Winter Hot Tenting - Snowtrekker Asym and Hotcore R-300 sleeping bag

by: KCHappyCamper

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[Music] shimmering Knights trees like eyes [Music] Christine yes where are we what's going on what's happening we're winter camping and what'd you say last night what do you mean something about who has to stay up and feed the fire the whole entire night you just thought that was common courtesy well I didn't say that you had to stay up but you have to get up late and keep the fire going through the night that's said no you get cozy in your sleeping bag no but we're hot tenting with a stove that's right so that's the point is to have the stove to stay warm through the night okay I can do it I started that fire you did do you really good job I struggled a bit well I think was the wood no you your problem yeah good cause it was cold in here at first yes it was I took a while what's that's a small stove as well you said that's the smaller she knows it is so took a while to get the tent warmed up yeah was my new tent this is the I can't pronounce it though it was very symmetrical decent really that's how you see I think so okay hey some for you symmetrical asym yeah it's that right Mason Mason we have the ESM tent and it is a chuckles it's a symmetrical I can't blame the Scotch cuz I spilled my scotch in the snow so I can't blame that I twice twice every single trip the front end is higher than the back end and the idea behind that is that we're sitting at the high end by the stove but then when we sleep we're back there and it's a smaller air to keep warm so I'll show you the stove

it's a smaller stove and the smaller stove makes sense because this volume of the stent is not very big at all but I'm missing my big stove I like a big stove yeah I like the bigger stove as well that was cute but it's little it's cute it looks like a little like toy stove it's making fun of my stove no it's just not I like the bigger stove yeah it's more manly yes like a little one yeah that's okay okay this is your first this your first winter yeah what do you think yeah I think you're little nervous about no the vehicle little nervous you said Kevin it's really cold and I needed snow shoes on right away I wasn't expecting how much snow there was just tons of snow on the bush this yeah and I'm a little bit nervous about nighttime to be honest well that's why I want you to keep the fire going for the night we have enough wood yes okay I got Oliver well we are worried about Oliver we brought the dog he'll be in the sleeping bag with me no we weren't supposed to was supposed to be at Nana's but then I thought hey it's only gonna get well well the weather said -8 but then we're driving here I said mine is 19 there's a big difference between there's 8 minus 19 yeah so I think the dog is gonna sleep with one of us tonight I'm trying a new sling bag I'm gonna try it with a liner that sling bag the reason why I want to get a lot of people want to go winter camping but when they find out the price of sleeping bags like 600 to 900 dollars like that's insane if you're gonna go once right so this one is and then you put the liner on it and it ups it and then I brought my Sol liner so in theory it's minus 20 bag I should be good to minus 30 or you maybe you should try it what what did you bring for my sleeping bag well that one oh I get the experimental all do the experimental you got me I forget which I think it's from expert but it's like a minus 30 it's a really good bag I mean like two weeks ago I was in a really cool temperature that was fine I believe you all right and Oliver is quite comfortable so the show over there there you go Oliver you having fun go away Kevin we should just stay with your house nice and cozy why do you take me to these places Christine I've told you time and time again he's an idiot all her and I have a special relationship it's a poodle there's booties and a jacket and last night you're like as long as Oliver has his booties in his jacket and his sweater will be fine and he's fine yes one that's totally fine oh and oh but special wait a minute yes these are awesome hmm some special guy got them for Christmas yes I did there's some mints you got to make them these are amazing so I made these after Christmas cuz they were a gift and it was a kit from Lou of the north and there's a leather outer and a wool liner oh you made the look yep so the kit comes with everything that you need and I have to say in all seriousness that I brought these and I also brought a pair of Columbia insulated mittens this weekend and I've worn these exclusively and I haven't been cold and I haven't been sweaty no no no cut cut no no that's not true at all but no no she was wearing those exclusively and then I asked her to load the wood from where I was cutting into there and then they were getting dirty cuz they're so beautiful Kevin's right I was like oh I can't wear these to be lugging wood around so I put my Columbia mittens on to lug the wood around and my hands were sweating within a minute like it was they weren't good because they were just sweating so I guess these are gonna have to get dirty but that's what they're made for I'm not saying a word and this tent is very roomy very very roomy and I like the idea of sleeping back there with the stove here it'd be nicer for with the bigger stove equals because you know it's gonna get that cold but we found the Headroom I didn't know it's my fault I didn't really I'll show you I didn't taunt the side ropes as tight as I did but then they they kind of sagged when they got the stove going but yeah so not as much Headroom as the other the other tent we use and fault mm-hmm but yeah mind you up later yeah a lot that makes a difference yeah we just have the little chairs yeah yeah we're going bigger chairs I don't think whatever no worked and I was supposed to bring cots I ordered some cots from Eureka but they get here on time so we're sleep on the snow with your big huge thermal recipes in the summer yes yeah Oliver may not live through the morning but yeah I think Kevin's gonna be stoking fire the whole night that's what I would do for our relationship you would stoke the fire for me I would baby maybe next year that would change but okay thanks for the watch thanks thanks for the fair warning anyway I'm making supper ham actually black forest ham with a sweet potato and some garlic lots of garlic and some really cold blue cabbages Brussels sprouts with Guinness Draught good to have the first night second night this would be frozen so we're not doing that but put that in there and liquefy it I love this epic Oh it's called the woodies it's cast iron no it's not sorry it's not cast iron it's cast aluminum so it's lighter and a lot of the times I didn't do it this time but I put parsnip paper down so then when it's all done I just pulled the price of paper in Britain basically Kevin yes there's a question I'm giggling quite a bit because you called the paper person what's it called well it's not personal paper it's parchment paper parchment paper is that what the chip is used whatever kind of paper it is that meal looks like it's gonna be delicious and we we have reading time tonight where we both have our own copy of bad link buyer's guide just gave me the mail yay and you know what we need to read it because tomorrow we need fire starter all right I'm having a scotch because I've been spilling scotch everywhere and I don't even think I've had enough to satisfy an aunt or an uncle see what I did there

[Music] yeah yeah soon soon [Music] --kavitha leave me alone or you could do this job [Music] okay stop it [Music] are you watch no not cool maybe I'm on the verge of like having a ghost [Music]

would you like to do this Oliver is getting warm on my lap [Music] that's enough okay Christine you were making my bed up for me because I've got all day on the lap yes and you were putting my new sleeping bag down well this is your new sleeping bag yeah it's very large it's very big very wide why yeah so that means always sleeping with me if you insist okay okay and then there's this which is a sleeping bag liner feels like polyester hmm just like a sheet you get Oliver though so I think you're gonna be alright actually and every time you get up to stoke the fire you're gonna be closer don't knock it till you've tried it you know what I actually think it's like double layered I'm a big fan of liners in a single bag well the liner is I'm just realizing oh no that's like a top part I think to put your pillow in oh yeah Hostel slash travel sheet oh if you're traveling yeah and I think these are really popular with people that are traveling or say maybe doing something like the Camino yeah and they all bring these and it's I mean you saw her tiny it packs up in and it's really lightweight so I actually think that would be awesome for traveling or even in the summertime when it's so hot you don't really need a sleeping bag anyway you'll find out tonight I will and I also have my sol baby it's kid baby as well okay so I'm gonna put that outside my bag so I'm probably gonna be more warm than you are that's supposed to add another 10 degrees it's a minus 20 degree bag so I'm thinking maybe Oliver should sleep with me it's pretty bad when you have to fight over the dog for heat I know well scholar Holly who do you want to sleep with I don't want to sleep but nobody you want to go home we're packing out good good night everybody wish us luck so what it's gonna happen around 2:00 in the morning we have to urinate I'm gonna get up and I'm just gonna be a big girl and I'm gonna put my big-girl boots on okay and I'm gonna go outside and you're gonna stoke the fire while I'm gone what's going on I'm just eating chocolate in bed that's nice okay yeah bye thank you it's my winter camping bedtime Oh what did you say to me just for a camera I asked you if you thought I was sexy it's good thing I'm not filming you but you're not filming me right nope okay okay just take the picture okay we survived the night it was a cold one because of that stove a small stove so I had to feed it like at almost every hour maybe not every hour but it seems like that just keep it warm in here the yeah of course my old sleeping bags were great Christine was warm she doesn't like a mummy bag though she doesn't like the idea of being mummified so the hot core same bag it's it's worth this money it wasn't cold I like the liner the idea it's almost like a bedsheet over here you know so if you get too hot let you have something over you not just assume bags so like that and yeah and I had enough stuff underneath me I think I would have been cold underneath me if I didn't have extra barriers but between myself in the snow if you get yourself a $700 mummy bag that's good too - 30 - 40 go for it if you don't this might be a good choice yeah I wouldn't go past minus 20 it though and that's my review awesome and all these survived the night are you okay we're going down coming freezing okay I'm shaking I'm shaking right now I'm shivering even got my sweater on

what happened Christine my mittens got dirty [Laughter] well the mittens inaugural winter camping trip yay hey you didn't freeze no I didn't it's cold here today I found out it's to the minus 25 that feels about right yeah that's cooler than was supposed to be yeah but no we did great I think Oliver was warmer than oh he's yeah he he curled in that bag yeah okay I was wonder if he's still alive in the night I felt his nose every now and then just to make sure it was still there so your first hot 10 experience it was good yes it was very good your first hot tennis reason please no in the winter though yeah yeah it was great okay time for coffee time for

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