Scream | Minecraft Hide & Seek

by: Yammy

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yeah man I just want to get x2 Yami on her something Jordan hey hello everybody my name is Ghostface oh yeah me Yoshi and the fear go hide cause the intro we get Wow okay let's go Ebola place my name bro we hide an f1 right hiding f1 you've all played this before I don't know up you everything make sure you crouch and press f1 and I know f1 f1 drew so I can actually kill you guys explanation happy sorry we can't go outside correct so you can always stay in the the white house cuz there's multiple like that's like a black houses of brown houses a red house as well but like we're just gonna stay in this yellow like yellow / white house he's doing really big huh oke so noted what are you doing my area goodbyes Riley I know you're out before well Crouch y'all have to cross you till someone dies and then once the first person dies there and that's it there's always three routes one of you guys will miss out so don't be that guy because I like children I guess we're hiding buddies then not that you gave us a choice so we can hide on the garden to your hiding gardens if it's too attached to the white house George or John switch places music okay trust me I've got a plan of God okay so now the thought is whenever some below them oh you're gonna be the first target and I'll run away Yoshi are useful choices no I'm good man do you see me get Z oh boy no I didn't show oh good oh good cuz it's very cool yeah I mean the goddess is nice flooring especially here it's right under my boots yeah so this is where yeah cursed fair yes that's that's the commoners flooring that you're standing on right there oh no guys no question serious question mmm-hmm can we get one like on this video please I don't know that's odd that is a look good hi come on I'm okay you know what we can do it you know I don't get the cutoff that like can we can we even get like no likes on this video please well just dislike or just dislike Skua try for it do it I'm done realized this video don't yeah I'm pretty impressed in the video that you uploaded didn't even get a single like like a like or dislike it was just impressive it's just a suit like me amazing guess I hunt to get views but it's like just nothing I don't think that's quite an achievement but look like your view ba ya do anyway okay come to kill you guys okay I think we're pretty good okay excited not good I'm confident in our skills of hiding okay so uh if you've seen screamed this bad way the ghost face is based off the film's dream and it's also TV series now which I'm absolutely loving because I'm watching it I mean I still need to watch that I yeah it's so good so much soft we recommend everybody watch the TV series I think it's like an eighteen plus but like don't tell your parents all right anyway Tom so watch your Brian a typical oh could you imagine I'll sponsor ice cream I thought everybody I would let everybody know I'll sponsor my scream oh yeah oh no no I'm not slanted anyways in the film slash TV show what they do is cool people so bring oh boy : yeah me calling yarmulke hello hello Oh who's this I'm your worst nightmare Tom do you like scary movies oh yeah I do really would you like to be in one eye I would yeah okay oh you got to be the one now okay where are you my friend oh no no you want to play hot acidic yeah yeah I do okay go hide okay I'm hiding I'm ready okay I hope he doesn't call me next okay well on private I should be alright I thought see later okay no no hang on oh I think I want to say oh uh have you ever checked out that youtuber cuz he Gosling's be cool Oh shameless plug a lot I mean oh no my own video what that's who the killer is it's you know I'm just I'm just a huge fan of his work I mean uh Jordan we don't know this is fine what oh that's it oh yeah I'm hanging up hanging up the phone now why are you on my phone guys get on the phone call what is it we topped it say we online and we have like free phones so sometimes these guys easy to pick it up as a joke goofy little family now

finding my thing whose phone is fine okay that's pretty fuzzy oh what's that it's for fear a sir hello no she no she don't do that hello hello how's it going oh it's pretty good you have a nice house oh thank you it's like you don't you like it I really like it it's pretty it's pretty nice thanks man I like your voice it's very deep and you're just saying that no not I mean you got it you got a pretty masculine voice is great oh yeah mmm that's great it's famous it what are we listening in on here Wow I saw probably not me enjoying this so uh do you like scary movies oh man I love them well uh I'm actually just kidding I don't actually see you I uh I see it I see a green man though could you hang out like a : oh yeah yeah sure hello hello hey oh gee oh oh uh that's a nice uh man cave you just wanted to UM no no I'm outside with my girlfriend that's only exist so she'll kill you if you come in and so don't come in here you talk about you're in front of a nice big green creeper oh no no no oh God I'm outside um now I can use great see you by the desk I'm gonna go and take a photo right now okay Lee or that game well Jordan has just God found me I need to go and do with the business with him right now bare our backs alright you leavin man Kane are you going upstairs for the favorite yudhoyono gonna take long as like the phone Jordan know what that my face I'd save you but I'm thinking right guys where'd you guys go hello who is this this is the guy I want to talk to oh well the guy he gave me the phone he's he's being the little girl huh what do you mean uh ready or not here I come oh you can you can hang out now I'm gonna kill you it was nice talking yes hi Plus that guy very much Jordan oh my god who's he calling you know I got hide anymore Oh God Jordan why did you a pack a bag ready or not here I come kill me I didn't see you you disappear you know I got ya you know at least I died in the pool room I'll uh I'll take that yeah me Oh No yeah me oh no me bringing and pick up the coat what are you doing oh you're next no I don't want to die scream again I'll cut you like a fish yeah that's the Seine right that's what they say yeah I don't know is that what they said I don't know yes sir it goes faced like a Baymen or something my fish for a living again I gotta cut you like a fan I gotta cut you like a fish oh well I don't want to die so if you wanted to stay where you are I mean you can live in a house and I'll just live here what do you do IRISA what wait what lay it on the roof would you mean what a minute I'm not on roof that's on me that's that post mastic I guess see you that's our postman oh it's just like guess where I am no anyway don't actually know I'm God Scott where you going up there are you going down oh I just damaged myself what is that why you stopped ocean

so what I did was a stick invisible potions like around to I'm like no makes you guys for what Oh sneaky sneaky but can be yeah that's what I mean I was gotta go for the scare factor rabbit oh I'd be kind of funny you won yay you get to become a serial killer in the next round yeah that's it a bit more yeah so this time I am the guy's face the scream I will be killing all of you yeah you're the scream as like everybody wouldn't say yeah so screaming right now oh you gotta set it go you better hide cuz I'll be coming for you one by one goodbye cooties oh yeah I'm gonna follow me john-boy Jonah follow me Jordan following jordan follow him so you guys okay you've probably led Jordans like a secret room right yeah yeah we're gonna have fun time up here okay okay ie one bed hmm Oh gonna go I think she saw us no no she saw us we gotta go Oh what she talked Oh Jordan you should have followed me oh oh I just found a great place man that's okay there's multiple stairs I gotta come find you guys now oh when I go cotton oh oh you noobs I already do oh it's already begun oh this is it this is a tight room oh I bite I I mean clean okay why are you doing Yoshi yes yup she didn't I saw something the door open and then it closed I kind of see you hold it something there yeah I mean straight I could oh I'm screwed okay we're safe George on couch it's verticals can you get I don't think I can I think I can get out uh I'm gonna keep him in that as a little cat he was like okay I'm out he was making fun of Jordan for going with me oh god oh I thought I'd survive even longer than the first time without Jordan crippling you psycho lion potion ball Yoshi hey Toshi outside yourself yeah Yoshi I just want to get out that like you're the first to die - horror movie that's how pathetic you are yeah that's right what am I then dizzy pathetic that's what I said and you're dead to me your dad it's another joke I'm hinting at here but uh uh-huh no I don't my later wet story well later babe oh go to door it moves on its own oh I saw y'all like Oh yup dead I'm sorry I I used to ghost don't you I'm sorry to scare you guys you know you know that's fine all right hey you got reunited with me like it's my ghost that's nice like yeah yeah nope Jordan one last taste of Yoshi that sounds great okay I know how a man it boys guys guys and I had to sacrifice one of you first so who do you use oh no he gave me a good idea with my British British others identifies yourself to save your hand Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim I don't know what Brandis is is the bookshelf Oh library oh gotta go oh this is sneaky this is sneaky go oh he's just disappeared nope doop doop de doop doop doop doop doop you do it stupid what is it look I'll do just to forget you part enough doop I saw you although just to find bookcase oh yeah I got that oh I'm the best murderer ever wait that means I win that means I got to choose between Jordan Oh Yoshi give it to guru he don't lost okay I'll give it to Jordan okay um so now on Vern I'm gonna kill everybody uh Wow what why would you would you do that what what what man where's your son even brand come and join us on the beds Brock just beside your son be genetic side ok so what's up man come on I just start with stargazing - it's a barcycle day beautiful wow this I don't even know why I want to kill you guys now you guys pretty cool mr. Rishi eight life doesn't it man just a yeah I'm guy I'm usually taking away life but sometimes actly just you just gotta give yeah just gotta give and let go that's the power of poolside I just want to notice where did you get those horrible shoes from mine's like ah ooh yeah all right that's a you better run I shouldn't get assaulted his shoes Wayne Wayne yah yah yah yah me yes you follow me yummy yummy yummy yo yo yo yo yo she is the host yo she's D yummy yummy made fun of my Walmart shoes that's silly yes ho good well Billy Beck how much you have a serial killer shoes okay just don't do that man we're ready okay consider yourself dead listen he does that I'll be okay I better pull up my phone and call a wake up I better hell out my phone it called one of these guys well honey what Jordan you're supposed to fly and find us not teleport Oh I just think it'd be nice to go to try and fight us I must be honest well he's that oh it's like virtual reality okay okay okay well according you got you got 10 seconds to give Yoshi to get back to where yes yeah I'm solid no teleporting yes hi I'm running back to my spot now it's all right there in time it's okay hello yeah you can app okay okay good come lost an arc Jordan what have you done to me all right all right ah sorry I'm guessing it's for me yeah okay hello hello who is it how's it going not not great I just randomly disintegrated somewhere else that I don't think that's healthy you know it's like that's all right yeah so what's up who's this oh that's that's weird how did that happen yeah I don't know maybe you should look into yourself for that question so a few treatment man whoa isn't it you have with me today I'm just a guy uh I heard you run a YouTube channel and I pretty I'm a subscriber okay I'll come on what's your name um well I just go by ghost face oh okay I I tried using it as my channel name but it was taken my channel man's ass actually like you well know that trouble man I get you on that you know it's like ghost face like seven four three one wants you to be cool actually yeah yeah yeah whoa wait a second wait wait I hear breathing what up no way what now yeah you're freezing around you yeah any none well no he's got a stupid shadow name that's uh that's really praying I hear other people talking oh no no that's just me you're uh really be chained if somebody killed you guys right now wouldn't it we're not lyin so I mean I'm Shh I get told I'm sorry I just wanted to talk to me man would what's up would you call for today anyway hey I just wanted to say hey to you guy I don't want to love you but that I just saw guys run the other side to do Pamir Yoshi hungry I hit the mountain why did you join Lily Oh doop-doop okay at least only one person left I gave my three I smell like Izzy gasps why won't no one call me does no one like me Oh ring oh oh god we got a phone call hello King oh hey how's it going all right I guess how are you doing I'm doing pretty good just just kill two peoples pretty great come you feeling down man I can see your glass of milk yeah I'm what glass of milk that's not idiot it I do you align behind is I'm not gonna lie I'm I'm pretty depressed I kill people then because it makes me feel bad I mean I finished need a therapist if I did you want me to be your Fabrice uh yeah sure we can start off by me killing you first oh okay first guys that was hide & Go Go space you want more subscribe to all of our channels especially Yami thanks man and uh yeah any photo was from fear reason I love chicken nuggets thanks Russell thanks for watching bye


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Hey guys and welcome to Hide and Seek! Basically today we are taking turns to hide from Ghostface. Gizzy has this series running on his channel and today he invited me to join. This is a vanilla server (incase you're wondering). Make sure to hit the Like Button if you enjoyed this video. Check out my friends ^-^ Jordan:



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