484 Creation

by: Bill Donahue

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Jack we're doing creation tonight something we've been dabbling with during the morning hours but this is for a different tape series than the other that we're doing and the one called in the beginning so we would share with you again a little bit of creation maybe had a few different things that you haven't thought of before I haven't seen before what we found in the things that we're doing in the beginning is an amazing play of evolution with everything falling into place from the beginning of Adam which is if we're a TM actually and of course allegorically the word Adam identifies that but anyhow we trace the evolution up to a point where we got to the Tower of Babel where we then evolved into tribal mentalities and people in groups and nations started to move off and set up their own religious construction if you were trying to build this technique to get to heaven if you pick up the Bible and you know you have it here we have them in the room I've got one we call it the you know infallible Word of God without era and in the amazing thing of it is that if you look historically back and even in the Bible itself you'll find that that which was alleged to have been written by a person named Moses whoever that was if a person indeed did exist but that that document was totally lost completely lost and actually was rewritten by an individual who was in Babylon which is present-day Iraq by the name of Ezra those first five books of the Bible as far as history as we are able to determine or the composition of this individual called Ezra and that happened in Babylon which is present-day Iraq and Ezra was authorized to bring the law the first five books to two under the authority of King Artaxerxes who was the king of Babylon a king of Iraq at that time he started it Ezra started it they never did complete it and actually the first five books were completed by a gentleman by the name of judas maccabees judas maccabees was the one who actually completed it so moses had really nothing to do with it and where did all of these stories come from as you sit in the far removed confines of this strange place in Iraq and Iran called Babylon and Persia all of these stories are written you know and yet when you pick up the book you look like you've got I - I first-person accounts of all of this stuff that went on when indeed you you had this stuff coming out of the minds of people who were steeped in Eastern religions under Zoroaster and so forth out of the kingdoms of Babylon in Iraq Hellena Blavatsky who many of you you know have heard me speak of before who was a lady that came from Russia over to New York and founded the Theosophical Society made this statement about the Old Testament she says in the Old Testament you have a book that's less than 900 years old abounding with omissions interpolations and premeditated perversions but one thing about the lady she doesn't mince any words you know and you know that's pretty good now if you think of it Oh missions interpolation interpolations and premeditated perversions professor Crawford whole toy of Harvard University wrote manuscripts were copied and recopied by scribes who not only made errors in letters and words but also entered new material of their own in the text or combined in one manuscripts the writings of different people so you have basically writings which if you want to find a word probably the best word you could think of would be mutilated the stuff was mutilated and the point is wasn't mutilated on purpose in order to conceal the sacred mysteries because the Bible is on an Eastern book with these we call sacred mysteries of which Christianity knows nothing about the Christian world has absolutely no understanding of the hidden mysteries at all absolutely none everything is defined literally you have snakes talking to people you have oceans opening up and people going across the ocean you have fish swallowing people and all of these things are taken literally and and when you do that you're completely ignoring the mystery you're completely renewal ignoring the mystery religions and the secret doctrine of Israel then is totally concealed from them okay so that's um that's something that we'll deal with and we have been dealing with us as we study these things we understand that this is psychology it's cosmic psychology indeed but it's psychology the kabbala state that there is a deliberate or there was a deliberate effort on the part of those people who composed the Bible to hide it and conceal it from people who would misuse it and misuse the power that was inherent in it and it's interesting because as we're doing this in the morning we're starting to take the the blinders off and we're starting to unravel the mystery and you see it really has to do with the evolution of the mind and then you get into the different aspects of how you use the mind how you control the mind not control other people's mind controlling your mind how you operate in the electromagnetic fields of the body all of this is in the Bible all this is Genesis in these books which are covered over and the allegories of the people of the East and that's pretty interesting so if indeed what we're looking at is the deliberate hiding of the hidden mysteries then the Scriptures are a vertebral book within a book what you see and what you don't see okay but that's not unusual okay because I mean you people sitting here you have a language all of your own what you see what you don't see that word bull and you just picture a bull if you would I can't I really can't draw but it's got kind of horns and that's not bad right smiling bull but great big thing you know I mean a bowl you know what a bowl is but yet when we use that word we have no reference whatsoever to the animal we're not talking about it we're talking about conversations okay and we use it and that's a lot of bull let's go shoot the ball he's full of bull whatever it is it's all about an animal and it's hidden from those people who would not know what we're talking about shoot the bull how about spill the beans spill the beans we know we're not talking about being supposed to be pinto beans or refried means we're saying you talked out of turn or you let a secret out so here it's hidden it's a mysterious way of speaking and the Bible uses the same technology the Bible uses the same way to deliberately deceive people and to hold those mysteries these people guarded these mysteries in Alexandria Egypt there was a great library of all these mysteries and it was only to the initiated according to the Kabbalah and this is a statement Christians have never understood the Old Testament and never will that's what the Cabalists of the Jewish religion they've never understood it because if indeed I mean how many of you here and then those people watching on television have been to your churches and you've always been raised with the fact the foundation of all things started in a garden where a snake was talking this lady into eating an apple and this you went to church and raised your children on these stories they never even gave a thought to say what does that mean now it's one thing if the Cabalists say well hey you know Christians or they never understand the Bible they never will look go to page 944 in those little bottles let me show you something that the Apostle Paul said which is quite consistent with what the with the Kabbalah say 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 now look at it for yourself in 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 and look at verse 14 now the Apostle Paul and that's on page 944 the Apostle Paul is talking about reading the Old Testament the way you folks have always read the Old Testament you know snakes talking to people oceans opening up as fish swallowing people and things like that look at Paul says second Corinthians chapter 3 look at verse 14 their minds were blinded for until this day remains the same vail untaken away in the reading of the Old Testament which Vail has done away in Christ but even unto this day when Moses is read the Vail is upon their heart and what that means is you're looking at this you're seeing words but you're not seeing behind the words you don't understand what the words mean there's this so how is the Vail taken away what verse 16 nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away the Lord is that spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty so what's being said there when you turn to that which is the spirit that which is the inner person that which is the communion with the consciousness which dwells at the right side you begin to understand these things you people are sitting here for whatever reason you understand they say if you don't understand them what you know is when you read something in the Bible that's bizarre you immediately say what the heck does that mean because you know it doesn't mean what it looks like it means if there's no way that it you know the things that you see in the Bible a lady cuts some guys here now he can't fight with anybody anymore what you know and yet nobody has to nobody looks at what does that mean all these people all these animals getting on a boat and winding up on top of a mountain somewhere what does it mean say so here Paul in the Bible says there's a veil and the veil has a definition the veil is called allegory that's the name of the veil allegory it's allegorical and and how you know do you know it's an amazing thing we have grown intelligent people that come here that watch on television I dare say that probably nobody in any church you've ever attended said this is allegory if you read it literally but this actually happened and yet it's now let me tell you something and somebody tell me you've got those little bottles little balloons for the people that are watching tell me what page galatians chapter 4 is on please just look at those little bibles little blue bottles and tell me what page galatians chapter 4 is on alright go to page 952 and let me show you something so that you can see it for yourself here's the Apostle Paul talking about an Old Testament story and you should see this with your own eyes so turn to page 952 you look at Galatians chapter 4 now look at verse 24 which things are in allegory galatians chapter 4 verse 24 he says it's an allegory that's the veil the veil is getting through your head the fact that you cannot read a Bible like you read a newspaper because it's a symbolic language and that's what the kabbalah stated and that's what the Apostle Paul stated so let's go back for just a brief moment if you will and let's look at creation we've been spending a lot of time on it recently next week we'll kind of move away from it as we go into the adventures of Abraham which are very mystical and very occult and let's go to Genesis chapter 1 on page 1 of the Bible and look at something okay let's look at the creation and then we'll look at something that is deliberately changed in the Bible for the express purpose of degrading the female okay which is a very important part of Christianity and a very important part of the religions of the ISA the degrading of women it's not just limited to Christianity it's extremely important in religion that women are degraded it's part of the album that that religion presents to people Galatians chapter one verse one says in the beginning God created fine go to verse to me God said let there be light and there was light that's fine and God divided light from darkness no problem with that so after creating animals and flowers and all of this kind of stuff God turns to human beings okay that's great now he turns human beings but there's a very interesting point that that I want you to make and I want you to look at it and I want you to study it it's only one line it doesn't take a whole lot of reading Genesis chapter 1 and verse 26 now this is God says and God said let us make man in the world I want you to concentrate on is our image who is our why didn't it say if this is this one God concept of the religions that we follow let me make man in mind it doesn't say that it says our image okay so that's interesting who is this who is this group say it's not one person no matter what Jerry Falwell or anybody else wants to say we got some kind of a commitment I mean do you ever notice these guys take the Bible literally until it gets to this type of stuff well you know because when I wait are you saying there's more than one God I'm not saying anything I'm saying what's it say in the book and I'm saying let's challenge that and let's look at that and say what the heck does that mean now you're in first go to Genesis 1:27 so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created he them male and female created he them in his own image now how we have a statement that God is part female oh how do you like that that's a stunner that's a stunner for the boys clubs of the world that call themselves religion God is male and female and yet you've allowed the boys to completely eliminate the female aspect and in fact subjugate women you know there's there's religions where women's got to wear things on handkerchiefs on their head to get in the door or they got to wear veils over their faces I mean anything that you know to make you look like some kind of a puppy I'm surprised they don't come in with a leash on really uh you know just sit over the course but they do they even segregate them the men sit over here the ladies but it says in this let us make God in our image it says he created the male in female in his own image say does that mean God's gay maybe it does I would happy the joke of the century would that be wild if God's name is not Jesus but Bruce and they's up there you know hey hi welcome I can wait for you I can ride in pal you're cute I mean you know who knows say who's to say that would be the great trick I think it'd be great anyhow let's go on we're looking at the fact that a statement in the bottle now I didn't make this up this is in the Bible that God says we're gonna make man in our image meaning there's more than one and we're going to create them just like us male and female okay interesting once you look at Genesis 1:28 I want you to see a word there it's very interesting God blessed them and said be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth I want you to look at that word Albert that word that's in the book of Genesis is amazing word and the word is re punished we'll look at that a little deeper do you never saw that word before near I'll bet you huh but it's there isn't it replenish ha ha this is not X nil hole out of nothing is it something must have been there put it back the way it ok say so that's an interesting thing when we look at that but look at the word that is in your version of the Bible ok the word that isn't you see always once isn't something every we always hit on some note the word that I want you to look at in the Bible that is interesting is the word as they say in the cathedrals God God the Word of God the problem with it is that is not the word that's in the original text of the original manuscripts the original manuscripts is e l o H I he/she had a name halo him okay not a sexless nameless entity called God which is nothing more than a play on the word good that's all the word God is if you take all out you got God and like evil all you do is take evil put a D on it you got the devil that's that's the mentality that we followed around this is really clever bunch that we aligned ourselves with that's the best they could do the word is Errol him okay Elohim is what is called androgynous androgynous means both male and female now that's interesting because that's the word in the original text is a low hem and the Bible says we will create in our image male and female created so this word as soon as the religionists who have guided your lives in the churches of the world got hold of this what the first thing they had to do was what get rid of that because that's a do you remember the thing we had Cardinal O'Connor in the New York Daily News holding up this thing God is a man he can't deal with this they cannot deal in that's because the entity that is considered God is as some guy it's some some you know the boss you know like Bruce Springsteen or some you know the boss I mean the guy he's in charge and not realizing we're talking about nature where there's male and female and everything ok so the word I'll him which is the male and female was illuminated and replaced with this thing God you know and and it was very important but there's just more than the male father got here the mother then the mother aspect of God is totally removed by religion couldn't deal with it I mean you know you can't see you cannot you you cannot get away from the fact you can't do it you cannot get away from the fact that in the Bible in the original text the word is a lo him which means male and female are as the entity itself the religion itself it there's no place in that religion for women under any circumstances it really is a boys club to the enth I mean they the bishops and the Cardinals meet and women have not and in fact the Pope recently made a statement that women will never you never be allowed to you know be a priest or anything like that so the point is you have Mary representing the female aspect relative to what is fulfillment on this earth a human being who can be receptive of of this spiritual thing but not in any way shape or form part of the Godhead you know God is a man see that that's an interesting question because that story is as old as mythology is and that is God's mother and God's wife at the same time she's both she's God's wife because she has an intercourse with God she becomes pregnant and then she gives birth to God and that's that's that goes back to the ancient myths that they're all like that the mother and the wife are all part of ancient mythology okay so when whatever we do and however we try to to look at this or change it we can't get away from the fact that Genesis 1:26 let us make man in our image after our likeness and so you know the point then is this if it's our image and our likeness what's being said here that all life is male and female all life is male and female and that's part we can get into the things that we discussed a few weeks ago on homosexuality you get a little too much on this side a little too much on that side and you have females who are more inclined to be males and males who are more inclined to be females and it's a normal thing although religion characterize it as us sometimes some kind of great evil and so forth and so on let me show you something interesting we're talking about this male and female a duality in the nature of what we call God not a solo performance by any way shape or form look at the full go to chapter 3 of Genesis Genesis chapter 3 you can just let that go well it might be for somebody Genesis chapter 3 I want you to look at verse 22 here's a situation where we have the fall of man you know the the the sin of the full Genesis chapter 3 verse 22 and the Lord God said watch this now behold the man is become as one of us see there we have this word we have our image and now man has become as one of us there's a real there's really def there's a plurality here it's not a it's not a single God concept at all the Bible is filled with a God concept that is multiple that a God concept that is not just a a monad but a do out if you would okay now there's something very interesting here that I want to I want you to look at if you look at Genesis 1:26 and 1:27 you'll see there in Genesis chapter 1 first 26 God meant make man in our image so God created man in His image created he him male and female no problem with that you see that Genesis 1:27 God creates people male and female the point that I want to make with you is that Eve is not created until Genesis 2 verse 21 so here say here in Genesis 1 you have male and female created and not until you get to Genesis 2:21 do you have the creation of Eve Eve is not made until Genesis 2 verse 21 okay and that of course comes when the rib is taken out of Adam which we know is the splitting of the atom alright so then what we're really looking at here is an ad raja'na Stipe of individual bisexual if you will male and female haven't you see it a lot there are pictures with of people with strange physical attributes males who have female attributes females who have male attributes and so forth and it's all part of this and it's an ADD raja'na Stipe of situation of male and female now how can we prove this how can we prove this without any shadow of a doubt using this Bible not that it's just a theory but prove it without any shadow of a doubt okay let's do it go to page 4 look at Genesis chapter 5 and in Genesis chapter 5 we have a description of that which is the creation of this particular individual this is the book of the generations of Adam in the day that God created man in the likeness of God made he him now remember what is God male and female we found this earlier male and female created he them and blessed them and called their name Adam okay male and female created he them and blessed them and called their name Adam because the word is not Adam at all it's and the acting is male and female and all energy is male and female see so you know what you're doing here which is difficult for most churches whether they be Christian or not Christian when you come into this place you're using common sense and you're finding out that science especially science is part of that which we call the cosmic God the cosmic right and it makes sense you know there's one thing that we've done the last couple weeks and study in Genesis you want people walked out of here and told me either you know it makes sense can you imagine reading the Bible and walking and having it make sense and that's what we've done and that's what's important because then you go into a deeper and deeper and deeper movement you've watched and you've come here on these last two Sunday mornings you have seen the complex evolution from Adam to a point of that which is the introduction of of consciousness the mind the development of the ability to think and then when the ability of to think evolves then there's the ability to choose now enters the serpent because you have to make a choice of that which is right or wrong and then you have that which is the choice made and moving to the left side until finally you reach a point where you need the baptism which is Noah and the movement of the higher stages of consciousness and then breaking off into tribal mentality you have a direct in a very conscious evolution that's going on and now if those of you who come all the time and stay with this you'll learn a tremendous secret of your own development and a tremendous secret of humankind right out of this thing because you're behind the words and you're seeing unfolding to you all of these these types of surprises that have to do with the evolution of your own mind and what what it's for okay so here it says in God's image male and female so the Christian picture as God being father is totally demolished by what book the Bible see that's the interesting you know that's the good part you don't have to go out get any new age books you pick up the Bible and you've read it here tonight you've read here that God is not a single entity because it said it's become like one of us let's make me in an our image you found out that God is female as much as he is male because he said we're going to create a male and female and he calls their name Adam what happened to Eve it's a whole different story it involves a different part but even the Adam thing involves that which is the carnal mind and the in the right hemisphere and the Adam here that we're talking about is a complete divine divinity which comes second the spiritual divinity aspect of humankind okay so we come now to a word that gives us pause to consider biblical creation and that word we touched on just a moment ago okay and the word is replenish replenish go back for just a minute to Genesis chapter 1 and verse 28 Genesis chapter 1 verse 28 and God blessed them and said be fruitful multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it now that word replenish means to we store back to its original position or condition it doesn't mean hey this is a brand new thing it's never been experienced before this is the creation you see what I'm talking to you back you have people that want to go into public schools and preach creation theories they want to preach creation as a science they never saw in the book it's not talking about a creation x nila out of nothing it's talking about restoring something from a previous situation what was it atlantis was it Lemuria what was it that's being restored what was it that's being replenished or is what's being replenished let me think of this are we talking about restoring that which is the mind to the pristine condition that it once was it hmm because it's certainly not there are we saying let us return to the garden in other words at one time you were created like that quote-unquote angels you were created with control of the right hemisphere of your brain now you're functioning on the left side in other words you had a eight-cylinder car now you're operating on two cylinders let's let's restore this your job is to restore yourself back to the condition that humankind once enjoyed that's what I believe it's talking about because I don't think creation means anything whatsoever it has nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of trees and birds and all that stuff I don't think it's even referring to that in any way shape or form I think it's talking about the evolution of life the evolution of consciousness the evolution of the mind and the more I read it and the more I study it the more I'm convinced of that and so here we're told replenish the earth in other words bring your mind back to the condition that it once was in and how do you do that you start awakening that which is the electrical system and the electrical energy at the right hemisphere of the brain because 90% of you is dormant the most important part of you your brain 90% of it does not function at your command you can't touch 90% of it it's dormant you use 10% of it 10% of it and that when you're told to take no thought in meditation is why the Scriptures admonish you did give that 10% in your meditation start energize it and you know look at how difficult it is how much time you spend as you're trying and you're working in this job of meditation because you just can't walk into something like this and say oh I'm gonna turn on the right hemisphere it doesn't work that way but that's what we're told to do replenish it replenish means it was replenish means this is something that was at one time available you lost it now get it back okay so that's what's being said here and that's a very important thing so what did you learn you and this little thing we're sitting here to the two very important thing God is not one because he uses in our identifies themselves excuse me God is not one because they identify themselves as in our image and as one of us so we're talking about a massive energy of love and a massive energy of intelligence but not some individual guy sitting behind a desk somewhere we learned that tonight and how did we learn we learned it out of the Bible and we learned that the creation in essence was not talking about something made out of nothing the first time we're talking about this energy here is to bring things back to the way that they were in a pristine condition that have been soiled and destroyed and you can look in your own life and then the lives of people that come here you know we had a large number of people who this one and what was they're here for they're here trying to find their way back because you'll know you'll there's nothing look we were talking this morning what does it require there is an absolute requirement on your part to go in the electronics of the brain from Veda alpha the fader to Delta from 24 cycles the second down to 14 to 8 to 4 cycles if you don't do that the whole the things that watch you can't do it so it doesn't make any difference and all you do is grow older you open yourself to this you open yourself to that and before you know it it's all gone it's too late to do it you got to try the next shot this is an opportunity of a lifetime believe me there is an opportunity to be part of this and to enter into this because the energy is here and this is what you should be doing and it doesn't cost anything and it doesn't require you to join anything all it does is require you to discipline you start paying attention to yourself and start seeing what this is about and start looking at and get rid of religion take every bit of religion that you've got go to the toilet find a one big enough and dump it and then come totally pure and clean and start thinking and start thinking for yourself and start using common sense which is very difficult for people in in religious circles to use common sense is not allowed because common sense says you've got to start thinking and you're gonna start disagreeing and if you disagree with me I could care less okay what am i K I'm not here to make anybody agree with anything I'm just trying to throw stuff out to get people to think no but that's worthy I know you've heard this before but it wouldn't be right and just we're doing a little creation thing for this particular tape to go through this without telling you that the legend or the myth out of Memphis in Egypt there was a Memphis Egypt as well as on Memphis Tennessee where Elvis came from and although I probably Elvis was seen recently in Memphis Egypt I don't know there is a legend of Mythology in Memphis Egypt that creation came about by God masturbating and God masturbated and the seed fell to the ground and that which was born out of the seed was the first life name Atem act of 80 um very interesting and all you gotta do is close that you and you've got that much powers your plants and blows up things and all of atomic energy so then you go into the Bible and you allegorically present things in story form and that's the way the people of the east did it so then what would be the name that you would use to define your hero Adam okay Adam well that's easy enough especially if your English you've got them Adam now in what you do if you want to multiply the energy of an atom as you take an electron out of the atom and you cause the energy to multiply itself it's called splitting the atom alright go with me to Genesis chapter 1 and look at verse 20 Genesis chapter 1 and verse bah-bah-bah we see is this an OK Genesis chapter 2 and verse 21 and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and he took one of his ribs closed up the flesh and the rib which the Lord God had taken from man made he a woman and brought her unto the man what happened you took an electron out of an atom you'll multiply the energy you took a rib out of Adam and you multiplied the population do you know have to be a nuclear scientist to see that you're looking at allegorical language to say that the Bible has introduced to you the fact that life came from the splitting of the animal what's wrong with that and I've said this many times I know you know I never I don't get any response from people you cannot get response from from born-again or fundamentalist people about something like this because it makes sense but they're not allowed to consider this this is not allowed you cannot consider this this is too sensible you cannot have any sense this is what has to be believed that you've made this guy go to sleep rip the rib out of them and made a lady out of it is this but this is it and this is the way we wanted and after somebody gets done telling you get up and you're singing Amazing Grace you know what a wretch oh my and that's it so that's where Adam come from and basically although it doesn't say so this creation if you would have it was the process of nuclear fission the monad became the do add and now the multiplication of energy moves at a rapid pace all over the universe okay that's pretty neat and and and and and and pretty sensible and the interesting thing is you read it in the Bible you read it in the Bible once you had the key like the Apostle Paul said and you take the veil away you say gee it says we split the atom there's a couple of folks ever may have not been here before I'll show you something that there's all through the Bible it's very interesting thing this is real quick we'll do this but I thought you might get a kick out of seeing it okay the constant speed of light is 186,000 for cycles per second okay somebody tell me what page numbers chapter two is on okay numbers chapter two but just somebody tell me what page that's on would you turn to page 115 let me show you something we just talked about the atom so I thought you might like to see something else that is scientific and I think it begs to be explained if you would we're talking about the tribe of Judah the tribe of Judah positions themselves at the east at the point of the Rising Sun they are known in the Bible as the children of light okay now let's look and see how many people are in this tribe numbers chapter two verse nine all that we're numbered in the camp of Judah were a hundred thousand okay we got that a hundred thousand and fourscore thousand four score is four times twenty score is twenty so 4 times twenty is 80,000 okay that's good and 6,000 all right six thousand and four hundred one hundred and eighty six thousand four hundred the children of light are identified by computation of the speed of light you know where that come from so it's trying to tell you that hey get beyond the the gobbledygook and the nonsense to stop listen to religious people and start treating God as a scientific fact and start letting science lead you to understand because if you allow science to lead you you'll understand the mysteries and you'll be able to see them unfold right before your eyes especially as we go along with these morning things on Sunday and for those of you who haven't gotten those tapes it's in the series called in the beginning and you just write us in whatever let me just wrap this up by telling you something that's that's worthwhile for you to hear the ancient Cabalists of the Hebrews never Albert looked upon Adam as an individual man never they looked upon Adam as a huge mass that filled the whole world to all four points of the which is atom obviously so the portrait of the human consciousness which is throughout the entire universe is then very truly male and female say there's a there's a school of mystical thought that says as long as man is separated male and female there's an imperfection but unfortunately as we've seen even in the question of Eila him Christianity has reduced the status of women to an inferior class being unwilling even to place any blame for the fall Anatomy blame the whole thing on Eve did you ever notice that it's true because she I mean you know even just sitting still for the story of a snake comes walking up and talks to it wouldn't you didn't anybody ever tell you that you should you did anybody ever tell you that when you read something about a snake talking to people you should stop because it may be fooling you it snakes don't talk you know that shouldn't be too hard for us but do you know we went and I mean all of us I never quite we all sat and listened to stalking snake stories Angie this is it I'm going to church the singing yes yes yes why did the church feel women were such a threat why did you know it's an excellent question okay and here's the reason back in the ancient times before religion as we know it the goddesses were goddesses they were women all female okay as the as the religion started to develop okay tribes started to move across the desert and you came to a point where the turn was going to be made and it was called the iron age at that point equipment started to be forged out of iron which were tools of war and then it was the men who fought the women could not fight with the men and so then all of that which was considered godly was based on violence fight and kill and hey you're a book of God's chosen people here is a bunch of people who went from village to village pillaging raping looting killing leaving nothing alive and then saying well God told us to do it thus God's chosen people and so once this occurred and women could no understand in battle they were no longer necessary and became second class okay so all the goddess has disappeared and they will replace and what were they replaced by they were replaced by the war god Jehovah who instructs his people go into the towns and kill and rape and pillage and take everything and don't leave anything alive and then once Jehovah did that of course they were taking all the land and all of the stuff from the Arabs and of course once Jehovah did that then it was turning for the Arabs to get their God Allah say go and get that back from those people and attacked them encouraged and it's been battling ever since and all women could do when these wars were going on was you know get out of the way and so they became unnecessary they became irrelevant because that's a great question you know what brings that because of the fact that religion is totally encompassed in violence and that's why you can find in every war that is ever been for you'll find somewhere a religious group at the bottom of it it's a good question and and but now you see the point when this age comes in it's a restoration of Uranus and gaya and that whole business the time of the woman and the Aquarian age is the time with the women so you see we saw all this women's lib stuff and people are starting get annoyed by not realizing that was all impulses coming down from above to start stimulating that and what it is okay let me just show you real quick and I promise I am done but let me just show you real quick where we've come from okay what we've seen in the morning we started at 1:00 Adam okay then we went through the splitting of the atom in Genesis and these it can pick up on those in the beginning tapes after that we introduced the evolution of thought and the evolution of thought was encompassed in the word Eve which is life-giving spirit then we after we had thought we came up with the next part of our evolution which is choice we now had a choice we could make a choice and that introduced the next guy in the in the play and that was the serpent okay after we had that we had conflict because when you start making choices you start getting conflicts and the conflicts were acted out by our two other guys here Cain and Abel okay then the next thing that we saw was the fact of the sons of God inter coursing with the daughters of women means at a point when the religious aspects of the spiritual aspects started to walk hand in hand and really get involved with the emotional aspects that's where a religion comes in when the religious or spiritual aspect starts taking from the carnal mind what you then have is good and evil you have religions that say or you shouldn't curse and you shouldn't do this and you should sing songs to God not song okay that's the good part the evil part is I say everybody else is going to hell unless you believe the way we do and gods getting ready to do an atomic war and all this kind of stuff so you had that so what required then as we reach the point we were at today was the fact that there needed to be a baptism and that baptism had to be in water in order to wash away all of this conflict and storm that was raging inside of the mind and so that came the story of Noah you know I wish to God and I remind me somebody next week next Sunday morning to please do this you as you were here I was comparing the baptism to Noah which this is and what it means it's understand 7 we're not talking about water that you find in a lake we're talking about the second stage of human consciousness which is water you have to move in is that okay just just put that back you you have to move into okay you have to move into the second stage of consciousness this is a mystical baptism that happens in the mind when you raise that mind to that level of consciousness but would you look with me for just a second and Joan I wanted to see something but I found tonight that I should have brought out this morning and I had neglected to do it it's on page 992 and its first Peter chapter 3 and verse 20 which are you there first Peter chapter 3 verse 4 which sometimes we're disobedient when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the ark was a preparing were a few his eight souls were saved by water the like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us you know so there is a comparison which he was talking in other words saying that the Noah thing was simply a likeness or a symbolism of that baptism so we got to that point and then we continued the evolution by introducing the Tower of Babel which then brought a wave which takes us away from the individual and then brought us into tribal mentality and the mentality of groups and nations and religions and so forth that set out across the world to build their own things and and then what we're following this with is a very interesting thing as we begin next Sunday morning with the story of Abraham and the interesting part about that is that you'll find that Abraham was born and lived and raised in a town called Europe of the Chaldees which was presided over by the god called sin which is the moon God and represents the emotions and the very first thing that happens as we understand that we're dwelling in the emotions which is dwelling in sin as God says to Abraham I want you should move move and I'll show you a new place to live and that's a basically exactly where we're all that that's very interesting and then how he gets there and where he goes is something that you'll touch and turn with inside of yourselves to start to learn how to do this and how to get this done very interesting times okay so I just wanted to show you how we move through this but we spend tonight in trying to establish the fact that this one God thing is not exactly necessarily so ism as who wrote that so it ain't necessarily so George Gershwin wrote but indeed we're talking about its great cosmic universal consciousness and intelligence which is multifaceted and we we looked at that tonight and I think male and female it was and so forth so that's the creation at least from this viewpoint okay see ya

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