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go go where are you going I mean though I think I look alive with someone else I'm just gonna run straight up at Red Team space if I make this like just I get all yourselves not even used in a weapon I just threw some guy off a ledge with my favorite the other guy doesn't have a clue you'll there you go either he's like that I did it yeah oh my god you actually did it what the hell off the cliff oh my god I'm so gonna kill them all just walking over to grey team I don't even care you know what weapons are for casuals that's not work there's no there's no bed here oh I think this team already died oh I guess I gotta walk over across this bridge mm-hmm these people things I didn't say them they're diamonds armor and they're iron swords and they're having twice as many people you think you can take me you think you can take me guess again come on let's go let's go bring it on up one down two down oh we thank you very much yeah don't don't let them don't let them do that yeah I'm shoving you whopping relief you're not you're not helping I need this final kill ah you have you literally just been fisting people yeah I wouldn't phrase it that way but yeah when you think about it am I so good at this game I'm here to help a see I'm a member of society I avenged you it's fine if they've been broken know I've hidden myself in their little bed thing I believe I call the bed oh my god I'm gonna go punish liveried us we were there a pink guy there I just realized that no one's on all bed with this fine I don't worry I'm here I'm here with slight lack of armor and my sharpness one fist yeah all right spider-man's dead rest in peace I'm going after pink team let's go let's go they got a guard he is a sword but I I have determination I guess I don't know I have a lack of social skills well I just walked in and this guy doesn't appear to care so um look where your materialism has got you oh god he has a diamond sword but I have friendship what do you have what do you have don't like rattler come like 2008 boom sit down yes I might you just I'm just here like just messing around with some blocks and you'll just our gang killed well you're just killing with a diamond sorting your defense yeah weapons are for casuals yeah exactly I everyone plays Ultra Hardcore thinking they're tough but this is the real challenge us beating up casuals if your bare hands this is value and insert your self as a man where is this last pink guy it he he's just he's over I saw him over in the yellow but yeah there I'm gonna go punch him yes yeah yes yes we did it Wow a legend all right I'll go a fireball so my explode one three seconds so I'm gonna be very mad you know night now you've mentioned that I'm really no no no no this guy even care oh god oh god you figured out my weakness oh god no no no he knows I'm here no no no no no we have to break his bed did you just go in there go in with his bed I he's just he's just sitting there I'm gonna have to punch the iron golem he might look back on I got rid of his iron golem now he's gone again oh he's a legend I think he the ladders in here they don't question he made a bunk bed okay a holiday hood now he's throwing out his Golden Lion and I blob the bag with fireball I got this this Buster's I got this myth busted Yukon I got it he's on fire punch his feet punch him break punch punch punch punch the punch punch punch again punch punch but I'm clearing them out I'm hurting them out get them yes we did it just electric I can't believe you just did that no weapon bet Horace is a hard game to play give me views look at great game is slowly bridging over I think it's a metaphor for death anyway I think it deeply reflects the ontological statement of the play as a whole uh-huh well sissy yay I know I'd phone the conversation look at me my bridge is TVP my bridge is so much cooler than yours get bent Oh Oh what's this you think you can stop me you think you're anything get bent you just ignore no back what are you on I'm a hacker Oh exposed now I've got a great title they don't know I don't think they know you that you're there don't worry I got oh no they do I am a hidden this young man is coming for me I am so hating right now oh we're in trouble I got two different teams running at me don't worry I'm gonna destroy their bed and that they haven't made their bridge yet so that I'm gonna kill all of them I got this don't worry me and my lack of a weapon are coming in to save the day okay you guys think you're good you guys think you could beat me oh god they beat me Oh God oh my hubris I'm a fool and I'll find it have you respond okay I'm just gonna just do that he's gonna watch that white guy over there there's that and closely I don't know how you that you're embarrassing me ha this abuse man decide it's for the view now to go kill white doom single-handedly and I do mean single-handedly there's a handy holder than anything either this is a solid pun thank you thank you my try can I try it would leave a like and subscribe for more oh god you respond and it doesn't leave an energy top of it you know abuse I'm just gonna curt him out man he's not next to the boy business locked out yeah he's right I punched him until he disconnected okay oh god he keeps texting me Wow mr. popular wait dad yeah well so popular now we have two hundred girls they're going to go all think I don't know what you're going to do with that but I play skywars so one of the referral means we automatically win everything I play yo you see so that means what pearl you don't have all bad leaders I might need my Steam this guy's trying to cut me off but little does he know ok he's actually cutting me off pretty effectively and I ran right past them howdy-ho that's fun guarantee very guys I'm sorry I'm sorry oh you're just gonna want better you distract him while I run over here and like help okay this man is coming to beat me up and that guys still looking over so uh find that I believe in you I think I think you've seen me no no no no no no no UV o guy he tastes like 1/3 to knock back I do what what the heck what I finally found someone who's knocked back is even more bogus than mine is

that allows a great PvP right that's the best I've ever seen the idea of sound is better in my head okay use the federals monster I just did the exact same thing you did are you serious oh my god and I hate myself so much you didn't believe I didn't I'm gonna go take out a cyan team now aqua you huh oh hey geo you must prank you mm-hmm Shum in his own house very good I don't think I've got a single kill this guy yeah I'm fine I finals him like I filed him twice I can't believe I just did that oh my god you know what you're a foil character okay I'm no I he's staring right at you with the bow hoo-wee Adam Oh ping you AG you a see you ready okay oh well hmm I knocked him up but I also fell off so mmm back we go in a bit better wait final kill we did it oh wait what their bed was we did it see all OH all in the harbor easy-peasy when white the best color oh god now No welcome guys are solo commentary we're playing skywars yeah I probably saying why it's the best color my footage corrupted so we're gonna do another sky worth less what don't even work don't even worry about it my mic stand is currently fooling over someone leaning into it this is hey you just cracked them with your crazy PvP skills and their beds gone cut them out put them out oh I accidentally used my pick one challenge failed why are you not gonna back in I don't know really I'm just trying to be productive and it's not working oh the only W tap he isn't taking damage or not like even hurry up there we go of any teams gone to middle yet I'm not sure but there's some boys having a PvP standoff over here how are we playing this game work correctly than everyone else honestly I don't have a quote yeah so great straight teams right here and now they're not mm-hmm I feel like you're teasing my bed I'm be hoppin man actually yeah okay why not you go they'll never see it coming someone might destroy our bed in the probably video I'm dead he's a meme god what am I supposed to do be good these guys think they can beat me with things like having twice as many players casual oh god this guy takes even less knock-back than I do what is this what is this we have a meme dog okay I'm going I'm going it's going Conan going in going in Conan yes yes yes yes and got it don't even question I'm just gonna Chris this guy out with my kid I don't even care no one cares look at this guy using this pic need to logs out he doesn't even like these he's done he's never logging back into the server he quit high pixel forever Huxley's Michael Michaels computer never comes back goes to Sweden changes his identity so anyone been destroying our bed like this whole time we've been gone I mean we'll know when a screen pops up saying our beds destroyed anything we have anything to worry about didn't even guard our bed it's just a lay in there open Aqua team is like slowly bridging across the map Amy but no I'm not I go that ain't happening oh my and by I'm walking in a straight line towards green team space now where is that base heck if I know but I'm walking in a straight line either way just walking past every way do a flip as it turns out their base was over here somewhat uh all right you go off to the bed I'm gonna shine him off they never saw it coming

I've only gold killer you proud of me very proud and he responds right here to stop me you have fun Zion to those two guys I'll be they just all sort of assess this you might did you get the bed and check my blade to the right just kidding I'm gonna die instantly by didn't know you are how are you still alive I don't know hey that is I won't see me here I asked myself that question every day and this guy just read her bed but it's okay cuz I I'm here instantly golden bat the insider battle admin hundred Ohio you mean eliminated um-hmm this green team coming over to bully me yes oh no ok pickaxe time the next time no challenge failed no what I didn't see it I didn't see nothing also someone fired an arrow at me while I was crossing the bridge and hi now house my anxiety is kicking in I didn't even see that that's terrified ah there we go I had no doubt you also know what a crime goddess moments and out of my dad is dim-sighted anime anime dude all my life I knew I was an anime protagonist so do I have to like take both of these themes on simultaneously or what are they under for right but I like doing this solo yeah a lot of my bad wars nothing ever happens until some guy just walks up with no weapon and just kills them both and right breaks their bed over their skull while beating them to death with it I play to win this is a metaphor you see all these look like challenges in life that we just don't think we can do but once you just walk up there with nothing but your bare fists and start punching your problems in the face they just don't respond so what if I know that was yeah and follow that to its logical conclusion you can do it yeah it was gonna be about getting rid of a baby anyway yay baby budget marathon they made me change my guild name from that because it was too inappropriate even though this entire server is actually yes they changed it repeatedly until an admin gave me like a warning I'm sitting like the basis of the server is stabbing small children for coins and they're like but babies they're all sitting here giving like full diamond and stuff I think I'm gonna have like actually mm-hmm try




yeah that's one that's one oh you I caught hmm are you serious I bought the diamond story for nothing good day homely he just did that and I can what part of that isn't like linear progression this is the most predictable outcome there could have been more consistent than my upload schedule I'll tell you that


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