SHE RAPPIN' THOU!! Despacito 4th Impact Cover

by: LiaDina

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LLO shall shine with the melon video I'm tired but besides the point we're gonna be writing to 4th impact now it's not one that you guys requested but it is it was the hair in my face um but it is one that I'm like very excited to see because the song itself it's very very popular this bossy though uh it is this my seat though they do they do a cover to it Sally it's C remix version the moment just to me varying it and we're gonna get cited not don't eat that wait Salinas hair is bugging me it's like me I don't have no right to judge because this right here but like it's not blonde it's orange they didn't dye it properly just saying I'm sorry okay continue I should [Music] I'm excited everyone's doing a cover to it so this better this is exciting

[Music] she has like a deep raspy voice I want to know facing this Spanish it so I'm excited for

[Music] all right wait oh this is very interesting hmm I should like this version [Applause] [Music]

[Music] wait wait wait can we take human look at their faces we're okay anyways you gotta locate like it is very hard it is very hard as a Hispanic person that speaks Spanish I struggle I even I struggle with the language in the fact that they're Filipinos my name is getting stuffy the fact that like they're Filipinos and like they whenever they speak English from the videos I've seen they have an accent like they struggle a bit a tad bit with English so the fact that they can speak the song in Spanish which is not their language and it's not the Philippines Edison or in English it is in Spanish I bet you I don't have time for that like like damn and the fact and also the fact that she's wrapping gosh and it's like she's not saying the word flakes no it she's like she's saying words wait she wearing contacts the one the one the one with the stripes I got she's she's wearing stripes

she's wearing contacts I got I do have to admit they're singing it's like a bit low like they're a bit off tune I'm not a perfectionist at singing but like it sounds like a little bit out you but like you got to give them props you don't give them props it's not in the Philippines I don't know well English the Philippines speak but like it's not that language it's not in English it's a difficult only different language

our voice - OH

already released people why yes you subscribe to them bloopers wait let's check out the bloopers they have bloopers bloopers the green big a little stuff you know what you know what I think it's very funny oh thank you you know what's great about them that they're all sisters so they can like all relate to each other that's good that's great um but like you have to like you have to admire it's not the language of the Filipino speak it's not in English either it is in Spanish and Spanish is a very hard language it's the most romantic language ever but is hard I can learn and that's like coming from a Mexican like I got the no pile of that on my forehead and it's a very hard language to learn and the fact that they're like singing it and more importantly they're rapping and better Yankees part it's great it's just great what the is up with Mayer I don't know it's really good I liked it it was great it was great it was great life is great hope you guys have a great

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