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I just wanna turn Atlantic Knight culinary phantoms no mother don't you bet it - what it do family should gross Tameka and I am back with another video yes I am I am back with another video listen if it's your first time here smash that subscribe button hit that Bell turn those post notifications on shout out to the squad S&T I love you guys forever ever thank you for all of the support I really really appreciate it listen man we better get it to DDG Kennedy man I tried to tell y'all man in that car Chronicles it was some shit growing in Mexico I tried to tell y'all man so without further ado man we bout to slide right into this video man let's get it I can already tell what time this gonna be oh man like this is y'all ready catch me we ain't even 10 seconds in and he already care for something what you need to do is take that intro and put it on that cup of Shama that y'all head bro reinstate that bitch equip play yeah good plan whatever what's good youtube welcome back to another video man right now I'm in a motherfucking pool I wanted to switch it up for this move bang but right now I'm in Mexico hola como estas muy bien - uno dos tres cuatro Cinco says but I'm in his pool right now you just said a whole bunch of shit Indian County bro oh god the judges hear that shit like I ain't taking a lot of Spanish but I know that he counted at the end and he made no sense with what he was saying in the beginning I know he says some shit like what's your name I'm wale and then he started counting y'all man I don't understand they do it was nothing like this dude so yeah I catch the vibes

you know imagine imagine imagine you this for the ladies imagine you on the pool right and you just chilling and then out of nowhere you turn around and you see this [Applause]

that was that's why your camera falls on DDG it ain't for this for the ladies this is for Kennedy you know I'm saying this is for Kingkiller quit playing with me bro you got my emotions running high and shit but I know the truth bro I know the truth we go get into the truth honey all right so my camera got fogged up I think I even broke my seal off like it is you don't even show nothing no more so I might be off the phone for the rest of this trip I gotta buy a new camera but fuck it I'm gonna improvise we're off the phone with it this little cleaner under me anyway but yeah I'm in Mexico right now Baba now haven't seen him so I'm in Mexico right now vibe but now I've seen a whole lot of stuff online I don't know what you're talking about everybody saying I'm in Mexico with somebody why I can't just roll by myself yo this dude right here is bet he cracks me up shot it because I know he drove it yo before we even proceed shot it let's go ahead and go ahead and insert the insert you know I'm saying let's get

well I can just be our viber wow I've gotta be with somebody I'm sitting my full room trick something like no American breakfast that shit nothing crazy for the simple fact that his people literally looking at me right now I need you to smash the like button for doing this move a 4-yard I don't know let's just talk about everything so big he broke up with me yesterday I didn't think Vicki really liked me like that but I guess you did I've been seeing flight posted about ty and shit like that I mean posts it about diamond and one thing about me is I just don't you know that's why I be always be Petty around that shit when it comes to family cuz I don't notice from my two years ago like two years ago now on YouTube like you didn't know who none of my family was and ever since like I started this GDG Family Channel and I really like I try to encourage my whole family to make YouTube channels so he can be this power family you know I'm sad so we're gonna be this super family everybody you know I want to just piggyback right there man and that shit is genes you know I'm saying this one thing like I said before in another video to elevate yourself when you elevate your whole family bro that's huge that's really big bro and I mean honestly speaking char they they're doing it quite well TT his brother his mama diamond like everybody in the family is getting it in Saudi and it's just like that shit is dope to me you know from u2 and popping up saying we making money we livin good and we inspiring people while we doing it so I've just been putting family in my videos and they made key and my family a lot closer so everyone always hop on tip when it comes to family that's got closer to him I defend them you I'm saying so I don't really give a fuck too much about the situation between diamond and flight diamond is a grown-ass woman but if I actually nicely a you my homie and I actually nicely don't fuck with my cousin if you fuck with me and you respect me you would listen you know I'm saying rather than saying you ain't gonna tell me what to do I'm a grown-ass man all right bet well imma imma pilot you like you violated me but in reality they got me Mexico I think you Oh God I feel like there should be some type of honor code when it comes down to friendships and family especially when it comes down to dating family members anybody who know me shut it like a few close to me man don't look at my sisters man don't do that type of shit because all that's gonna do is manage just put a damper and shit like it might start off are right man it might start off cool but soon as some shit go left then that involves me you soon I'm saying and if anybody hurts my sister brothers cousins aunties uncles friends best friends men you get me it's just that simple you know I'm saying so it's just better to just alleviate the whole shit and don't do it and then if you do do it don't include me in that shit sister best friend whoever kickin it I don't want to know nothing about it don't come to me one because I already told you they don't respect that type of shit so that's just house don't be in my world ku klux about a flight I get to futz about anything I'm say I really don't care I'm glad I'm having a good time to get if I want to duck underwater right now I can duck underwater one flight came through there right now I'm gonna fuck my hair up but that way stupid is a temple safe I can't do this right now man you do raise the whole show start out like this dude man like seriously that come pity or whatever man and sometimes people can't they can't decipher when this dude is being serious and when he's troubling this shit man but it's hilarious the sale to me bro I get a kick out of this type of shit worried about niggas one thing in life man can't stress about what the next man is doing but I'm gonna make it up to her one thing about me a lot of people follow me like a sentence if I'm not a simple I'm just nice you know I'm considerate of people feelings I don't think it's nothing wrong with that I think that's the right thing to do if you ask me I just feel bad I don't know stuff for this funny but I am like them I am a I'm a good looking nigga I don't know if the ladies notice is not me being conceited or cocky is respect yo Dawg I'll just start a little cockiness is always needed it's okay to be sure for yourself manage shit what people be misconstruing this dude man they just see that he's a complete you know see Jesus being a complete flex but most of the time this man be trolling shot it but I do agree because I do also have a big heart and sometimes shot it like I had to have my wife four people come in and be like yo me you gotta fall back man you can't be you can't be sweet but I'd be trying to turn that shit off but it'd be impossible sometimes man when you a good natured person it takes a lot for you to get upset now one thing I will say is once I'm upset I'm upset it ain't no going back it ain't no turn around it's like once I'm done I'm done that's just the life of a Virgo we would give you the benefit of the doubt and to it till it's over and then what's this over Shani ain't no gettin the bag and ain't no forgiveness is done you don't I'm saying you have been expunged bro now I'm a good-looking nigger I would look better in person BAM no winning cap to you comes in and I'm a nice nigger tube-like I'm super duper nice I'm considerate you know all this other shit so I see why these girls fall in love with me what they supposed to do you know not like me don't hard to forget I'm a very very big memory and people lies you know doesn't that be being cocky that's some experience history and it's just facts I'm gonna see a lot of shit online I don't know if I'm breaking news and I like that but somebody else is in Mexico at the same time as me so I'm gonna brand trip you know me so oh look man it's clear that y'all both doing a brand shut it like I understand that part man but I'm talking about this behind-the-scenes DDG quit playing with us bro you know I'm saying like I know the truth like dancing is y'all hand-holding y'all kissing on boats you know I'm saying the whole ambiance of Mexico on shit like I need to know the truth BBG I'll be getting arguments part two cuz I needed I didn't told you I need that shit bro quit playing with me I fucked with his brand whoo whoo I said I know today was like come on to Mexico so I'm like all right cool you don't say I'm a flower to Mexico I need to pay case I think I'm on the UH I think I'm on the vacation let's go kicked out by y'all being my business but I understand it's a part of life is you know it's a part of what I do yeah I invested and I fuck with it some of y'all be invested for the wrong reasons you know some of y'all be trying to formulate opinions that I'd know gonna make me mad because well I stopped reading comments it's the real reason why I disable comments because people just started talking shit way too much they don't really want the comments back I need to see it I need you ought to get this video right here to 50,000 lights within one day oh I like this news energy man I like the zoo's energy completely when they come down to business and shit like that but just on an owner serious note I gotta agree with this dude shut I'm not nowhere near as huge as this dude right now charlie like that series but sometimes people be formulating opinions that I do not understand how they concoct them like even with me I'm like shouting like what the hell are you talking about right now nigga it is rumors that I'm best friends with Lee it is rumors of all type of shit I just can't have an individual opinion about somebody or take take up for somebody without there being an ulterior motive some people just got sense you know I'm saying and sometimes people can scroll online and look on this social media sheet and be like bro that's all cap you know saying I ain't even believed in that type of shit that's this guy you know saying Indian when I go to do it shut it it's like I get all types of shit in these comments man that's shit crazy as hell but like he said man when you open that door for folks you gotta just learn what the newer whatnot - you know I'm saying but it's annoying as hell get series we used to do a honey can one day like two years ago but you gotta slow down on me somehow I don't know with your foot more no but a lot of y'all keep accent it's a sausage normal though y'all keep acting like am i cool we're Kennedy just Kennedy's in Mexico oh okay see oh you got me got you back some of my cool with her I mean you want us to fight yeah I want us to hate each other you know I don't believe in holding grudges I don't believe in like you know you'll be perfectly honest men I think the friendship is needed you know I'm saying because these folks gonna get back together I don't care what nobody say it's already in the making like I can feel it you know I'm saying I know it's in the making but the good thing about that shit is why they are rekindle in a little flame that they got going on it is best to keep it out of social media cuz people already got extra shit to say and I know these folks is formatted for not looking at comments and shit but when you get certain headlines over and over again didn't make your ass start thinking like them is this nigga you know I'm saying on some other shit so hopefully that if they are rekindling a romance they keep it off the internet just a little bit just so they can get to know each other you know me cuz there's a lot of shit that need to be repaired but I am all for this Ewing they need to get back together man I love everything about these two together shot it like quit playing they the same size as clearances Queen and Clarence and Queen so I know it could work you know I mean like that serious and I just I love Kennedy uh I'm a big fan of Kennedy she's absolutely gorgeous and I really love her personality you know I'm saying her personality is 8:1 and babies you need to quit playing you know saying you need to quit playing bran go ahead and wipe that girl up before one to be basketball players get her ass man nothing very bad to me for me to be like oh that's why I was comfortable for me to be in Mexico you know it's like I don't I'm not tripping I'm doing my own thing she doing her own thing so it's like my homey that's my sister alright see now this is this is where I had to in some rough shot a change assist man your own kiss assist not the way you kitchen says you know I'm saying she don't be captain I'm gonna let y'all know right now this niggas captain man it ain't no brother sustain going on right now shot it this nigga whole family love Kennedy it's already foreseen you know I'm saying he's gonna marry this girl I'm putting the shit out in the ending up in the atmosphere and I don't care what you say DDG this is not some crazy-ass opinion and I'm speaking of this is true facts you understand good any my sis that's my homegirl my Kennedy period Oh those ten o'clock in the morning I just woke up I just wanted to come down here why what's awful looking good man Kenny is still cool yes like the swamp behind me but your marriage still cools I'm dealing with everything honestly yes she in Mexico but who cares right it's not it's not that deep you care nigga and it is that deep nigga like what play over me bro like that series next video is gonna be like how I really feel about my eggs the truth you know I'm saying like dead serious I don't want to eat folks of Russia I don't want them to rush and I know that a lot of the boys she came from DDG stubbornness you know I'm saying and it is some shit behind the scenes that we ain't gonna never know nothing about which is cool but what I do know is that these folks better be down in here in Mexico for kindling they sales cuz I'm telling you I need that argument sparked to like we're playing man y'all just need to go ahead and kiss and make up my bad they are kissing we all need to go ahead and make up you know I'm saying because I just need child together man for real but it is dope today are still cool you know I'm saying as soon as that whole look came out Kenny dude was ripping you know I'm saying and that shit huge Shelly it goes to show you what type of woman Kennedy is you know I'm saying even though that just broke up soon as that hold up drop you seen her in the car got down Bobby you know I'm saying and that's the type of support system you need man and that's dope you know I'm just Bob worse yet you up says she do her own thing look go say your own teens that poses some shit there's some other Creators out here and they had us on a story and all that but I didn't want a blasters now all people on the late in opinions but I know Kennedy be going on his branch trips and shit I just got lucky and I got one too and it happens to be the same one yeah you lie hell yeah I'll be the first one to say nothing the nigga in the background I said you're lying too you know I mean but like honestly speaking they gotta still be something there because you know I'm saying you guys are completely comfortable around each other and it's just like man I know y'all got an underline of friendship and shit but child need to fix it like dead serious could playing with my emotions I really need for y'all to fix this shit man y'all y'all making me mad I mother start my thing I don't know what I'm doing today I think I'm doing like some spa shit so I might vlog or I left for y'all just don't jump to conclusions and ain't what it is until I say what it is I mean if I say something like oh that's what it is what if I don't say no then don't you know I'm saying just let it let it be well I didn't learn in life sometimes even when a nigga don't say something his son you know me and I ain't done I'm very intellectually you know what I'm saying I do feel we coming from man he want to be able to control the dialogue I get that shouting but I'm just saying we can't help will be spy with our nigga you know I said and I spotted and I'm gonna put it up in his thing but I really hope that you folks with Kendall whatever they got going on and shit like that man I really do like that they are trying to keep a lot of shit off the social media you know I'm saying as you can see that shit work workloads for Queen and Clarence because in the beginning they wasn't telling everybody and I think that's essential especially when you're trying to basically build a foundation even though these people have been together before dog they got to go back to the basics again I'm saying and they got to go back to what worked in the beginning and sometimes that years shelter yourself from the social media shit cuz this she can be crazy man and I ain't even gonna lie to you bro let life be you know let me let me vlog and a lot of your fake accounts y'all don't be diggin that niggas got real lives and real fillers life niggas is robots and shit so just be respectful you know what I mean I thought this over the comments what you want talk you'll see that you travel to my Twitter or my Instagram and Pontiac maybe do you thing but Mexico is definitely alive I'm really really enjoying myself I really really need this shit been in a studio for seven days 12 hours every single day make some very very very very very great songs that I know is gonna blow up and I just been having a lot of fun and a vacation was well needed for me one thing I will say about being shuttered like I'm telling you and I said it in my first video man his business orientation is off the chamber like for him to be a young nigga man he got a lot of discipline when it comes down to his crap he'd I'm saying not only just the music but just me YouTube - and you gotta respect it you might not like everything - dude do you know I'm saying he might come across immature he might come across like you've lost a lot but at the end of the day sharted his Oh hissing his number-one agenda is to be able to elevate with music and YouTube but he's just doing just that you know me everybody know like everybody it's gonna be people who unlike me I get the comments all the time you know I'm saying I can't stand your ass you know saying you a dick Rider yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda I mean I understand that type of shit everybody ain't gonna like you you know I'm saying but for the people who do like you and shit man like that man it's respecting when people just kind of respect your your personal shit you know I'm saying and that's why I be saying all the time it's the difference between supporters and fans fans don't give a fuck you know me like seriously but real supporters you know I'm saying they're gonna have empathy when it comes down to surgery you know I mean and I can respect what he's saying I just feel so relaxed like I feel so refreshed you know I'm saying look pit stop in Mexico then go back to that lay and I'll get back to work on the YouTube shit and even though a new job Pat me on the back for this even though I I've been in the studio all day in Atlanta even though I'm in Mexico on vacation I'm still managing to upload at least one video a day I need to Pat me on the back I haven't missed no days usually when I go to the studio I miss days and shit but this time I haven't so I need are they you know I'm saying he'd rather smash the like button on that 250k on this video and um when I get back I think it's I think I think we gonna get a system shit they're gonna fight but not me and Kennedy cool your friends she in Mexico I'm Mexico I'm doing my own attention to her own thing just leave it at that but all I hate what you saying but I don't hear what you're saying bro like seriously I am a hundred percent behind if it's just completely in friendship right now you know I'm saying I am doing that it makes my heart flutter when I see the hand holding and the kissing cousin let me know that it might be it might be a future with you too and I really wanted to be a future with you - shut it like I really feel like Kennedy brings something to this man that he don't even see you know I'm saying what he's see but he don't want to admit sometimes you know I'm saying but I think it's really dope for them just to be to be able to coexist even though it is a brand trip but let's let's be honest man you know I'm saying that they they taking this I know what's going on on this trip I know the truth try to get another blog out for y'all but I love you out man and I see on Twitter and Instagram wherever y'all follow me yet a DDG or this type in DVD if pop right up I'm gonna fuck with shower later man swim around after the other I like swim at a lot - mica kid in the pool so I'm probably gonna swim around a little bit this was a real good video even though his cat you know I'm saying but I will say that he did drop some jewels in this video man it is so important when you're doing social media whether it be IG YouTube whatever the hell are you doing it is so important to protect that personal space you got to be able to do it you know saying even though you open up your life you got to know when to shut that shit down sometimes so you can be able to see your relationship or see whatever might be boring for what it's worth you know I mean but this video was definitely capped you know I mean I know they down there doing eight brands and shit like that but I definitely think that there was some something brewing you know I'm saying it was definitely something brewing and I really hope it is you know I mean I like etg and Kenny be together I really think that they add to each other I didn't even consider that Vicky shit that ti shit I wouldn't even looking forward like come on man you when you when you get to a certain age you know what's captain you know what's not you know me and I knew that was strictly for entertainment but Kennedy and EDG there's no entertainment that's a real life shit and I really believe in my heart that you really love her but I am also an agreement with them taking any time this time but third time's the charm and I wanna know how y'all feeling in the comments man y'all think that did he and Kenny do belong to each other cuz I definitely do you know I'm saying I really feel like he do on my last video it was a lot of people were saying that man I think he's too immature for Kennedy and blah see blah but then it was a lot of people who was really in support of it I want to know what y'all think do y'all think is something that was dead it was something brewing in Mexico cuz I actually think it was something brewing in Mexico and then I also want to know do you think that these two really really belong to each other cuz I honestly think they do man like I just don't think they see it well I think they see it but I think they protect and you know I'm saying before protecting each other before they go big with it because you know I'm saying everybody know we hate relationships when they break up the make up break up the make up but people don't understand man that's real life shit it happens in reality the only difference is people is not capturing it you know I'm saying so you needs people a break man they're gonna go through the notions just like we all do you know I mean and what that being said I'm a kid shot seven others out of those three do we have

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