FACEBOOK DEPRESSION is Real and Affects Your Life

by: Jon Mercer

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can Facebook cause you to be depressed or have low self-esteem a study from the University of Houston shows that there is a correlation between people who spend a lot of time on Facebook and people who tend to be more depressed and have lower self-esteem what's up with that isn't social media supposed to be something that brings us all closer together actually it turns out that it depends what kind of person you are the research suggests that people that spend a lot of time on Facebook are actually comparing themselves socially to their friends and acquaintances and that is the root of the problem now this is something also known as the competitive mindset let me very quickly explain what that's not the competitive mindset is not the drive to compete to win to excel to be the best at what you do no no that's competing but that's not a competitive mindset the competitive mindset is about social competition trying to outdo other people in the case of Facebook the competitive mindset is causing people to judge themselves unfairly in relation to their peers what happens is pretty basic they end up judging their day to day life washing the car feeding the dog cooking dinner to their friends highlight-reel what they did on vacation the peak moments of their life that time they drank tequila and went parasailing in Mexico so people wind up comparing the highlights of their friends lives to their own day-to-day life and then because of the social comparison they're doing they wind up feeling depressed and having lower self-esteem so does all this mean that social media is bad should we all dump our Facebook Instagram and Twitter accounts immediately if not sooner well hold on a second there you see all of these social media sites are nothing but tools think of a hammer hammer is a brilliant tool you can use it to build and create things but you can also use it to beat yourself in the head with it Facebook is a lot like that you can use Facebook to keep up with people that live far away in my case sometimes with friends on the other side of the world you can also use it to compare yourself negatively through the competitive mindset that's when the tool begins to hinder your life instead of helping it the fact is dumping your Facebook account isn't going to fix the root of this problem because even if you're no longer on social media if you have a competitive mindset you're just going to compare yourself socially to people in the real world the solution to this competitive mindset is to begin to understand what a human life actually is that we're all in this together and that we all suffer we all lose people we care about we all have problems we're all ill sometimes we all have things that bother us and yes sometimes we all have low self-esteem every single person on this planet deals with some of these basic human issues when you see that your friends have that just like you do then you can stop comparing yourself to them unfavorably the fact is just because you don't see someone else experiencing the same issues that you have doesn't mean that their life is perfect you can bet that they do have problems just maybe not the problems that you have so having a more realistic and frankly less narcissistic view of your friends and the world around you is the way to solve the Facebook depression problem if you want to be a competitor and achieve things in the world that's fantastic just don't compete socially to try to be your friends and neighbors you're not them you're you take advantage of your strengths and your resources and let them be who they are your real power is always in being authentic that's where you're going to achieve the most that's where you're going to come out of your shell and be the most and you can't do that if you're comparing yourself to other people

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Research from the University of Houston suggests that heavy Facebook use is associated with depression and low self esteem. Jon Mercer describes the underlying issue and how to avoid false comparisons on social media. https://www.facebook.com/JonMercer.net

SOURCE: http://www.uh.edu/news-events/stories/2015/April/040415FaceookStudy.php

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