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Montana 300 in the build in the building about what are you talking about what are you talking about cuz all I do is think of bars on my back a holic

yo yo what up what no it's late yo yo what up it's your favorite - back it's late yo it's late and we try to get this in there we're trying to get this let me tell you man like it's like you got some technical difficulties like a motherfucking this is like they don't want this to happen for you off with us tonight we're the computer I'm gonna computer don't want to act right dealing with a lag issue and I was like I was trying to find a ways to fix that like by the time I find a way face is gonna be late so I'm like I just deal with it yeah I'm saying let's run it hooked up on mics and stuff got dog on really record get ready for Court damn speaking out of dance speaking at work speaker dead yeah I'm saying charge they're charging speaker didn't speaker won't connect a bluetooth phone yeah I won't connect a bluetooth like it's just every little bitty small night is too long yeah just like our six video today that's crazy man so yeah I'm saying imminent drop the kickoff freestyle we're bout to get straight into it man it's late we buddy we bite get straight into it and get it to y'all yeah I mean no life your life so I saw to the mouse quarter - squat everybody know what it is if you have nobody today make sure you do so what that you watch it bring it in got some hood all right no let's go him I'm always looking bad already turn it up competition the main objective is to destroy the ring beside the shelter saw saying your own thing and everything whatever the fuck you can to get a reaction from the crowd so nothing's off nothing's off aluminum battle yeah off the battle rap yes we know this yes we know this mm-hmm chef Jay and everything chef Trevor's mr. white views out right now go check out our little bullshit chef tre yo there's number one battle rapper in the south yeah I'm Sam spit that lyrical miracle spit that leg of miracles that ass it sounded like Royce's voice this is in the swimming pool before this kicks off nothing's off-limits yeah that sound like Roy that's Roy's speed in the room for miracle before this kicks off let me sit my boss and his tease there's some duck knocks every time I cross one of these before this kicks off I'm saying my balls on his T's when he did like they're like football young-sam and foot when they do the kickoff I'm saying they put the ball in T then then to the golf tee you put your balls on the golf tee you know you put your that look like I yeah and then you know the golf tee it looks like a I so it's like I'm dying eyes every time I crossed one of these cross teeth across and yeah yeah yeah yes and golf ball on the tee you know how they say when you got to dot your i's and cross the t's that mean you own point yeah and the person one day on point when they got all the eyes across all the t's they take day time to do that shit they never they pay very close attention to detail you know Sam yeah yeah like you know and what he's saying is he paid very close attention to details so if you take a while for me to get this shit it's because I'm dying on my eyes and crossing all my motherfucking teens dies when I cross these nigga that's hard that's it code already it's not a redeeming quality at all of me it's impossible seems like an impossible dream positive thoughts intervene but they're all these are altered and mean assault and demean toasted that being lost in the scheme swash the between a brainwashing machine mm-hmm come on ease thoughts yes it does come out positive yes a they get lost in between lost and he's like they get lost in between schemes and like they get all twisted and demented mmm-hmm follow it come might start out positive but the final product my time you get out his damn mouth CEO says it's big twice this year yeah exactly like in the washing machine that you get all twisted rain wash wash you know Sam and he brainwashing you with his lyrics and and you know saying and just to see this just fucking crazy bro yeah yeah brainwashing machine because his brain is Alessi Islamic regime but jihadist extreme radical suicide bombing it scene so he's pretty much pregnant picture a yeah I'm saying how radical he is I radical is I'm not gonna like that kamikaze like a suicide bomber yeah Mariana grande sing the last song of the evening and it's the audience from the damn concert is leaving that makes the device strapped to his head time in the region I'm not gonna finish that for obvious reasons but bring it mmm let me let me get this out before we go into this game okay it's before I leave my head rapid tear I had a battle with hollered to dine mm-hmm holla the dial was on I forgot what his name was on body but he was in body mm-hmm let you know who he was he was a TT he was in a tag team match yeah but um hey Rob better um hobbled it done and he had gonna grind a ski yeah you said I hit your man chest or you don't see him the spy or the spotter blow up you know saying mmm-hmm every on the ground they had that you no the incident last year yeah what would the bombing that occurred this Armour yeah yeah with the bomber and so Dan line got out and got no going are you on the growing these fans went crazy on a rock no trying to get his bowels taking down everything you know Sam mm-hmm you thinking about taking out I'm not sure food but if they did get it taken out I gotta put back up my day was going crazy on them they was dog but yeah but yeah so am saying you know he gonna hear when I finish this game he say I'm gonna stop this thing for obvious reasons for obvious reasons mmm-hmm yeah I'm saying cause it's such a sensitive topic and yes it's a such a sensitive topic and I'm saying and he knows I'm got dogs gonna go to get on this and you know and then is he a double he didn't people take his shit so serious - yeah cuz remember what happened when the would the BT cipher hmm you know the prayers or whatever he had people showing up a his studio you said like Little Miss time I'm not gonna say nothing yeah let me cheer for obvious reasons yeah so he did that scam like I'm a kamikaze bomber tight yeah I mean coming to you you know saying come to where you were and blow your spot oh yeah yeah yeah dogs I'm a Muslim I'm not Middle Eastern but I'll make up pitch rocket hit chopping at least up next to the large and a t-shirt back to its ad time in the region I'm not gonna finish that for obvious reasons but bring your dogs I'm a Muslim I'm not Middle Eastern but I'll make up pitch rocket you're chopping at least up next to the large and a t-shirt headscarf and a piece of tarp underneath the carpenter hasta LaVista hmm bring your dogs are Muslim you know say he with the husband shutting my fucking you know soon what's over their mouth I'm buzzing AUSA yeah I'm saying mmm-hmm you're the play on worries with Muslim yeah yeah yeah I'm saying bomb it's in our day yeah mmm-hmm I go for mice on the pizza a paradox on the beach and a pair crotchless underwear on the terrorist watch list getting head in the sand like an embarrassed ostrich getting a head in the sand I can embarrass ostrich oh you know how to master stick the head in the sand it's a food thing I think that one of you scared yeah yeah yeah yeah can't nobody see on this shit yeah you still get seen bright shit I'm just gonna put the head you're gonna put the head in oh man that's fun that's fun getting head in the sand getting here you know you know Sam yummy in the nasty nasty you gettin it in the sand you know mean the play on words yeah bitch it's prayer Beach watching you talking to her like Apple wrist where mm-hmm now for what else Apple watch you saying he owned that Dick Tracy hashtag Dick Tracy if you know what I mean you know same bags bags they did chase you down yeah that was dinner Thanks endangered species in the say BC should have bit scarce praised decreasing I faced extinction like disc players so that's hard that's cold-blooded I face extinction like this players this players what he said before that the ABC shit is is like niggas just skipping over the ABCs niggas are skipping over the format oh how how does shit is supposed to be done in see the real is getting extinct like this players nigga oh yeah well that's how y'all bought a CD fags noob a real put it in the comments was the last time you purchase a CD a disc like this hack this compact this fool a display and put it in your disc player hmm me bundle CD in a long time what was that look at the last time you bought the CD no you know the last time I bought a CD oh yeah it was ludicrous word of mouth Wow no no no it was ludicrous battle of the sexes mmm that's what it was I can't even tell you when the last time I last time I bought a CD play chick she's hot is Jada Pinkett and just stared so I made her thinking so maybe we should just get married she's facing me I'm placing my feet with my hips square tell her turn around spread her legs for me that I hit pair leave us mix down like a baby t-shirt on Ric Flair as I'm in there ain't no beads in a split rare spray Febreze in the chick's hair make a wheeze trying to kick air I played four keys there's no escaping me I have a bit scared changing me and throw away the key she'll be so afraid to leave that even if she ends up breaking free so just sit there mmm damn that's that's cold even if she brings in change even if she can finish again free she not gonna run cuz she's gonna be so sure no she's so sick no you just gonna sit there like okay am i I'm just gonna see here this can't be real right this can't be real they put that type of friend of love like Frank's trying to scrape up enough courage and strength to get up it's impossible like the slut we stay black naked and pop your clothes wait for you what my idea you come into its waking you up with smelling salts after I play them to cup that's straightened you walk you try to strain like a puff hate to get bogged down in details but bitch I'm like that Dog Pound with females my brain is cold we like the dog pound with females my brain is corrupt you know the corrupt is in the dog pound I wanted to wrap us from the dog pound corrupting - on - Dillinger um I like how he got this film though it was like because he he opened the video talking about battle rap and now it's the the way the camera is like directly on them facing them it's like he's got us in the battle round balance or like if you battle ain't him yeah as dope you know saying it's like then you guys see this motherfucker coming at you I don't think I want none of that yeah yeah yeah til this half is of users about to in venire yeah yeah this is how I look with this nigga your face like peeled side strangle my eye strangle mistakes next to miss triangular shape put its up side down in my mouth ain't in a shot it makes them meeting your reps if it makes you a buck but helps you bake in the Duckett's I want payment in part because I ain't trying to get in your bars like I'm waiting to club but if you put me in your lines I'm taking it tight mmm he said I ain't trying to yeah they just made my name out of your mouth yeah I'm not trying to get in your bars you know saying I'm waiting the club like oh yeah go to the ball club bar yeah look cuz I just leave my name out get a million writers inside of a room combined and it tried to get every guy give every possible line to spit every punch line at the combination that rhymes with it rich a whole team can't see me there's no eyes in it ain't no I in team mmm the whole team yeah the whole team it ain't no iron in your whole team yeah a nine year old thing mmm thanks ain't no letter I in the whole team your whole team can't see me there's no I in it see this mm-hmm take so big I shot myself ten times and it trying to commit suicide in it to five minutes and I survived the shit mmm he can't kill itself someone's gonna challenge me who battle me and win that's a fucking fallacy - you named one motherfucker in his Galaxy reality you fantasy rally your troops try to boost the morale only time I'll start a move that's a bath every time I start a Blauman was a valve on bowel movement he said you can't name my motherfucking this galaxy they can beat me hey did you get a nigga spit yeah he spit and made a rhyme yeah this game dance to added a spit sound yeah as a barn again ya mean I Spit sound wet bars sound bars it was crazy can't even keep a camera blue when you rap in the booth not even a Naboo cuz even though I'm allergic to the crap that you spew when about to break out I don't mean get a rash from it - just when I say I've allergies I actually do but that's just an analogy I've never had a reaction to you mm-me scheme it was a main skin allergy we actually had a reaction you he said even though you you you asked you ain't shit I I still never had a reaction to you but I can't cheer for you in the booth I can't even boo yo gives you because you just fucking none existing you'll see I can't even get a reaction from it yeah yo she is that bad to the point where I can't even react yeah ok yes it can be good I can go no yes she can be bad I can be like boo oh yeah she just don't even deserve a fucking reaction yeah yes it is therefore below a little too young just think how bad some God before it not to deserve it reaction that's not even a negative one they don't even deserve a nigga's life see it just is just so bad it deserves no acknowledgment Zack whatsoever exactly you heard such ass up with this track uh yeah I think pass me that down on the Wang Cho's no thanks let me the end of the conversation fangs Creature from the Black Lagoon I reach up in a snap the moon you reach struck down I'm back so soon your teacher for this afternoon creep up with a pack of hoodlums we pack a punch like Capri Sun deep talk like we eat snuck in a submachine gun we stuck in a submarine button but a bag of shrooms you said we pack a punch like a prisoner you know Hawaiian Punch and the Capri Sun pouch here okay got a punch ello Justin Bieber in a Catholic school selling Dustin reefer we get back to Justin Bieber in the Catholic school selling Dustin reefer when your back is to Justin Bieber wild enough mm-hmm oh you got these good kids and these these these people you think is good you know saying you know saying the good guys out here but see these motherfuckers your back is to him they got down doing a third they weren't all that dirt they're doing all they dirt when your back is to him yeah that's hard I like that don't adjust your speaker I'll cuss the strikes off of a fucking zebra when I'm act up sue I've been cleaned out to my gag from fumes fuck Christina with a plastic spoon while I pop some cheap fucking blessings new cuz her GG cups of massive huge I so in the beginning of that scheme he said don't adjust just don't adjust your speakers mm-hmm basically saying listen to what the fuck I'm about to say you know Sam and then he went into saying out it snatched the zebras off for just rushed a Snipes out from zebra at the fucking zoo for Christina with a plastic spoon bought some g-funk and Zaheer he started saying all this offensive shit right after he said I don't adjust your speakers and I think I'm gonna say what the fuck I gotta say cuz he think about in the beginning he said I'm gonna say in battle rap you gotta say the most offensive fucking there's no fucking rules no rules he said I might to say whatever the fuck I want to say don't adjust your speaker mhm nigga don't turn me down I think I'm about to say y'all kind of crazy yeah yeah anyway I went on a rant but better hearing done thanks it's fun for me just to grab a boob plus my peanuts got an adder to my fucking windows in a competitive move coming supplamine one like it's mad at you hmm you say I would love to just grab a boob my penis got a matter to me it's the fuck is what he says aggressive your says we're coming sup Tina's like it's mad at you mad at you no I mean like is mad at you like you trying to make it you try to apologize yeah yeah my I'm sorry you can suck it like it's mad at ya like mofo you goddamn pissed no you suck it like you may seem like it's mad at you but you got to put in that work you're up putting that work work that won't fucking make up right now they make up here yeah yes I speak tongue-in-cheek what you asked let's do cuz you love to eat but it's sad of the ear but that's being sung achievements do what you'd love to eat but beside this other side that's true seem like he had all eaten asking yeah you know spirit on your cheek is you know you sarcasm using sarcasm yeah just what you a slick dude oh I'm saying I'm just bullshitting I'm just being sarcastic and y'all taking this shit for real yeah you know saying I speak Tunku cheek what you athletes do I'm being sarcastic when I say your name in a verse I understand that yeah I'm just bullshitting and I'm joking around y'all my works take this shit for real that's what you athletes do then you say cuz you love to eat but you know to learn to eat but you let it kiss a kiss ass yo you shit aside it's true you can't be goddamn eating but though you fucking around get Ebola you can't be tossing no cell you know it's bad let it's bad out there though they taking it off the shelf everywhere but I don't eat no but you try to catch Ebola I just sprung a leak suddenly what I think and my gut instinct become NSYNC my thoughts and my stomach wake up with each other it touches the panting boom say my thoughts and my stomach's not my link up and then eat he pretty much is that his thoughts and his stomach linked up like his thoughts his brain and his gut feeling mm-hmm you know saying he and he go what is good mm-hm and they saying they comes out over ink then bone nigga sister day Drake eight weeks I was made eat lead that's basically what makes me me creating steam so these types of fainting in who's the greatest thing we're still debating wait mmm-hmm you say I've been thinking I've been the greatest and she hooked up with Dre yeah you know saying that made me immediately made me an elite Young Saeng cuz everything Jerry touches yeah yeah makes me meet Nelson no and I've been I've been on this run ever since he brought up the conversation who does great history I'm saying yeah yeah he said he's still debate you who the greater nigga week yeah yeah and that's that tongue-in-cheek shit like I said tongue in cheek that's that sarcastic yeah AGG and better put out an APB cuz they'll take your lady PG me laying in the street but you can see shady Pete and I betcha they'd need cleats because I have to be stomped by 40 min to suffer a defeat mm-hmm I gotta be stumped by 40 men to suffer a defeat a defeat and 80 feet 80 feet in a Nelson and the defeat you never saying to me this that's crazy that's dope I gotta for these man by 40 mins there's something like ad feet maybe that's cold that's cold I pray please Jesus to make me decent inhaling the main ingredient of pain relievers in saline I take three of these trying to break these Beavis I'm a lean I stayed free at divas and ladies screaming cuz they keep scheme and I mean lady keeping the women at bay like Laci Peterson baby fetus keeping the women at better late Laci Peterson and then Laci Peterson she did she did uh she was she was found murdered on she would disappear dissociate right now they're moving that story yeah keeping the women at bay light Laci Peterson well she like found in the band some shit don't so well she something like that yeah they just be found in awhile as references though mmm keeping women at bay like Laci Peterson then he went in to survive a lighted about the baby fetus sister she was found in the lake my baby was in the fetus of her son was found - oh yeah yeah today yeah damn it's a fix game literally yeah but if it takes me Cleves to make beat Beavis mistake-free stings of enabling me to remain TV breakbeat either like me see take seats like AMC did it surprise ringleader depraved King mystery media it which makes things easier still under scrutiny villainous smooth criminal living room a new business oh yeah what's down speak don't be stupid alright why is it doing now one more fuckin tanzanite going home thanks I was going to get this Monday yet down I'll be trying everything you did shit the work right


mmm-hmm lady sings to me mm-hmm if in the booth shake eat drink sleep in it are aap leaders it's doing that poopy it's a spillage of sewage leak waist-deep feces the syllables fecal they feel like we knew Lisa's because my brain releases them release initiative but I release audition oh this shit it's the excretion it simultaneously is I'm giving these fools grief they're feeling the Blues because even if still in my shoes these just the films are huge feet even to think what he said it's good good playback is this just you could try to steal my shoes but to fill them it's a huge feat like like feel my feet yeah yeah a healing it's too steep or pay these demons we're still in cahoots keep feeding me plants geez as soon as I think these teeth and I'm killing the loosely trying to shake these trees again she feeding me blank sheets mm-hmm yeah yeah blank sheet she got down started talking about Reister it's time to start shaking these trees oh yeah I mean mm-hmm killing loose leaf trying to shake these trees yeah yeah you know how will you shake the trees and you shake off all the little sleeves yeah yeah yeah mm-hmm killing the loose leaf shake these trees again get the break but it ain't me leaving up but it ain't me leaving them right the vicodins no prints I fight them men shoot them the whites and the blues mixed with nitrous balloons and not like a sniff glue sticks put ricin on toothpicks on the mic I'm just ruthless the crisis and nuisance who I influence I give two shits if they wanna license my music to entice weapon use this shit like it's the blueprint but Isis recruit me mmm he's just talking this shit like his fucking music is a draw let's say Isis recruit me know that wild yeah because he started out with the whole draws ski yeah and he and he twisted that shit all the way to fucking Isis that's crazy excuse me while I stared in his face for a few in a daze or haze glazed over crazy warped moon middle case though I always had a straightforward view but you bozos keep giving the plane for a few no one's ever stake you bozos keep giving the flame throw a few you clowns keep giving the flame thrower fumes and clown ass niggas is rappers just giving me gas to got now flame y'all ass tracks well we're shooting way more room please moves like a lawn mower blade book do it hmm this has little to do with being gay boy it's just what the wordplay is going but ain't much I can say or do cuz ain't no excuse the way it go it's you Sam I was fruit face too if I look your way your scoop shot side the screw things against it schoolers shut up Angie says on my screw face I'll never say my way school face oh if I look away you're screwed he's saying this honey he was actually saying this but they against you like if I say this shit i'm nickolay i'm not really coming at ya motherfucker yeah so don't get the screw face yeah because if I looked your way you really screwed yeah yeah yeah yeah don't get the screw face when I say something by their gay shit yeah yeah I'm saying or whatever if I say the f-word that's the word they bleeped that I believe yeah you know saying like if I'm saying is don't look at me with the screw don't get your face off screw or looking at me because if I'm look get away you fucking screw yeah yeah yeah that's what he's saying yeah that's all I know get the screw face look because if I'm look your weight you screw you screw cuz if looks could kill I could start a hate war too cuz I've murdered you straight beaches by turning the gays aren't you see oh he said he said tired of the game gays only what I might games with the hospitality gays like a man yeah that was cold I was cold how's the cold skinny nose a whole damn City back before that tightly worn pants to the Nike Jordan has to strike these Jordache in the white tees like when storms might be falling fast was before he got down sure though that was a funny infant in them day thanks tired of wearing the same damn nike air head time much as I do shit tired of not having a phone Todd is not having a home to have one in if I did have one home does Becky noon days right there Thanks such a frightening forecast but when you're slightly hoarse rasp from the ciphering or gas but still reciting door rats while you're tightening your grasp around the mic cuz you even hit it on it so much you're always reminded of your past I'll be shitting on the mic and shit on the mic mmm it reminds you of your past if you shit you yo thing you let shit go you gotta let shit go yes your pants is so bad you know I'm saying you love this shit in the past thanks said it's just a frightening forecast you know saying like my fuckin with em shit that shit you you know some shit about to happen bad happen you your future nigga you know you bout to get a storm on your ass nigga you know the storm is coming such a frightening forecast and then he was talking about how you get wild up fast such a frightening forecasting from your slightly hoarse rasp from the ciphering or gas but still recited or rasp from the ciphering or gas yeah siphon gas mmm-hmm and ten y'all saying also using it as a cipher right right saying because after day he said reciting your raps cuz your highness or dance cuz you still haven't finished fucking wiping your ass from the night before last okay he was like yo that's Bakley he talked about in some battle shit right there he saying you know saying like now you wouldn't ring with him and now you know this storm was about to fucking come he said when even even to the point where his voice is getting hoarse and raspy he's still gonna be spitting his motherfucking raps and he gripping on that motherfucker Mike you know I'm saying cuz he just shitted on this motherfucker and he remind him of his past he'd been sitting on motherfucker a long time yeah he'd been sitting on my fuck us a long time till I finish wiping his hair ruling out a mother nigga he's still in finish wiper desires from the other motherfuckers he had the way he still I finish wiping his ass shit oh thanks no good but rat something I'm too good for my own good at mmm he said I'm no good but rather some I'm good for my own good I'm no good by wrapping something I'm too good at for my own good yeah that's cold oh good I'm a grown-up brat when you're calm is that mine always be enrolled in fact they're frozen you ever seen a cul-de-sac mmm you ever seen a cul-de-sac called the Uni with the coldest say yeah yeah yeah have you ever seen somebody cold in the mido real snow frozen cold is saying the other thing call to say yeah so big they fill up my scrotum I just sold them back - so long need a shoulder strap for that got unroll it and fold it back so difficult to wrap in the prophylactic overlaps yeah we just ain't bout to go break that down I understand what you said right there yeah yeah this condom size is the size of a yoga mat that's all you need to know my calculate it for a if you lay that flat right pinkies in aerobics class so bad you don't wanna pop his back the back bone the back your fucking meat singles on my bonus tracks hmm these things my bonus tracks in mine and my b-sides look yummy I'm saying your lead single your best song is just to sit on my bonus track you know the bubble go away a bonus track didn't make it the regional album that Bond's tri-state made out the bonus track didn't make original artifacts and that's what that's what you know he ain't better than ya some shit that weren't even gonna make it wasn't gonna make because it's just like this is Thornton as a bonus it did not only did it not make that album but he has no plans on that shit for future thanks so I'm just gonna throw this shit on ya when I hear my peer stop hearts falling at stomaching speak when I hear my peers stop hmm if you wanna poke his back the backbone the left fuckin lead singles on my bonus tracks and you don't want to poke a bed when he sleep what do you have and then I hear my peer stop rocks falling their stomach their spirits drop hearts falling they stumbled in spirit drop mm-hmm and they get scared Thanks Ria's flap their gears locks the beer stop beer at the mere thought lyrics a top tier so high at the top I'm in disguise when I talk Mitchell the lyrics are so tough - I'm in the sky when I talk you know saying he's in such a high echelon me you know saying he got down floating you know saying so above everybody these theories are so high so high at the top tell me this tag when I talk bitches up flag when I walk my ears when I walk my ears pop nigga doesn't call yes cold nigga let me Wayne well he ain't even left the ground yet he's still hiding the motherfuckers though he said I'm so hot when I walk my dearest power that's shit hard nigga desert cold let me hear giant fucking Chinese boy a giant though if you still walking and use those you still so how would your ears probably be you a giant yeah yeah oh I'm just playing ladies you know I love you

to know the lady's idea for lunch you got an idea for a line Eminem was one line take up a whole fucking see the paper yeah yeah they think of a whole see there's a nigga said back down and start writing anybody got an idea for a line so does that mean we're getting another part that means either we getting another one of these or that muhfucka coming out with the album song ah he might drop a Christmas album dog and then I had Christmas album but I know what y'all think y'all think it's gonna be another continuation to this one well he got an album about to drop he sat back down and start writing he started song yeah he did that for a reason you know I said he might be saying he bout to get back into the babbling out of being crazy he might be time ago no well know what y'all think that minute the end yeah thanks let's chop it up man yeah yeah we'd like to get up out of here yeah after we do this reaction at the I'll finish watching this reaction man we're gonna choose a day to go live to talk about it alright peace lover respect everybody man thanks for hanging in there with us man is it's late but we own it just for y'all I'm promise y'all cuz we would have been with the baby right well I'll let y'all later uh gonna hit that like button subscribe button hit the bell like you already know what it is squirting are we out of here skirt work don't hook somebody today tonight two more know whatever time you watch this


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