Dark Aspects of Nintendo #10 - Super Paper Mario: Count Bleck's Story

by: Thane Gaming

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oh look at that adorable Squidling says this card description in Super Paper Mario so adorable under your foot welcome to the third and final episode of my dark aspects of Paper Mario well I look now at the Wiis 2007 release this dapper fellow over here on the box is Count black and he's the villain of this game he's also a nihilistic murderer that wants everything eradicated from existence all life in the Uni and multiverse including himself if you think I am at all exaggerating eat the focus of today's episode a tragic character fittingly introduced to the most plot focused mario adventure ever made I will now explain his backstory using 100% actual lower found in the game through NPC dialogue and heavy story implications be warned this will spoil the main plot and endings without further ado mmm the ancients through historical tellings were an intelligent civilization and gifted in the powers of magic though they lacked physical strength to make up for this major drawback the tribe invented thinking tools a fairy like creature called pixels using knowledge from a mysterious book that would later be dubbed the dark prognostic 'us these pixels were cherished for ability to fortify and were capable of building worlds that would further spread the ancients influence but after 1000 years of being in control of these entities the Picts was repelled by influence of their queen the very first pixel ever made the other first 12 pixels helped fight with the ancients against their queen but unfortunately the uprising resulted in only one single survivor of that tribe the survivor learns the truth behind pixels they were born by using the souls of those that had died the pixel Queen being the deceased daughter of the ancient that invented pixels that one surviving ancient took the dark prognostic as' so an event like the foretold pixel war would never happen again in doing this he also founded a new group the tribe of darkness their goal was to protect humankind and prevent the book from misuse their descendants of the Ancients twisted the real history and wrongfully believed the tribe of darkness stolen only to enhance their powers this generation has since banned the production of any new pixels in fear of a second rebellion that would ultimately lead to their downfall this new tribe of Darkness became very secretive from the rest of the world and forbade marriage outside of their circle and fear of diluting their source of blood normal humans were completely off-limits which is where black comes in gradually told in a series of flashbacks at the end of each chapter it's revealed his backstory before he became the count his name was bloomie heir and he fell in love with a human woman named tympani that saved him from a fall from the cliff side after proposing marriage and agreeing to live far away from the tribe that wants them apart it's learned that his father made tympani no longer reside in this world thinking tiffany was murdered but actually has her memory wiped and cursed to quote wander through dimensions forever Lumiere opened the dark prognostic as to use for his newfound life philosophy to actually put into motion his idea that nothing should exist since everything in the universe is pointless and bleak finally a villain I can get behind he's had the sole person he's loved taken away from him so his approach is utterly nihilistic to destroy all until nothing is left so what does count black do to kick-start this plan within the first minute we're shown exactly how as the players thrown right into a cut scene in which peach is forcibly being married to Bowser the count acting as the unholy weddings priest this non-consensual bond forms a world ending catalyst known as the chaos heart just as predicted a matte dark prognostic as' with magic force to make her say I do the Union is successful and sets quartz for complete annihilation after the chaos heart is born into the world the void was formed as a result an ever growing dimension eating black hole that appears everywhere in the universe without except and I say without exception because this void also appears in the game's version of heaven and the underworld that very fact is terrifyingly existential when thinking critically because it means that not even the afterlife is safe from non-existence the counts plan will delete all forms of thought comprehension and consciousness from all of being and as such the stakes could not be raised any higher than this comparable to the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask in which the moon is on a crash course to kill all of terminus inhabitants the NPC's reveal how they're preparing for the upcoming apocalypse through the dialogue interactions right before facing black at the end of the game many characters approach their inevitable doom with the mix of fear and surprising earnest in the overworld some accepting death while others reflecting on what the point of their lives were and whether or not they're happy it's respectable and quite sad adding more depth and realism to this time and space the players trying to save surprising to is fact that we're shown not simply told how powerful this void really is Sammer's Kingdom a location we'll talk about later hosts a duel of 100 tournament in which the player must fight 100 challengers in order to meet with the king and claim the treasure needed to counter the dark power of Lex chaos art as I mentioned before and because this chapter is accessible fairly late into the game the void is gradually increasing in size and at its largest now look at that thing in an effective display of storytelling the party is told they must face every opponent before receiving that world's pure heart though after 4:20 the void has grown so massive that ground begins to tremble and each vassal vows their need to allow Mario to hurry through and make it to the king this makes for a very tense atmosphere as the normally prideful in-your-face samurais stop their introductions short until they halt greetings entirely and simply yell at you to rush toward the final gate but no matter how quick you are the players efforts are fruitless as eventually a hopeless manic warrior laughs off the impending doom and please Tippie exclaims her fear for the worst and Sammer's kingdom ceases to be the player can re-enter this eliminated world to reclaim a pure heart sapped of its power showing only the vast emptiness that remains the player must traverse white space with the occasional rubble and collapse while a bleak music track plays driving hard what's been lost this is emotionally impactful now the entire setup and payoff for chapter 6 is an example of how to make an audience care for what they're doing this act of showing us the aftermath was a brilliant move in one of the most memorable narrative moments in Mario's history for those that have experienced it me me a servant of Count Black has helped initiate this apocalypse by stalling time one of several demands gathered and wrongfully told this is all necessary to build a new better world upon destroying the current one however as we learned from his monologue the true plan from the beginning was really to obliterate himself and everything dementia oh the real final boss of the game actually knew of this and planned to betray the tormented count when the pure hearts were used up by Mario's team to fight him the good part about all this is that even after defeated regretful count wants Mario to put an end to him Mario is Pixel companion throughout the quest helps Lumiere come to his senses through slow build-up throughout the past several chapters it's revealed that tippy is actually tympani transformed into a pixel by Merlin as a last ditch effort when he found the woman barely alive note that as stated way back to are created with the souls of the dead as the two are finally reunited again they move quickly to the altar used at the beginning of the game exchange love vows with one another and vanish leaving behind a restored pure heart the embodiment of love to know the chaos heart nobody in game knows where they really went and Natasha blex closest assistant also revealed to have been in love with him I'll be at one-sided believes them to be alive somewhere the credits roll and afterwards a picture of timpani as a human with bloomie air appears on screen this was the place they promised to mind in the flashbacks that would accept their love it's very touching and whether this is the afterlife or not black did say it would cause both their demise it's reassuring that their souls are together again at peace count flex previous dedication and wanting life to end is extremely depressing and makes for a heart-rending end with a surprising moral that Nintendo would advocate for as this man who remember did murder his own father and tribe is deserving of happiness redemption and Tiffany's acceptance additionally his main theme is derived from The Melancholy memory track that plays during the cutscenes revealing his past with timpani and their eventual reunion it's a perfectly touching tie-in that only accentuated the story and whether you like that sort of plot telling or not it's no doubt the writers really tried to construct a universe away from the typical Mario game and expand on every detail Super Paper Mario has possibly the most external or defined in any game of the franchise meaning aside from the main plot veering off and speaking to characters like Garson the note bar owner and his flop side counterpart Carson the coffee barista reveals so much more world building information that connects everything I've been speaking about in fact they provided most of the filling in the blanks about pixels I first discussed in the video continuing this world building we have the pit of 100 trials a multi-layered dungeon in the previous game and a series of rooms designed for torture in this sequel there are two descending pits and according to those two gossipers one was used by the ancients to research the power of the pure hearts while the other was simply to study the powers of darkness their experiments involve all sorts of nasty enemies from throughout the games worlds explaining why they occupy each floor with two boss monsters housed at the basements of each pit this includes an upgraded mechanical dragon - the one fought early on in the game and shadow a shape-shifting demon that acts as the final challenge to this side quest the duplicator states to work for its own cursed powers and reveals that it asks the main cast to complete the pit a second I'm simply is a way to study and clone their character its goal was to perfectly replicate and replace the heroes to seek revenge on the ancients an interesting bit of story that adds to the overarching one both it and rack tale had a hatred for the creators but just what is shadow these tidbits of war add a lot of intrigue to the game's history but the mysteries of these Ancients the game brings up so much shed news origin has left big enough to investigate further but satisfies curiosity and is worth talking about because the developers cared enough to craft this world and constantly reference in-game events transferring to my segment of hidden sexual themes within the game and for a little break from the darker topics we have another tale from Garson this time gossiping about the ancients and their supposed passion for love sorry I meant hot burning passion capitalized he even whispers about an ancient sage the player meets early on Merle Amina and her particularly spicy love life so if all the ancients were so passionate about love and where Lumina was the most promiscuous just what is she romantically competing against well if you remember the Samer kingdom and its 100 soldiers these fighters are said to be the children of King Samer and Merle amina's younger sister if her sister gave birth to 100 kids and Merle Amina is the one with a spicy love life we can get a glimpse of just how passionate this tribe really was take that in for a minute speaking of Garson goes on to say the 100 princes and the royal parents assured in a new era of prosperity imagine all the budding romances with 100 strapping princes around my goodness who would have expected that kind of dialogue and topic from this series moving forward additional sexual references include dementia Oh calling Luigi's moustache a shag to insult him this was censored in the PAL region because in Great Britain shag is slang for sex Mimi also dreams of pools filled with hunky lifeguards revealed by dementia upon reading her diary embarrassed she transforms into Bowser I referenced the first game in which she must read his diary to learn where Mario has to travel next while on the topic of Mimi and like shadow Carson brings up the important question of what exactly she is both offers of an answer involved her being a failed experiment of sorts whether it be an attempt at creating a new pixel or a witch's unintended brewing a potion with mimicking properties would explain her ability and may give reason for her terrifying tree form that's right as hinted by Tippi this is not the real meaning undergoing a horrific transformation Wow more like Fedor's math than I thought in which her neck audibly snaps and head rotates around it uncomfortably stops upside-down where spider legs sprout out from where her neck was to become this beast a deranged laugh using her name is accompanied by a purple jacket text box usually reserved for the series most sinister villains where it then proceeds to chase you around at its first appearance throughout a maze where it will warp and try to catch up to you nerve-racking and classically scary being a creepy crawler paired with her innocent girl to gag-inducing metamorphosis this provides some of the game's greater nightmare fuel and if you think we're done before moving away from Mimi it's also worth mentioning her prominence before this as a ringleader enslaving Mario and Peach by locking them in a mansion and forcing them to pay off a massive debt for breaking an inexpensive base the slavery theme is played up heavily here with those that thought were going to murli's mansion for a charm instead being tricked into the same position Mario's in as a prisoner but in worse shape than him these unfortunate souls are bound by ball and chains and served by direction of these whip wielding act pals clearly inspired by ancient Egypt labor systems it's certainly an unexpected direction to interact with and work as a peasant in inhumane circumstances moving away from enslavement and getting back to what I mentioned about this game's afterlife there is frequent talk of death in this game death itself is usually always spoken over the pretty clever euphemism gay / as in that character lost his last life without any extra chances for the team at Super Paper Mario - right in game overs as an actual story consequences incredible and something I hope to see revisited in the future Mario RPG [Music] you



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