn't won those a masochist thing so it's nifty Toby to look at things I don't know what he had but hey that doesn't help either nobody knows why do we do this right and so milord quit promoting his ideas on Jesus return and the Millerites broke up now it could have stopped but it didn't people that wasn't enough we had to keep it going and that's what we're gonna see not in this day Lord well next time Joseph Bates James White who then married Ellen who became LNG white kept the thing going right in fact he even admitted to his credit might take him three times with full stage setting but he finally admitted he was wrong listen to this before his death 1849 s reported he said quote we expected the personal coming of Christ at that time and now contend that we were not mistaken or that we were not mistaken and now to contend that we were not mistaken is what dis honest so he owned up to it to his credit we should never be ashamed frankly to confess our errors I have no confidence in any of these new theories that grew out of the movement all right so to his credit at least he admitted he said three times at least and he but but guess what the other people took it and ran with him and this is where they get this false teaching the investigative judgment cuz you can't admit you're wrong so you got new light I had a vision same old thing that we've been seeing with all the other ones same they you got out of the scripture you can't admit you're wrong just like Jehovah's Witnesses and you got new information and you just keep it going okay now tell me that's not applicable what happened to the September 23rd thing yeah I brought it with nothing give it up for Pastor Tom the anointed man of God right nothing is the key word there Zippo nada zilch Oh in fact it was thought that was very interesting probably one of the most with all the events before that there was hurricanes and all kind of stuff that Dave man you could have heard a batch of fleas or something there was like nothing going on that was for the most part his days and I was like this God so he's saying like are you done yet the problem was okay was guess what what those guys do September 24 right I mean hard off the heat then even waited a day and they predicted another day instead of saying I'm very mad somebody for Stephanie chicken my brain was I'm thinking I'll stop I'll never do it again same thing here no and then September 24th came with what they do know it's September is already if that's what it is we were a little bit of it because the moon the cycling thing are you serious September 30 came in with what happened I forced I'll never go to KFC again I repent I saw never chickens Eve alone not only do that either right now the lacings October 30 after whatever's lazy saying and now there's another one coming up and if you look at these guys that are promoting this after the September 30th thing they basically worse they were awfully silent there for quite a little while but now they're back at it again and what is so heartbreaking let alone disturbing to me is if you look at the comments of the followers we're glad you're back back what back doing it again they don't care they just want to follow these people and all this stuff and folks this is exactly where Colts get started and I'll make a prediction if the Lord should tarry and we're still alive the rapture doesn't happen tonight okay because it is imminent and something to look forward to but based on these people behavior could it be that we are seeing a new cult in our lifetime being born because think about it see we have history we got hindsight 20/20 we look back right and we go oh and then he did this but he meant wrong but then then over time these people kept it going the lie and then it birthed into what we got to do it today maybe we're living one of those events live have you thought of that because you look at these people behavior and they won't let this thing go they're setting dates just like Jehovah's Witnesses just like seventh-day Adventist it's going on still today but let's take a look at this this thing this us real quick the Second Great Awakening what is that what was this survival why did so many people fall for this what was going on during that time period right a second Grady waking it was during the 19th century in the 1800's 1800 1820 and this was basically where you have if you will the heyday the birth of Baptists okay in our country and of course Methodists before unfortunately within the status that there and today but hey it's not getting any better with the Baptist's either unfortunately but Mack then it was pretty decent back then so that's the two kind of groups that it really affected now notice it was the those hooks on numbers Second Great Awakening right well believe it or not it's called that because there was a first on math there was a first grade awakening and that was basically in the 1730's and 1740s right and that was in Protestant Europe and British America 1730 1740 so that was before Independence Day and here comes this great revival in our country the other one the second radio working that was before the Civil War so it's almost like big climatic events God comes in and gets people's hearts right maybe because a whole bunch of folks are gonna die I don't know but whatever you can talk about that so you're blue in the face but anyway so that's the first one that time frame and again during that time in the first Great Awakening you had a couple of folks who are the bigwigs they're promoters of that if you will that God used one almost George Whitefield and started actually over in England over there and they say that you know he was out there preaching to some coal miners course you know if you know what coal miners are covered with black soot and he talked about the the white furrows because they would cry as it be preaching about Jesus they're getting say and the tears will cause white furrows and and they that that was kind of the timeframe the accredited of of getting that movement going then it kind of over here at the Americas there was another gentleman involved Jonathan Edwards who's considered America's greatest theologian he was a Puritan he was a Calvinist and he was a preach him at his church in Massachusetts okay and what he was talking about was how learn to be better he wasn't who said that are you kidding me he was preaching on man his famous sermon sinners in the hands of an angry god he was preaching hell big time and I got to thinking when she wished maybe that's why we're not coming because nobody's preaching on hell anymore right we're so worried about hey build up your self-esteem how to be financially successful let's learn to be a better you exactly you know what if you don't know Christ you're saved you're going to hell right and this guy let me just share with you some of the enhanced sermon right and then revival breaks out listen to some of the things that he was sharing in that sermon right this is cool he said there is nothing that keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell but the mere pleasure of God the only reason why you're still sucking air and you're not in Hell right now is only because of the mercy of God is pleasure right he said God may cast wicked men into Hell at any given moment the wicked deserve to be cast into hell divine justice does not prevent God from destroying the wicked at any moment the wicked at this moment suffer under God's condemnation in hell listen to this the wicked he said must not think simply because they're not physically in hell that God is not at this very moment as angry with them as he is with those miserable creatures that he's now tormenting in hell and who at this very moment do feel the fierceness of his wrath and any moment God shall permit him Satan stands ready to fall upon the wicked and sees them as his own and simply because there is not any visible means of death before them at this given moment the wicked should not feel secure all that wicked men may do to try to save themselves from hell's pains shall fall afford them nothing if they continue to reject Jesus Christ so he's preaching this right and he's while he's preaching his Sermon he's even getting interrupted because people are they're literally running down the aisle dropping on what must I do to be saved and then it begin to spread to the colonies there during that time for him before the American Revolution right so George Whitfield he's over there in England right Jonathan Edwards over here that's the first great revival and then of course George Whitfield comes over here from England and he starts preaching in the colonies as well so like a to Bank lunch right and one of his biggest supporters was a guy George Whitfield when he came over here right is a guy named Benjamin Franklin and he's the one that started that little nifty little tiny department store no I saw they got it from his name I don't think he started that you know he's a and but Franklin was a supporter of Whitfield now Franklin was a deist believed that there was a god right and but he kind of liked Whitfield and he was remain a supporter of Whitfield until he died in 1770 right but it was thanks to Benjamin Franklin and his influence and his ability to mass-produce you know what he used media what a concept yeah we should do that sometime you know use media to get the gospel right and that's what he did because he had printing presses he had newspapers from anger you know whatever of that version and so he liked the guy so he didn't necessarily wasn't a Christian at the time but he liked the guy what he was doing and so he printed in mass his sermons and teachings and spread it out and so that helped to spread the revival using media just keeps coming back to media so I want a concept right and so that's what he did now there actually is I'll just say this there is a debate whether or not Benjamin Franklin some would say that before he passed away that there might even evidence that he did finally maybe Whitfield's influence finally gotten to him got saved but but that's a debate I'm not going to go there but the second great awakening again followed that so basically 1700s early 1700s mid 1700s first way to a great awaking before the American Revolutionary War and the Revolutionary War and then you got the next Great Awakening Miller writes all this stuff going on right prior to the Civil War now again the big ones were the Methodists and the Baptist now one of the methods they used also this was another way to disperse is they had what was called circuit Writers circuit riders and circuit preachers and that was basically a low-tech form of Facebook and social media right to get the word out and they're low-tech version was the electricity they used was horse power one horse power literally one horse they would ride a horse circuit but what they would do is these circuit riders they would go into the highways and the byways the backwoods of America and they would preach the gospel and things that nature and so again that helped to spread again and disperse God's Word and revival and begin to affect our nation again whatever means you need to share the gospel you should be doing it right what listen that is alright and so again the baptism methods were the big ones supporting that and again out of this you have at the same time this great revivals going on during this time frame here comes the false satan is always there to try to mess up their good I mean lots of people getting saved people getting right I remember uh testimonies reading of back with Edwards Jonathan Edwards in this town and literally they were just businesses would stop and just for days people being doing nothing but studying the Bible I mean the whole can you imagine if Las Vegas basically just shut down and everybody's reading the Bible that really happened now granite wasn't on the scale of the population Vegas but it was towns whole communities were getting saved it was just wow the Spirit of God oh what a cool time so that's awesome that's great things but guess who's there to mess it up and lead people astray Satan now and one of the ways he did that is with pseudo Christian Colts and the Miller writes early former seventh-day Adventist who then later influenced the beginnings of the Jehovah's Witnesses were there but also a group called the Churches of Christ now this is another one that people will fight you on it's like I'm sorry got to do your homework right now is the Church of Christ a good biblical church no it's not right now first of all one of the things that they do is with the Church of Christ is they they don't allow musical instruments in their services you can't music services I'm gonna like where in the world do you get that real quick open your Bibles to Psalm 150 s the final Psalm oh by the way in the Hebrew what's the words what's all mean psalm music praise okay but Psalm 150 let's take a look there and just the very last one so you tell me if it's acceptable or not to use instruments and are praising and worshipping of God right Psalm 150 it's on page 561 in my Bible that helps what to say praise the Lord praise God in His sanctuary praise Him in his mighty heavens praised him for his acts of power praise him for his us passing greatness and praise him only with your lips and whatever you do you better not bust out an instrument on sorry wrong translation what's he saying here this is just one song sound another Trump and praising with a harp and lyre praise him with tambourine and dancing and praising with the strings than the flute praise him with the clash of the cymbals praise him with resounding cymbals let everything that has breath praise the Lord praise the Lord so how in the world could you say that you can't use instant it's just it's wild again what because you're going outside the scripture right now even this guy I'm going to share with you okay this guy and even he knows again this is ludicrous something's wrong with this here's what he shares religious groups before I became a Christian thank you for laughing you're so tolerant

they still be praising worship but a job was witness to church once her sing songs like then I was Adam or for a while he's just sing songs like a believer live worship by the Church of Christ

go ahead they love that joke again we're tempted to say man it's ludicrous hmm but it is kinda like what are you talking about okay but anyway that's one of the things that came and again this is coming at the same time from a god is doing a great revival these folks are popping out on the scene so that that's one thing now again hey if you don't want to use this ermis you don't have to know buddy saying you have to but here's the problem listen the problem is that was some within the Church of Christ they are fanatically against instruments to the point of declaring that any church that uses musical instruments is not true biblical or a godly Church now you went over the line such dogmatism is the mark of a cult that's just one number two in the Church of Christ they claim to be the quote one true church outside of which there is no true salvation same thing that Mormons do same thing java's witnesses do same thing that Catholics do this is completely unbiblical there is not one church or denomination that encompasses the entire body of Christ the one true Church of Christ is composed of who anyone and everyone right out sign it whatever Dini if you truly come to Jesus Christ by faith receive God's gracious goodness of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross you're a Christian the church is not a building the church is not a denomination the church is a class eeeh it's a group of called out ones who've been calling out of this world right and we're new creatures in Jesus Christ right now the third thing and this is important is their issue of baptism and they believe that baptism is necessary to be saved well guess what that's not the gospel that's not Christianity that's a workspace salvation you took something that was symbolic just like communion and you said I have to do this work in order to be saved that's not the gospel which means that's not Christianity which means you could say to you're blue in the face you're not a Christian what you're believing in is not evangelical biblical Christianity right and that's exactly what they say they say there is the baptism is required for salvation okay but there's no denying it's important symbolic just like communion but it doesn't save you in the scripture is replete about that but again that's something that is consistent with a cult the Church of Christ teaches that baptism is a work that God requires before he grants salvation what if he got saved and then you got a car wreck you didn't make it to the baptism come on hello thief on the cross right why did Paul make statements like God didn't send me primarily to baptize but to preach the gospel if baptism was needed for the gospel why did he ever make a statement like that that would be ludicrous right and again that is what that's the mark of a cult Titus 3:5 declares he god saved us not by works of righteousness that we have done but according to his mercy through the washing and regeneration and renewal of the holy spirit so in this great awakening that was going on this is the second one people are getting saved Baptist Memphis at that time they're using media and all the stuff they're doing the circuit preach and they're getting the word got out I mean tons of people get inside our country is literally historically effective it's great in all of a sudden peace how the midst of it comes a bunch of false Christians fake Christians right and seventh-day Adventist or one so again because of some of the kickback I'm already getting from just even promoting this study again I want other people to admit I'm not the only one that's doing this right and other people are saying listen they are a cult and it's not biblical Christianity and we're going to close out on this if I can get it set up here how should we as believers view that denomination well even the word denomination is one that raises questions in the minds of some evangelicals should seventh-day Adventism be considered in a denomination historically it's been regarded as a cult though there are some and more recent decades who want to have more of an open attitude towards Adventists I'm talking about an evangelical perspective so so the question is one that has been raised because of Ben Carson's involvement in the Republican primaries historically the Adventist movement actually started in the early 19th century in the 1800s there's a man named William Miller William Miller believed through his study of Scripture that he had figured out when Jesus was going to come back he said Jesus was going to return sometime between March 21st 1843 and March 21st 1844 the Lord Jesus did not return and so he adjusted his date and said no it's gonna be October 22nd 1844 his followers were known as the Miller writes and when Jesus didn't come back on that date they experienced what they call the great disappointment and obviously Miller's calculations his predictions did not come true most people realized that his calculations had been wrong but there was a small group who said wait a second maybe his calculations aren't wrong maybe it's just the event he associated with his calculations that is wrong the early seventh-day Adventists came up with the doctrine of what they call Christ's heavenly work of atonement what they say is that on October 22nd 1844 Jesus went from the the holy place in the heavenly sanctuary into the Holy of Holies to continue a second work of atonement in heaven something they call a work of investigative judgment so that's how the whole movement got started and a young woman named Ellen Harman later married L&G white as her married name she began to receive visions through these visions that she received supposedly she gave really the the basis to the seventh-day Adventist movement so let's talk about because obviously they meet on Saturday but they have a wrong view of what the Sabbath is well yeah I would say that there's really three big problems with seventh-day adventists doctrine three major reasons why evangelicals should be very concerned and why they shouldn't just embrace Adventism as a denomination it's it's not a denomination it's something that really is outside of evangelical biblical Christianity three reasons why number one would be that they do have in spite of some of the statements that they make about salvation being by grace they really do have a legalistic understanding of the gospel and that's seen in their insistence that Christians observe the Sabbath and that Christians observe certain dietary laws out of Leviticus 11 and so on the Apostle Paul addresses those issues in Colossians 2:16 and 17 makes it very clear that as Christians as those who are no longer bound by the Old Covenant because we are under the New Covenant in Christ that we're not bound to observe the Sabbath or observe dietary laws the rest of the New Testament really underscores the fact that believers met on the first day of the week the day of Christ's resurrection so that's one big concern is this legalistic understanding of what's required for Christians the sabbath dietary law etc second big concern is this work of heavenly atonement we know from the book of Hebrews that Christ's work of atonement was once for all on the cross Hebrews chapter 10 after he completed that once for all sacrifice he sat down at the right hand of the Father nothing in the New Testament indicates that he's performing a second work of atonement in heaven so this idea of adding to Christ's work of atonement it's really problematic and even the investigative judgment side of it Christ is looking at people's works to see who's worthy to enter Heaven that again is a works based legalistic understanding of salvation I think it's a big problem and then the third major area of concern would be with regard to the way engi white is treated they elevate LNG white as an authoritative prophet test and anytime you have a movement that elevates anyone or anything to a level of equal Authority and in reality greater authority than Scripture because they say that scripture has to be interpreted through the lens of LNG white I think you are setting yourself up for major major problems all because you violated Scripture yes set a date then because you didn't want a minute was wrong even though the guy who originally started it after three times at least he admitted it but you didn't want to admit it and so in order to keep it going you had a vision and you come up with false teaching and this is at the root of the seventh-day Adventism we're gonna take a look at Lord 1 and next time at the people who kept it going unfortunately Joseph Bates James White who married Ellen who became Ellen why you guys are on the ball this is great I think you got five for five tonight and but we'll take a look at that next time let's pray father thank you so much again for our study well hi this is Billy Crone of getalife ministries and I hope you enjoyed today's study but in closing let me ask you one final question are you sure that if you were to died today that you go to heaven and not hell now before you answer that let me share with you a couple things that the Bible says the Bible says that God is holy and that we are not and the wages of our sin or unholiness is death we don't deserve to go to heaven when we die we deserve to go down we deserve to go to hell now to make matters worse we don't even want to admit this problem that we have that we're separated from God and only now but we're gonna be separated from him for all eternity in a place called hell we don't even want to admit that so once again out of love God gives us what's called the ten commandments the Ten Commandments were God's x-ray if you will divine x-ray to to get us to admit the problem that we have inside that's separating us from him let's take a look at a few of those of God's divine x-ray for instance if you think that you're worthy on your own you don't need a savior you're gonna get to heaven all by yourself then let's take a look at God's tests they're the ten commands the ninth one says you shall not bear false witness that means light how many of you've ever told a lie before raise your hand okay if you didn't raise your hand you just told one but folks we've all done that that makes us a liar the Ten Commandments God's x-rays showing us that we have sin that's separating us from him we're not wholly imperfect like him the fifth commandment says that you shall not steal don't ever wants to take anything without permission how many vebber done that well if we're not gonna tell another lie we we should all admit that as well well that makes this a thief now the Bible says that God is so holy even his name is holy and that's why the tenth commandment says you shall not use the Lord's name in vain and if we're honest again folks hey a lot of us how many of us have used the blessed name of Jesus Christ the only name the Bible says under heaven that men might be saved we've now turned it into a common cuss word if you can believe that the Bible says that's the sin of blasphemy the Bible also says hey show you want to show God you're so perfect you have no sin then don't ever once commit adultery you might say well I've never done that really Jesus lays the standard before us God looks at the heart man looks on the outside Jesus said if you ever looked with lust in your eye at another person you've committed adultery in your heart that's his only standard one more the mama says okay you think you're so good then don't ever once commit murder you shall not murder and you might say well hey at least I haven't done that one really the Bible again says that the sin of hatred wishing someone was dead is akin to the sin of murder it's just if you will you pulled the trigger in your heart so so how are you doing that's just five out of ten I'm God's divine x-ray by the way showing us the problem how are you doing not if but when your time comes we're all going to stand before God you'll be forced to admit when he already knows hey God let me in let me in oh I'm a liar I'm a I'm a thief I'm a blasphemer and adults are in a murder and the Bible is clear such people as these will not inherit the kingdom of heaven you're not headed to heaven in that state you're headed to hell but here's the good news God said if we would just admit this number one then he could fix it and it gets fixed only one way and that's through Jesus Christ Jesus said in the book of John chapter 14 verse 6 he says I am the way the life and the truth and nobody comes to the Father but by me why because only Jesus lived the perfect life in our place and Jesus died on the cross he took the death penalty in our place so that we could be set free and since we weren't there and since it's a gift and we can't earn it we have to receive that wonderful gift by faith and the Bible says God will pardon us for our crimes our sins against him and you can actually see this analogy working in the natural in the normal world we see this actually in the courtroom for instance if a person is guilty and everybody knows they're guilty they've committed a horrible crime and and and that the sentence has passed the judge has knocked down the gavel and says hey you are going to jail you are going to the death penalty for that crime and we know that people that happens all the time and they go to jail but believe it or not did you know there's a way for that person even though they're guilty to actually be set free from that crime it's called a pardon and the one in authority the governor has the part out of mercy out of goodness certainly nothing that that person did in jail they can't undo the crime it's too late but out of mercy the governor could go down there and grant that person in jail a full pardon for their crimes and by receiving that pardon the doors come open and they are set free and they're rescued from the death penalty folks that's what God is doing every single day with us spiritually he has allowed his son Jesus Christ to take the death penalty in our place he's pardon us but a pardon does you no good unless you reach out and receive it and it's actually been on historical record that there had been people on death row who a governor has gone down out of mercy and extends to them a full pardon but they've rejected it and by their own doing they went to the death penalty folks don't make that same mistake for all eternity God loves you he's willing to forgive you of anything and everything you've ever done all of it even the sins we don't even know about he wants to pardon you and forgive you but you must receive that by faith today the Bible says if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ if you call upon his name ask him to forgive evolve err since believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be safe please do that now please do that today because tomorrow may be too late well this has been Billy Crone of getalife ministries again thank you for joining us if there's anything that you need if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us our information and number and things will pop up here on the screen here shortly and remember I hope to see you in heaven god bless


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