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and I was doing I'm playing The Monkey King so pretty much I'll give you a rundown on what has happened I walked in the bush there were five of them me and Jenna both died and now we're here and and luck says smear their blood on the walls oh goodness just smear my frickin blood on that okay like I just got boss flashback no no no no class back no no class today I want to die it's so bad but it's a one-way ticket being under that Tower I know it's writing off maybe we can chill here good luck splash oh god out

I'm trying W three double use the video out honestly I was probably fine if I've caught up can I do this

will I be able to kill them here's one of those NATO's and I freaking got this

I'm pretty sure I got this

level three it's go time it is go time whoo no bad not bad I'm glad we did it base we had to use three pots to get there though which is 150 gold for that kill that was a very very expensive kill I

don't know if I can do it again oh they're scared oh my though nice I'm dead I'm dead I met please pull pull ha ha ha that she littles like that millisecond oh my god dude Wow listen if yes you drop a like on the video for the Janna that just saved our booty I'd appreciate it a lot build wise I'm thinking we'd do a little bit a little bit of everything that's what I'm thinking there's so many items that I want I'm sneaking in the back by the way did they really kill that I'm sneaking in the back I'm prioritizing kills over farm let's try John

oh I tried flushing over mmm go in take your tire shop Liva w have that tank yeah that's a she's such a good way to towerdive way that's so day I'm pretty sure it ain't - its - I'd have to try it again but that was actually not that all right let's let's bring it back a little bit bring it back a little bit

give me out of there I need lifesteal bad

oh my goodness dude I'm telling you once this Lutz hit six we are in trouble can I kill her if I massively out player we can do it

me up [Music] we go I'm missing not bad not bad oh my goodness eight kills at six minutes and thirty seconds dude that's what I'm talking about time to go AP bukang just just kidding huh never ever ever do that okay that's not good I should probably stay actually perfect hey buddy beyblade you know likes you shopping once I gotta take a hit I am in so much trouble and I'm dead okay maybe that was a bad idea we got a lot of gold spent I'm thinking this Plus Merc treads why not there's so many good items do Oh Jeff Awards oh thank you Lex don't even try the gentleman you missed the NATO finish it gotcha I'm not gonna die because I believe oh okay Jana lived though barely yo watch out you scared me with these mushrooms everywhere um damage damage damage damage damage so many options I guess can't go wrong with some without E but I kind of want to get a little tanky and this because I guarantee you I'm tanking a skill-shot one way or another dust plate in edge of night is probably the my go-to here just cuz the authority makes my whole baby a fidget spinner times 10 even yo moves when I go invisible I just make very good friends totally out of what them

live bun splice steel please oh my god no actually joking me what I barely live by the skin of my teeth and I'm dead that Wow Wow

Wow Wow Wow die boy die yet here oh we're not doing it not doing it not doing it oh I actually didn't like this dance cuz it hurts my W it shows them where I am go and remind me to buy a frickin I'm dead on it I am almost dead so let's say I take damage right and I have that white in here let me hit a shrimp show you guys but like that and then I press W it shows exactly where I am because I'm taking so much damage I mean I guess the poison does that but that's how Destin's works as well

emo you're getting onion oh if I can just get it so my ulti keeps doing this amount of damage we're in a pretty good spot nice we got to take over the game while we can thank you just low cooldown Doug he's gonna help me do that too pop okay I got my cue off dang no first our goal today it's all Gucci or need spot we are any good spotted eyes this guy dude Oh what are going on how hard can I pop this tower Oh Nautilus showing up to the bar what's up bro I wish it wait wait wait that cancels it that has to be a bug that has to be a bug


Oh Jedi love it out Oh should not be alive right now

oh my god how are we freaking would die uh no one shot all that oldies you see dude storm razor twitch I like the way you think I like the way you think I should just walk through towers that would not be broken at all

oh no I couldn't w if I just had 6000 ability power from spending my gold that would have worked here we go for the storm raiser now I kinda I kind of like the idea of it it helps me a lot with the one shot burst combo we'll do it we'll do it we'll do it even Triforce to try for storm raiser and then I think we sell this for uh yes yes yes yes yes I like this I have the perfect one-shot combo down down the road funds get aboard ah work doesn't really fit what I want to get those I gotta get rid of this distance fast though it's killing my vibe right now definitely killing my vibe

MF you are so annoying I would

now that's some good damage

oh that got a triple everyone's down here what the whole crew is here I guess I'll hold on to this death dance a little longer but really not liking it I'll show you if it screws me over in the future I'll show you what I'm talking about

we'll get this now so we can sell it soon because we're definitely gonna want some source of life steel Jana let's do this dude meandher makes such a good team can't believe got a triple dare scanner yes dude I'm telling you twitch chat what would I do without you guys this yield going on okay or not get over here get over here oh my god and away we go

that's awkward w I love you hi I'm talking the shield you here

Jimmy my fitted spitter

That's not me bro That's not me come here are you talk why does he mushroom though I'm going top plane or something he literally mushroomed the whole entire lane what do we say we're getting next we'd like Triforce oh my god this build is so good guys it has so much damage packed into our combo alright storm razor for the crit this for after you Auto and then dust blade in Triforce for the extra burst on the Q as well screw it I'm going to trade back bot no fear no fear for buns is here and my double use max so watch how many times I press my W you're gonna laugh on how good this thing is if I could just somehow did my clone take mushrooms for me that would be a beautiful actually beautiful

nice tower bro keep the mushrooms coming Tito or should I say BMO keep them coming listen III don't want to talk about not buying the scanner yet okay I really don't want to talk about it you're dead you're dead let's go back here pop the W and go back oh yeah baby yeah buddy Janis stay with me now stay with me

scanner don't worry I didn't forget all this thing's gonna save my life okay maybe I do like the death dance a little bit [Applause] I might bury very very well regret this I might toll you regret this okay I probably already do but hey it's gonna be okay all right it is gonna be okay we'll grab this as well a red boot cuz why I knew it oh man ant you all I'm going big I'm going big boom baby beyblade let it rip the video that was a knock up and a half to two fighters Diggs bump on top that would have been an instant Penta literally instant oh my goodness I should have waited for the Janus shield but sometimes you just got to go when you got C opportunities like that distance would have saved you it would have helped I don't know about save dude they're grouping so hard now and they're not next to my tower so uh yeah they're in trouble this is literally a Penta waiting to happen on my way boys all calling it now and to kill I mean please stay male please stay middle please damn you know I'm pretty sure they must be retelling right now Cyrus still bought but oh well Oh yo this is us these mushrooms everywhere but I don't care see dudes haha and pop I don't flash please some how can I get over the wall be close to it dang dude dang dang dang alright let's buy this TP in 30 kills 20 minutes that's what I'm talking about that's what I'm talking about this is the build I was talking about okay if you play Wukong do this please oh god what kill me a freaking plant thingy majiggy I don't know oh my goodness get all in Hibbs boys yes perfect perfect perfect nice one left one left you know is also very annoying Annie good look one of you wanting her okay she will literally promise to see you and it is very very annoying and run it down I'm running it down or maybe you should get rid of your hydrant the best name I think distance is better for what I'm like when I take a bunch of burst damage and I'm just in front of five people the reason why I don't like it is because I take damage right in the way distance works is it delays your damage over the next three seconds kind of thing so when I press W I'm I have ticks of damage going on me so they see where I'm going without distance I can fake walk this way and then Duke that way I mean this is a bad representation because that's poison damage ow okay I'm about to pop my Skinner wire is why there's 17 mushrooms with random the middle of me oh there's so many of them do

give me that either oh my goodness I'm not making you guys wait through a more death timer okay well I'm gonna respond right now all right sorry sorry about that we're back sorry sorry about that but now no more mr. nice guy there's really a mushroom there isn't there yep yeah I'm sure - no here we go here we go this is where the youmuu's comes in handy you're dead you are dead get me out of here channa careful you're scaring me how many freakin mushrooms are over there but when I get healing from my tea with that stance that's what like my favorite part about it was to be honest I need to Otto for HP maybe we gotta sell boots for him I don't know let's see

keep on W in bonds oh my god

my Jen is dead Jana is dead rest in pepperoni

oh I stayed in the redemption I want to go so bad but I'm not gonna we're playing it smart fellas Wow I'm not moving anymore

Jesus okay bad idea

dude why don't you muster over here that did some damage oh I'm still alive no no no please oh this Jam is actually my best friend

I want to go but I feel like I'm gonna die screw it here we go moment of truth pop if I can just get into the one box like this you're dead Penta

where's not where's not where's not to risk all he died dude I was feeling it I was feeling it thirty-three kills not bad plus fifty I'll take it guys like I said earlier if you drop a like on the video I love you always so much I'll predict the devil daily uploads it's gotta be that

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