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by: Peter Knetter

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[Music] you know ray you could have both eaten and drank any point today other than this very moment toys for grown-ups I should have known that so it's basically being an adult in a nutshell camping in hiking equipment you know me too well Amazon my friend Dahmer okay the ironic thing about this is just today and this happens about once a year someone tweets me doesn't Peter look like Jeff Dahmer and the sad thing is it looks like me three years ago Touche Amazon Touche oh gosh then Emily Emily upset Aurra Tom kissed me heroin long and curl mascara he just get heroin on Amazon I guess Oh what have I done inspire bright by your browsing history kiss me kiss me heroin DC Comics Aquaman got Marvel Deadpool rise the TMNT Elite epic moment epic moment picture Marvel Legends series Wolverine and multigrain cereal are you so mad about she does not look happy is she doesn't even look like she's in a cat suit looks like a cat is eating her life I know these are supposed to be vintage classic looking action figures but tales actually looks dead like he's just died and they taxidermy em Here I am looking at Sonic toys and whatnot Amazon suggests four different types of extra-virgin olive oil well played well played Amazon this is a fairly good Eggman figure but it looks like he's just sitting there grunting just why why did you suggest this to me now I got I got everything he's messed up now my entire search history is ruined go away I'm sorry it doesn't look like Jake Paul it looks like I don't know young messed up Elon Musk toys for grown-ups there we go now now you're smart toys for grown-ups tell you what if it's better here than a dozen the sonic games oh yeah oh yeah transforming sward and pickaxe guys I'm an adult I why am i judging 90% of this stuff is just Sonic I'm already tracer what about tracer I already chose tracer look at this look at that that's amazing actually want that I'm already Nikola Tesla how did I get here his lemon kid oh my gosh it's lemon kid he doesn't want to be here look at this turtle oh he's having a good day okay well I spelled sonic wrong I was I was looking for something a little something Hedgehog still comes up sonic jams 6 yeah this this looks this looks legit 15 in one game card very good game holding such classics as fat man Super Mario Bros 16-bit cartridge and it's not legit either way but this this isn't helping about the product order now game pretty soldier Sailor Moon game cartridge bonding finger thickness is one point I don't know what that means sonic winter adventures someone off a deviantART through this and then you stole it sonic classic heroes so you get a lot more of an in-depth description here because you get this picture she also get this picture ah yes sonic eraser Crash Bandicoot for the for the Genesis Oh pink phantom Sonic

sonic to excel and he's looking at onion rings oh my goodness it looks honestly distressed by this oh no you just you look like you just waist deep in something you don't want to be waist-deep in my new favorite hoodie hands down so many people want to take a picture with me because who doesn't like Nutella my son loved the shirt thank you your poor son something about this just doesn't doesn't sit right is it the eyes how's it going bud all right since tis the season see what they got in this variety knife that's always good a very confused looking snowman children very not well children poop fill your kit stockings with Pope teabagger the tea bag or tea nephews funny gag gift for men and women oh boy the best stocking stuffer is your sock always remember you are my rock I don't know if this is supposed to be a biblical quote or what but it's it's failing terribly what in the world is this why do what is what who decided this what is this this makes no sense why is everyone wanna give their kids Pope who this has just got Santa strapped over some gun he does not look like he wants to be there do not disturb I am playing for tonight now every time mom comes in the room and you're playing for tonight you just stick your stick your feet in her face and then she'll know just what to do for tonight in progress enter at your own risk why not why not do that bargain finds gifts what a bargain only eight dollars for the classic dabbing unicorn hats guys having a good day he's Evan kind of gifts you have this year for maybe that special someone water bag shirt down no one wears a shirt I'll just pull through this Christmas get your kid a value pack of 400 he looks like a worm my actual favorite things to look up kids kids with toys toy guns I don't know why but they always just look like they're having way too much fun he's going this is this this kid's cool I wanted to be this kid when I was younger but I didn't have anything like this so I was just that other kid why is it when I look up kids toy gun and it could hip-hop Harry toy review this is a this is a TV show then I watched Harry is great I don't know but I couldn't record it because copyright wouldn't let my recorder work could they have tried any harder to make those guns look more photoshop no wonder this kid looks like he doesn't care at all he's not even holding anything they're like hey I pretend like you're holding a gun and then we'll just we'll put one there later but you don't actually get to hold a gun look at this girl she doesn't want to be here this kid this kids just looking directly at the camera like yeah I lasered her yeah yeah yeah what'd you do today oh you know I went on Amazon and made fun of some innocent kids well these kids aren't real so yeah I'm just making front of the market and like this is good this is fine they look like normal children wake-and-bake alarm clock get up on the tasty side of the bed rise and dine bath and brew this is shower coffeemaker look oh wait well these are pranks doggone it I was I thought I found something wonderful oh there's a billion of them now hip-hop Harry's gonna be my suggestion now pet Petter never touch your pets again I just get this for myself this was brilliant okay now those are just three guys they're about to kidnap her she oughtta run all right now pretend like your psychopath and now because Funko pop beggars don't have mouths and it weirds me out we're gonna put some put some faces on them Deadpool doesn't have a mouth anyway teeth are hard you know what hold on he's also missing so there all right let's do it oh oh thank goodness I had a ring oh okay I'm recording and everything you said just makes you sound like an idiot this guy's happy and he likes cats there it's perfect don't save this and just to be contrary and this this guy's in a bad mood I just realized he's got a tongue it's already got a mouth okay this just looks like a mustache and good job Peter yeah you know he's is it looks kind of like a but you know what let me open a better program for this and there we go see this is the type of stuff I do when I'm sick I turned into a literal three-year-old I seriously should not be putting this on the internet and yeah she's beautiful [Music] [Applause]


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