When Losing Your Hope and Faith is Good

by: Michael Chriswell

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hello Michael I am losing my faith all exclamation marks I have been evicted from my apartment I have lost my job my friends that I thought I had are gone my reputation is demolished I've been labeled as being volatile I live in the same city as my family and none of them have reached out to me I feel abandoned rejected even blackballed by my very own family I'm trying to relocate to another state for better employment and to just try and start whatever is left of my life part of the reason I've been abandoned by my family is because I was accused of slapping my daughter and I've never laid a hand on my daughter this is too much I can't take this much longer I don't understand why God is not defending me or providing for me I am so burdened by all these troubles that I can't even pray I don't know what to do I can't believe this is happening my strength is failing I received so many emails like this not everybody can be helped but to those who have ears to hear I want to add the answer to an email like this from father's perspective unfortunately this is a situation where just like me for many years my faith was failing because my faith was misplaced and misguided I had faith and an incorrect Jesus I believed in an incorrect gospel and I was being led by an incorrect spirit I believed that God was here to make my life happy and healthy and that God was to fix all of my brokenness in shattered dreams that God was to help me to have a life work that God was to be a Jeremiah 29:11 God and have plans to prosper me and to not harm me all the days of my life I did not understand that there was a new covenant and that the external blessings of the Old Covenant are largely gone and that in the old covenant men obeyed external rules and God blessed them and gave them external blessings but that in the New Covenant no one is greater than our master the Lord Jesus Christ who indeed had to lose his life in this earth in order to find it I was confused and couldn't see that when Jesus said that unless I was willing to lose my life meaning maybe my career maybe all of my finances maybe my family my reputation my dignity my dreams my hopes my material possessions unless I was willing to lose my life in this world I would not keep it for life eternal I didn't understand that the true meaning of being a Christ follower is to take up your cross and deny yourself daily I didn't understand that I needed to deny my will I didn't know what it means in Matthew 5 what it says blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth that a meek person is a person who has a real preference for God's will to be done not theirs I didn't understand that I needed to hate my life in this world in order to find the only life worth living the Christ life and to keep my life in heaven I didn't understand it because Jesus suffered I also must suffer that it had been appointed to me and granted to me on his behalf not only to believe on him but to suffer for him I didn't understand that God was working so diligently and with so much wisdom to pry my fingers and my white knuckles off of the life I was building for myself apart from him I didn't understand that when God looks down upon me he sees such foolishness for me to try to use human reasoning to build my own life apart from his ways I didn't realize the need to give up futility of my human thinking and to let other people acquire for themselves a great number of worldly possessions worldly goals worldly friends worldly relationships and I needed to be willing to lose and hate even my own mother and father my brothers and sisters my wife and children and yes even my own life in order to be his disciple I did not understand what Jesus Christ meant when he said enter the narrow gate and make every effort to enter the narrow gate for so few find it because there's a wide way that makes sense to human beings and many there enter through into destruction I did not realize that God was pouring bitterness and pouring fire into the dreams that I had made for myself and shattering my dreams and goals and frustrating my plans so that I would eventually come to a place of surrender and say these words to God father my god I have made a mess of my life nothing I have tried has worked meanwhile as I'm praying this prayer father must see a videotape of me - stubborn obstinate hard-hearted horse banging his head against the wall over and over and over the motivational speaker business person and me never wanting to quit always wanting to persevere to overcome to change the approach winners never quit quitters never win always just going and grabbing and striving and living on self-sufficiency how sad father must have felt to watch me do this to myself and yet in his loving mercy God brought me to a place of brokenness where nothing worked my faith had indeed failed and that's where every single one of us has to come - you have to come to a place where like this person says your faith has failed the wrong faith an improper faith of false faith you have to come to a place where you say I have no more hope good because you can't have hope in saving yourself and find God you cannot have hope that your circumstances are still going to work out the way you want them to and have the hope of glory in Christ Jesus you have to come to the end of your hope to come to the beginning of his hope it's a sad disappointment and a huge frustration for myself and my wife to receive emails like this from around the world from people who do not want to lose their life when we have seen so clearly and if walk in it so wonderfully the truth that if you're willing to lose your life you will find it if you'll just quit trying so hard to save your life be willing to lose it stop trying to fix it if God wants to take away your children for a season or forever what business is it of yours the creation to say to the creator why have you done this to me you have to recognize you're missing the mark when you read a book of Joel who's in the Old Covenant and Joel can say the Lord has given and the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord even though he slay me yet will I hope in him this is an Old Covenant guy looking back we should be so ashamed those of us in the New Covenant who don't even measure up to the stature in faith of a job in the Old Covenant who the Bible says in John chapter 7 had not yet received the spirit he hadn't received a filling of a Holy Spirit yet the Spirit is upon people in the Old Covenant very few but it's upon people not in them primarily there's a few references to being in but it's mostly a pond and we go by what the words say in John 7 that the spirit have not yet been giving until Christ geez dido net Cross father was not pleased to send the Holy Spirit in math to us the power and grace through Jesus Christ you have to be willing to say God you know better than me Lord in my pride I think I can do my life better than you I think I can save myself in my pride I want to make demands over what I think my life should be like if God wants to strip you of your family of your wife of your husband of your your your immediate family if God wants to strip you of your job if he wants to strip you of your church of fellowship if he wants to strip you of your health why not surrender to this sovereign God who the Bible says he works out everything proverbs 16:4 to his own ends are you a part of the everything are you a part of Ephesians 1:11 God is conforming everything and working out everything in conformity to his purpose are you part of that everything then let God have his way with you be honest with God about your sins and your frailties and you're ignorant I'm telling you haven't understood the way that you've missed the way telling to shine the light of Christ on the dark spots of your heart to search your heart and see if there is any offensive way in you and to lead you into the path of truth the everlasting way ask God to have his way with you just this morning my wife who has such an amazingly calm personality is in the kitchen in a moment raising her hands and standing up on her tiptoes praising God that he stripped her of everything so she could be free and she's praising God with her own lips that she didn't see how she was tied down to the things and the people of this world that she could not see the chains they were bound around her heart but she pleaded God set me free and the way God set her free was to cut off everything in every one it's the reason why we have this saying that many people get to where when they find out that God is all they have they find out God is all they needed there is hope in Christ Jesus there is power there is peace there is rest there is joy there is contentment there's fruitfulness there's fellowship there's joy our hearts burst every day with joy our only laments Persis and i are for people that can't see it people that won't surrender people that continue to walk in pride or continue to walk in false teaching or continue to say but I have to live in the world but I have to provide a living all these but I have to but and really what God hears you saying but I have to find my life but I have to fix my life but I can't take up my cross but I can't deny myself but I can't work for food which does not spoil because I'm too busy working for food that spoils but I cannot come to you in my thirst and drink because the world has water that's available for me right now to drink but I can't really hate my life I mean that's just not practical I mean God wants me to be happy yes he does but God doesn't want you to be happy from anything you'll find in this world any more than you want one of your significant others a spouse a boyfriend or a girlfriend to be happy and something they had in a relationship before they came to you and when God sees the world as a lover and looks down and seeing you finding anything contentment happiness fulfillment purpose anything in this world are people in the world are you not finding in a false God that which you should find and the only true God and when you grumble against God and tell him he's not doing a good enough job fixing your circumstances are you not exactly like the Israelites who put God to test by demanding the food they crave Psalm 78 18 22 are you not approaching the greatest sin in all the Bible unbelief 600,000 men come out of Egypt to make it into the Promised Land is it because of pornography is it because of lying cheating stealing was it because of love of money was it because of their anger issues unforgiveness no what was it because of unbelief God says they put him to contempt they put God to the test by demanding what they wanted to make them comfortable the food they craved they said can God spread a table in the desert are you in the desert my friend are your actions and body languages and thoughts since God knows all of your heart meditations are you one of the ones who haven't looked down and here's a song in your heart of can God spread a table in this desert are you like the Israelites who say when he struck the rock waters gushed out and streams poured forth abundantly but can he also give food to his people can he supply them with meat the Bible says when God heard these words he became incensed angry with his people and the Bible says that his fire broke out against Jacob and his wrath rose up against Israel and here's what it says why it says because they did not believe in God or trust in his deliverance do you not believe that God can bring you into what the New Testament testifies to a place filled with inexpressible glorious joy a place where your whole hope is set on things above not on things below can you not believe that we are to live like strangers here and live our lives with such reverent fear before God because God will fill you with such presence of His Holy Spirit can you not believe God for the filling of his nature I have written my own quote on the frigerator if God's grace cannot change you God's grace cannot save you if you don't believe God can change you if you don't believe God can give you a new heart if you don't believe God can fulfill you internally if you don't believe you can fill you with rivers of living water you'll never enter into heaven why would God allow somebody like you'd answer into heaven if you didn't believe him what does Jesus Christ speak to Nicodemus he says if I speak to you of earthly things and you don't understand how can I ever speak to you of heavenly things if you don't believe God for his spiritual blessings and treasures that the Bible says he's given us all power so that we can live godly lives and he gives us all spiritual treasures here if you don't believe him for them here why would you ever believe him for them in heaven that's what God's test to us so yes in response to an email like this you must lose your faith in an Old Covenant faith that has you believing that in order for God to prove to you that he's with you he has to make all of your circumstances work out he has to get you that job or reconcile that relationship baloney I haven't seen my own children in three-and-a-half years did Jesus say in Luke 18:1 through 8 always pray never give up and soon thereafter you'll get justice is there any hint in that passage at all that suggests that justice might not come until Jesus does verse 8 Jesus Christ said but when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on earth the Bible teaches us when you give a banquet don't invite your friends relatives your rich neighbors but instead bite that poor the lame that crippled the blind and he says they can't pay you back but you will be repaid when at the resurrection of the righteous there is a reward that comes for those of us who endure without until Christ comes back or we step into glory that's what it means to lose your life Jesus had to lose his life in order to find it so did Paul so did all the disciples so if the greatest men and women of God that have ever lived they all testify as do I now to you you can get to a place where you can completely lose your life and you can go my goodness I'm not lost anything for God this is how could I ever say I sacrifice for God where he fills you with a purpose and he fills you with joy and he fills you with hope and he fills you with answered prayers and he gives you guidance and you may not have any kind of a life that anybody else would once circumstantially you may be not like me three-and-a-half years without seeing your kids do you not think God is in control of that when he's now using this little nobody nothing person to touch the lives of thousands of people around the world who am i know by but yet because I lost my life I found it in Christ because John 12 24 and 25 I was willing to die jesus said unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains only a single seed are you a single seed because jesus said if it dies it will produce many seeds my death has produced much life Christ's death has produced much life Paul's death has produced much life Tozer Hudson Taylor and ruler II these men feel Moody madam Jo dear lhamo Savonarola Christmas Evans Jonathan Edwards John Wesley Amy Carmichael Gladys Alward Corrie ten Boom Eric Little Richard warm brand watchman Nee Charles Spurgeon these men and women who lost their lives and died God used to produce life in you and I do you want to be used to produce life or do you want to walk in the curse of death Jesus's words are the father loves me because I lay down my life and if you're not greater than that master how can you look up in heaven and say God loves me even though I refuse to lay down my life if Jesus said no servant is greater than his master nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent me if he says in John 13 that I've set you an example how can we and our arrogance turn around until God yes but you love me and I don't have to give up my life 2nd Thessalonians chapter 1 I don't remember the verses perhaps 8 and 9 God will punish those who do not know God and who do not obey the gospel of Jesus the gospel of Jesus is you must take up your cross daily deny yourself if anyone loves his life in this world he will lose it if anyone hates his life in this world he will keep it for life eternal my friend how you get to this place is a long hard road of brokenness brokenness is not easy but in order to get to this place you have to recognize that what I'm saying is in the Bible and the Bible is true you must lose your life to find it you must take up your cross and deny yourself what that looks like practically God will reveal to you it's our responsibility to be honest with God to go to him and say I have sinned I am worthless I deserve to be damned and doomed to hell I am ignorant I am weak I am nothing I have sinned against you I have been afraid to follow after you I have not trusted you you got to be honest you got to then confess those sins to God and then you have to turn from them with this help and you have to ask him to invade your universe and you have to ask him to fill you with the Holy Spirit and understand that that spirit will take over every of your life and you want that I can't give you the desire but I can tell you how I found it I was willing to lose everything and anybody and anyone in this life in order to find fullness in Christ and just as it says in the Bible so it is with me lose your faith in yourself lose your faith in the false Jesus lose your faith in the false prosperity gospel lose your faith in an Old Covenant Christianity which says God's going to bless me God's can overcome all my enemies no he won't I saw a seven hundred and seventy seven day divorce god told me he would deliver me he told me he would do it in a way that would absolutely blow my mind and receive much glory to himself through it he did but you know what else happened I had to obey Luke 6:30 right after that if someone takes what belongs to you do not demand it back my ex-wife and her attorneys never followed the agreement and parental alienation of bounds and God would always tell me don't go back to court trust me it's what God's plan was for me God knew exactly what I needed God doesn't ask everybody like Abraham to put Isaac on the altar but he did me whatever it is it's in your heart your pride your self-worth your fear your lust after the things in the world whatever it is God knows exactly what you need to brake the horse in my heart God had to do many unique things that maybe you won't have to do in yours maybe you could be wise enough to learn from my experience and you can surrender and abandon your own will quit trying to live your life apart from God quit trying to call yourself a Christian and ease and quit trying to find out how much then you can get away with and still go to heaven you won't you'll be found wanting at the judgment seat of Christ quit living on the fence that's a very uncomfortable place to live with a fence up your heinie get off the fence choose this day whom you will serve be like Moses draw a line in the sand and he says all who are for God come to this side be like Joshua's for me and my house we will serve the Lord you cannot lose abandoning yourself to a loving father who has wisdom all power all salvation how can you lose the only thing you can lose is the very life that will keep you from entering life everlasting give that some thought and may God bless you to have true faith in the New Covenant where you'll be filled with spiritual blessings and spiritual treasures and spiritual prosperity and you store up treasures in heaven not on earth if God wants to strip you of everything and everyone in your life are you dare going to say God is not loving all you dare going to say God is not just are you dare going to say with your human mind made of dust that you have a better plan because that's what I did for years that's what my actions did for years shall he who is formed say to him who formed him why did you make me like this why did you I did it albeit it was for only a short period of time and I repented I put my tail between my legs I cried out in my ignorance and thanks be to God that he covered me in my ignorance that I would be dead I deserve to have died died back to talk to the one who made me I presumed upon him to know something I presumed on his justice I presumed on his goodness I presumed on his mercy I presumed on his will that somehow or another what he was doing wasn't fair because it didn't line up with my thinking everything you don't understand Deuteronomy 29:29 the secret things belong to God are there for a reason so that our mouths can be shut before God so we can learn to walk by faith not by sight so we can learn to trust God not on our own understanding or on our own self may God have mercy on us for all of our ignorance we walk outside our doors into a world system that gets on us like campfire smoke every single day being a true follower of Christ is the most difficult thing in the world and there is no way to do it without losing your and humbling yourself as a child depending upon daddy everyday for the grace to overcome Jesus didn't say he who says a prayer and believed in me will enter Heaven Jesus said to all who overcome by the way the most contemporary words we have of Jesus Christ the Incarnate Christ resurrected Christ says to him who over comes to him who overcomes I will give the right to eat from the tree of life if we are found like the Israelites squabbling and grumbling in the desert because God hasn't done good things for us when all the wicked around us prosper we shall be damned indeed and our dead bodies shall be found lying upon this whole face of the earth where the vultures will indeed gather at the coming of the Lord don't be that give in to this loving father who wants to breathe life into you and to teach you how to walk by his ways in accordance with his truth and may it be for you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as you surrender God indeed touches you and begins to counsel you to teach you to guide you in to watch over you and all your ways in Jesus name Amen


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