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all right now are you dying apart this is listen let's go let's go dragon let's go daddy married by Alma same but Abu Talib was on his deathbed I lost my sister came to me found him with Abu jahil you remember Abu jahil and your mama Bonilla yeah abdullah bin ABI i may have been ill movie I lost mr. solo lost and said Oh uncle ya say that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah a sentence which I'll defend you before Allah under Abuja and Abu even above mayor said to abu talib will you now leave the religion of abu talib he said alas machines are kept on inviting in that sentence while the upper to kept on repeating essential for him - Abu Talib said Isis last thing he said to them I am on the religion of Thailand metallic religious no and refused to say none has the right to be worshipped except Allah and Allah some said by Allah I will keep on Oscar laws forgiveness for you and so I'm forbidden to do so then Allah revealed this ayah listen to the ayah listen to the ayah it is not fitting for the prophet and those who believe that they should invoke for forgiveness for the pagans this ayah was revealed at this time stop stop then it says verily you O Muhammad guys not whom you like but Allah guides whom he rose sahih bukhari I did 60 I leave 295 first of all he died I don't know why we know as a Muslim and in wisdom we know of a polity he died and sharp a bee pollen when they get him out of their houses and no food and no anybody giving them and is not allowed they eat and they died who killed their mother go fuck listen listen listen you see whatever anyone you don't say I just wanna hear call a lot chorus hula I don't hate Colorado su la la I don't hear nothing okay because what you're speaking out of your opinion he's from your no denying go jeddak a demon for our what's that mean that's been shelter from the Sunna of Bukhari do you take mccrory you to believe it that's what is why I'm talking from your book from your book listen to me if you are doing the talk from your book Sula Kathy the map should can be da and and miscarriages inside a book might look a bit madness must stop preaching that people might lose their minds rather you say you know you know you say you say Fatima dun dun dun change in the Royal listen this is what you should believe you this is what she has believed you believe you believe that Fatima yeah she made was full of my body before she even died why is that impossible that's impossible that's in your books you want to find a feudal oh brother I'm here all your books and I'm not ever using no syllables I'll use all your books against you don't ever come at me like are you crazy you don't have no deal or nothing you don't have nothing you have nothing brother you don't understand what I mean no you have no it's been Hodja you know it's been evidence Hodja brother listen to me because I only been happen when you want to talk complete communication communicate somebody I try to find the hot jab the Hodja is not from your book from the hot Jeff because I'm against you you have to find it from my book that's what why I'm looking for for you from your book okay that's what I mean stay in the cm subject we are talking evidence is right column I told you from the Quran I'm from the Sun and how he died I understood now is not my job every ballad the copper gets him out of their houses and he died no food no food drink yes and Happiness all he becomes sad well senator husband what if it's just right now senator host and you will find which senator knows a lot what does it mean you a grief man the sadness year no I'm asking you

listen to me listen to me closely you know when you when I asked you for delay oh I'm asking you from the Koran and from the authentic sunnah of the prophet sallallaahu salam that's when i say to you i when i say to you i want delay oh this is what I mean I do not want you to tell me from your mouth or your opinion no yeah from mine so I opted for the low you said to me I'm saying let me bring it from write it down and you will find senators and Hadees of a soon in the Senate illusion the sadness year no listen to me that's if I say to you what book is it in is it in hadeep is a Muslim I'm not a library I think you find out thank you very much are you sure are you sure what you say you ask me my education education I'm gonna go into the shared beliefs nor yet because you wanted me to do that I do you want to open up the store I'm going to open up this door

so Lucas said we're the keepers of knowledge of Allah we are the interpreters of the commands of Allah we are infallible if it was if he has been order that we obeyed and disobeyed we are the clear sign of Allah on earth and in the heavens alkaline he says in al-kafi the chapter if the a man's wish to know they would no Jaffa said indeed if I am an e man wishes to know he will know the man's know when they would die and

I believe that's all what you said easy easy a raccoon aplomb there is no other people only Mohammed Ali Mohammed and who is said I'm Rosalyn Pelham he's a liar okay tell I will treat you because there is one level because they are taking their education from Mohammed that's it I'm Mohammed II from Allah that's it that's wonderful all what you say I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you more this is this is what you don't believe with your demands there I'm gonna go deep you koala how can you judge me about the other Imam you don't believe Mohammed listen listen listen listen the prophet sallallaahu was perfect Allah mention is character in the Quran before this one noon I am afraid we're talking about the Prophet Solomon there's no there's no debate in this okay I'm saying you're a man's you're 12 a man's slope guys that I wanted am hiding in the cave somewhere you say Iman not Iman

okay so this is what you'll not believe I only said in his book miss Burrell fucka there is no doubt regarding the guardianship over the creation as this clip from the narrations for they on a reason behind they are the reason behind the life had it been known that the creation would not have been brought into existence but when leha is similar to that of a lost power over the creation this is in Mirat I'll call in fish sorry this is I'm saying so you don't believe that your emails have control over you know over the violation you know what when your mind about them and you don't believe from Quran is better than this listen you didn't know more do you read ooh-la-la listen and come welcome that here ah no what's that mean if you lie about this that mean you lie about Allah you understand because Allah choose for them this time no am BIA nor a sole parent Epirus not min come not from you as a a wave away you are coming top listen listen that's what is being that's what is being why I

listen this in this I listen listen God God choose there's no Eman there's no man that comes after the prophet sallallaahu them that can be infallible my friends there's no listen to me because only this is reserved for the messengers and the prophets this is the reason why you don't go to hulu and your love for Ali you go to speaking from you listen you speaking from

what's why Mohammed Watts Mohammed before talking stop talking it was talking for a second just talking for the sake of talking okay yeah listen to me closely because even listen to me


and Elizabeth why don't you say something to our is it because I don't know


this one



I don't

so you're saying this I explained the Quran there's nothing



and he said this is my Sunnah came down





so why Muhammad make this work why if you are a Muslim answer this yeah I'm coming yeah

that's one by one himself

okay you see if you are from my book this is Julian I can bring some evidence from your book to open your brain I went through a proper Islamic theological training told you anyone help me tell you someone is I know you cannot make takfeer you don't know we go back before

no you never to me you said the 12 Iman's [Music] listen closely is the infallible they know they have knowledge of the unseen as lawyers they have knowledge of the unseen



you should know I told you from the Quran what are you going to say Allah says cool innamal in in the law and zero means the knowledge of the of the hour is only Allah there's known as knowledge of the unseen unless a loss or a messenger Allah cinemas given us there's no human after why he even even Ali Ali even a batalov he doesn't have knowledge of the unseen I'll bring you a child and he will say to you why do you say to Allah and your Salah always in your salah in a sirat al-mustaqim he said to you in sirata al-ladhina rose why why why don't you go direct and you said knowledge babe you said these people this talk even anybody know surah tehreem listen did anybody know know you have to answer this see here we are anybody know they don't gotta stop him but only those Allah guide you to he said you go to them okay you know I'm getting exhausted from fosston yeah so I can't keep shouting it's not gonna it's not gonna work for me I know I don't wait to get a high blood pressure on yourself eeeh I've not seen yourself yeah now listen closely to me say this one last time I'm asking you there is nobody has knowledge of the unseen as I just mentioned in the Quran of anything except what Allah and His Messenger has revealed to us so what I'm saying


you said that you said these twelve Iman's are infallible imam oh yeah and then he said after they have knowledge of the unseen I prove to you that no one has knowledge of the unseen except Allah and what he has revealed to his prophet salaallah alayhi wa ala son yeah so introducing billboard pal the mobile billboard with your billboard pal you can advertise anywhere anytime just find your target audience and make fun limited connections billboard POW makes advertising fun and affordable stand out from the crowd your future customers are ready to meet you

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