8 Most Ridiculous Reasons People Have Murdered

by: Planet Dolan

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planet dolan from bad manners the sibling rivalry we look at eight of them as ridiculous reasons people have committed motive how's it going I'm blaze Dolan I'm here to decipher some random things I found at the other day that I think you might be interested in the bait after slaving away in front of a hot stove to cook a delicious meal I don't think this guy's expecting too much by wanting some gratitude his tale expresses why manners are so damn important because forgetting them is not only rude it can be deadly furgus John Glenn from New Zealand was driven to an uncontrollable rage after cooking his brother's dinner and the dbag didn't even say so much as a choose brute so the calculating Fergus waited until his brother was asleep and hacked him to death with an axe apparently the brothers hadn't been getting along the last few months and this was the final straw sir remember people I think he just might save you life from getting hacked up by your siblings number 7 in 2002 a woman in Ohio shot her landlady in the face because she thought she was in the matrix she was utterly convinced she was in the computer simulation and that she was the only one who knew she then suspected her landlady was part of a plot to brainwash and murder her so she shot her in the face she was found not guilty by reason of insanity but I'm a little suspicious that she didn't just try to leap from one building to see what would happen hello I'm amazed she only killed one person if I thought the machine overlords are coming to kill me it would be on like Donkey Kong but I guess we can't old keep out Kiana cool seriously that guy's face never changes number six further bombing can be hilarious and/or annoying depending on the results Annie hung kim fem unintentionally friday bombed the picture of two women outside a bar in santa ana she wasn't perking her tongue out or Bennett she just happened to stay out of the background of a pig bein taken say things there uh there fell but the two women was serve in the range that they jumped fam punching and kicking it relentlessly she was taking a hospital but had a life support turned off not long after the attack the unnecessarily aggressive women were found guilty of voluntary manslaughter which is a fancy way of saying you definitely beat the victim up but it didn't mean to off them number five nobody likes cold eggs not even hands there that's why they sit on them all day warming them up under their cabooses stanley nice was so enraged when his wife served him cold eggs that he grabbed his shotgun and POW right in the kisser but his breakfast rampaged in in there then he killed his stepdaughter and three of his next-door neighbor's then he returned to him and shot himself it must have been some god-awful eggs don't think I've ever had eggs are bad they were worth killing everyone heir but then again this guy probably has an explosive temper get it explosive just kill me if you haven't heard of Slenderman you'll have to learn he's a lanky fictional character the preys on children he's the boogeyman for Millennials two twelve year olds in Wisconsin stabbed their friend 19 times in order to please the fictional character they told detectives a detailed description of how a blood sacrifice who protect him from Slenderman and how they would one day live with him in his mansion a couple of fruitcakes so after developing this curry is the theory instead of asking an adult about the likelihood of that plant succeeding they let their friend to the woods and just stabbed her 19 fucking times sheíll Slenderman was super impressed guys your insanity is fucking terrifying amazingly they victims survived Slenderman was not impressed number three getting grounded sucks up big old dick every teen can attest to that but is it worth murdering irva this tale is a bit like Romeo and Juliet if Romeo thought he was a 300 year old wolf and Juliet a 12 year old goth kid seriously in 2006 12 year-old and 23 year old boyfriend murder their family because they'd grounded her for dating the weird guy claiming to be a 300 year old werewolf as you do after all this went down her and her ravenous roomier hatched a plan they would have stopped their parents and younger brother and then go on the run they did this and were arrested the next day so sort of like Romeo and Juliet but with less suicide and a heap a jail time the girl spent a teen years behind bars and it's already rejoined society but thankfully her weirder other half is still in werewolf prison number two you have a fight with your siblings you have a long to this punch them in the head for the insufferable nonsense and then you know get a bit overboard bullets are involved murder you know cars well this kid did a little bit of that a 13 year old brother and his sister had a falling-out because she refused to return the remote control to him hmm so he got his dad's hunting rifle and shot her in the face because of his age he went faced criminal charges but I'm hoping he ended up in a psych ward or something I'm also hurt being he did it for the right reason it must have been a really good show that was on number one willful bent a little hungry before gotten cranky because we're hanging for a feed eight year old Samantha Stern was suffering from our hunger induce rage after been sent to bed without dinner so she sought vengeance and she proved revenge is a dish best served with piping hot the apple pie in her daddy's eyes slipped 72 capsules of rat poison in his cup of coffee he died shortly after the judge at the girl's trial decided she didn't really understand what she was doing so she received their punishment then one month later she tried to kill a mother the exact same way so much for not understanding if anything she understood too well that she just gotten away with one murder so why not another oh hey man I've been made to shoot you in the face would you mind returning the bullet yeah not gonna happen again I just want to put it back in the gun ah shot you again well I do hope you'll give me that bullet back because he isn't technically yours I know I shot you with it but yeah okay thank you and up shot you again so how about you guys you committed any ridiculous murders lately don't worry they're police so looking you can feel free to tell you uncle Dolan all about that kid you killed that one time tell me where the body is what the details where where happened and all that stuff that's it for this countdown have a good one likely because she was a psychopath Potter sent her brother and her father around to the house where the Billy's lived shot them and then had their throats cut Jesus Christ and I just sneeze near this woman she probably set off a bunch of

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