In god we trust not the police

by: charlie farley

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come on yourself don't realize you can meet you fresh pasta now you committed steel trespass you can meet trespassers you can meet civil trespass you commit civil trespass you're a public servant I don't want nothing to do with ya go why leave me alone stop irrationally you people are real to protect me I've broken no laws oh boy what law of our broken what law of a broken not interested there's a letter box there you can explain everything violet letter box that's what it's for I will commit the crime so I'll commit the crime crime yep they're comin or what enforcement oh man under common law jurisdiction it says so there you tell me the crime of commit these people Aria to protect me could you tell me what can you tell me what an act is can you tell me what an actus can you tell me what an actus your Payoneer quote in the Town and Country Planning Act and you don't know what it is I'll tell you boys and these voluntary according to Black's Law Dictionary I'm not volunteering if I want nothing through youth people I'm here under common law jurisdiction and they shall kill somebody you've got no jurisdiction over me spite your jurisdiction state your jurisdiction you have no jurisdiction if you had jurisdiction these people would be arresting me they're not they're not arresting me because they know it's not a crime it's a civil matter it's a civil matter it's a civil matter even these people know that ivory of I've served I've served on you notice of removed employed right of excess and I'm telling you now I'm removing your employed right of action under section one more 3i over the town country planning X you have no right my property concert I'm removing any right you think you have it's there in black and white read it anything you have on that you've gained by illegal trespass and it's inadmissible in a court of law do you understand do you understand I won't be going to call because I'm not a criminal courts are for criminals if I was a criminal these people here would be arresting me and taking me away there's an old saying give somebody enough rope telling yourself you've just committed civil trespass on my property you've been told you should be arresting her I thought you took to arrest her for trespass I've just told this she's not got enough run right to enter my property these for your work and they're recording you committed civil trespassing well you two should know better no ain't cover file warrant show me the warrant show me the warrant I made one show me the one star me a warrant yeah it's covered under a warrant you said and she hasn't got a warrant you need a warrant of entry to get on the earth joined by Justice little piece there silence faint would quench Queensland so it's legal nothing will they get on these tablets because that's all bullshit I know that and you know that and they ain't got it she's come down here she's manipulating you to she's like yeah she's committed fraud and I'm stating that now she's committed fraud by lying to you to on any paperwork she's got it's fraud right choke it's entirely up to you to you know to arrest me if she says I'm a criminal if I'm a criminal I've committed a crime what's to call me on what is botanic Country Planning Act the Town and Country Planning Act come in in 1990 how this was invented before then you just try to manipulate people and column out of money unsure I'm here under common law that's the caveman not cave person only not something

showed me shows me will you two be returning with her right you know where our stained and the common-law you know they're committing fraud and I'm telling you under the idea of bayonets anybody who assists somebody right in the law or a criminal gets done for the same thing now you've got a mortgage you get blackmailed by your governor you go out you do this you do that if you think I'll get somebody else to do it you've got a mortgage to pay so you comply I'm not telling you what she's doing is wrong don't back look up the law right because she is just manipulating you to and I'm right I know you you've got a shit job to do and you go out on a Friday night and you've got peace heads that want to beat you out and do all sorts of things but I ain't I'm not annoying nobody everything I've got yeah I've bought out my old in cash after the tax man has robbed me and now she wants to take the old she's telling me it ain't mine and she's gonna come down here and do it she wants so now you know I ain't no debating I will go off here I what people have 10 times more than me


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