Henry Rollins - amazing interview with Marc Maron Part 1/3

by: TheTaskmaster

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my question is is that what is that fire that you see in yourself what is that that because that seems to be the definition of integrity and that seems to be what you've maintained for me it's a constant reference point that was it's always your TrueNorth the man is always gonna try and shut you down if you are doing anything any man you will know the man yeah right but that's a lot of big men well well I get what you're saying that this mean like whether it's corporations other people everything exactly yeah precisely right and to me the man is every hate letter I get which makes me know I'm doing something right right get out of my country ah yes perfect a nerve I touched it right or when the cops have problems with you or you know some talk-show host cuz I know I'm doing a good thing cuz I you know I'm the one who wants your kids to be literate I'm the one who wants your kids to come to peaceful ways to resolve conflict I want everyone to be fed so I know I'm on the right track when I get that kind of resistance I know I'm doing the right thing the older I get the less self-conscious I get because I am just less precious about I how I look in that I think the body should be maintained so you get good use out of it like put oil in the car be nice to your body yeah yeah yeah because you want to joints every day but at this point I'm only interested in what I can learn what I can think and what I can do rather than how I look how the chicks are digging me that really doesn't mean much to me at this point in that did it ever yeah sure when you're 20-something it's me me me yeah and there's an older guy very pretty well-traveled seeing what I see getting the access that I do and I get quite a bit of access what's important to me is more of the wee wee wee and I'm not trying to impress you and all he's so altruistic no but that was a conscious decision right well it says it was experience it laps around the track what the conscious decision was to put more stamps in the passport like I got some money I'm how am I gonna use it I'm not gonna Bly it buy a fleet of Ferraris I'm gonna go places I want to be like the National Geographic I want to go check it out but that was for your own curiosity because it seems to me that you've become sort of a self-styled missionary raconteur that you know that what you're sharing is your own experience in an earnest way and and and as you evolve as a person what you're talking about right now these shared experiences you want to become communal experiences with your audiences right it's how I justify my the crass idea that you're gonna sit down in a seat shut up and listen to me and pay me and it's it's irretrievable time not even Proust can get this time back for you right and so it's not the money thing it's not wanting to have any member of that audience walk out going like wow he took my Saturday night I'm not getting that back I should cut that guy yeah for taking that Saturday has that ever happened though well I do my damnedest to sling the best hash I can but you do like three-hour shows well sometimes yeah I'm much better if I do less you know yeah if anything that's too much but I would take you to learn that well well you know I mean it if you keep side barring yeah people come on man get to the meat it's not giving me that yeah anyway I the way I justify myself being on stage in front of you the audience is to go far and wide get those stories burn lean tissue out there in the world and come back with something that was really hard to put in the in the sack and bring back you know something that that is trying to bite and I go pretty far and it takes quite a bit of time and effort and it's it's great I learn a lot I'm humbled can you know constantly by who I meet and what I see but that's at this point what I bring to the stage and when so why should I listen to you why I did because I just came back from northern Uganda and southern Sudan and I talked to young people who were abducted by the the Lord's Resistance Army who were made to hack people into pieces and they're only 15 years old and it took me over an hour of gently prodding them to even get them to say a word to me and you should hear what I should what I'm gonna say about that now when you go in to do that now like because in this in the sense of this ego thing and about because you're you're fairly monolithic guy I mean you know you represent Rollins you know when you say Rollins people know Rob by ma I'm all I've got I mean no I get that it but like when you go into these things in order to have the humility to absorb the emotions of those situations that you're putting yourself into I mean you know how do you approach that what what is your real agenda out of just instead of just curiosity when you say I've got to get this information I've got to engage in this because that's a very tragic story like when you went in to talk to these kids you know how did you how did you go about it it was really tough I mean you have to play analyst just yet we asked them about all kinds of things they were doing what are you learning in school and then okay you know after about 45 minutes literally to interview these kids for almost three hours just to get them to say a sentence this is a like three weeks of a sentence related to the horror exactly right just to get them and then slowly we go okay so you were abducted how long was your abduction what were you made to do and all sudden these kids go from quiet to very very silent and then finally one will say you know little little sentences come out and we got some information but by and large in two different interviews we interviewed a total of seven children being abducted by the Lord's the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda and there they would have to hike into southern Sudan and they committed atrocities yeah it was tough but I I try and get an understanding of the world it's one of the ways I try to understand my own country America is to leave it and see what it how it manifests itself in other countries how it washes up on other shores what globalization really looks like you know what what Thomas Friedman's wet dream sure is like in Cambodia young Vietnam and these places now that's what I attempt to do and then that when I come back to the stage I can go look from you know seven eight thousand miles from here here's what I here's what I found out and I'm not trying to say I know more than you I'm better you know but it's how I justify you sitting down for 20 bucks and but like gonzo reporting and and story telling that you know you're sort of bringing the pain now but when you are in a moment like that because I interview a lot of people in here and granted they're not none of them our have committed atrocities either voluntarily or not you know what it what does it inform you about your own life I mean like when you're talking to fifteen-year-old kids who were forced to kill people I mean are you do find yourself crying or feeling emotion or feeling you know lucky or oh I I feel lucky but for me the older I get with the luck comes responsibility and just being an American you're pretty lucky because you escape a lot of the beatings that a lot of the world this population goes through just like getting through a day in parts of Africa yeah or parts of Southeast Asia man it's a trial just you know if you're not a dentist or a doctor or what-have-you if you're just working man Hanoi is just it's a by the end of the day you're just used up yeah and I've been to Africa eleven times now and I've seen you know a little bit of it and boy some lifestyles there we got nothing to complain about and and so even as far as geographically we're very lucky in that there's not a lot of drought here in America there's cold but you're not gonna freeze to death unless you know you're sure you're asleep on the sidewalk right and you're it's kind of hard to starve to death in America someone will eventually pick you up in fever yeah yeah we hope but in other parts of the world life is way more desperate and kind of on the edge and very very uncertain and so I go into these environments and and just open ears open mind open eyes just trying to get it and I try and erase my Western filter cuz you know you judge stuff well that guy's pretty broke ask him but what how does he know if he's broke in that he's too busy getting to the next food bowl he doesn't have a bank account you can't talk to him about the concept of life insurance but what about like you know in terms of like open-heart I mean like sometimes when I've watched you perform that you know you're very generous you're very earnest and and you're great storyteller and you've had a lot of experiences but doesn't does this stuff ever crush your spirit I mean do you ever get overwhelmed yeah well you sure we're like you're sitting along do you ever what do you do when you sit by yourself what happens sometimes it catches up to you yeah it runs over you that's why I don't like to stop moving too much December is hard for me because usually I I'm done with the tour whatever yes here I arrived back in Los Angeles from about 13 months of travel and tour and it's a hard month because I I said still like kind of cool I have to I have to catch my breath otherwise I won't be any good you know for the next year and things catch up and you know you go through your photos you go through your journal entries and the entirety of what you just dealt you know endured and saw kind of catches up like PTSD yeah and yeah and it can it can bite back Nietzsche who you know you should stop reading by the time you're 18 but you know he had that that thing I never understood until I really understood it where he said he who looks into the abyss must know that the bus also looks into him I didn't get that I go what does that mean I read it well I was like 16 or 17 now I get it when you look into this stuff it's gonna check you out too and it's gonna look very hardened to you and so what it makes me want to do more and more is be part of a proactive movement or working with other people who are trying to make things better and that's the way to go okay that situation sucks so let's go so you don't feel that you so you don't stay in the despair not for too long and just make it well if you're gonna do it you can make it a catalyst to get you up and running into something else I think I think I'm sorry I think that's like the the thing that makes you know me and you different I think it's some it's the way people see you too that you're the application of will and discipline in your life you

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