IEEC 12 31 2017

by: International Ethiopian Evangelical Church DC

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[Music] Gitano Gitano you're killing my swatches animatronic a Tom who would die seeing a little Chinese enemy target ahoy some martinis at 11:00 an exuberant black boy hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah [Music]

Holly Lou Holly Lou Holly Lou

[Music] oh hello [Music] my buzz yeah my bad joke about my buzz yeah my bad you're killing my buzz yeah yeah [Music]

Oh sir [Music]

[Music] Oh [Music]

[Music] you bet [Music] the sorcerer later [Music]

[Music] Thunder

[Music] go away [Music]

Oh we'll all be walled up should I go [Music] yes I'm a talking I guess this is a monument I did but no they said are cemented [Music] yeah

[Music] Oh


[Music] Tony dr. Santino it does about me all day [Music]





Donnie and Donnie on I avoid burning up my mother coming to sit in our [Music]




Daniel [Music] buddy

halleluyah halleluyah halleluyah how long [Music] two brunettes Java yeo-hoon hallelujah turbulent it's a royal Cuban Latonya Wichita market on atwood's hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah such an antenna hallelujah Muhammad Fantasyland hallelujah hallelujah burrows is the catchment and Mohammed Amin hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah cover cover cover cover cover hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah mosquito hallelujah get away Tabarrok hallelujah hallelujah cover lesson even guitar hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah


[Music] where is that good i won no one knows I got them today we're not I lost of it the day but again he had [Music]



my god he had but it all here but I know [Music] you died

come on Oh [Music] undergone the daughter a new owner



[Music] on bottom at the dam yeah


Jakub Bianco mr. Pandey



[Music] I'm

I'd say I'm looking ahead [Music]


[Music] I


then done I even heard someone







[Music] yeah

[Music] haha





[Music] good the jogger [Music]



[Music] yeah [Music]

ha ha

shut up go ahead








and Dante [Music] [Applause] I'm doctor [Music]


[Music] ah



yeah [Music] [Applause] Oh No ah [Music]

[Music] lelou [Music] Alleluia getaway love second window now camaraderie is Sara Magana to semi barakatuh Thomas this is Solomon first crews began yet vegetable appalling theory [Laughter] [Music] ha ha ha

very masculine does you know a meal of organ which a much more diets someone has it a cutter hyah a long column honorable a Jew askest bahrain division again news to Zeta about a Jim Trudeau Arledge condemned has a knowledge a lot verse Allah Rock'em Yama's Makara a charmer bottom a lot o chunk a fee to follow your meat aluminum our war - AHA Lowell Xavier hallelujah sorry watching Magana not buckle or latisha a cement manga but can an organ which a example soon with Baraka nice al-qaeda Logan but internally itching a little larger I mean ready nacho corrode prison soon enough can't even imagine noggin alazhari hallelujah another salmon for Sonya noona who watching him come and examine normal : bama's sorry oh she sue yet the garbage embarrassed he'll exhibit a so-called as did the conference in a so called by the best frivolity Basra the Kahuna nantan Castro work Impala as I would hit Alan let me Tamara exhibit us all she will work I choke a true God lanta beta Chris Cartland tile container which actually will work at the very day she nillas here as one the coach Amita the conference we meet Oswald miss Xavier Anita Gargan damn second Alan Arizona yet the Machine gate I work are to sabotage without the swollen the cabin desolate can artist well it was re re mother's body politic recruited una multa monitor get Hamid sinks autonomy leakage non-touch a hour limit actually smoke Atlanta with Atlanta is actually garage I mean oh yes she yahooeys re English Yamata program machine in the Jehan on ya Bugsy the 7 o'clock and generally Latin exam attach both our children duties oh no but above all a me but also my little now overflow dot I drew is America fella gotta teach caliber actual gain Kamala back to the mall Jesse Itachi drew touch better projector has a guy tonal Z below casa Gaara it's a tofu chillin lat cheondong get back the Whitman to Des Moines marathon day louder go so God's a true picture - Adam - and so have that true no cotton debate muru no valid missus I might love it so Miami la banda aceh McGavin channel these are two new buzzy hammock I mean determine Albert you attach on the guitar so to tell her would only cover a loop when desi highly to conferences so with a look at all NASA watching up that true virtual children allow young macaques Ireland in this room example America Cheney Minnesota also taught actual symbolic without your at him to can't LD a true but could get humble actual Nagar is a true tomato other Alec Rollo example totally lick ass attitude alone mini hull a7 no Nicosia mistletoe time Assad so touch all columns at all even Inuit world way hidden offend the hallway here underway here a couple of our way a very macabre Rosa totally my couples totally the observed Navona so good - I had it together it has a strata actually examine the path to your tags I will the pinnacle but we are Ouattara got examined by nicole says it's a yeah true but become Reagan is our two new better sorry metal stylus will mimic apparel and Dec Muhammad how it Excel will exhibit Agata in the Quran visit expose Oh church in Indonesia not a lobotomy on taxonomy certain interval Central Java caliber zebra took certain agree on the rim in the garage organs alia tune guitar anemia noon God the CalPERS of Stella Greenville are two new examine any other girl better Shama a Burton his Ameren Addison amicable and so much better a I even get a new artist forever to recover it are available because eagerness anita kappa no wound ammonium is a gun in the Cabana window cover layer soon as I and Annette rotten intended rot Belton Mattoon in Jerusalem Allah through the hooligan Demelza gadget has said God revival yummy Mitaka with her chin caliber Chino SDI dilemma cannula tolerable Safra the Bachchan as a guy tank Amita guitars occasional llevar Akana Gabriela Guevara hoon on with Allen [Music]



[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]



if I can remark oh yeah very mark about it I will exhibit the modest remorse a tonal get I've our cabinets t.nagar parties in Kampala they have a Miskin now the Mamas can fill the garden a shallow tool diggsy Hindon be trauma sambar taught methods nacho him yeah very well Patrick he how reserve in Vilonia stir root in the Sunnah Cho integral Musa Qala come Sutton I said you no conscience at an asteroid and to root for ecology llamas get I work are to birdwatcher in one is a reverse actually yes a row the for universe around they are very very bosomed he must all Karen Galatea the circle Italian académie des indes going to conjure a carousel gate I were covered they'll automatic about you and logic are you mobile subservient would the velvet desi arm row agate Ocasek until Garrity's Montevallo the genre Carquinez aho the end Agnew yes Raja touch Roman not Roman was intimate and it's a new label Arledge as Sara Madonna was either trunkful the Tagalog language yes Eritrean sana busy a maturity diplomat for the girl Luna has busily limba knowledge judgments are gonna to saudis to mythology Lila Talon guitar - Arthur a tuba github a year associate our children and the target guitar Memphis our barrack attended Barakat Bala for You Admiral alpha gamma RT Swat Valley College now no man emitted a mobile internet a tablet and a Gurkha Gita hidden yet amount is that a male born the Memphis assassin the target at Alona Yahoo Luganda Tara doesn't wear skirts awesome Sally al-assad balalaika kuba years of Christmas FK botanico age laser a Dominican yes of course awesome I mean I went to much enjoys him a target hi Marco the I believe our cupboards D yet ordered on the moon [Applause]

[Applause] suitable exhibit Cabrillo hallelujah Zia vir Malcolm Nami Honda cars at La Nina lab it's a Vemma let no burrs important occur or low land sowhen alexavic Adame amine and the silencer fly by major maria GRE here salmon and Namit renfa Terra Madame Barone a bridge and action man libera bottom channel imam battle : opera exam here in Memphis Baja Lisa fauna / zr Hyrum Bharani Hoonah vanilla yes us Crusoe's Kitano lama bageno Nagar actual a GRE R sin Nagar bra Hana Hana Bardot born a patch on a galaxy arrears in a gerbera Hana Hana Chan Lama home the moon Xavier / Hani whole scene Oprah haruna-chan Lamar Odom Oprah Han inhalation Dafoe me esos Crassus Kitano banan toasty aloe vera hani Averell ah me neither [Music] silly bar appears all alone [Music] hallelujah sceeto cha-cha-cha-da-cha very secular the abrahama lacks in Manama [Music] auntie who knew I'm Nicole LAN Tijuana miss garner Lancia Warner I'm Nicole blunt a wound in this Ghana hiccup AHA monogatari hiccup aha hiccup AHA Lanaya so say hiccupping ah hiccupping our guitar he kept a Hollander hiccup on and I you see he kapahala na LAN Chi hoon he were dead Dante was Amory lantee woman or a lunch a horn is a man he kept on our guitar he he care bahala na he Kabbalah Naya so see he could behind sir my gosh ina cannon ie hole in your guitar so many [Music] Sal saga norén l'épée our food bhai semi gosh ina cannon ie horn Aliyar Gita buzzer many Sal second or a loop the PR food the hiya no can do a very interpreter interprets are illa hurt you yes I am tarisha I'm curvature illah hurt you auntie who Anna here at a LAN Chi hoon is a Mary lantee who knew no air until one he wanted it kept behind the Nagas time he kept behind and he kept olling my is he he got burned in a touch of ciabatta swathi on holiday [Music] simplygon China and then I wanna linger Geeta miscellany Sansa God look Ohia no can do [Music] oh my gosh ha ha listen any side second-order

I'm Toby cha I'm Toby

under Vijay under future

Hunter Beecher [Music]

I'm 32 I'm curvature haha I'm temperature

the vagina my child I'm mature [Music] to her


huh beavers 807 see the noggin my data [Music]

no silly

[Music] nah because under the job under Beecher under teacher

I'm the child

[Music] furniture the child cuz I got the job the truck

I [Music]



my future

I'm done

I'm a child Hunter Beecher

under each other the Beecher


on ax men listen for the heart Dickinson the simplest alkyne an American ski table cake he'll appear [Music] retain us a lock in the teen happy [Music]

skin I'm gonna be [Music] it's in us Allah [Music]

did Arneson American agenda on the sir the gray Regina Regina herself nominee the Jane a NASA along occurred the verily Allah obligate a scheme a lot again but j- Obamacare [Music] again I burn get another which are much in Iran but see me didn't I Oh

here on a slab a metal in my fell he is so cameras Harry Bergeron ah but your chin wanna see me delight [Music] this by definition you are teeny pink it occurred [Music] uncle Dante home is gonna hiccup on our guitar he kept behind and he kept bahala na sa peekaboo 91 in noodle aunty was a nanny [Music] 91 in order nineteen [Music] he kept behind kapa haka time he got burned [Music] but it said that Janet Lee Sam I know

and I'm telling ya [Music] I love entity talk with Jas again marijuana's aha [Music] many many many many ha

everyone Elias hallelujah [Music] the associati Nanami hey Susie vaca hallelujah hey Zeus channel ammonia bura bura hana-chan a year Susie no piranhas Chinni Azucena Alleluia [Music]

[Music] all [Music]


ha ha






[Music] come [Music] Oh

[Music] naman iha he's a man [Applause] what I will try we gotta go the man is a man [Music]

calling eye shadow guitar


[Music] man many Humber year man man I'm bad I know my good time are you mind uh yeah yeah say yeah yeah say yeah yeah say you're not a oh my god yeah yeah so say oh my god




[Applause] we take [Music]

the mommy hey Tony I can totally home schema leave [Music] your mess about me get higher cut your believe askew believer time [Music]

don't believe let's kill me




[Music] [Applause]

[Applause] [Music] on the tortilla

[Music] oh that's not good


Catania [Music] excu me




yo man

[Music] whether he you're my first pick on your chair I'm gonna con it's not for a supercar come on don't opinion him - I know Asuna monarchy circuit hie you murder

legacy say ah [Music] I'm dead Hoka nope uh-huh I eat you we're legas a sin I will look at the second I'm a good under target I'm okay

are you mad you get high are you mad [Music] [Applause] oh my lord giggity hey oh my [Music]

kate is off the table Steve are tabarak Diavel Parekh observer Amla Koch invested our Cheney manag a legal professional large cigar child and empirical a balloon

check him it's a for IECC blacksmith al-jalal achoo the credit card thermo mr. Giovanelli gotcha Pissarro Judaic watch oh my little Sheraton take watch oh he said our child envelopes at our trial the name is al-jalal actual the wittiest mobile indian are throttled where about our igual yes my name is Scott park after lunch Oh barakatuh no matter Rafa Rafa Scylla to Pacific tuna rallies around guitars every salon interrogation the neck Asuna gases are low interaction free at affirm the Shambhala Winfrey on Eric from Iran is around guitars are heated larger tonal actual has a loop to so on below it auroral Iran yes Eric guitar Xavier I think a virtual are low so bizarre bizarre no black triggered this one below it a royal blood area below undeveloped will be charitable Wyndemere select Alcala to Erin Megatron Xavier Nietzsche Gargan hamsa Carolyn also Chizik darkens earlier Linda Burum lock are children of attache in Havana 32 baguette hobbyist Chris aluminum second Hollen get away bazooka see a garage in Ethiopian his born in Beirut remove of it is an in-car violin guitar will desert Jupiter Solana raft maraca got to hold a lot given second Nana is around the earth the latest as many hundred Latin insulin the zooms lair trance and the elderly round of tea logical dome of the acanthus and solonian the github Vanessa's Christmas Mei Chen with a rigid ERG attended barkins Ali Allen the SIPP data ANOVA recharge button get her into Morales for Dachau I wanna be a dude chillin chillin yet higher Solana non second harden it hugs every year silence along sit salamualikum' easily Alan Silla president insulin at Hawaii banter yeah tomorrow is wound emergent biases Chris Olson attached on cog or nacho comb and a macchiato getaway van Tatum acara Woolsey American decorator gardener Newkirk on twitch and is immortal by Jessica so soon I mean a pathogen houyan business as Sofia doing Hilda met out and he was up but um traumas have no battery Appalachian region beyond route zero means a Leo can bazooka Z AB attached in Hawaii yummy low teru bozu hi Gavin together impotent in year it's a few alone the Baraka bottle ah-choo I'm not cultivar a kerchief money-back guarantee will attend an academy he Lenny I didn't give you more the Jamie Emma knew the the television weights internal and now this after chain rule double Mooney larga de las Lomas at all it's a very Miskin they aware mid-america thallium Hiromu bomb thermostat the cover and down the cell amok in an implicit on is a total on risotto with high pirate carelessly as he a moment ago super dizzy exuberance Ron check foot nine time to move the Z was to Barlow message to take a man like Susie on a short chat Ogawa Carlo the garage is a torch one Yan to a gas from this Verano joy Delhomme the guitars random with certitude judge tunas are you a choice a torch one miserable Alcazar chocolate Alcazar to stop the teacher - now - alcazar Cho

Xabi rebar Cacho Hecate answer on with dr. food z

an invention but I'm excited Rinaldo Karrueche Mandela metallic semana excited owner subversive table and have examined the minister they will examine you consider cylinder loose tea would it be the croissants with avocadoes to dismiss murmurs really no madam they are very barrack looking at room Zico our guys at all new buzu alcazar traumatic to Benghazi and hey McKenna man dads can be a container as Yannick a scary topic at the end yeah some came at Apogee and yes how can we talk because yeah - it done please everybody cover the guitar a useless possessory bonus room an actual you wanna look at a live each a minute Dona allow come on delimit I and Lanigan and and divvy much I let every child hola channel are walking get on delivered a letter garage hallelujah a solarium Noemi we salute hallelujah I wonder it's about coisas of cool many a yachtsman dildo without you the antenna time here on the other cool down worse about you so cool now we said Oh Tennyson no 0z Cuomo was Jacqueline again diggin I'll jump around in Bosnia but vomit in general an [Applause] example sweet American I'll examine so what is it Iran doing copy that I'm donut with Alberto so no business Amanda Marco now that I'm communicating on intercom attuned analyst right now yet have our record you know guitar that immune-compromised other you get happy chime your to solar minimum the guy he did not really know now examine it of a second you now understood not exactly first cousin to juwatch animus connection every time you see her examined egg Anasazi milada together game I'm signal Deutsche pulpit in didn't let the mature senior thinking pastor a any size now Donna a she gave at they took mercy Micah no cannula bottom evil monitor no cover layer so see horn Xavier the moves are able similar da yok mu CH o Kesava feed still antonyms and Magdeburg Italia together gamma second are low busy yarmulke me mikania social volume a Latino and economic more yeah be ethical see on one McGavin or Mugabe gosh on train basilic gluten Hulu and economics and ecology de ellos y bar Cacho angry and sad but I still AM Anna Nagar certainly a Malik to my chakra Targa lo Cabanatuan also Xavier what was a match if undergarment what was a match from the girl the same time no hurry rheumatism turn ye cover lady suzuha no Xavier Alma your miniature phenomenal unknown agenda a miniature hanami anyone cover lisara with Kate Alexia where young men a lot but I'm Camacho electronica can unknown with other girl am sorry mother I am a grown a gherkin busy busy man mashaallah in Angela Caruso's beta Christian sam-i-am each altered yummiest about him Salalah she has some alumina chrome is arkaroola too so watch Yocum Electra and lie Kazaa minuchin a dragon hallelujah xavier hisab and Negreanu in gita Memphis Commission on whether sileo's a lot but as a memory test mama chick at a time electrolytic retarder gabychan Aoyama Negro broth and coutras Receptus chambero and the zealand Vegeta Ching is awesome and a Bordeaux rasa-lila manigamo chrono atrocities in deal and yet what did I chew when the Moto e at the Sato but gusto de Hulu force women bracket Hulu kalaiy nacho Mel Ottenberg Suzanne the canal Rameswaram it interrogate lubbers and the kalila Khurana are but you're done blow in Gran coverless era which ketonic Serbian Iran how are ya we are called amyloid are aluminum Alexia masala and fauna gherkin by Euro Solomon a virtue yeah viata Christiana Hulu and Natalia meta tohoku am Admiral William Yama Hari African and Indian Donna Karan English McCaskill and Allah masaf jana gana besserman odds yakima shown you get down Anita leg design and even asked Anika channel he was pissed at our election I got a me Adela Jim didn't get add a legend sorry I meant in everything Agra never let go yet or did I chew on the mortuary at the saw two at the saw two women good Dale I don't underst - luggage if yeah yeah if I let go below a mil - yeah can quite a beaker and I'll actually go to Hulu this remember I cut cane nacho kalaiy nacho yeah an takuna garage Aeneas Ellen approached medication or utam Kevin similar katabatic area of animal X who let the Negros hi Janet at Ramos ilaria memory home until now can i you're known in the talk of a de gallo Hulett inaudible can i Alana on a man a girl and the Tao of illegal Odinga see a minute ah he was dingus yeah Miguel let's never yell


mignonette I can't idem this simile and minute booyakasha Washburn I mean master can assign a turbocharger aggravate yummy carrot and a local at hawala Beata Curatolo Papillon and also watch Cassavetes Liu metal cop on me check the Rosa watch here makarevich Arison 11 all a lot appeal 11 cool optician assessment handsome ceramic appellation




Solomon table furniture someone famous for that solid yellow channel Allah lacked vomit from the forum Elton perishable cargo nets are fly you never hula to see a touch who love to hear my ownership guerilla batch o Meccano Cherryville well done and Lena here one letter actually July technopathic Adela true legend actresses element

yeah yeah cigar not gonna burn it amethyst puppies cannot a girl collagenous a girl agave acaba viene de Lucas cuz I see about you wanna put in the burrito solo me Matt Matt garage heavy missile Costa Rica and not isn't a year Queen kisses Sigma Y da Serra a sushi yellow peril what are you chewing sorry night oh Linda Mullane gyeonggido cows a yacht out what a TV you doona clapping yeah laughs eh okay other hide Olympia to let her leave old circle polish way shiobara cholos and Albany root

[Applause] to polish ammonia Titano share miss Aramis Vuitton captain ultra cattle Oh Metro ANCA oh yes ooh naughty college ENSO neutral ooh a name a talk much always mulatto anemic honorarium kisses Emily Newton good de una Gorra pass aluminium so what - so girl no zero a Ieyasu volatile is an etiquette Roger commander static Authority meters lockup agony bottle a yatta yatta yattaman yaya itazura na kiss us or warn ya never arroz con permiso

[Applause] [Music]







Allanon per minute how are my fellows very like I pick em [Applause]

about for Rasul I am an item how do you what are you nuts but God I mean emails I want bang there was Sonny I'm at dinner yummy good letter B a what after me for the girl the Anton was sunny a Milligan oh but I've seen a can do nothing anymore falafel atrocity line and the milk Allan azúcar Vallejo military militiamen actual oh the uncommon a girl Hrothgar yummy Gallagher yummy mrs. Solano emoji Ausmus often manga for Logano hi how are you know swimming facility Enola emoto's the FS only Allatoona beta Christian network she has me a mechanic button yeah Mohammed II wanna chill here kills possible as a yarmulke new button yeah Jim al-khalili marathas at the finish line and he sat on my head to try Gonzalez to lasagna tomatoes bacon bitch yesh lach a demo Allegri y'all can I have a child who ate or to create or to lower deaths Johanna Rina and Anil Gupta couch oh yeah camera couch I need a loom and any I look at how to loo yoga does it our gym with Chad ago I didn't look a cuneta true Here Come a cool intro to the hormonal oh yeah would receive on a loom Yahoo doesn't now you're curious a nacho cousin I am a table shows up as I only industrial a visitor from Catalonia in Agra and Tennessee be honest are like every immune yes the Catechism lakatamia mythical never goes wrong you lose a cigar he wanna yell cabinet I am holida yes I am on good day cantos onager can tell each other yah yah yah yah mousseline yelling he's wrong but our Feeny Nagaraja yet a llama our usual to hear miss or oh yeah our own revenge or childhood that's a Dominion nuts curricular some now will not go singing Lulla Lulla she you watch him yelling him but I was not to either gonna come out good and then just come we must continue or grab it and beams of Allah you decide come on nacho burger bitterness a new album to become either a single time you watch it addressing yelling yes a cactus yak America how are you nagarote units across our voice a natural dignity a military was ina column yet at the hospital with eternal can I call a Mikado I'm confirming your ghost rota system records any nuts each revived net Garin nets and then you know can I can only remove to examine whenever you are Mia's and every island as the altar got them shivers water Illuminati Colonel Mustafa touch or noted animation a new genre gate one circuit entre sandwich and chicken Fettuccine Alana militant Desi Arnaz yeah he was would say what kiss our house - Emile anomalous nerves phosphorus is a unofficial odd in India tell me - let us Leila Woodward silicone freshener you water Kardashian aramet all water a fight on our identity another revision let's see no caveat akela Kayla who Latinos another fella Ming Juan Salazar what you know take a tomato mint oneself devotional Bible Navarro sociologist cares a good day often Beach and avocado son Xavier Munford status lesbo yummy our allez-vous yummy a flawless we have me totally Memphis area you mean not gonna get Allah when I touch away but I'm I'm the nigger yes I can never meet Bhima syllables are a mechanic action let's Allah Allah meeya and unknown recollection alone hm mechanically a Mitchell oh really busan even lesser my cash cattle lesser my semi we chased the capital but a million under Sebastian Lanza Romanovs Rasulullah try and the mill Kerala Kerala which guitar Lexi American hula try how are you eros lira Mesa watch and Ebro in a grotto on this huge net Xavier yet American yet awarded and easy and achoo Salaam alaikum McKenna - was signed easy know what sighs II know Martha scutosaurus residence Amin Amin Newton the tetazoo been mimosa got too hot AF English bill the torch at unum yeah a messiah at work I forgot to laugh Guru Nanak aboot ontology thought you were in the middle and I saw two legs here attaboy Elena bit little cha-cha Lou yes yet Oregon other got you legs yeah very minimal at ravu memphis are we hollow other material model romanovitch alamo 11 not Galatia anton if illegal bill it was Jennifer legal - I think a long at empty several yummy banana Baba Yaga a Lavinia chemical took a kilo seitan minister grow your business virtual abyss erotica Volusia watch anathema table and was sang and Libya for a torrent Xavier sorry three area legend Lamar Allen can be honest now what ow yes no missile not carefully let me me me yeah I know Oliver like good afternoon I can't hear any minute Lamar yet Kanellis amaya orator how are you I am doing a great job a little chat tool Lana's attacker ooh mega ribbon commute on telling you talk to Alexa here in the Metro to build torch attitude yes I don't got you exactly in the nation Israel and India grabber a mere smell of ham Sol a higher angle a rush to America to Israel in the silicon and youichi yet or am i sorry a metro spanish Banky for a signal for a segment on buying cheap Sobrato bang cheese and canola yeah yeah yeah give me a towel little ignorant now select it wasn't was he not here to ask for too much adrenaline select one yes Amazon let's have a listen to the gotcha let's see ah be a pleasure money right my motto so nothing yay associati Califano yo sauna klas ocean yeah so my Kahuna's to Allah so Allah say I never thought watch oh yeah Macario Yo Ma so many a South Carolinian many whores Picacho Ieyasu sabbatical at an intersection available a masseur should not available Sam I Sasha [Music]

- America - one lemon after skill an alchemist he first Salonika beggars cannot he amended LF you look at the bottle I swore to my talk Murugan the German might our manga Alafia Thailand yeah dude area Erica Salina Kansas yeah a girl Rita Samara Bettina makiato you took a photo eternal not at random or your makeup suitable Manila unify all of us across the table a monocle in design a common collector took bizarre Apulia me about this one Ikaruga become less you know arose in the INA tokamak Akhenaten makarevich Anna chose away chose to stuck on you unless you acaba who knew when the CIA's Memphis similar devil when the CI a--'s Memphis were cation yet Alamo Adam Arizona SIM card Allah Tawana to Allah so vinegar Elam aunt Elizabeth MELAS



Damascus but select a channel you're gonna join us so much our mathematics in the Tamil Tabitha level play you watching on the Tamil Tobi's planner automatable tone D MN o Allah to the Mexico homage [Applause]



and swallow yelling but Lejeune a thousand men a unit illegal drug is a criminal ultimate curcumin cement Alliance wangan Malaga minnows are a capitalist channel and the matron thus far a Gallo an algorithm a bukkake denominator



nacho nacho Basava nacho salasi Ananta alarm sound Ibaka chu la la la la ciao Cassandra Zeller anarchism mutant Allah and battlin about a chill man model Java not computable cannot utter selenium examine avatar to be on there were dead as to enable Mikado yes I can see our guy : yes I get a Christmas card : callistos married an elder and I can consume you I thought you are immune to their word that chewy number bikini at home laughs come on I'm at the taco Leyland on a minute code oh yeah Miguel - Tia what il-allah - main actress from the leila watan mythology Layla yeah Mr Gruber several altona some examiner's report on acacho about examiner madam Avraham our enemy arrived at Ocean at you asylum - yeah yo basica Avraham about that you know what man Alomar lemasurier Marlon patent on tape attach o.k Davalos not adavi no solid imagine Maria died haha yeah yeah Magda editorial whooshes in Catalan yeah Adam Orion on tomorrow Konami me tomorrow yes I know Ananta Bourassa actually a total oh yeah capella true indiscernible Minaj he's a Christian of Morocco




yes way yeah bye yeah

I think Calgary galaxy I forgot and enough


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] yes yes no yes me no una throw your memory Nico Galasso nacho a la salida

[Applause] sorry catch oh hello young Nicole - oh yes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


[Applause] [Music]


so yes Alex Guerrero Tommy Sam is under H oh my god eh Ocala I know channel China so let him take us I mean I didn't get a lot of love come to salah




Miraval member kitto guru terminal Callaghan Shh I can do a charlatan

[Applause] good fella who let the she assessment who let the Shastras a Vitale but Allah FIBA just metal 11 lat yes head and give us combined ultras and in below Becker to sunny what Martin s we asked a match on the garage and band Lhasa Melissa LaDonna you dress Lela : a chimney girl home in a gratin yet has a wash bitch a night Romeo God know you get us all yes also Allah and they also the movie Alana yet it has a virgin in the Cameo dude you're honest molecular have so slight basically Alana soft erotica and it's Alan Reno mala Taliban and the zoo today barranco in The Bachelor a Toastmaster got a nacho semi boniato strategy Romania he wanted changing [Music] ruff-ruff soft rustling the cylinder masala to merit a growth mercifully Jeanette will move the meager are remove title Chechens i whole semi yeah tomorrow he didn't how are ya Yahoo tonight on Bravo's Kouta New Zealand yes the early Georgian nah yeah Davalos the George desi yes a gala to natural indeed the syllable Calum yet amigo China yet obviously George yummy time as mulatto Kate endemic ago manatee what in the middle two men on a twat in the meta you botch oh yes the sambar masala Behrman no but a2sofia coppola Zealand when the moon static animator Ghana when the moon many mine yeah my word taxi Emir idolan Chandler go woody I shall I shall I shall Messimer Esperanza Berkel viñagrow yay examina Georgina yeah double but alive cha and ribosome in the context of cagonu you're swaddling yang now so he has come Adam : Solaris a pebble Raimondo misciagna new concept but no motorcycle mechanic ooh yes swaddled when the moon in my word catch the air and don't when the Mauryan my word hold Oh Ted's a bit are limited not coming down on me again on your car actually Kevin Mary is am Not sure the Milliken there's some instruction in the word that he meant elite unit Kevin Dubrow when they would him and they get dinner in the Kyle I didn't let him you're not say I'm gonna get del oh yes so Soraka for yeah one day Musa ramela come I dunno Lena shorts are Laura but oh she's got a calculable see you Sam Anya missile didn't you make a duck boat on a bro but I'm taking my bathroom and my god get over when the maximum wasn't honest man Ieyasu maverick Latino very no silicate and honest one Yin Asuma capital er no very notion of home and own as well you wanna revival in my system and yes bless Tijuana browser MMO broken quantum attack oh you ain't wanna tell em cut photon wouldn't wanna me upon the module mechanical mice are Clara banner ka-ching Deborah's a source of cannoli decimally makini auto oiler good yeah they put on leave me a note Amazon room but I he had ever received opinion so these dreams are the net to destroy a man a girl


which animal men - Estonia was a feminine done laughs Yahoo da da da da hakufu and a bro when the moon in the Catalan Tawana any in the Cuyler Lumberton detainer alone Anderson Dayton Everton's chimney galinha gharana literacy ecology and the combat sufferer but um unto you me baru click - Utley Janna Barroso watch and then a Baratheon Edgar no Mazama any algebra stop button and here they're as good as idiot careful shall below let the phone a perusal watch Janna Gaston esto en abroad but Safra lemco better AI u kisarazu Oh No kaboosh a militant esto a severe trauma sha Allah below Bennet Gianna methought and now safar accused under machina in apparatus honorable - but daddy panel with so much I chose I can you get higher bar killing a satchel so good refrigerator t-butyl yellow Nagar sheet Oh a sad joke bitches are suffer Volkswagen with the Panama Canal brochacho yes I talk murky not only lasagna model and now Saitama Toshiba in what Alan is Ana Guevara new Don Lemon Martin yes I'm making a move balut I was out the mission of who I little I got nothing nobody would come over to Lou and be a combatant then I better take me na kiss hi Tony fetish aluminum before I had the quad and a megabyte pastor Pastor John people why not to talk a severa people quantify you know sorry yeah sure Windham microRNA Anto in demeanor Butte College is one of our culture elephants

[Laughter] [Applause]

ha ha ha Memphis cos Omega lay yet tomorrow make Gotham Yamagata more Seattle now on the Georgia bazooka south exterior catch on [Music]

yahar media [Applause] [Music]

yes yes yes yes yes




[Music] tennis tunas target I associate Corelli [Music] [Laughter] [Music]






No [Music]


[Music] [Applause] [Music] okay I'll came in give it a kitten come in [Music]



[Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] the George Caffyn diluents [Music] hey morning yeah come on armlock you get actually a yes Oscar sauce unlock up lat

[Music] Oh








yes [Music]

[Music] [Applause]


[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]



Kubota gate Alayah Suzie horrible Italian [Music] Aviram la cucina Thomas agony Yama thousands of Sabha the cabassa tuned again both are chillin India's passion as the guy to determine the government cover layer sousou-sama wala January as Robert asustor Surratt and conference in Iran on a conference it's the god yo yo Ben ya'know stepping over when the match in testify Garbus with my dad no Yassir blow whether the logic about attaching Buffett ask Adam and Bemidji Maria in Aris Archon catalysts roughness Amidala be Yoshida throught your finances throught a better service rod really drew tinker Leila Marilyn this iron would also news nuts out while my de la silla see this a lot in the turquoi you now a nigga yessuh watch o ma chambre guitar Canyon jump under the Bachchan in metal enveloped in Somali and Tamara Sonya darlin a burger on the way to severe to court and a garli beta Delta Quadrant Eric Bellinger charged the carotid a Girardi but in the Delta Quadrant and a garage now in the zoo boo boo the garage ness our tent Sahara lets out as soon as outta burger sauce business Ahonen delusional and not a literal una a conference Lena Channel so the antenna eres a chilled Visigoth Latonya initially vs. Tanganyika demo the Agatha topical Anita see him January a solid as a Sahara India Becca - Becca Tillich revival Jam Vanessa but jamario monofin humanist buzina not flared as a kite one and then flare your sriracha so watching Garza but patellar yatama me so much Cara Mia to cancer as a chooser which he just fry the cancer and specialist Gianni a year so see me but I mean though I'll murder down so much kappa cancer it yet i was so which means security asset or reality Nanami catalan on attend amana to examine it and a girl fo sparkle arigato Luallen min tobacco no gorilla on Hulett Shastra semantically Bugsy Jim bro you gotta cover layer sue says it's a guy true indeed metals a Lewbert yay but a meat hammer muy Generosa which cargo nacho become modernity mystery associative large body of research on oh and I hidden and it's a god but a Logano better hydrogen instead Bakari Baracus watch in Jerusalem Martire does a guy tell me Talon hallelujah Memphis Croatia Mubarak satanic Kirk Alyn am ii Hannon sorry yes at and prophetic message no the zabumba catalog 2018 the Neiman datalogger thing can't agura that up km my Morales who Anton Bonnet Carre but um I value your mal food to lips agree matter Selassie sorry Xavier I'm like eternal gherkin can I carry on cuz about the very vocally eaten a gherkin bigger unit now minute al Ghazi Gita wouldn't attack guten mean alphabet casino kabbadi Metallica Bugsy Metallica contig album at Gotham naba metallic picture solanum get hugs every is a Manu Ginobili with a nd Sarah and Dido and the aviary baguette huh biases Chris awesome in lemon Holland also Chechen is de condado Reagan in is re hoteliers mr. Delgado's a dilemma so called a jump Asahina a jumper Josiah new delights Ally Latin Rochester expandable Safra Ashiya very fortunate delassalle you Xavier arche de la sala de la soil she Xavier variks Guevara barking on the eggs every Park Highland on exhibit in Caesarea Serrano an intelligent audience a chief delegate and Leela to a Gege chata gabacho come on digital kaffir gunas Rho and E de Ghana and so Sally Allen in involuntarily took the Oberoi qudoos Collins la semana michigan hollow heart Alton yawning heartily Calvin metal olefin impedances Kazari Jim ro Li ji harder game guitar hi Saratoga Birkin but a miss lot of King Li Jie's Lara came the Memphis Latin King a Michigan hollow the years christeson I mean hallelujah Java revoir kakuta Boccaccio geography jr. bralette we're are Allah to example fee to attend ante on sol solomon amidst a to pursue mob the symbol world the Superman first reduce and omelette is were mother Melissa so Salaam Bella [Music]





[Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]



[Music] [Applause] [Music]



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