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by: Biết Đâu Được

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I'm fucking God that item can suck it cut [Music] editor's can you filter that out that's going to get us to monetize [Music]

I will not be walking into



hey guys [Music]


[Music] [Applause] [Music]






and it's better [Music] are you the thing D least the one will get definitely meeting got the gold [Laughter]

but does when zigs die there's footballs in [Music] yeah [Music] wait wait wait wait wait wait with me I'm going long [Music]

[Music] if I get the fucking name fuck sake


how you give me that ID buddy

by all right

nice good shut [Music]

[Music] oh my god that fucking [Music] during cards

like if you are not [Music] [Applause]

you sure you fuck that motherfucker up piss shit


[Music] hi you buddy


me [Music] the line


[Music] jegging coming home that's hangman go down yeah [Music] Kubo gotta loosen the detail [Music] [Applause]



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