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[Music] welcome back yes the sisters alive all of the sisters have been sharing some of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes all week so I'm afraid I'll bring my mama down to the circle and going in and close this thing out on a famous macaroni and cheese and she got her sisters Widow so it's getting ready we bout to get it have it all going on okay then mama Brenda welcome back to the sister summer every year you make macaroni and cheese and it's like infamous so are you gonna walk us I need you to walk us through the macaroni and cheese we didn't get that much time so I'll tell you what you do part I didn't put the cheese at the box well let's get it poppin okay get to the cheese how you spray on BAM okay let me do this cuz that's just doing too much over there right okay got the cheese wine junkie well so you're throwing that you just trying to get it I put salt and pepper here okay well this is salt and pepper yeah just pinch okay old-school pinch no see that's not enough you don't matter cuz if you got the time okay well then come on okay now okay now you put this in there okay yep see okay I just got to get out of my way okay okay so Moe cheese on it okay more cheese but it doesn't treat it with that cuz I got my hands down - that's all right with you ain't nobody messing you gotta put two eggs in a bouquet going on you got a stir it on BAM look at the skill - BAM look at that okay that was cute okay now put that in there okay not no don't do that okay I get the butter put the butter in that about it not mom Wow are you the designated macaroni and cheese person down to the fat to the Thompson family the single family huh this sisters they gonna tell you but I really do cook better than them but that's okay [Music] this modernize cooking this is old-school okay now get your cream okay which one that's the cream right there okay you pour that in there okay now while carnation milk why just can't ruin regular milk I always you know one thing was always you're probably ask so many questions I get them look right there okay and put that in there trying to understand why the carnation oh there's secrets okay well okay good Dan you got all the secret right anybody gonna tell you everything I said it don't take this there that I'll do it no you're not no that's really wrong we're all wrong you do it I don't know what that was okay well what about some Oh cheese how about there yeah you need some more cheese i'ma tell you the truth Anu you know this is real TV okay okay this right here people see it like that nah ain't nobody gonna watch what watch this magic watch this I'm not trying to dad burn up yeah well get that out oh wow TV magic look at this oh yeah voila there you go oh you did that sir yeah you know every time I come here y'all kind of burn my stuff up see that round there but that's pretty okay we can't just have macaroni and cheese only a little something that got special you know what we got just okay well come on where you yeah well this is the baby Oh Tracy get it on now baby they they take data youngest and stuff mom okay what you got going on over here Sam looks like it looks like it's looking like the bomb it's my infamous ring-dings with potatoes and smoked turkey now see Lorraine one is this cuz I'm then look like something man I know what that is but just tell them I've always loved dessert so this is banana pudding and I do peach cobblers lemon pound cakes and sweet potato pies this was given this year she was the best she said okay we can eat an hour mama made one y'all was

okay okay the banana pudding I want to thank you guys so let's go yeah we're gonna do get the green beans I never so cute [Applause]



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