🚑 Two Point Hospital #50 - 2 Star Smogley (Smogley)

by: Blarla

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[Music] hello peeps and welcome back to two point Hospital welcome back just smugly well we have employed Maureen wetter she's going to be a new GP because we need to do a lots of GP training in this episode what we are also going to do I think is now copy this GP room and we've the reason I've decided that we need a new GP in this building is because a lot of these GPS are actually getting brand new patients which is is not what it's not what we want we don't want them bleeding over into there so it's it's going to be about trying to train up our GPS and getting them really good cuz look a lot of our GPS do need training and some of them are very very bad and that's a real weak spot in our hospital right now let's before we get too into it can finish a building up this room so just our today but we haven't actually finished it and I would I would rather like to finish it let's see here so we're gonna pop that there I think make a scan let's she's going to want to idle so let's give her a chair because they like to sit down there we go it's that nice like that are you happy with that they might get thirsty let's pop that in I'm hungry so pop that in and we also want her to be able to deal with a hi James if she's gonna keep fasting like that there we go and so that would probably do us for the moment that's not so bad excellent what is going on actually in research oh look they're almost done and we should probably look at upgrading this very soon but now we want to do some crazy what's it still use it you look fine to me you don't look like you're stuck to be honest you look like you know exactly where you're going on what you're doing fantastic so gp's them so this GP needs training in GP one we're going to create a lot of cues while we're doing this indeed we are because actually if we just used no they weren't ready that's fantastic they're not we've got GPS that needs GP to training and we're going to create so many qz really everybody so we're going to oh no they meet they're the only ones okay they are the only one my HD actually let's let's see then if GP 3 what we got for GP 3 - that need GP 3 you can do it excellent right ok I'm just pulling all of our GPS off the floor you ready we pulled all our GPS off the floor because I'm crazy I'm gonna send you home I'm gonna send you home probably wouldn't be really good actually is just stop we should probably close the reception and I actually just stopped new patients from coming in for now because we can't process them at all

oh yeah so all we could do actually to speed up this training if we're honest with ourselves oh look he's already in you aren't just don't know what training room they're supposed to be in so what we'll do is we'll plop them here they're in they also went happy with their pace let's sort that out you're in where are you you're almost there let's bring you here I want them to get through fairly quick because we've done crazy stuff let's bring you over here actually doesn't look like you're in any form of training to be honest does it doesn't look like they're gonna be training so maybe they'll go back to the office maybe they'll go back to the office cuz we've done we've done the crazy we have done the crazy I'll get you to the top and what we'll do is we'll just try and process cues ourself as best as possible we could close all these rooms down but truth be told I can't be bothered really I shouldn't put all my GPS in training at once but I'm crazy I just want it done so we're doing it and look at all these these peeps here I'm just go it can just be cleared out this cue really you included yes you and yeah it's clear them all out no need for them to be there should be a similar sort deal over here and I was still got people bleeding over into this GP office so you know we are clearing queues while the GP training is occur as is going on is happening we are dealing with it for them I think probably no it looks to me like we're missing a training session there does it not a lot to you decide to me they can't be trained but you could be trained and GP to shouldn't they be in training I don't understand it I think they are in training on me yeah so it looks like that she has to go and train somebody else what she's finished and her all this training for our GPS good justice kind nuts everybody which is going nuts but damn it just go nuts but I mean we you know it's not that bad for kids is it ignoring obviously perception because

[Music] oh my goodness look at that we got our second star that is absolutely fantastic congratulations your hospital has been awarded a two star rating by the two point Health Ministry the development of your hospital continues to be the most significant thing to happen to smoggy since that cloud momentarily parted and its people were first introduced to the Sun I'd imagine they're planning a primitive statue made of mutton twigs in your likeness oh my god continue tinkering with innards for more rewards we'll go elsewhere and expand your organization yours frequently Tarquin Fox bridge we are going to stay here we are going to continue we're not going to be going anyway so three stars it looks totally fine as well doesn't it really to be honest GP training is slowly coming to an end which is fantastic pretty pretty pleased with that there is I see them actually shall we get that going on this is almost ready as well the mega scans are almost ready for upgrades what's going on with you okay fine right let's let's open this again [Music] actually know what I think we'll send you massive queues at reception I stare at everybody that stir and look I'm overworking she's been trained and now she is training well though actually maybe not something weird has occurred there but they are learning so we're gonna let that continue going for the moment I think I interrupted their training and it's caused it's caused upset so you let's pop you into a GOP office let's pop you into a GOP office there we go we're getting them back we're getting them back a crazy train Nvidia peas but we are getting them back which is fantastic and of course we've created a complete nightmare here they're going to do the best day's work they've ever done [Music] ever look through these because look at this so I got loads more we can clear out so let's help these GPS they've all been getting diagnosed but I've had no GPS to go to what unites come out there I can't do chromotherapy [Music] ice maybe we should just help get them through that part of the process and move in a bit of a backlog you're coming out your chromotherapy actually can't do with you so I send you home oh but Kari grant we are now doing pandemics so Luther make us go to has been unlocked family you know what upgrades we're gonna be doing next and we should get researching more and the cures I constantly yeah at the cure rate is constantly going like oh no oh no I should have looked before I did that didn't didn't do that so okay so weird one turns out we had them machines running on 60% better call this model something year and it's actually a little complicated to turn back to 100% so no one should find out where happen again you've unlocked and you upgrade that can now be applied to each machine fantastic so there's our make a scan to and we've got an upgrade going on over there so we're going to keep that in place but it you know we should upgrade this we should actually upgrade this office what should we do well these are all advanced shall we get all of them up to advanced upgrades will do that we're waiting for this GP training to go through so yeah we'd you know we could I could mess with this couldn't we couldn't mess with this I think I'm inclined to I need the server room I think do that so that she can go back in there and continue her research always nice ooh ooh look everybody look here we might be able to build a new surgery because we've just found a new surgeon that's really good there he is if we got treatment nurse grumpy loves pudding I was a good ward nurse I mean I really need one though unfortunately okay so we've got a spare surgeon but if we got Bobby do you have we do have to be fair if we might just do it put it in yeah and to have a stuff room we do you have a staff room it's that's good yeah you know what I think and then if we find another decent treatment nurse we'll get her or him and I say that there we go good it gets a themed Hospital bad habits right yeah let's make research around that much much more efficiently now see here let's see here cuz the the problem with these is they add a lot of heat still get really really hot with more great music on two point radio so don't go anywhere okay Ricky so now we'll need is this small aircon unit

okay um I'm not paying attention host what everybody's dying trove aids be honest can't or don't really want to put any more Blair so we could probably put this actually flat this one right now it's the best way to do them here we were to see how hot it gets sort of crazy whore isn't it crazy hot now we could put I wonder with these be overkill though no okay sure

[Music] oh my god it's crazier than that should I calm down we're not gonna be able to put those there which is actually kind of annoying I think I can't like the idea actually of putting them here like this I kind of like that throw them here like this okay right now it's making this room of course quite cold so that's something we need to look at even with this though we've got a large radiator here still really cold in this section so we need to come back to this but the hospital needs attention that's for sure let's upgrade this let's promote a bunch of staff now let's have a look at our GPS so let's see here you Edward hurricane are ready for some GP to training we're going to get Ashley let's start hi let's start hi that's right you too GP yeah that's what I thought so we'll get them in [Music] and we want them but what do we have anybody know because they're both in training that's fine so gp3 isn't available but they could train yeah hurricane here whole bunch of them could there we go so not got quite as many in training this time that's alright oh my god we're making a nightmare for ourselves we are but that's because I want to get it done I want to get it done move on

anybody up for Josh Lee just not being in rooms that would be great okay [Music] we can't oh dear where's this toilet okay this toilet is strangely busy why is this so busy over here I don't know you need to go home so do you okay Sanji uh you're a pretty good Nick you won't believe what happened this morning see water pipes in my kitchen burst flooding the house and causing a cave-in in the living that sounds awful but that's what you get for living in a hard water LD I suppose we'll be back right after this all right you're finally out excellent you're about to run to the toilet a cheeky okay desperately trying to get all these people out of the gpq but there is a lot of them there's a lot of them you died all been called into rooms bit too efficient ready it's your fishing yeah do you know what we could look for that new surgery nurse couldn't we shall we have a look for that new surgery nurse no don't have one fair enough fair enough right I could really do with getting our GPS back so in here then in here everybody where are we with this so I think let's pop up there and we are just going to move okay nope let's get rid of this it's not doing anything let's pop that there I think you can come back to reset that come on now that um now we're going to squeeze in a small radiator there I like a so then over here it's very cold I'm sorry we will we will take the edge off no we don't have the right items up here we go and pop these here I get this little nook that I like to build to back in the corner there we go excellent excellent now we do need to combat this cold and we're going to start but we need to combat in a way that doesn't make the server room hot did you see that made the server I'm quite hot we don't want that that's a no-no it's doing it though all the same I wonder if we can adjust these out a little bit this is usually it's good to have a to long corridor and it reduces this sort of annoyance that I'm experiencing here it really does it sort of works a charming little story in the news today mr. whiskers has been found safe and sound in the sweaty palms casino about after he meet enough playing the slots to buy himself a half-ton bag of catnip marvellous [Music] see yourself this way one day we might have supercomputers that would be good too it's a little bit hot there but I think we might go with it I think we might go with it it's just that now we've gotten all full of supercomputers in here I'm not sure I want all these supercomputers but there we are we've got them let's get a sweet Spencer in there should they get hungry unlike the idea from having some coffee but I don't think we can fit it all in oh hang on a minute I see they've already got that look over here actually I already got this stuff let's pull that out [Music] maybe move this over here maybe we can get small radiator it just got really how everybody we took that one out that's that that's all right maybe actually you'll actually turn these ones round about now it's kind of getting a bit hot [Music]

[Music] actually think I do prefer the idea of radiators and here it's be honestly there [Music] I think I do prefer it something like that my work for me better it's just a personal preference you know yeah I think this is a sort so we'll go with that will do for now anyway that'll do for now that will definitely speed up the research process oh my goodness we have another one we have another one treatment nurses though numb Deary me it's a bit of a shame shame right okay so our GPAs are all out of their training again seven store here right well that needs sorting out and where you pick on break and where's our other treatment doctor no rushing good neck right so maybe shortly for all of your short term eel base needs say let's send you home radio maybe you'll make it what about you know if it sends you home yeah no because I'm gonna pull in that emergency and I'm not gonna wait for you to get better that's that's not gonna happen I can tell you that now I'm you might swipe by all means let's give it a go right let's help these cues a bit because we're going to want to do some more GP training because I'm insane absolutely insane okay [Music] let's say say but it does cause that's a real backup yes have you come here we go excellent

right is something that you can go don't you come accident oh yeah the toilet over here was insanely busy it wasn't that well yeah we could do is looking into that good doctor to make a skin who everybody out of that system we can no to that one we good right now are we still got you guys kicking about its topic you may be a you surgery as well you are a bit low let's see here with gosh you can come to the bottom well the Kuzak building up even at this sort of level aren't they

excellent think we're good let's get it in right okay so it looks like I've got no upgrades going at the moment so let's get another one going splendid splendid liking it are you cut reitman you are a jazz hand that's excellent you've been called into the room fantastic okay well that bathroom seems to be calming down a bit so that's good that's good indeed so back to our GP training right okay so something's gone on here it hasn't that something's definitely gone on here it didn't happen you and Barney so gp3 training will pay for somebody to come in do it it was Barney sort of stuck having it done so I think I think we'll just do those two and we'll see about moving on to doing some training in other areas hopefully they will get their training this time so we've got some sorts of training going but you know what let's do some diagnostic - no no stick to training with with Gregory Mouse here

and you know what you could do it too [Music] we could do with customer services training - with you - now janitors I think we're actually going together our mechanic trained up with Penelope power here - - so that they upgrade faster cuz it is taking them a long time to do the upgrades that's definitely a thing look how many people were getting here that are back from further diagnosis we look at their log so it's a general diagnosis where did you go you into x-ray is there spillover maybe I don't know a bit here we have got patients coming we've got new patients here as well it's possible I'm just causing masses and masses of upset and they've gone to the toilet up there just someone annoying to be honest [Music] interesting interesting how is the queue here it's all right too bad is it it's sort of a right x-ray is doing ok on its own I would say ooh but look we're definitely starting to need a second one of these yes and we know we've got the staff to do it so I think in the next episode we'll see about dealing with our psychiatry department keep that training going I'm doing I'm training so aggressively that it's actually causing problems around the hospital but I'm telling you that so that you know you're not inclined to do the same thing because it's a daft way of doing it don't call yourself problems just train slow and steady don't do it quite so aggressively you just say I'm just going to cause yourself problems in the long run but I don't mind problems I'm all up for them so not the biggest issue for me but look I think we will need to be concentrating on what's going on in here next in dee dee thank you for watching I hope you've enjoyed the episode if you did please hit that like button as long as you are here why not check out one of my select herbal videos available feel free to come stalk me on social media and be sure to share this video with friends so even more may watch my shiz WA see you next time peeps


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