Squat to Side Split on Pilates Reformer

by: John Garey TV

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welcome to JG 50v I'm John Garey here to show you the move of the day and today we're on the reformer and we're doing a move I call squat to side-split so we're gonna get started I only have you can use anywhere from 1/2 to 1 spring for this we're going for range of motion and I'm gonna have one foot on the platform and one foot on the carriage I have the carriage as close to the platform as I can get it for the settings I come down into my squat position make sure my knees are aligned with my toes my feet are gonna end up about hip to shoulder distance apart from here neutral alignment through the spine I'm gonna press the carriage out as far as I can stabilize I have a hinge forward at the hip joint and then I bend my knees to come back in again I'm gonna press out I'm using that glute medius and the outer thigh and then I come back and watch your knees when you come in don't cave in one more time press out and then return the carriage if you need to you can start with your feet wider if you have more range of motion that's the move of the day I'm John Gary thanks for joining me on JG fit TV [Music]


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The Move of the Day is Squat to Side Split on the Pilates Reformer. This is a great exercise to target either the outer thighs or inner thighs depending on the spring tension you use. Try it, Share it, Subscribe to us, and visit www.jgfittv.com

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