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"Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan is the definition of unparalleled, existing courage." "He is the hope of the dwindling mankind." "He is the boon of the power of the creation of this world." "He is not an incarnation. He is a human." "Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan."

"This is inner strength. It can change the world." "It can be soft as flowers. It can burn like fire." "When a person can figure himself out, he is called Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan."

'All the characters in this serial are fictitious.' 'Any resemblance to those who are living or dead is purely co-incidental.' You will have to try to target Shaktimaan along with the people. Kopin will endeavor, Lord. Okay. Go now. And anyone who gets angry make him your slave. Spread darkness. And as soon as you get a chance enslave Shaktimaan too. May darkness prevail, Lord. Darkness will prevail.

Kopin will surely spread darkness in the society.

Listen. Listen. Have you heard? There is a riot in the city. Shaktimaan has defeated Sunanda. He won. Swamiji, have some coffee. Sundar, have you added sugar to it? I am diabetic... - Without sugar. That's fine. Mr. Ghosh. Hot tea.

Mr. Sudhanshu. What are you thinking? Have some hot tea.

Sundar. Can you make me enough tea in which I can down.. ..get boiled, burn and die? What are you saying, Mr. Sudhanshu? Why do you want to die so painfully? Anyway for dying even a cup of water is enough for the dying. Are you making fun of me? Making fun of me, Sundar. I am just serving you sweet tea. But why are you speaking of dying? What do I do? What do I do? Your dear Shaktimaan has left life hell for us. What do you think? Do you think Shaktimaan has gotten rid of Sunanda? Oh no, he had gotten rid of me. His. Hers. His. He has gotten rid of all of us. Our entire life we never got a chance to do anything. But when I saw Sunanda even I had the hope.. ..of being a great reporter. But how can I be one now without Sunanda? We cannot become anything. We are unlucky. Geeta Biswas will get everything. Exactly. Mr. Ghosh, you are correct. I am thinking of going back to Chennai. There is nothing here. There is nothing left here. We are just destined to write on papers for life. First I wrote news, then horoscopes, then comics. But there is no real name and fame left here. Geeta Biswas is there to earn name and fame. Shaktimaan won't let anyone become a super hero. And he will only give his news to Geeta Biswas. No one else. You are correct, Mr. Ghosh. Sometimes I complain and request to God.. to why didn't he make me Geeta Biswas in this life. Even I ask God the same thing. What is the difference between me and Geeta? But why does Shaktimaan give all the news to Geeta? Hi everybody.

What happened? You seem to be sad. Hemal, Sunanda is no longer a super hero. I know. A fake super heroine like Sunanda was bound to go one day. So what if she isn't there? We will find other news. But Hemal, whose news will we get? You forgot. You are forgetting that Care TV has specifically.. ..appointed us here to get news of Super Heroes. But we have a super hero, Shaktimaan. Hemal, Geeta won't let us get Shaktimaan's news. Why not? Hemal, has she ever let her get news till now? Okay.

I will speak to Geeta about it today.

Hemal, I can guarantee that Geeta won't listen to you. Yes, Hemal. Sudhanshu is correct. Geeta won't listen to you. Listen. Geeta has come. We will find out now.

Hi everybody.

What is the matter?

Why are you all so silent?

Ma'am, I need to tell you something important. Go ahead. But before that I want to see the next edition of the comics. So Sudhanshu, it might be ready by now, right? It is in this file? Let me see.

What is this? There is nothing here. I thought the final copy was ready.. that we can send it for printing, Sudhanshu. Geeta, will you tell us after how many days.. are coming to office? Why? Didn't you know how busy I was.. ..because of Sunanda and Shaktimaan?

Anyway I already gave you the entire story for the next edition. You only had to do the coloring, sketching and dialogues. Why didn't you do all that? Geeta, weren't we busy getting news about Sunanda? But Mr. Ghosh that doesn't mean.. ..that you will stop working on the comics.

Look, as per mayor Kumar I permitted you to get news. But I didn't want you to stop working on the comics.

If I knew that you would have stopped working.. ..on the comics while getting the news.. ..I would have stopped you at that time itself. Got it? But, ma'am. - No, Hemal. Right now I don't want to listen to anyone.

But you all. Listen to me properly. From now on you don't need to get any news. You will spend all your time on getting the comics published. Got it? Geeta, I knew that you are going to say this. Because you want anyone else to get the new but you. I have found my first target.

Sudhanshu, you are getting angry unnecessarily. Why wouldn't I not want you to get the news? But I won't want the work on the comics to stop. Got it?

You are speaking nonsense. Geeta Biswas. You are trying to teach me. Geeta Biswas. I will kill you.

Have you gone mad? You have gone mad. What are you doing?

You hit me. I won't spare you. - What happened? Calm down. You pushed me. You hit me. How dare you?

Mr. Ghosh. You pushed me. You hit me. I won't spare you.

What are you doing? Have you gone mad?

Leela, he will die. Let me go. Let my hair go. Leela. What? What are you doing?

What are you doing? What are you doing?

What did you call me? Why did you push me? What do you think of yourself. Why did you push me? Speak. Sir. Sir. - Who are you? Who do you think you are? How dare you touch me? Tell me.

Calm down. Enough. All of you calm down. Nobody will move.

I don't think anyone here will feel angry anymore. I will go and check other places.

I don't believe this. What was wrong with you people? Even animals in the zoo don't behave like this. Ma'am, I don't know what was happening to us suddenly. Though I didn't want to I hit the courier person but still I did. Exactly. Geeta, Hemal is correct. I swear, the same also happened to me. Yes, Geeta. I didn't even know. Everything happened on its own. I felt as if I had lost control on myself. Yes. - But Sudhanshu, you started. But Leela, I told you I don't know how it happened. Even you were doing the same, right? But you started it. - You started it all. Shut up. Do you want to start that again? I don't know how to decipher this. Even I don't know why we got made with anger. This has never happened before.

Forget that. First take this courier person to the hospital. Hurry. Today the city will witness incidents.. ..which never happened before. Shaktimaan, you won't be able to save people from Kopin.

Mother, I have got vegetables from the co-op store. Mother, I don't know why vegetables are so expensive nowadays. How does a common man eat and run their house.. such inflation? That's fine, Gangadhar. But have you thought about anything? About what? - About the house. What else? Gangadhar, this house is very small. Have you looked for another house? Mother, you don't know the inflated rents in the city nowadays. Do you know the rent of this house? And how much more expensive a bigger house will be? I don't know all that. I just want a anther house. Are you looking for another house, Gangadhar? Okay. I will find one.

Gangadhar, check who has come. I am sure its Geeta. Mother, you are always thinking about Geeta. Can no one else come in our house besides Geeta? Check. 'But Geeta will come as the bride.' Hello, Gangadhar. - Hello, professor. Please come. So how can I help you? I haven't met you since a long time. And now you are a TV reporter. When I saw your name on TV.. ..I thought of coming here to congratulate you. Mother, he used to teach with me at college. And this is my mother. Greetings, ma'am. - Greetings. Please sit.

So Gangadhar, when is your vacation ending? Are you coming back to college? Yes. - No, he has decided to stay with channel. Mother. That's what I have decided, Gangadhar. And even Geeta needs you. Won't she become alone without you? So will you resign from college? He will have to. Gangadhar, are you going to resign?

I will have to if my mother wishes to. You should fulfill your mother's wishes, Gangadhar. And you were a press reporter even before. That's good. You got a job of your interest. - Yes. I will take your leave, Gangadhar. Oh no. You have come to our house for the first time. Let's have some milk and snacks. I will come for snacks later. I have called a few kids now to give notes. They must be waiting for you. You have called kids to give them notes? - Yes. You shouldn't make them wait. You should leave then. Okay ma'am. Bye. - Bye. Please come again. Sure. - Bye.

Bye, Gangadhar. - Bye.

Gangadhar, find another house soon. I told you that I will find one, so I will.

It is so hard to find angry people in this city. This is all because of the light spread by Shaktimaan. Few people get angry in this city. Give me back my ball otherwise... What will you do? I have found angry people. Yes, I do. What will you do? - Give me the ball. I told you give me the ball. - Watch what I will do. What will you do? I am not scared of you. - Ball. Give me the ball. What are you doing? Let go of each other. Don't you remember what Shaktimaan said? It is bad to resort to violence. And you are being violent. Come on, give him back his ball. Okay. Here is your ball. They have calmed down. Okay, let us play together. Come on. Yes, let's come. - Yes, friends. Let's play. Kopin can only target the one's who get angry. But here Shaktimaan has also taught goodness to the kids. Let me search some more.

Are you blind? Is this how you drive? You don't care for the pedestrians.

Spoiled my clothes. I won't spare you. Hey. People like you shouldn't get a license. I won't spare you. I won't. I won't spare you. - Sir. I will kill you. Sir. - I will kill you. They have left. If they have left them then I will beat you up. Why are you beating me? What did I do, sir? I will kill you. I am dead. - I will not spare you. Help. Help me. I will not spare you. I will kill you. - Don't hit me. Why are you hitting me? What did I do? I am dead. I am dead.

Sir, let him go. He will die. Sir, he will die. If he dies then take this... Take this. You came to save him. You can take the brunt now. I will cut you up. I will kill you.

What is this crowd? Move aside. Move. Sir, save him. Look how he is beating him. He seems to be decent and he is beating up people.

Why did you beat him? I will beat you too. I won't spare you either. You will assault a police man? You will assault a police man? You will assault a police man? Let me tell you what happens.. ..when you assault a police man? Professor.

I will have to go. I will destroy the world. Gangadhar, food is ready. Yes, mother. I am coming.

He has calmed down too. Let me find another victim. How dare you bully the police? Do you think you are a hero? Bullying people around. I am not the one you think me to be. I am a professor at college. Professor? You are bullying people here. And you are telling me you are a professor. Is this what you teach kids at college? I don't know how this happened.

What is happening here? - Look Shaktimaan. He is a college professor but beating up people here. He was violent with us too. What is the matter, professor? I don't know how this happened, Shaktimaan. I had never been so violent before. Say that in court. But I... But you still beat up people, professor. You will have to face legal proceedings. Even Shaktimaan doesn't go against law, professor. Constable.

'I know the professor well.' 'He is not someone who resorts to bullying.' 'So what was wrong with him today?'

'Mother might have served food by now.'

Yes, mother. I have come. Where were you, Gangadhar? I had already served the food. There is a power outage. And its so hot. How will you eat now? Here I am. I will fan him. 'But who will tolerate her?' Hello. Hello. What do you want? Move aside. I need to touch feet. Why will you touch my feet?

So you like people touching your feet? Then marry me. Even I will get the chance to touch my husband's feet. No, there is no need for that. So do you want me to touch your feet without getting married? No. I don't like any one touching my feet. I have not come to touch your feet. I need to touch the feet of my mom-in-law to-be. One's maiden home is not a girl's actual home, Gangadhar. Her real home is her husband's home. The place where the honored mom-in-law lives. I want to meet my mom-in-law, Gangadhar. No one can stop me from coming to this house.. ..till you are here. Actually...

I... Yes, tell me.



One... I want to have a bond with him. Geeta. - You are so nice. I will soon take you to my home. Otherwise what will I do if my mom fixed my match elsewhere. That won't happen, dear. You will find a boy of your choice. Really? Okay. Bye. I will come again. - What are you doing? Even I have got something for you. Is it? Look. Pickles. 'So today you have got bribe today?' My mom has made it specially for you.

When I told mom about you, she said that.. ..she won't like to have food without homemade pickle. Go and give it to her at once. Gangadhar. The same one. - Yes. I am leaving now. - Go. But I will soon return forever. And then when you will leave for work everyday.. ..I will come to see you off till the door like this. Okay. Bye. Geeta. Yes. Did your mom send the pickle? Oh yes. - Even the fried stuff? Of course. Did your mom also send this grocery bill? What? Shall I tell my mom that the pickles are bought and not homemade? 250grams pickles and 500grams fried stuff. Oh yes. Show your mother the bill. This will make my job easier.

Easier? How? Even your mom should how hard I am trying to marry you.

What are you thinking? Show her. Show her. You don't want her to see it. No problem. Do bring mom-in-law tomorrow.. show her the new office.

To-be. I will go and wash my hands. You also sit and eat with him. Yes, I surely will. That's why I have come here. If I don't eat food prepared by you.. would I know what you prepare.. ..and what kind of food do you like? Right? Are you going to have a feast for us? If your mom wants I will also arrange a feast. But I want to know this so that I know.. ..what to cook for her if I had to someday. Right? Don't worry. I will teach you everything soon. Okay. - Sit and eat. No, I will eat with you. Let me feed him first. What are you staring at? Sit. Start eating. Yes, I will. I feel like a stranger in my own home.

Is it necessary? That's my duty. What do you mean? I am fanning you so that you don't feel hot. Let her fan you, Gangadhar. You know we didn't use to have fans, power etc. in our village. And I would fan your father when he used to eat. Geeta, sit. I will make a few more breads. Yes. Go and help her. No need. Let her sit here. What is this nonsense? So do I have the qualities of a good wife? Fan me when I am eating. Not at all. I will see. I will make you fan me in front of your mom. Let her come from the kitchen.

Gangadhar. - Yes, mom. Do you want more bread? - No, mom. I am done. Okay. Fine. I have baked the bread. Let me get the rice and lentils now. He was sending Geeta to help me. My son is so shy. He should be having fun with Geeta. Later Geeta will take over my kitchen. But the both love each other a lot. May God keep their love intact.

I have become so forgetful. Maybe because of old age. I forgot to turn off the stove. Come on. I am done with my meal.

Listen. - Yes? Let me take it for you. No, I can deal with it. I keep and wash my own plate.

Come on, dear. You eat too. Yes.

Now eat properly. - Yes.

I had never had such delicious food before. Stop flattering me.

Isn't it warm? - Oh yes. What are you staring at? Come here and fan us. Me? You have come to my home, eating my food.. ..and ordering me around?

I am really feeling so hot. Gangadhar, fan her. But how can I fan her? Why? Why not? No, I won't. Leave it. He is a man. That's why he is embarrassed. Why does he need to be embarrassed? Gangadhar, I wasn't the only one to fan your dad. He would also fan me when I would sit down to eat. And times have changed now. There is no difference between men and women. Fan her now. No, I can't. Gangadhar, will you get up already? Okay.

She told you to fan us not to sit here. I know.

Eat fast. We have to go to office. Yes, I know.

A school teacher got so angry while teaching.. ..that he beat and injured several of his students. And now he is saying that he doesn't know how he did it. And here's another incident just like that. A government officer shot his entire family. And even he is saying that he doesn't know how he did it. Strange. What is going on in the city? 20 such incidents have taken place since morning, Tiwari. Here you are sir. Here is the 21st incident. What? 21st incident? A train driver jumped from a moving train in anger. He jumped when the train was advancing.. ..towards a bridge in a river. And he is also saying the same thing. That he doesn't know how he did it. Strange. What is happening in this city? Everyone has gone mad. Tiwari, where is our news editor, Shukla? Ask him to prepare the bulletin. And send our camera team here as soon as possible. I need live coverage of everyone. But sir, what do we do about Shaktimaan? Why? Did Shaktimaan do something again? That's what we don't know. - Tiwari. Sorry sir. We don't know what he is doing right now. There is so much happening in the city. I am sure Shaktimaan is taking some action. So what do you want to say? Sir, we also need to tell about Shaktimaan in our channel. Our channel broadcasts Shaktimaan's news first, right? But Tiwari, Geeta and Gangadhar are responsible.. bring Shaktimaan's news. Where they are now? What? Even you saw a professor getting violent suddenly? Yes, I know that professor well. He teaches with me at college. The poor man had to get arrested. He was telling me that he didn't know why he grew violent. Yes, they were saying the same at office too. I think something is very wrong, Shaktimaan. Lady, the biggest problem is that you are calling me Shaktimaan. I am not Shaktimaan. I am Gangadhar. The same thing again. Help. Help.

Didn't you see this huge car? He will kill me. What happened to you? - He will kill me. Who will kill you? - Look, sir. He is there. He will kill me, sir. There is no one there. He will kill me. - Where? - He is there, sir.

Look, sir. He is there.

Don't go near him. Don't go. He will kill you too. Don't go, sir.

He has gone mad.

Why were you beating him?

'There is blood on his head?' Why were you beating him?

I haven't done anything. I don't know what I was doing.

'I can see nothing of that sort in his brain.' 'What is happening to the people of the city?' It seems as if the water of the city was drugged.. ..after seeing the craziness of the people. As if drinking them were making them crazy. And now there are also incidents where.. ..people are getting collectively violent. And we just got news from Tajpur that the violence here.. ..has turned into a huge riot.

The police are trying to control the situation.

But the situation is out of control. So now everyone has their hopes on Shaktimaan. Maybe only Shaktimaan will be able to manage the situation.

I cannot see anything around. Then why are people getting crazy with anger in the city. Maria. - Yes? Make the headline that people are going mad. Yes, sir. - Send it to the news department at once. I want a floppy of this now. Hello, Mr. Kunal. Come Ms. Geeta. You are coming now. People are going mad and resorting to violence. And what is Shaktimaan doing? What do you mean? Mr. Kunal, he must be more worried than you. He must be doing something.. get rid of this new problem in the city. Please, Geeta. Talk like a reporter. He must be doing something. Every kid in the city knows that. But they expect our channel to tell them about Shaktimaan. As to what is he really doing. And we can't do that unless you bring us that news. So find out where Shaktimaan.. ..and what is he doing. And where is your partner, Gangadhar. He is on his way. - Okay. Once he arrives go with him and get Shaktimaan's news.

'Who knows if Shaktimaan has found anything yet or not?'

"Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan is the definition of unparalleled, existing courage." "He is the hope of the dwindling mankind." "He is the boon of the power of the creation of this world." "He is not an incarnation. He is a human." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan."

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