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by: Charlie Pryor

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we do have a tunnel now which is helping us get up here and this is where our extractors can go for these resources just not that big but it's okay we have a high concentration of concrete here so we have lots of concrete and we also have some stuff over here we can get excluding some metal scaffold oh my god another one plutonium synthesis stirling generator upgrade increased power production while opened you Canuck not well closed you sure you sure you don't want to like do what wow it's closed pretty pretty please okay I'm not gonna do that one right now though are you refueled yet if you'll feel fuel go go go so we need to refuel this rocket so send it back to earth so that we can bring more stuff down to the surface seeing as this is the hardest difficulty each sponsor gives you various different perks our sponsor only gives us one rocket because they're poor little bastards in addition to that the rockets are very inefficient so they need more fuel to get the same distance so now that we've refueled this rocket it can lift off and I can bring my guys back over here so they can do their job hopefully that job of course is emptying out this extractor so these little drones are gonna do all the work for us these are a little automated drones here they go out there putting all this rock and this waste rock piles that I've got over here and they're starting to get kind of full so I'm gonna drop another one I think probably like research complete I'm like here maybe another one over there scanned oh that's got water we found water mmm sweet over here though probably very hard to bury her very hard to actually extract from Oh rocket what are you doing here it doesn't have any exports and it's not going to so let's send it back home alright we need to get people up here so I'm thinking if we have our drone storm research is done right yeah so now we can drop the drone hub and I'm thinking we're gonna drop that drone hub right here right next to this is that a good idea maybe not so close to the extractors if you can do it if we do it over here now it's not gonna have doesn't it doesn't reach that far you can put it back here it's kind of I don't know if it really matters we might find some resources over here at some point and maybe not we might though it's it's worth a shot it's what's worth investigating we probably should something like this that way we can still reach like over here yeah I think probably just a little bit more like yeah like this we'll put it there so we're gonna build that we need to run a power line over to that so that it could be powered we get repairs on these things do they need him too far from drone you don't need them yet this one's getting close that one does need repaired okay let's pull you back this way we have enough I think we have enough concrete for now yeah a hundred eighties pretty good what's this sector actually we're full select a sector to scan we're full of concrete actually is let's bring another concrete extractor or another concrete Depot that's that that's the metals Depot we want concrete here let's bring a Depot for concrete maybe right here ah probably also want to have rare metals here as well we'll do fuel here because we're eventually gonna want to bring fuel up here too for a rocket got just enough cast for one last components rocket before you'll need to bring people over yeah need people for those metals yep I know I know I've got about one of these like sixty like I got about sixty hours in this game already I've been just like as soon as I got it I just been playing it fair time playing it I got access to this I think February 22nd February 23rd like I just been playing it's been just insane it's very cool I'm actually in the process of recording video for a guide to I've got like a top five I advise things that I've learned that I would have done differently if you all kinds of things for new players that I want to release pretty soon I think we get more concrete extraction going we're gonna need a polymers Depot here actually let's ship the rocket we haven't stopped the rocket yet cargo rocket it's so tempting to give them a stirling generator especially when we're gonna get that research that makes them better it's the maintenance for polymers that bugs me but we might be able to make the polymers it's hard though [Music] I have a snowball that works okay it does like snowballs fine I personally I'd say it's a lower tier Mike but I mean if it's what you got that's what you got and at the end of the day like your personality matters a lot more than your voice quality when it comes to streaming in YouTube your personality and your engagement and things that matters way more than your voice quality this is because clients actually do care about which quality that's what this is for what about the machine parts factory yeah see the the factory's gonna be a problem because one it takes a ton of power to power it two takes a ton of staff three it also is maintained by electronics which I don't have a whole lot of and four it would take the remainder of my funding which means I can't send any more materials so that's why I'm not taking the electronics factory the trance factory to ship it is 600 million prefab so I don't have nearly enough money for that so I can't do it I think though I think though we're gonna send some polymers [Music] we're gonna send some medals we're gonna send a little bit more sh machine parts [Music] camera send a little bit electronics from there some more medals I think that's it we had the truck right wait I sent the truck I did send the truck I didn't send the truck why didn't s in the truck ah but I like the machine parts ok oh dear that's what I want ok that's rough but I need the truck I have to get stuff ooh I have to move the stuff up there I need the truck yep that's it if I don't bring that truck I fail so yeah we're gonna bring it I mean hey the audio is crisp and clear so why not uh yeah I mean why not because the mic costs four hundred and forty dollars the mixer board I have next to me here which I mean it does provide some pretty cool effects to it you know like I can talk like a my curve ball Hey just like that which is kind of cool but at the end of the day like this is icing this is frosting on the cake the girth of the meal if you will the cake itself that's all I knew man Mars crowdfunding is completed look at the money many many many many many many many many good good good good good this I want you give me that artificial muscles is a breakthrough it's already one percent I'm actually really curious to see how fast we research that then this generate 100 research per soul for each RC rover vehicle quick quick quick quick active research fat first anything that generates more science per soul that is in the front of the list automatic there's no reason to ever wait for it it's always at the front of the list more applicants appearing on earth is kind of cool but I don't need that yet then we're gonna do [Music] this one followed by this one followed by hmm I need the apartments i I can't bring people here unless I have the apartments so let's wait and not one put the apartments in I mean I can bring them without the apartments but I don't want to then the subsurface heater from there I just I just choose not to because it's it's a waste of real estate if I can have more people living in there I can cover more jobs I want more anomalies they're so good so good wait I wonder if this truck can now now it's not gonna be able get over here darn it it's kid can you drive all the way over here no no not even close I would need another tunnel here and then another tunnel here or I'd need a tunnel here I mean theoretically that's how I get over here I get over here with a tunnel that's a really expensive tunnels and that better be worth it but that's how I could get over here or I could build the tunnel let's say like here and then put the exit right here and then all of a sudden BAM I'm over here and I've got this space set up ready to go but with another anomaly that's one way to do to two tunnels are pretty cool alright so Seoul 33 still here working our way up to this future home of probably 24 colonists I think I need to construct this but I don't want to do it until after the meteor storm is done because otherwise things might get destroyed now just have to repair them anyway so let's just leave it alone meanwhile we're still getting concrete and satisfying all of our concrete needs who hang on it cold rain approaching forty six medals only forty six medals are you fueled up you're not yet but you could be very soon very soon cold waves are pretty dad they definitely are but I think cold waves are one of the ones that can be mitigated provided of course you have the power for example like dust storms super like bad for maintenance everything just goes to dust devils they actually make your stuff malfunction which is terrible so not only are they throwing up dust and deteriorating your ship but they're also like making you maintain which that sucks cold waves don't appear to do that they freeze your water but you can mitigate that with the subsurface heaters they don't really make fuel depots stop working they don't make water extractor stop working they don't add anything it doesn't look like any way they don't add anything to the deterioration of your stuff your drone stuff will like batteries will use twice as much power but they don't stop them from working to where like a dust devil wool like if a dust devil came through here right now I'm screwed like dust devil comes through here game over GG because if it comes through here and it messes up this vehicle right now if the dust devil hits this vehicle and makes this malfunction game over because none of my drones work I'd have to I have to not game over not game over I'd have to send a rocket down with more drones to fix this and that would just suck but whatever should I land the rocket up here next time can land the rocket up here with resources and drums we have concrete's you can bring polymers we have only 30 of them we could bring some polymers we don't need more machine parts but it might be good idea to bring some and also electronics or a little bit low metals are pretty low too I think we landed up here we're gonna bring 40 metals mmm about that Explorers batteries full so let's have it come down here and get this breakthrough discus stop hold on we'll get that factory automation sounds like I believe that one is less people in factories so you need less people to work a shift for a factory to be at full capacity which is so good because it means we can we can make everything we want to and extract things that we want to but that frees up staff to work out their jobs it also means people can be happier and we can put more people all of us it's very good one very good one good things are happening people and I just realized that I actually wasn't recording after the after it crashed after the crash to desktop I wasn't recording so now I am the catch people up if you're watching the vod's I need to for this for some reason we have a dust storm happening right now we got all the same research same things factory automation still the same stuff but we just got another a bit of research which we just got as another anomaly and we were able to get oh we are able to research frictionless composites which is what we did yeah cargo space being increased is nice but we don't have the money anyway so I can't really fill the rocket as is so I'm not gonna worry about that polymers factor move very nice to do it would actually be much cheaper to manufacture on the surface than it is to prefab it so I think I think I'm gonna take that then after that I'm already doing plutonium synthesis so this is good what we're gonna end up doing here then we're gonna get plutonium synthesis this makes our Stirling generators better then we're gonna grab the polymer factory we're gonna build one over there by the dome we'll have a lot of engineers and geologists working on stuff all the time so few botanists to help out where have we need a very big variety of people but we're eventually we're gonna be building two apartment buildings in here at least two so it's gonna be at least 48 probably closer to 50 60 colonists living in this one dome and we'll have plenty of jobs for them because we're gonna be taking both of these will work double shifts will have a polymers factory probably over here out of the way of these maybe over here even eyelid like them I think I'd like to land rockets over here though so we'll probably put the polymers factory over here we'll fill that with two shifts and since we have automated factories we'll probably now there's the thing does the automated factories do they affect these if do they affect the extractors or is it only the polymers factory that's the thing I don't know we'll have the RC transport truck do it don't achieve wo an oxygen shortage you know we have a water shortage yep we know this we also have a power shortage I'm gonna use the stirling generator let's set it I can actually use this whole area for power really let's put the stirling generator here spread things out a little bit put the stirling generator there that's gonna be that's a prefab so that'll just get built that's nice how much does this produce now so this does ten we got that enhancement right no it's it's being researched right now so I want to check and see that once it's done but while this is closed if you're new to the game while this is closed it doesn't require any maintenance maintenance is entirely predicated on dust weather dust can affect things and this has a nice hard shell it protects the inner core which is where the power is coming from from dust so we're not gonna have to maintain it ever as long as we keep it closed but keeping it closed only generates ten power which is the equivalent of two wind turbines that's why these things are so expensive if we open it it will generate double the power and I think after this research is done it will generate triple the power but we'll see I haven't actually had that research before so we don't know they're not gonna be able to make their own food which is a big problem because we don't have any food we do have the hydroponic farm we might have to just deal with that I don't like the but look hydroponic farm is it sucks power requires more workers to be effective for less food and it also needs maintenance but I think we're gonna have to do that we're gonna have them build the hydroponic farm I think back here I also want them to build a research lab that has to happen and I'd love to have a second apartment complex we did we put the grocery Nia no the grocer into okay I think that's it the open air would require all of our polymers I'd love to do it I really would love to do it but we require all our polymers so instead let's give them some Lakes and some other stuff like this to play with just to kind of like hold them off this is a this is a male you drop one of the females yeah so we have one to two botanists guess so to geologists three geologists excellent one two three four scientists one medic and okay split and one engineer we have two engineers the engineers will end up working the non off jobs until we get the polymers factory and then they'll be useful really useful I will replace none of them this is good lunch okay we're sending the colonists so all this stuff needs to get built do we have we don't have enough polymers or probably enough metals to build that so let's get our truck over we want to get the dam that's concrete I thought that was metals I got excited do you not have any metals 54 metals where are they must be this right they just look weird stop bring polymers stop how about you bring a couple more electronics and then more medals here and then all the food

and then bring that all the way over here and drop it off over here [Music] is there food Depot here no there needs to be we have a power shortage I know all right what's the power shortage down by 35 on 35

you need the rest of those polymers gonna need the rest of those polymers let's take the drag this out like this and then we're going to take power accumulators and we're gonna put them all you gotta be kidding me [Applause] well you'll let me do it here it's usable space that wasn't usable the other orientations so I'll take it yep we'll take it we'll take to power accumulators there will store the power near the dome theoretically if these fill up from power consumption which we're gonna have to put we're gonna need wind we're gonna take wind I think we're gonna take wind all the way through here I'm really nervous about this I need another drone hub so that this command range so this vehicle is my RC Rover these little drones here are being commanded by this they're able to work on anything that's within this hexagonal range so as long as I move this vehicle in range it should be able to work on that facility all these little icons here usually mean that they need drones in operational range I'm not sure why they all stopped but they did fine whatever solar panels for power all that stuff we have a tunnel that comes through here brings people up and this is our dome colonists since our ally Mars they live in domes a big nice giant glass very strong glass but but glass domes nevertheless and we have no colonists yet but they're about to land in fact I'm gonna bring them down right now so let's go ahead and do that right over here I think we want to land our Rockets as far away from normal buildings and structures as we can because they kick up a lot of dust the primary thing that deteriorates your stuff and requires maintenance is dust so the more dust we fling up into the air the more we're gonna have to maintain our stuff and use our resources and we don't have a whole lot of those resources so that's gonna be a thing and this might even be too close to the battery I'm kind of hoping it's not I might not want to land it over here but it is what it is let's take a look at stuff take a look at our new colonists as they come down to the surface of Mars and I want to meet you guys I'm gonna look at the chat really quick stuff stuff and stuff so you pick a hard mission and a bad captain kind of the way we're envisioning it as far as like a storytelling perspective goes is were a fairly inefficient and experienced company who is sending our best man out into the world upon entering Mars something happened malfunction and we end up landing in a place that we didn't intend to land and as a result we need to just make do with what we have at with the mission parameters that we have so that's kind of what we do full of hope and determination the first founders have set foot on the Red Planet so a lot of things to cover it's a pretty extensive game it's a pretty complicated game and with this configuration and this the situation is also very difficult a very difficult game as well I don't know what mods they're gonna make there was a couple of different things that I don't necessarily like about the game right now that I hope modders can fix one of those things let's bring the fuel one of those things is colonists management like individual colonists management it doesn't really have it it's not meant to micromanage but it allows you to name and then rename like everything in the game but then they don't give you the ability to like track what happens to your colonists so you can name your colonists like after my twitch viewers for example but then I can't tell what happens to them after they name them I have to go find them manually and then when they died they don't even tell you they dies so they could be like a guy you know if you're a twitch viewer and you're like yet your name in the game you kind of want to follow your own character around you kind of want to be like oh I wonder what's happening to me right now and normally like a game like rim world you can do that really easily but in this it's like you could be dead and I'm gonna have to look through all my colonists to see and I can't just look at a list of my colonists I have to like look at each individual living space and say okay which one are you and it's just a horrible management system in that way so I'm hoping modders will add a colonists management like a character kind of management system to the game so that I can least follow people I know that's not necessarily the point of the game but I'm hoping that they do it anyway here's some oxygen stored this thing's busting its ass I might need to have another one you see this one this one this one this one this one yeah what I need to do is get these I just need more metals this this area is very poor with metals if I can get another dome up here I can start extracting these metals but I just don't have the resources for that especially with only one rocket so it's a really hard this is a really hard start much is in this 26 get this instead stack these somebody use this truck to pull metals out of the ground here there's certain deposits scattered around randomly and also when meteor showers happen sometimes meteors will bring you resources to so they'll hit your structures sometimes which which sucks but when they hit your structures there's also valuable minerals and metals inside those those those falling asteroids those falling meteors meteorites all the different names pipe leak reported obviously a super hard run but what's the average play time on a regular play through said you chose a mission to complete yeah so I want to say I don't know because I haven't actually done a full playthrough yet it's a pretty extensive game takes a while I'd say that the other colony that we have on Twitch has two streams two streams worth so my streams are usually pretty long I want to say that we did I think it has about 14 or 15 hours into it and we're like maybe a third of the way through the tech tree so it's pretty good and we haven't even like we haven't even explained we have like four domes we haven't even gotten super big yet so it is definitely a game that will take you a bit research complete I think we're gonna go ahead and pack these guys up and get them closer because we need them to make sure we maintain these things because the dust storms coming and we need this to happen so I'm gonna come right here hopefully this is in range it is let's go a little bit closer good right take I want you to take these get rid of this and then all you guys are gonna bring all these resources over to here bring the metals here and then I can repair these the dust storm is gonna suck but we're only at an oxygen shortage now and we've got the oxygen tanks this tank has about half full now and there's another tank all the way down here which has half full so I think we're gonna be fine on that we're not gonna get any solar power during this dust storm because we're just not it's nighttime too so they're already down but we also have the power accumulators one here which is gonna be a power accumulator that's designed to provide power to these things if anything goes wrong with the line so I like to put my I'm gonna put my batteries next to things that are using the power and hopes that if anything goes wrong with the lines the facilities can at least draw off the batteries this dome has three batteries near it and it's all full so this place is not gonna lose power but it's still not gonna be easy the drone assemblers sounds so good to have so lets me actually make my own drones problem with that is it's very expensive as is everything in this game right now power production increased by 33% like art our wind turbines are gonna produce so much power this is awesome I need decommission protocol as well fortunately yeah we're gonna do this too this is hard it's very hard it's very hard what are the advantages of the low ground then

[Music] none I don't know I don't think there are any advantages to the low ground I don't think that's the thing no advantage to the low ground other than the fact that there's resources down there there is this is where we started right I wanted to make it as hard as possible that was the whole goal it's not like I'm not like a I have to play it on the hardest difficulty but I was playing somebody Mars with another colony on YouTube I have a youtube colony started now there's four episodes up the fifth one post tomorrow 61 posts today after that Saturday senators are commonly found we were doing a twitch colony that one is going to be continued tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time come on back if you want and will also either continue that the entire time or probably switch back to this one because this one's actually doing pretty good and this is exciting because it's it's the hardest possible difficulty we can do okay that farm is done decommissioned protocol is getting there I think we killed this get the resources for it we can decommission it later this is what I want to focus on first crop not wheat wants sway beans for two crops I don't have that other thing it's okay we're gonna do soy beans for a while we are all descendants of those who dared to look beyond the nice cozy valley they inhabited and enter a world full of mystery and wonder like that's such a weird goal analyze 30 anomalies that soul 100 you currently have 13 strange goal I guess it's probably more attainable than the 200 colonists goal but it's still kind of weird to me alright liftoff get out here bye good bye all right what I want you to do I want you to constantly take fuel from the spot and deformed anomaly found to the spot that's what I want you to do so just do that all the time another anomaly great way over here perfect I mean there's so many anomalies to get one two three four five six seven eight nine ten there's 11 on the map so automatically just by what's already discovered there's a possibility for me to be having 20 24 like it's a lot but I can't get there I can't get there without a tunnel and I ain't got no resources for a tunnel not another one truck bringing I need the truck to bring everything to here please thanks and then let's pin one of these let's pin the fuel refinery that way I can go Nicole I can go like this now let's be like boom here boom here instead of having to like scroll all the way over to it I'm pretty sure this will produce enough food from for them 24 people this takes for Seoul screws 20 for food I think that will be enough we've got a pretty good Bank here but it's good to keep an eye on it so we have 46 food right now so if I check this tomorrow or the next stole like two souls from now if I check this two souls for now and they have less than 46 I know that we're not negative and I need to do something more for food however this will also go up because the soil quality is 50% soybeans raised at 10 so it'll be 60 for these so this will produce a little bit more than this and then it'll be 70 for these so it'll produce a little bit more than this on and on and on until we have a hundred see 100 then I'm going to switch one of the crops to potatoes which has the highest yield so then we'll do soy beans potatoes soy beans back and forth I like this thing working two shifts I like it I got a lot a more fuel though back down with ye what I'm curious about is the mysteries that are gonna happen at this difficulty that's a good point well there's only one mystery that will happen because we manually chose the mystery the mysteries you choose you can hit random which is what I did my other colony and then it will choose one for you at random and you won't know what it is but you can choose the mission if you want to the mystery and we chose Mars gate which is the hardest one so that's part of the plate there was to get as hard as possible so this person here has a comfort of 10 that sucks it's a child who is currently homeless that's why they have a comfort of 10 I need to provide them with a nursery I guess this is the building we're gonna have instead of the other apartment complex unless I can put it here which I totally can take this out can't the problem is that if I take that out this provides us a relaxation exercise in playing this provides relaxation exercise in playing this provides relaxation exercise in playing okay so we have too many of these they think instead I'm gonna get rid of stone garden and then once this is done and got it here and gone well then take the nursery and put this in here build this as a high priority go this is just concrete build a sector scanned ooh there's lots of polymers over here just can't get there god this is such a good place we have to get here what I might do is maybe land the rocket here resources are low if I do that I can't refuel it yeah I can't do that I can't refuel it if I do that so I have to make a tunnel here I have to get up here is there a way what's the tunnel cost again was a tunnel cost

okay the metals are a problem but manageable the machine parts are 30 so if I bring 50 machine parts and 250 machine parts five electronics and ten polymers can I bring that much in a rocket 50 machine parts you only bring 35 min I can't bring I need the polymers too badly I can't bring that many we can bring 20 but then we don't have the machine parts to repair what about 25 it gives us a little extra time then bring the polymers to help with this the electronics are gonna have to wait we're good on food could bring some additional metals but it doesn't really do much would rather have the drone rather I have two drones in five metals yes absolutely I think we bring this and then I might be able might be able to build the tunnel let's try it it's gonna mean I can't bring my polymers factory prefab though that is a pretty important part of my plan that takes 300 million out of the equation if I do that then I only have enough to bring 15 machine parts and five polymers so either have to have my prefab well I think I'm gonna do the prefab polymers I'm gonna do the factory reason being because those anomalies aren't going anywhere but my polymers are so if I can bring the prefab building and make the polymers I think that's probably better these aren't going anywhere right and even if I don't get it by Sol 100 which I'm probably not going to they're not going anywhere we can get them at any time and we'll really ramp up our stuff after that point so I need to make my polymer so I'm not like stuck here in one down the whole time like really stuck cuz this is all I have that's the extent of my entire supply of my colony's polymers

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