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sir Nick Faldo enjoyed a long and successful career as a player winning six major championships now a respected golf broadcaster he's also contributed to the development of junior golf around the world with the Faldo series his series of tips for golfing world continues today on the putting green the number one question my kids for my photospheres ask me is how do I deal with pressure so I've got one here the 6-foot putt to win and what do we do we hope we make a good stroke do we wish it in or we just let it happen when do we don't think well I'm a big fan I mean Deepak Chopra is great word is what your intention well my intention is to hold it so if you have an intention to hold it you could also then see it going that's the real important part you've got to see this golf ball track and hitting and disappearing down into the hole I'm fast tracking here we assume you've got a decent stroke you've done all your work you've got your belief in all of that so you know what I used to do number one putting the ball down very important many people put alignment lines on it and so and I used to one side lined up everything I did I would then pick a spot lit blade of grass right behind the back of the ball was famous for keeping my head down but I could actually really focus on a spot and even with my practice swings I would be looking at that spot because I wanted to keep everything perfectly still then you calm yourself down of course and then the next most important things if it's a six footer practice a six footer please because I see so many programs they stand they go right great now I'm lovely and relaxed because you stand over there this fellow said please don't hit it like that and you go here it will never get there yeah so if you've got a six footer stand up there if you like having practice swings a lot of players now don't but you've got to feel that six footer and you've got to see it going in when you get over it the linemen you've got to calm yourself down be lovely and still feel your breathing and then you've got to then just say look back a cup of times you see the ball tracking down okay and you've tracked it your intention is to holy you've also said with ask tracking you want you got trust in your stroke and that's the time to lock into what you believe so you might be saying square square I'm trying to keep that face square square or it's 1 2 whatever it is you need something or smooth smooth you've got a I found I need a little auditory command so when I learn aim there they get ready to go and I think smooth smooth and there you go

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Putting from six feet can be a daunting task for anyone. In this video, we hear putting tips Sir Nick Faldo and what he does when lining up under pressure! Subscribe to Golfing World for more: http://youtube.com/golf

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