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every one it shall be welcome back to my channel welcome back to another week of meal planning Monday the boys and Ken are cooking dinner and so they're gonna cook some steaks on the grill and baked potatoes and we're going to have the first fresh corn on the cob for the season Ken and the boys cook dinner they cook steaks this is the first corn we've had for the season I'm excited about that and baked potatoes was pretty lovely to have dinner made for me tonight let me say the corn is so sweet I could used to eat corn in fact I might just do that Tuesday we're going to have crab stacks and this is a nod to a restaurant and dana point called the Chart House Ken and I did a lot of camp in there at Doheny State Beach when the kids were growing up and for a treatm you'd have dinner at the Chart House and they had this crab stack so I'm trying to replicate that you know live glory days so we're also gonna have some more corn because the corn was so sweet and excellent oh my goodness for dinner tonight I mean a crab stack it has a bed of mango salsa a layer of avocado and then crab in a very simple mayonnaise dressing and it looks delicious I'm making some mango salsa for a crab stack I have three mangos chopped up half a jalapeno a little bit of red onion a large clove of garlic couple tablespoons of cilantro and I'm juicing a lime I'll put the recipe for the exact amounts in the description box if you guys want and adding just a little bit of salt not much it's gonna be delicious make sure I get that garlic mixed and good darling a big bite of that all right I went ahead and added a small red bell pepper and I think I'm gonna add a little bit of blueberries I'm gonna add it's like the half of a container probably three ounces I'm gonna add them cuz I'm gonna use them up look at how pretty that looks hmm love the colors I have to Abuk Otto's that I just diced up I'm gonna add some lime juice I have a can of crab meat that I got at Trader Joe's it's lump crab I'm gonna make a little sauce to put on the crab I'm just gonna take a little bit of mayo and a little bit of lime juice since I've used lime juice throughout this recipe I'll stay with it a little bit of Old Bay seasoning a little mix

and just gonna fall I might add a little bit more obey smells really good looks wonderful now let's get these put together I have a little ring mold but you could use a tin can that you washed out I'm gonna put it some of that salsa in the bottom

looks so good and next layer would be some avocados

I'm gonna finish it with this wonderful creamy

okay beautiful put something green on top that looks really good [Music] this is so good it would also be really good with just a very simple chicken salad instead of the crab yeah I might put that down in a little post-it note in my recipe binder just to kind of remember to make it some time with the chickens Alex I think that would be delicious we also ate our fill of fresh corn on the cob and it was so sweet and yummy oh my goodness what a delicious dinner Wednesday the boys asked if I would make one of their favorite all-time meals beef stroganoff up with that video link in the description box it's not much to look at but it's pretty tasty for dinner tonight we're having an ugly duckling beef stroganoff and I did a video on this years ago I'll put the link in the description box we're having a spinach salad to go alongside of it it's one of the kids favorite comfort foods and they asked for it so beef stroganoff that's what we're having for dinner Thursday we're gonna have breakfast for dinner we haven't done this in a while and I have some round steak in the freezer that's tender rice that I want to use up so I thought this would be a good application for that I have some tenderized round steak that I dredged in Flour and I'm just cooking it in a little bit of oil we're gonna have breakfast for dinner you just cook it till it gets browned next flip it one time we're serving it with some eggs English muffins fruit salad orange juice coffee and tea Friday we're gonna have some curry chicken and this is a really quick recipe if you want to make a quick curry sauce and it's really delicious too tonight for dinner we're having some grilled chicken thighs stir-fried veggies cilantro lime rice and I made a curry sauce I'll show you guys how I did it I call it curry in a hurry it's really simple but oh my gosh the taste is so incredible I made some jasmine rice and I'm just gonna add two lines that I zested and juiced and a couple of tablespoons of chopped cilantro give it a mix I'm going to make a very quick curry sauce I have two cloves of garlic and a little knob of fresh ginger and a half of a jalapeno and Trader Joe's red curry sauce a can of coconut milk and two tablespoons of this Thai Kitchen red curry paste in my frying pan I have about a tablespoon of canola oil I'm going to go ahead and add the ginger the jalapeno and the garlic and just let this cook for about a minute or so I added the curry paste will let that go from another 30 seconds I'm going to add the coconut and the curry sauce


but turn the heat down to a simmer and simmer this for about 15-20 minutes so I'm just gonna let it simmer for 15-20 minutes so it can reduce a little bit and kind of thicken up so to serve it up I just have the rice Ken grilled some chicken thighs we have some veggies that I just stir-fried we're gonna put some of that curry sauce over the rice and it's gonna be really yummy really quick easy way to make a curry Saturday we're going to do bootable x' with a ginger tahini dressing that is out of this world and I'm gonna grill some chicken too and have that to serve alongside of it I have two small sweet potatoes and a can of chickpeas that I have on the sheet tray and I think it's gonna add a little bit of olive oil give me a tablespoon or so want to get this coated

then I'm just going to season with a little bit of cumin sprinkle a little bit on

also a little bit of tumeric again I'm just going to sprinkle some on garlic powder

some smoked paprika

finally salt and pepper

give them a big mix you're gonna roast these in a 375 degree oven I have some Swiss chard that I've been washing in the sink here I'm gonna go ahead and get it on some kitchen towels and dry it off [Music] I went ahead and separated the charm into two bowls so I could toss it later I'm gonna add some red cabbage

a little bit of green onion some cilantro [Music] some carrots [Music]

perhaps with couscous that I made kind of break it up a little bit then finally I'm going to add some of these sweet potatoes chickpeas



and then I'm just going to add some avocado these are kind of small so I think I'm going to add a couple of avocados

and then for some crunch I'm going to add some cashews and I happen to have some sunflower seeds and some pumpkin seeds

I'm gonna make a ginger tahini dressing to toss this with let me show you how to make that to make the ginger tahini dressing I have 1/3 a cup of cashew butter 1/3 a cup of water 1/3 a cup of tahini yeah I'm going to add 1/4 a cup of honey a knob of fresh ginger and 2 garlic cloves I'm gonna get this food processed and then after you mix it up in the blender this is what your dressing will look like we're going to add some of the tahini ginger dressing

[Music] this dressing is so tasty oh my goodness [Music] you [Music] to plate it up we're going to serve it with some grilled chicken thighs

and also did some lime wedges we'll just put those right on the plate and there's a bootable on a plate with some chicken in some lies Sunday we're going to have a wedge salad and when Ken and I were in California we had this delicious wet salad and they added a little balsamic vinegar to it and it was oh my gosh so good tonight for dinner we're having a wedge salad and it has iceberg lettuce we used ranch dressing with a little bit of blue cheese crumbles cuz not all of our kids like blue cheese bacon cherry tomatoes I added some pickled beets to mine cuz I love pickled beets with blue cheese that combo and then when Ken and I were in California we had a wedge salad at a restaurant called taps and they just drizzled a little bit of balsamic vinegar on it and it was so good so I added some balsamic vinegar to kind of replicate that salad we had and a little tiny bit of red onions not much so that's what we're having for dinner tonight well that's our meal plan for the week I'll go ahead and insert our grocery haul in here now it was kind of a small trip to the store cuz I had so much stuff left over from last week and you know I hate to waste anything but I hope you guys have a fantastic week and I'll talk to you guys later happy meal planning our grocery haul this week is pretty small I didn't need too much but we did pick up some strawberries some bananas some grape tomatoes asparagus some Swiss chard and a couple of sweet potatoes avocados corn is coming into season and I'm so excited I also picked up two pounds of shrimp they were on sale and I needed to shop so all of that was fifty five dollars and seven cents and that was our grocery haul this week kind of small but we still have a lot of stuff from our last week's haul [Music]

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