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hello cancer this is queen of Pentacles Terra three three three I'm here do you read it so on you haven't contact me I'm putting everything in the description box but imma go ahead get started what you're reading because I don't have that much time on you to cut my video so you know have to make it kind of finish off so moose on suicide and Venus on this is a video for cancer and this is about love so let's find out what's going on and uh oh you wish gonna be coming true in the real yeah yeah wish can truly love ya but it's anytime you know what probably was a breakup with somebody might not fair about it but products for somebody but anyway that's find out somebody was trying to be patient with the other person somebody could have been dinner with her Aquarius alright somebody could have been dealing with Oh Sagittarius or stop it I can't stop I see let's find that Oh that wonderful about anyway if there wasn't breakup now this person is looking at your pictures thinking about you two they're looking at your picture they spy on you but there was somebody not talking not everybody but somebody somebody went talking in this love situation you know there was a tipper instance the things was not moving right now like things just wasn't moving things wasn't going for it probably because somebody finally found out about some secrets there was some kind of secrets they probably divided the two of you uh-huh man and woman woman a man made a man woman a woman I was kidding some secret somebody could be at dinner with a Pisces but I feel like there was things that you know like was temporary pause there was a prize in this relationship boy but if it was the other person thinking about you you know they even probably looking at your pictures if you starting out pictures and looking at them so I feel like to somebody were trying to be patient with the other person there's a lot of patience here somebody had a lot of patience in a situation but they thinking about you they think about you I think you're thinking about them too but there was some lies and stuff that was secrets and you know but she was a wish come true to Jim there was a wish come true for you somebody could've been dealing with like age difference it was an age difference here one of these people was probably like stable could have been a police officer lawyer contractor subcontractor teacher a nurse or something I did but anyway could have been a Taurus Libra or Aries Obama or old man or young a woman a younger man but I know was the age difference here but anyway this person was stable in this situation you know there was some of the stability here you know someone probably even felt safe with the other person could've barely leave a Gemini or Aquarius just as somebody wanted things to be fair in this situation they wanted justice they want things be fair in this situation somebody could have been dealing with like a Taurus Virgo or kept going woman or man but at the same time you know somebody persuade focused on making them money at this time you know they was focused on because they wanted to take care of you I feel like somebody wanted take care of you you want to take care of them too I feel like if it was a relationship if it was a new start or whatever a new relationship this first thing you know you felt like they could you were safe with them you felt like I could they was gonna take care of me I was gonna take care then we you know we work out good together like I said I feel like it was the age difference - but whoever it is they're thinking they thinking real hard about even if it was a secret yeah they thinking somebody could have been dealing with a Virgo you know somebody could have been dealing with a Virgo now this person is like meditating and thinking about you are you thinking about doing one foot I feel like - nah somebody found out the other person you know what couldn't be trusted you know there was a snake in this situation they couldn't be trusted uh-huh even for something but not for everybody but that was a ended somebody cut things off with you or you cut things off with the other person oh I'm gonna find out yes cuz it was secret cuz I just look it was I mean it just showed himself I know that somebody felt like you know I can't trust this person because they had secrets there was some kind of secret that was going on but let's find out somebody was dealing with a Capricorn could have been dealing with a Jim and I you know but y'all make great passion and love together play somebody had like some kind of addiction problems codependency call dependency on the first day probably depend on you are you dependent on the other person but at the same time there was a great love situation here because this person really loved you yeah make great love together they tempted they was upset for to not it thinking about your tooth y'all ain't talking they thinking about you man and woman woman a man man man woman I wanna be anybody but anyway somebody could have been dealing with like a Scorpio cancer prices at this time now do you want to come in and I'll fflewddur you this person is waiting on you are you waiting on bill either way I feel like both of y'all wanted to try to hold on to the situation hold on to each other you know cuz both y'all wanting to hold on there you know but I do feel like two dead it could have been not for everybody but for some people somebody else in this relationship you know if there was a somebody power so you know wasn't talking that's probably because somebody had a choice to me probably between two people there's two deers here on this call it sometimes can represent people but not as first to thinking about you the other said to if there was secrets if it was you or the other person this person thinking about you now and if you got pictures of something online or something like that Facebook Instagram whatever they looking at your pictures you know I'm saying thinking about you but I feel like - there's somebody in this situation is focused on a money but at the same time somebody ain't letting go they want to hold on any thinking about you but like I said somebody find out that somebody in this situation was toxic somebody probably could not be trusted because you know and they knew you know that I feel like down here down to there was holding you down I mean somebody else somebody down in this situation let me find out let me find out and I kind of feel right if somebody couldn't be trusted they want a new beginning I don't know if you want to go back to him or not but they want a new beginning could be a Scorpio council of crises or a Libra a choice or Aries could be anybody could even be a strong Scorpio but mmm really if somebody needed to make a decision choose I feel like they want to choose now cuz this left somebody devastated they was looking right now they want to try to ride it out and work things out either you another person if you ain't that way they do but that was some kind of that was a breakup period somebody kind of treated somebody wrong in this situation somebody felt like hurt this hurt somebody hurt somebody in a situation and I feel like not in marching into coming and not II wanna I'm plead a case and talk to you because yeah somebody let go and not everybody but somebody did let go and now they want to make a choice they show do they want to trust they got a decision to make uh-huh they do let me see let me find out okay I feel like you know what not fair about it but somebody felt like you know what he was picking on me somebody pick whoever in this situation I'm I described them they were picking on you you know somebody was late they did they were trying to talk to you and teach you you know somebody was trying to kept the other person in you know trying to teach them in a way that they should go but somebody wasn't listening somebody just was covered up and kept itself like they were blocking itself from listening to you but now let me just seems so weird with him in here I feel like on you were trying to be patient with them or whatever but they couldn't learn they listen I feel like even somebody goes that somebody in this situation to let me fire on what happened not everybody but now they want a new beginning somebody like that probably dealing with like a new beginning it a little too late I feel like somebody could been dealing with another cancel or Sagittarius to Scorpius cancel Pisces but not if waiting on you to make up your mind or either you need to make up your mind oh they need to make up their mind so I feel like somebody in this situation had a temper problem temper problem probably even lost a temper but you try to be patient with them so um now they want to move forward with you and I for load of you but this first thing somebody let you down even you let them down they let you down somebody let somebody down down now they want to move forward and they want to UM they want to work things out - they do they you know that they trying to work things up but one of y'all got a temper problem so I feel like somebody kind of like scared because they won't this new beginning but now you know because they were trying to be patient name somebody ain't even talking like I said somebody goes to somebody not everybody was somebody Dean somebody was working with a new love there was a new beginning a love here for you but somebody couldn't make name mine up there was a decision somebody with deadlocks not willing to make their mind up about this situation but it was love here you know even though there was a little let down secrets or whatever on play there was love here and now somebody needed to make a choice I believe that somebody told it or the person when they found out about it because I think somebody did find out about it that they needed to make a choice if you didn't they you know that's what it was they want to hold on to you nothing wait and they waiting on you to make a decision - okay so somebody could have been dealing with somebody would like a temper problem [Music] drug problem codependency problem some kind of codependency problem not everybody but somebody was dealing with somebody like that somebody has secrets - and I feel like somebody found out about the secrets not and not everybody found out about it but that's what it is and this is what it is anyway let me pull some more cards and we find out what I mean I'm laughing cause this little boy look like he picking on the other person looking like he picking on a ghost right there I mean he got his turns late down ate him like you didn't learn your lesson somebody learned a lesson that's uh feel like some I did give somebody another chance not his person want to come down kneel down on their knees and plead a case and talk to you if somebody's wrong that's what they want to do like I said I feel like somebody had a drinking problem something like that but you as they wish come true and everyone's hard not even to come in and I 4-letter you if you don't want to offload didn't offer you but somebody could have dinner like an older man or older woman if somebody didn't know somebody in the situation was married but you probably already knew that so that's probably what the seekers came from but somebody trying to offer love to you or you trying to offer let it in somebody feel like you know we could work this out together so you want to work it out with them they want to work it out with you okay let me find out so why is this whoa somebody in this situation was like really toxic somebody somebody was wearing a frost man somebody wasn't sure who everybody was in this situation I feel like nice oh my dear show who they really was in this situation please then when the first person find out about it somebody got ghosted but at the same time somebody was dealing with somebody that was really toxic in this situation why what's this so not everybody but somebody cook all people if these I didn't sir they're no more somebody cut you off yeah somebody oh yeah probably because it was too many people in it somebody had a sexual addiction sure did man and woman woman to man men and women woman when mama it could be anybody but there's so many people here I feel like he was awful uh did this person you find out about these other people if you didn't that's what it was if there was some confusion I'm telling you there was other people I see people I see people some young some old a lot of people here Wow yeah now this person thinking about it they want to offer letter you yeah but that something was going on here it was something that's probably what somebody couldn't make a minor somebody thought about it though that's why somebody one of these people here one of y'all cut off they cut them off for real yeah they find out about these love offers here there was to love offices counterparts it was a yeah I was mansion job as a couple there was a couple here that's a couple and then that night net ago as a young woman there too that's other people here yeah if you if you had some confusion and you couldn't figure out what was going on that's why I did come cuz it was a lot of new loves here a lot of offers here yeah you got a new lot coming for you too you know you got a new fresh start new lives you know new opportunities to for love but I feel like somebody was let down treated wrong in this situation yeah because they probably found out that somebody was owned not right they probably just like this person got somebody hired or something and if he wasn't talking to the person not in waiting day but you know that there's a pause here I do feel like they want to communicate with you now even if they let you down I know you was a wish come true for them but anyway I feel like someone was giving this person a lot either you was giving them or they was giving you but there was somebody giving somebody very giving giving it a situation you let's find out I know I you know what somebody moved on somebody you know if somebody didn't move on somebody wanted to somebody want to move on somebody could have been dealing with somebody was very passionate man a woman it could be anybody but as he also a few kings here so it could be made a man woman a woman woman a man man a man a woman one but there's other people here that was awful love in these situations man a woman yeah let me see something I got much time diseases look yep mashallah but anyway not somebody want to hold on to you work it up mmm-hmm but that's fine I'm gonna pull one little client in a video very soon somebody gonna want you to make up your mind somebody in this issue with situations got to make them matter look somebody do them some I gotta make me matter you did have one mr. Feliz y'all fellas was real let your friends help you but don't let your friends happy to keep you brought your business because people and somebody is dealing with new love here a new person has serger romantic feelings in there is somebody in this situation is gonna be awful marriage but there was somebody in a situation already married it's a positive thinking and faith will bring you romance so say take it positive because faith was bringing romance you know there would be romantic alliance codependency somebody do you have a drinking problem some kind of drug problem some kind of diction problem somebody probably dependent on the other person you three now damn they were dependent on you but addictions are fit to your romantic life okay but it's safe for you to love somebody want you to know that and say for you to let him it's safe or you can love them on this you know either way it's somebody in this situation need to talk honestly discuss your feelings with each other okay I'm queen of Pentacles Tarot three three three I leave everything in the description box I'm not going through PayPal only cash out it's time for personal reasons thank you but I will see my PayPal account information but it okay

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