Mamamoo Crack Reaction

by: Triple BEI

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hey it's bag Becky MIT so we're going to do that how do you request a video for mama Liu and it's for a craft video by the youtuber rawr rawr a ditch rah rah rah the Badger is there right yeah but since it's higher Chris's should be pretty funny but yeah you guys been waiting for this so here I go okay oh and three two one hey I'm Ellen et Oh


oh dear they look crazy oh my god oh maybe what is this hell crafted Reginald Zork I don't know I think crack videos are so much funnier when you're in the family you understand yeah because watching this from me like because we're all casual fans we don't know the jokes in the fandom yet we don't know anything so Washington says come on that was funny but we're like is there something more about it yeah cuz I know for sure like XO cracker ETL so you have to know the inside jokes like you know little bro laughing yeah like the look see it's so much more funny when you know it like Rama yeah you like like BTS I don't know I didn't eat a lot right yeah like if you're just like a new person you're good you know it's kind of like that you're like I was a weird thing yeah I think we need to be more into them to know this but thanks for your call thing yeah I mean we did it yes good like tell us about that inside I know I like like the you know the why is obsessed with me moon girl is like always all over solar oh yeah yeah yeah yeah and hospice what's he like super like like like like out there and like crazy yeah and talk she's freaking crazy and we in I guess she's like the cute squishy one because that the other were like what's happening with the person voicing over over week oh yeah I think she's just cute squishy one or something tell me little room well yeah exhaling you thanks for requesting guys you're into like comment subscribe and wrinkles bye I want some video if I do know crazy why can't you know anything thank you got nothin plate this is course Jake I'm

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