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and Marta makers bad ba-ba-boom ba-ba-boom up hey guys sorry about our absence but uh that's Co she in case you didn't recognize that song we're back I was sick we went on conventions we went on III they're gonna be a short boy today could only have three levels up in the queue we had levels picked out they're just not put in the system yet so oh wow okie dokie let's say excuse me oh my god I can bounce Yoshi up but how do I get there great puzzle oh shit spoilers for today I'm gonna sneeze a lot I don't know what's in my nose oh I don't know what I'm doing wait so if you put pop a bomb in that skull what does that do for you oh I see oh my god I'm so sorry I don't know why I'm sneezing so much so you do that you pop that ice now I have this I don't know what's going on you guys you can't go through it from below right okay well you needed that spring down here yeah I did all right this is a cool puzzle I'm gonna do this so far at the PAL oh my god why am i sneezing so much I'm not even sick anymore like not at all we have this bad boy yep put that guy down

No aah Bachchan oh my god this is a confusing puzzle guys starts getting bought by this puzzle but I'm like getting bought by nature right now I know what the hell is happening

how's everyone doing and was doing good questions a day how how's your time bid Oh Alex apparently can't breathe out of his nose Jesus Christ dude great that someone's gonna ruin our take not it's okay it's okay Wallace is asleep so obviously you need to blow up that ice up there you need to blow up the ice next to pop the POW oh my god I know what to do yeah you gotta blow that up for sure and then you're gonna have to I know exactly what I have to jump to get spring everything may guess we're gonna get this here for this video I'm gonna turn these comments off to drive me crazy yeah we already know what it says yeah Wallace dude we get it you're a dog he's like no but like I have like fur and I bark at stuff I know dude nice all right it's the perfect boys now you gotta go up in here oh no you did the Plouffe the platform ah right but I already went on it yeah so how do i what if you get oh my god what's going on with me guys question of the day what's wrong with my face so you have the platform there somehow how are you supposed to get to the door without the platform

ah ball forget the password yeah you gotta get the POW block first and then you can hit the switch and then it's wait what do you do after that how do I get across yeah yeah you have to get a BA BOM up there but then the Baba can't fall through the floor right no I mean that obviously is this this is like that clears up that bomb oh you know what you know what to do read this that boy spring boys first you got to use the bomb to open your way oh it's just there's a floor there I see okay and I want to do that well there's a falling platform up top you see that yeah but I don't know if that it's gonna fall through the floor or not like what does that area down there even do for you I have no idea we were like it's gonna be short one today guys but we were wrong guess it's gonna be a long one alright so yeah so go back through there okay we're gonna get here I think we have to do we're making good time right now good I just don't understand what you're gonna do about those spikes Oh oh damn I just know what you're getting about those spikes when you get rid of the Gucci's yeah I'm right there with you I like to literally don't see a solution for that I think solutions in that spring good night you did it you did it you did it you did it you did it you did it you did it did I though yeah that really good beer bros did I really do it though you know we'll take what we can get man we're beard rows okay so I don't know what boom okay so that's huge so now use that same spring to go up to the other side and bomb the Gucci's right right and then hit the switch and then it's really hard I just don't know how to survive the good do you think you need to bring the spring up there like shoot you over the sideways spring but you can't carry that spring right

what does that even do I think we have to get to the music POW block for what what does that do though do you think a mushroom comes out of there right but how do I get in there you're gonna have to drop some drop what huh that's a great question

okay okay Gucci's are down juji's are down but now what the fuck do I do it's I really don't know I feel like you gotta hit the block but can you walk up there no right no you have to come in like sideways

can't I still can't do anything that might be a problem

okay so let's think about this for a second

holy shit if you throw that guy up there again there's no way he's gonna land like in that little area right no way so what the fuck is what to do I don't know this is nine comments on here but we only get the three Montague I can bounce Yoshi up but how do I get there oh there's a Yoshi in here probably yeah but like how do we get Yoshi we need your XI to walk across yeah I have a Yoshi can you come in sideways like through all three of those how dude great question great there's no way I can get in there maybe the thing going sideways can like help you like maybe you put you at the right angle where you can like get it fuck dude

what if you that's probably not gonna work this is tough the only thing we haven't used right is the spring inside the room with the saw there but I don't even understand how anyone can access that right we can't throw anything up to hit that knows that noteblock there's that falling platform but it leaves it leaves you standing in that little Gulch right this is a tough puzzle

look that's great but how the fuck do I get through it dog I don't know we just not seen this is toughy yeah like am i dumb or something okay so you oh oh yeah now I'm stuck okay so let's look at it with all the stuff in it again so I died and then let's look at like let's look at all the UH like nobody was in there nobody's died in there yeah why their blocks so you can't come in from the top right no not at all right nope not that I know of at least then you need to blow up that one block there so that you don't get stuck the last part now you have a spring the PAL gets rid of the Gucci's that opens up that one so now I can hit the P switch and get to the end except for that song well I'm gonna imagine if it's a Yoshi we can just like run to it get hit right right right right how the fuck to eat Yoshi out of there right I don't know how to get Yoshi maybe if you just spring up to it you can like get some height I don't know no way right I think it might be a situation we need to throw bomb like perfect but I don't I've never seen a music block get hit by a bomb I've never seen it you get affected by it yeah it usually has to be something holy-shit fam how the fuck did you beat this I don't know it's scary you be honest you think there's a hidden block somewhere you want to download it and look I mean I don't know like maybe we just find it so you like literally no one has gotten inside our time limits about about two more minutes and we're gonna move on the next level but this level I definitely wish I liked new I feel like we figured out everything you stepped one key part right and it's real frustrating because it's like so close to venom yeah we are so close to venom nothing shit man what a bummer well download and see let's take a look uh KITT let's just see beard bros review the comments I guess I should have done that first alright let's take a look anything no all right it's all the same well fuck see us is probably Yoshi right here Hey so how does one get the Yoshi so somebody just has to touch it from the top right how did you get up there I guess you could run the bomb up and drop it down but that doesn't do anything for you right because the bomb just gonna stand in that little spot just like you are all right but like when you hit a bomb also like it blows up I don't know this is like a really good puzzle I don't I I literally don't I literally don't see I literally don't understand I just feel so stupid let's go let's look at the comments or in the comments have a secret yeah like a geocache what whenever I go geocaching if I can't find it I start to read the comments to see if anybody accidentally gives away any clues sorry the connecting miiverse b-bros homework go find a geocache new your house and send me a picture of it if you don't know what a geocache is it's g EO c ACH e and you're welcome hard but fun Dudek i got one great puzzle what ha ha Nestea is out there good luck your bros damn shit damn you guys you guys forget everything we did apparently this lookit I got my beard cut off that you'd cut my beard off how did you she get out there though can you just start spring at him oh right but like that's not what I mean like how did he get him out of the box that's the question how did we get him out of the box let alone get him to appear what if we POW down there what do you mean if you pow does it hit the no block oh maybe we might as well check I mean that's literally the only thing I can think of like it's I'm totally stumped otherwise this guy got me Shawn hip you devil Shawn hip the hip got me hip to the hip to the hip to the hip-hop I'm hip to the hip-hop what about you Gerard no I'm kind of hit bitch he's hip itch to the hip-hop like he's on board but he's not like with it yeah I'm struggling to make it work dude that's how I feel when I when I look at odd future they make me feel old I don't know who on future is Tyler the Creator Frank Ocean all those guys it's a lot more I'm very stupid again like I said looks like you just described the cast of Ocean's eleven Danny ocean is in Ocean's eleven hey the cast of game grumps that would be a great movie a heist movie about a bunch of youtubers trying to pull off a heist and just like getting arrested getting away with it oh yeah getting away with it that's why I'm Rainboom but I would question the day if you could have a youtuber pull a heist to it to be and why what would the heist to be what what would you be hi sting right yeah okay yeah I know I know I mean other than throwing it up on kissing boys okay here we go

great oh my god it's like The Hurt Locker okay now go under it just jump when it's right next to it what do you mean just like go under the spring and just like activate the power by like as close as you can to the note what if you do that with the padlock nope nope this game theory is just a theory it's just a theory a theory a theory that's not proven an incorrect theory holy shit yo I'm Jimmy stumped yeah I have literally no idea what to do Shawn you bastard Shawn got us you guys granted we have a 20 minute time limit so like you know fuck us but ly ends up good luck you got me Shawn oh this one looks nice and easy we just saw the fun oh yeah it looks like this looks good wha-oh Oh Oh look out this is one of those ones where you're gonna be you're gonna have to be perfect dude hey that's the way that's the way baby I missed it by just a little bit this is like the kind of shit that I was imagining that this would be like pretty hard but like it's obvious what to do like remember the challenges from this actual game yeah I hated them yeah they're kind of like this it was crazy how many mechanics they like we're aware of I'm so sorry about how gross my my nose sounds today I don't know dude you're in the gross oh I was fine I was fine I was fine like right before we sat down and then I just sat on this chair now I'm like snot boys I was legit fine oh wow you dude that locket why you did that locket to Rose imagine like if you're a stand-up comedian and you're bombing I'm like a spiked cuckoo ball it falls on your head way worse than getting caned off the stage yeah dude fuck yeah dude good walk let's pop over to the old reddit from Al cake 91 hey clean dudes question for each of you sure are do you have a cousin or something that works in a bowling alley in England I was on a date there and had to explain to her who you are so I could freak out about this guy that looked just like you um the issue I mean the short answer no long answer my my last name isn't actually Khalil actually technically it is I'm first-generation Khalil hashtag Gerard conspiracies but I have no relatives with the last name Khalil can I ask you a question yeah are you the real Andrew W K party party party oh is one a party yeah party party hardy yeah sure sick I don't look like it type yeah I know but you are it sure I know all about that alright yep and Alex I know you helped matpat on one of the five nights at Freddy's theories but you helped him on other stuff and if so what stuff and how idk I just like learning how my favorite youtubers work you to beat game theory though don't worry stay clean Alex I actually helped with like every five nights theory except for the very first one I wrote a large number of game theories like for like all throughout last year like I wrote I mean I don't even I remember I mean I wrote a lot I wrote like the Smash theory about soccer I I wrote the toad theory about the fungus I wrote the cot the Grand Theft Auto cops a racist you did the Miller solid weed cigar oh yeah I did the weed cigar I did the what else did I do I did recently you did the you wrote the UH I did the dinosaur one you did this smash bros picture one yeah I did the smash bros photo one that was like sort of like a little guest one that I did as a last two raw I did Tim I did the the Destiny one I did did a lot of them you guys I did the red versus blue one about like how red actually has the advantage of the blue I wrote a lot I wrote a lot of game theories i wrote the one about fallout like how much bottle caps actually cost but yeah i mostly just did research and writing and like I never had final draft on everything it was more like I would like do the research and put all the thoughts together with a few jokes and then matpat would like go in and like add a little more research for the silence in the room cannot be more replicated than what you just heard that just it's done I have nothing to say even nothing to say even nothing to say what do you mean you're broken a fucking John Cena you don't see me yeah what is he in the bathtub full of oil no one knows I guess so I mean yeah no you got me there what's in the corners Chris put a picture of John Cena yeah a picture of John Cena ah in the text you can't see me knows the difference why are the corners like white so that it looks like it's in like a family photo album yeah like it's like a torn photo I love that you're like yes and then there's no further I'm like do you got it I know I just like you got it like yes so what are you sorry no just get it straight so what you did was you were like I'm gonna draw John Cena by drawing the whole thing black and then putting a small face that's slightly obscured but I also want to go with like a family photo vibe for the other one exactly well alright you'll fuck you guys okay okay I see what it is that was fuckin amazing yo fuck you guys oh this actually you're gonna have to let bygones be bygones oops see ya there's a pit the fact that there's a pit when you fuck up and you have to die is like makes this level like better than average ads like adds a lot of value to the comedy factor on this level that you just fall down a cliff dude that's how you do it one take Jake that's clean that's clean it's fun funk with me J night asks G Alex if you had a route in a CIO Academy what would the plot be would you already be friends with Gerard or become his friend over the course of the game would you try to convince people that your uncle is nyan Noto the inventor of nari Oh would it be a comedic route a dramatic route super romantic etc I answered this question actually in real life at any pop con a couple days ago and I said well to answer your first question me and you I would already be friends in the game cuz I think they'll be better because I want Hana to feel as uncomfortable socially as possible because I think that's where she shines but like my plot would be about like like I'm like really cool a cool guy I seem really relaxed everybody likes me but then but then it turns out that I'm a spy like a secret agent for the government and like the plot thickens and thickens and like turns out that some of the hidden black guys are like spies for the Russians and then like at the end I have to take a bullet for you and that's like what happens it's like it's like a romantic like action storyline that's my that's my head Canon a Sekou wrap and I have a cool red jacket like in my thumbnail hell yeah and me ensure our fall in love at the end no matter what no that's actually accomplished nope there's a nation accomplished and they I get my I get my hit my objectives I ship it you ship yourself yeah your bros homework erotic fan fiction Argo already happened it was like good it was a good story but like I'm looking for the good stuff you're so gross I want that game grumps quality know that game quality smut put a put Frazier in the mix put Frasier and that makes them put the real miyamoto in the mix it's so gross well that's my drawing and by the real miyamoto okay I mean okey-dokey tag champions champions Champions champions No then put an end super champion brothers you know she had six senior Woods of new day slash - up up down down go actually go go watch the savior woods that guy's the man I love him so much yeah that I mean look you know what he's like single-handedly doing right he's being a youtuber interested at the same time he's single-handedly like making WWE relevant again I mean I don't want to say yes to that but like yes dude yeah you know or let's let's put it this way there's a whole new type of WWE fan now it's true they're still like the classic kind like the kind that I was in fifth grade you know when like like Smackdown was on TV all the time yeah but like now it's like it's like kind of cool to be a WWE fan again I'm into that god bless you Xavier woods alright guys that's it for today a theme oh for next time that we're talking about yeah okay the theme for next time is get ready for this it's puns you know one the level itself to be a pun you can give us a hint in the title but the goal okay the goal is for every level to make us go like okay so puns for next time okay and that's gonna be open right after this episode goes live yeah cool yeah puns feel like we got to go you know hardcore softcore hardcore softcore maybe I shouldn't say softcore everybody's just thinking about sex yeah yeah yeah dude yeah yeah dude sex dude no dude hey dude yeah dude sex dude

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