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I don't tell Dad jokes often but when I do he laughs I'm for that [Music]

it's like farting in an elevator everyone is quiet and the crowd goes mild easy Barbie chains strip shirts against two Shielders but I guess it's okay we believe in you

seconds so we're super slow now just respect that play the game slow the master promised me true strength there's one thing actually one for Katy chess it's another man I don't like floaty floaty dress mount animation because it's hard to see where the you are Monza's him hands aren't gonna away all the time while you try to rotate but for now Redemption

I chickened out on the gloves what inspired your penchant for kel'thuzad dude I just love them I see so fun to play I'm just gonna get healed from zhukov I'm going fast on the stacks life is like a hurricane it's a duck blur

bow before careful Zod yet another there and Duckburg strip shields don't rip it

I like the lather rather large range on cue a little bit of mana sometimes I just need to think a little bit longer I

abandon both eyes as played the lanes like we shouldn't yeah I like the bot lane so I just

on me I'm going I'm just look like they're doing a superstar right up you know I can even get a date here

this is sonikku base guys the gremlin I played with him before it took me a bit to recognize his voice but I'm on my way it's clear now you made a nova reference

I basically just blocked dicus but I didn't tell my field so don't want follow or maybe did maybe wasn't good to follow anyway yeah I've tried cue build k-katie I'm not a huge fan


Cuba Katie turns him into a range sustain damage dealer with a small combo so beer table if you want that maybe you should play Jana that's my current opinion of it but it could change I prefer to excel at what Katie is about burst combo I'm a bit slow in stacking because the enemy moves kind of carefully

if a convincing translate let's try to get stuff

someone clear mid I do the count and then we can pressure

yeah I know you can just take cured one I've done it the rest of the world is the same I mean Q built is Q built and taking cured one is sticking cured one I've tried can't stop won't stop going

a sonic Belden now a Swiss but you correctly detect it is somewhere in the twilight zone between Netherlands and Germany and stuff however you feel like you're losing just look at the kid Cal Passats Texan smile we're getting there boys mustard first hand Oh Lucy oh it's fine main tank always take much bit never states that if you're one warrior always Marsh doesn't matter if they have nine into it

okay come slowly it's difficult when there's at Claire's by the way for combo

nice though then yeah

gorillas stop

the talents it's gonna jump soon

I lost reach my true form so be it why so late to invade objective am it game so it's a bit hard to explain but there were two reasons one we didn't have 13 yet but we were closer so we had some hope to get that secondly we're not a full team yet until I have 75% spell power which is up on full stacks so we want to be careful to take like all our fights and there was another reason but I don't remember that one going top now is a good idea because they are not able to easily attack our key because our fourth is already gone but our keep is easily dependent on our son in the best

ignore me thing go possible they're gone they're gone

it will be my pleasure yes right away more traps yeah

cut off we need to reposition

as the shins and so on the bottom episode this is no hunger and cold

it's not one of them I was way out position I was a bit frustrated at the late arrival despite 16 and doing the fight but it was my bad it would help me if we go in on someone with etc' or something so I don't have to make the opening I was too far out but if we're gonna fight then don't wait until there's 25 skillets has taken

the anime just took down a fork your service

you only have to get it right once again I can't let this keep destroying I mean just a month to the show oh my god

someone topper we need to maximize XP you decide now we can just push that

I spawned I'm nice

back home

I'm in trouble

he's kind of look top top is more important so we gotta keep

artists is just it

we're losing keep now coach it's absolute trash here

it's my whole team on comms yeah yes

yeah you finally hit someone to go around the wall can be tough I wanted to pull back at bill earlier and get some experience of waves accumulated we had won a knife level EP we couldn't get away because of Hanzo arrow and Lucia interior

it will be my pleasure

there's probably cost fights over this on gonna get the down return it disabled monitor

they don't realize material loss sank

oh the the moisture opportunity

if you see sometimes just blank with the life just follow free

the great thing is when you take any death and decay talents this ghoul copy actually copies all the talents most of these copy abilities are specifically not taking talents but this talent does just kind of cool

thank you thanks for everything you do less than three Hey thank you very much DJ darkness well my pleasure

yes right away we need to fight to happen pretty fast once the objective starts because the catapult pressure is going to be out of this world

let's go in the chain just go to the shrine I can clear this

died oh my Seenu Nami they're just trying to fake it mouth hair can defend this right it's just

we summon the mortar party sir on one act like mother yeah totally

they don't know that nothing okay I'm going

they mango see yonder call me

yeah okay

we got it plants within plants yes nice nice getting overwatch Harris with skillshots drop tea

can you show build after the game of course I will show it Gigi Gigi Garret Jax I don't thanks guys I love you too this is why I like Kate easy being a liability first and a hero at the end yeah it's the classic underdog story previous I like underdogs okay so this was the stats we don't linger here too long for fear of saving self-congratulatory now we go to the talent build I've been playing this build a lot specifically like this with very little deviations but I have to say that one and four are pretty flexible and ours is 20 hey looks 1 4 and 20 are flexible I've been going more Barbie chains because it adds a few hundred damage to your burst combo compared to the other two W is better early game waveclear and helps to route someone longer whereas q is the best sustained damage also outside of your combo your stun combo and it really synergizes amazingly well with the damn return once you have W once you have done returning q at 1 you do so much sustain damage you can just put a ghoul and you can start seeing keeps just like flame strike health is

what is it help to do combos so that you don't always need to use buildings or enemy heroes against each other for is the really interesting one you can either get lifesteal with the occasional revive or you can get armor and slow against armor against physical damage or you can get this this is my favourite kel'thuzad is a very small health poll you not only do your strip shields from the opponent did you gain shields as well and it's permanent so you have this buffer of shield it prevents you from getting blown up in the most dangerous situations and it is probably sometimes you want that against something like tempura loop but if you don't have this part the the shield 270 shield damage then it's hard to justify then you should get the globe thing or the adding but the reason that I took it here without any consideration is Tyrael hand shields lucio and shields so I'm sure I'm doing I'm doing even another bonus 3 4 500 damage thanks to the shield thing shadow fish are always for the combo this one is really helpful if you miss your W but you want to have your combo hit anyway often times this will secure that and at 16 I'm not really sure the ice creeeeam spell power is the best but I don't like needing to slow people before I come by them I want to come by them from out of the woods from nowhere the spell power after you CC people is the best when you have the slow Auto Attack the chilling touch to 7 and the frost armor at 4 then you can easily get a lot of slows and go for that one and then you'll have a much stronger combo but overall I find that this one is more reliable and then at 20 you can get resets on your alt which makes you able to do your combo far more often or randomly spam it on people but generally I find that it's too difficult to get value out of the show Fisher reset it's better to get that returned so that you add a new dimension to your play style which is one it's a scout ward 2 it adds damage to your combo three you can poke keeps minion waves and hear us from afar even if you're not there anymore and we'll say at four or three anyway five we can always skip one five you can steal shrine minions and also make someone think you are somewhere when you're not even there so there's some mind games to it which is really cool



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