Come Up Season Presents "Pop Shit" Feat. Ray Muney, Lil' Mal, NBG Welch & Vonnie (Prod. 1Bounce)

by: ComeUpSeason1B

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[Music] my coop encouraged its passions they all know pop shit don't rush it God cuz my old bitch Jam dummy you ain't my nigger like you think you my man's hunger Oh some hot shit with a whole bunch of bands only approach me and take oh like you dance on a lot of niggas ain't had best for they was 17 I've seen a couple bodies and I never said a thing guy was selling out my fucking telling me my wife here oh yeah niggas path shit down [Music] pop shit flexing on the neck get you fucked up look I was down on my sting give me nothing I spent my last on the zip and I followed up bitch I test for quarters made a whole buck and not inflection on my brothers get you bang down you know that sucker shit y'all doing you gotta stand down I can sell anything I get my hands on post supper would welching get my band's own shorty hell a mass he in the friend zone touchdown sport I'm in the Rennes I can't wait to broke up for my man song anything I said you say I got it got a drum on it you know and niggas tripping I'm the one on it jumpin up niggas pass shit [Music] you will never caught up in that jam in a jam I know a couple of niggas who I ran on a man smoking on some pootie wooden hand will advance sweet a couple cars make some beers I've only a few nickels I'm calling when it's time to slice call of love Raja tell him he got his dry touching one of mine shit that just like suicide and we riding Hill already we got two inside Hey aiming for no legs bitch we aiming for your head but yo I know mister cuz we filled him up with me what's the grim reaper Nick I always keep a stick ain't never get no talking bitch I always plead to fit they never see me up because I'm always on the gray in traffic tug there ain't enough that I'm gonna miss I'm not honest in the city and the youngest in the game we are how we got the city air bitch you know they bang oh shit chichi bangbang up a hill y'all niggas is some cute cow some real-life murders I mean damn murmuring bangs quacks ak-47 keep forgetting that's illegal that's crazy


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