Why Vegeta Never Went Super Saiyan 3?

by: MoodZi

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curry vegeta one of the most savage known characters in the Dragon Ball show in fact his Super Saiyan transformation sequences alone are one of the most badass scenes in the series right my friend let me ask you the machine-like yourself ever experienced fear are you ready now to witness a power not seen for thousands of years yet Vegeta is infamously known to skip some Super Saiyan transformation one transformation in particular is Super Saiyan 3 Toriyama seems to completely dismiss the idea of the jada going to that form funny enough the dude escapes this form in both Dragon Ball super and even Dragon Ball GT Canon or not he still skips it and while yes going to Super Saiyan God or super saiyan 4 has nothing to do with going super saiyan 3 first however it's interesting to note that Vegeta ignores that transformation in both shows despite him having both the talent and physical condition to achieve them so why doesn't the jito go super saiyan 3 now I'll have to address one little thing before I explain the answer and then I'm not discussing whether Vegeta will ever go Super Saiyan 3 in either shows but rather what is the reason behind Vegeta not shown to go super saiyan 3 because a lot of official Dragonball video games have no problem in displaying Vegeta Super Saiyan reform in fact it seems that like common tradition for many different dads and companies envision the Saiyan Prince and his long golden hair glory but like I said Toriyama seems to have a different opinion because Vegeta is clearly capable of going super saiyan 3 especially when he was able to surpass Super Saiyan 3 Goku in this famous my ball machine where Vegeta was able to surpass Goku by tapping into his own rage mode now you could say that this temporary powerup has nothing to do with him being able to go super saiyan 3 but I would disagree because the whole concept of Super Saiyan 3 as described by Goku is literally digging deeper which despite being so big it's the concept that Goten and Trunks easily grasped upon by merely seeing goku going for saying 3:1 but then again that was go tanks and Gotenks despite not being as experienced as the jitta his strong base form led him to achieve Super Saiyan 3 almost effortlessly may I add however in Dragon Ball super Vegeta's God essence base form was clearly stronger than Super Saiyan 3 gotenks I'm also confident that Vegeta's regular suppressed base form is stronger than base Kotex as well moreover the data already saw Goku use super saiyan 3 against Kid Buu and against trunks in Dragon Ball super which again those are clear signs that the GIDA does not lack the knowledge or talent in Dragon Ball super to go super saiyan 3 but unfortunately there is one reason why the jitta might never go super saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball super it's because the GIDA already went super sensory I know I know hard to believe but consider this unlike Vegeta trunks when Super Saiyan grade 3 which is the super muscular form which is also called ultra super saiyan by many fans and trunks thought that he had surpassed super Vegeta however we soon realized that this form had flaws and that is why even Vegeta did not use it likewise with Goku who also discovered the same weaknesses with those form so what I'm trying to say is that it's not about whether Vegeta can or can't it's about that he does not want to use that form now I do understand that Toriyama might want Super Saiyan 3 to be exclusive for specific characters in the series but I honestly find it hard to believe that someone as strong as Gojira at this point of time can't go super saiyan 3 yes there might not be any need to go Super Saiyan 3 but I believe that Super Saiyan 3 was ultimately be bad for Vegeta because as we know Super Saiyan 3 consumes enormous amounts of ki and if you know anything about the data he is more of the key type user fighter he drains himself a lot in battle by using beams and throwing key blasts all over the place and Super Saiyan 3 is a form that utilizes ki in a way that Vegeta may have considered faulty and adaptable to his own fighting style not to mention why go Super Saiyan 3 when you can go to god mode right now in fact the whole shtick of the universe 6 ark was Goku and Vegeta reserving their stamina and not spam Super Saiyan which guys by the way I don't understand some of this may contradict how Super Saiyan was handled the Dragon Ball Z but hey you have to find a way to hinder those overpowered guys additionally I must also say when one Goku went ssj3 against trunks he was trying to show him that there are greater heights to achieve of course he could have went God in the anime but then again trunks would not have been able to send scope with God ki had he went super saiyan blue so ssj3 was an easier concept for trunks to understand at that point of time later on Vegeta on the other hand was trying to convey two trunks that there are far greater heights to reach which is the whole thing about Vegeta you will never see Vegeta go super saiyan Grade two or three as these forms have many stamina issues and this is the best reason I could present to why the G da won't go Super Saiyan 3 by the way as a side note and this has nothing to do with Dragon Ball super but since I mentioned Dragon Ball GT in the beginning of the video I said Vegeta never went super saiyan 3 there as well however that may not be true because he may have indirectly went ssj3 as baby cheetah when baby Vegeta transforms into his final form he exhibits some of these Super Saiyan three traits as his hair lengthened and he gets a single prominent bang that curves across his face he also loses his eyebrows which is one of the prominent changes in Super Saiyan 3 even the GG perfect files theorizes that this form of baby is a mutated Super Saiyan 3 form also if you notice and this is just a head Canon of mine baby Vegeta the first form looks like a Super Saiyan 1 Vegeta his second form with the lightning and crazy spiking hair looks like Super Saiyan 2 and his final form like we just said looks like Super Saiyan 3 this becomes more prominent when you realize that baby's great ape form is as strong as Goku Super Saiyan 4 form I don't know I just thought that was an interesting observation that could be wrong but nonetheless this video was all about Vegeta and Super Saiyan 3 and I hope you guys enjoyed this video but before I end this video I want to shout out one of my awesome subscribers who is Dragon Ball anime HD I promised in my shout out is link will be in the description but anyways please leave a like on the video I would greatly appreciate it comment your thoughts and subscribe for more videos P you

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