World's Longest Flight on the A380 Dallas to Sydney | USA - VLOG

by: Nick Priest

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good morning friends today we have the long journey home all the way to Melbourne from America first flight today is Dallas Sydney in Sydney Melbourne it's only their half so yeah can be a big day travel let's get started


where is the important two weeks like I've seen a lot to the business pays 40 times faster if go to the trip would do a lot of things that had done is what a typical questioning to do and I did that I did definitely notice that I trust anything major 20 left airport security they seem to have like a broad smile cured by too much everywhere in terms of events by NBA such of Liberty has security their air freight rates in terror what more serious that is securi than Australia which are batting design pretty different let me help unearth well actually I feel like it would be a lot easier know exactly if you are wanting to watch your colors in today insurance that's one thing he like it is definitely a lot easier in America because everything has just the calories I can like menu the restaurant everything sort of everything I think if you are trying to turn remember that - that what needed to America than Australia it might be especially when you eat out at restaurants have the calories on many as per your tray adapt the side note a commercial pilot who flies apart state CDM balances are against the emetics am city convoy East Coast straight on I don't know what the plan is death starts becasue trade contract weekly not definitely won't really abscess or they'll be going to sleep and the tray is waking up so I'm well materialist rate haunted the interesting



the quickest change of [Music]




arrested in 57 pretty good up to that seventy nine o'clock we took life before cut out you know but it is now we 5 a.m. and over today week four days thank you back

well that's it we are back in Melbourne and man if your food is back at it often holiday but it's nothing like coming home get back in the Sun we look forward to getting back to work if we're lucky that I love my job I love what I do so no pendulum holiday cords actually invest to work and flying thanks for watching if you guys enjoyed


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Day 14 & 15 of our 2 week adventure in USA. Flying the world's longest flight on the A380 Flight from Dallas to Sydney. Then last flight home from Sydney to Melbourne! Tayroc watches 10% discount code: NICK10

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