Ancient Sozopol

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sooo Zobel a small Peninsula cut into the Black Sea houses the oldest town on the south Bulgarian Black Sea Shore Suzhou Paul founded as Apollonia pond tikka by Miletus colonists at the end of the 4th millennium BC today Suzhou ball keeps remains of residential buildings ceramics and tools of that period due to its sports Apollonia turned into an important commercial city the artifacts such as an emblem anchor and coins with a permanent sign speak of a settlements with active shipping and trade the town's Archaeological Museum houses multiple artifacts that testify for the rich economic cultural and spiritual life of that period during antiquity the town was known as Apollonia Magna and turned into a centre of Arts plundered by the Romans who demolished the fortified wall the town was revived in the 4th century as Suzhou Palace city of salvation in almost the entire Middle Ages the town belonged to Byzantium and only for a short time it was part of the Bulgarian state the architectural look of today's toppled witch in charge thousands of tourists shaped up during the bulgarian revival more than 180 houses from the end of the 18th in the beginning of the 19th century have been preserved they represents the Black Sea type of construction from stone and wood emblems of the town are the house of Marietta stefanova the House of crayon old and the house of Dimitri Lascaris in close proximity to the old town is the largest Bulgarian Black Sea Island Saint Yvonne a monastery was built here in the 7th century BC a new Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist was built in the 13th century it was declared a royal temple demolished and reconstructed during the following centuries the monastery received royal weddings as well as monk Hermits excavations resumed in 2010 and they led to an archeological sensation for discovery of the relics of st. John the Baptist the ossuary of the prophets who baptized Jesus Christ sparked an invasion of pilgrims today some people predict whose opal will turn into a second Jerusalem PSA's opal attracts tourists with its ancient past it's wonderful tourism opportunities and its cultural life that traditional arts festival Apollonia takes place here every year this is one of the largest cultural forums in Bulgaria the magnificent revival houses the ancient history and the relics of Saint John the Baptist have turned Suzhou pool into an object of admiration to tourists from around the world today it's back on the

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