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[Music] [Applause] hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to show you a simple Beauty heart that you can use to whiten your teeth very fast using first wait yesterday the first time stopping by you are highly welcome please do hit the subscribe button eyes right below this video to turn on the notification bells so that we will be the first to be notified whenever I shake new and helpful videos on this channel also don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up and to share it with your friends as well so that they can come see this beautiful heart this very good heart that I'm going to show you now also don't forget to follow me on my social media handles link up here and in the description box also do and sure to visit my club tell if does where I share all my routine home remedies the good ones I do share on this channel and don't forget to check out my free ebook link is on the description box to download that for your use and let lets get right into the preparation of this simple treatment this simple heart that you can use to whiten your teeth in no time let's get into it [Music] what I'm going to be using for this simple teeth whitening heart is Vaseline and baking soda baking soda has been used for centuries for a very long time too right in the teeth baking soda also known as bicarbonate of soda is using getting rid of plug it is also good on the skin as well it is very good when you use it to whiten your teeth you can add it with lemon to whiten teeth but because that one is always always irritates on people's combs that's why I'm showing you how to make use of this simple hat this one doesn't irritate your gum and it is great to help whiten your teeth why I'm using Vaseline for this treatment for the simple hockey it's not a treatment so I'm using wrassling for this hack is because resting helps to tame down the baking soda you are not going to feel any irritation on your comb you're not going to feel that thing on your gum that you will get if you are making use of lemon that is why I'm making use of Vaseline [Music] to prepare this treatment I'm I'm going to get a bowl and then I'm going to get half a tablespoon of baking soda into the bowl just leveled up up and dies of a tablespoon the next thing I'm going to add is the Vaseline and I'm going to get about one teaspoon of this wind

I'm going to hooked up in here

so you can make use of any good petroleum jelly that you have for this hack and then I'm going to mix this two ingredients together

so it's you're going to take some time to make this up very well [Music]

because this is sticky this is very sticky like you can see I'm going to go in with a little move backing so that because I don't want it to be sticky so I'm going to add a little more packing so that to that and then I'm going to go ahead and stage

[Music] so when you've got the correct consistency this is how it's going to look like it's just going to move from one end of the ball to the other so it's not going to be as sticky as the first one and then your teeth whitening hack is ready so I want you to take note of the fact that I did not add any water to this I did not add any lemon juice I used only firstly I'm baking so that to achieve this so when you are doing this don't add any lemon to it if you don't want to feel any irritation on your gum [Music]

to make use of this treatment you won't be needing a toothbrush what you need is your finger tip your middle finger so you are going to go in and get these treatments just like this and then you are going to apply it on your teeth I'm just going to scrub it on your teeth like this I'm using my nail as an example we are going to place it place it on your teeth like this and then you are going to scrub it just wait I'm showing it to you now scrub it downward don't scrub it upward because of your gum so you are going to scrub it downward like this just the way I'm showing you now you can leave this to stay on the tit like this coat sit on the seat and then go in and get more of the treatment and apply it on the neck suit so you are just going to scrub this like this scrub it fast very well

[Music] then after scrubbing it you are going to coat the teeth like this you can as well go in and scrub everything you can as well going like this because your Tate is like this so you can as well go in and scrub everything like tastes like this so you can go in and chop everything like this ensure you don't swallow this so don't try to swallow this at all and I'll advise you you don't use this on children or babies because they may swallow it so don't swallow it you can scrub it this way just the way I'm showing you now

scrub this gently on your teeth so you won't enjoy your combs and then you can repeat these treatment three times in a week you can repeat it up to four times if it is very friendly with your gum you can repeat this treatment every day and in no time you are going to be able to whiten your teeth so I'm going to wash this off and show you what it looks like so after washing that off this is what my nails now look like you can see that it is now shining it is shining very well so you are going to use this on your teeth repeat the treatment until you get your desired result together that's one so the simple way to prepare the sweetheart to whiten your teeth I hope you found this video helpful if you did please to shade it your friends to do the huge thumbs up and also don't forget to hit that red subscribe button that's just on your way out to tap on that subscribe button and to click on the notification well so that you will always be notified whenever I see new videos on this channel and I will also get my next video

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