Grind Time Presents: Scott Free vs Philly Swain

by: Grind Time Now

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what grind time battle this battle is brought to you by WorldStarHipHop comm i'm your host Matt deals with guerrilla Republic we get right into it on my left-hand side we got scot-free

spyfu the calm side and I'm not alone with that I'm on right hand side we got filly Swain sick so soft for us while jobs but gonna solve the second trick

I call any air boy I get you Merton never lift a hand screw up your Thanksgiving new gears and Christmas plans to fall back so I not to get a twisted fan cuz I get at your mom's like Stifler's man I'm lifted fair like a hot air balloon silencers on the skate you'll never hit a goon when it comes to a slut I ain't loving I'm done with a kick-out and go back to wifey like the governor it's been ten years since his dog inhale as I was in the diss man and that was brighter than ever hot rock circling the wristband imagine what the neck looking like Christmas tree beard thousand fucking crooked lights you don't hook it's like kool-aid mop head dirt bag in the street never ever got bread for the big faces we come all the faces run up on your spacious then we come up with your bracelet come on face it I'm getting under your skin like eczema every hole gets lured dog once I stand next to it ain't got respectful I'm going at the nectar see how I'm addressing her bitch get the fuck over here she like how to ice break it light up both there is but stunting is a no-no block to your cock cock that's what I call a low blow I speed it up slower flow faster don't matter clips going pitter-patter and all that sugar chatter Bulls dick homie no he saw but he keep going off load the moss watch the ball start going off you hold it up dog you know you saw up a hose and fitted clothes knock Mohawk song-thaek a plan but I'm not laying with a shot think about an ambush I leave laying in the plot and the box with the dress clothes on you tended I'm no limit like a metro phone I don't get on monkeys Milo homie SAP get on your boy good homie 6o on the southwest shook home even chilling in the hilton mayor Wilson I call me when you come around gangster like anchor you should see the way I hold it down you've been in the Fight Club but you better come harder I'm past this I'm past that past spitting for your barber six lawman crack something like the car to touch my work like pokey you'll get Merc like Sookie I keep the skin on me sister work gonna fail it'll rip your top off like girls going wow you out like one BTech did your whole pump get crack abdomen missing dripping don't know what you stomach that you better duck if we break things to iron to put you behind woods like Vijay Singh you're the knife work superb I didn't even got its prey to let I ain't a wrestler I finish them with a Razors Edge I'm old-school like American best in Pontiac trans-am at a demolition Mancow when they're 15 and only four flex pay my slack I'm gonna open and he's sweeter than them Golden Grahams who wouldn't Boyce let the quarters go you'll get slaughtered like Indian do Buffalo at a waterhole stick-up kids hate me they probably won't bury me to stop that pull out the pipe more tongs to brought Jeremy yeah I don't care whatever you spit you're not better be when you start to spit like this it's like perfection speech look where I'm from don't think it's owned by swing things like you that shoot more then Kobe at home games doing it well known player how your name ringing bells in Long Island you got less poor than loose L Southwest soldier I leave Barry where's sandy nothing to be seen like the Muppet baby name yeah we're the first wave that what you ain't know I'm talking about where they graze they're bringing your grip on pussy with a sea snake you little prick believe me put winning that bullshit niggas all lost a cool shit rocket Celtics like 10 years ago when they had Dana barrels I shot that your house from the motherfucking Pharaoh hey your mom seen your motherfucking ass the fucking Carroll your bitch named Carol the bitch wanna marry me pop shots in the top now you got a carry she dirty ass bitch mo being this is freestyle if you get off my dick you take em and um you sweeter than M&Ms I killed you in your crew in hell fuck it is fully Swain and all this off the top you looking like this really off his brain time away shots round oh no 40 Cal but I pop up spitting those on the low in the gutter when they pop up spitting toast get popped on the spot but getting close dog it steadies all talk like pop-up videos so you need to stop with them plans to bury him my eyes light up like a show at the planetarium I haven't won the move like a u-haul truck because when the goons start clapping okay you won't dump what I'm not impressed with your sweet 16s fucking Final Four you will see the sweet 16 queen your little dreams ain't nothing that could amount to me ego laughing lots and none of that shit account to me nicer than me please no one in your County beat ya first-class ticket for anyone trying to challenge me think I'm hot now give me like two years he got for real guns ain't seen his clips into J Square almost my parents is something that's very wet it's the whitest face in the house I stand out but I blend in the crowd as soon as I open my mouth real recognize real I'm gonna tell you from the go real recognized with what fuck this coward go yo and I won't do none of that shit the only charge I might get us for clapping them in the lip I give it to your DJ - I got some wolves in the background like DJ clothes thickening night knock his ass out in the fire Jimbo slice that time shut the fuck up with your own fucking face it's about time cuz you a bitch and you a snitch your mom she is smoking let me poke a foot Nick but I didn't even poke I just let it suck my dick cuz they're not but I couldn't find my shit this here is my pinnacle see my squad indivisible so ladi Dadi shit on you like a party it's funny with the shiny corners I have to my rocky he will be more like Apollo Creed when I big and rocky fill chambers waning and nigga die can stop me not even the size a little Wayne's that I'll be popping the rivers I'm popping I watching the Cosby's and funny little fucker and your boots are sloppy I'm at 6 with the kitchen jalopy told me I should probably tell your baby mommy she is like Whitney I'm Ray J you are Bobby

we go straight to the judges right give it up I have to go with a man really swaying on that one I thought that uh he was just like so so much more aggressive with it he has so much more impact with his lines here he felt this so much more you know I'm saying like he wasn't just running through the through the lines and like he was spitting a verse and then he was done I you know I'm saying he really he really was sitting he got in his face and he put he put him down if you saw it you should already know I'm going with Philly swaying swaying but I feel like that Boston Celtics get up Easter beam time if y'all got your swag right I'm giving it to the bull no I'm just saying man you know Swain just had man character man man man entertaining yo that's why I got to go all right we just came back from the judge's decision all the judges are going with my man Philly Swain yeah GP sky fleet backslash swingin street

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