Seiko SKX009 VS Seiko Turtle SRP777 Iconic Affordable Diving Watch Duel!

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[Music] hello guys welcome back to the watch addict Channel today I have a very nice comparison for you guys on the left is the Seiko skx 0:09 on the right we do have the Seco turtle srp 777 now the watch on the left the SK X double zero nine sells for about two hundred dollars while the watch on the right the Seiko turtle what we like to call it in the watch community sells for about two hundred and fifty dollars up to about 260 270 matter matters where you get it from I got this one for two hundred and forty five dollars now they are both diving watches but which one is better which one gives you more bang per buck now let's get into it guys are the only way to do this is to rate them one through ten based on ten different factors as you see we're gonna be looking at the movement the bill Finnish water resistance iconic status the loom the accuracy the bezel action affordability and certifications and let's jump right into this one guys now our first thing we're going to be looking at is the movements inside of these watches they're both automatic timepieces now the watch on the left the skx 0:09 this watch features the Seiko calibre seven has 26 automatic self-winding movement which houses 21 joules has a forty one hour power reserve beats at 21,600 bphs or vibrations per hour or six beats per second it's not packable and you can't manually wind the watch accuracy stated at about plus or minus fifteen seconds a day now getting to the watch on the right the movement inside the Seiko turtle is the Seiko caliber for our 36 automatic self-winding movement has 24 joules beats a 21600 vibrations per hour or 6 beats per second stating plus or minus 15 seconds per day but honestly that's what I got is much better than that power reserve of 41 hours as you see there are some big differences in between these movements right here the four are 36 in the Seiko turtle is obviously the winner in this one because first of all it has packing it also has a few more jewels in there and the accuracy I found to me to be much better in my you know in my own eyes from testing the watches out my sake of turtle runs about five seconds fast today I might have a lucky turtle but it's running really great now the SS KX on the other hand I can expect about fifteen to twenty seconds plus a day and also we do not have the hacking feature now don't get me wrong it's a great movement it's very reliable the power reserve definitely works very good as long as you wear it the power reserve on the turtle definitely works a little bit better I will say because you can actually line the watch yourself to give it power and with the Seiko turtle you know you constantly have to shuffle it and honestly when you hand wind a lobster it's definitely a better way to you know line the watch so in terms of movement I'm going to have to give the SK X on the left a seven now the turtle on the right it's a great movement it's a $245 watch it's very accurate and winding hackable I'm gonna have to give it a ten seven verse ten let's move on to the next one now let's talk about the actual build of these pieces now the build quality on both of these watches is really good for its price point now it's very close you know the case the bezel everything is really fitted very nicely now these are not the stock bracelets these are both super Jubilee bracelets from strap code and that's why I did leave the bracelet section out this actually came on a rubber strap this came on the stock skx Jubilee bracelet where some people love some people hate not a big fan of it myself a little bit too wobbly for me but the build on both of these watches is you know kind of the same the bezel fitted to the case is very nice as is the skx the bezel you know is basically identical it's it's the same bezel the case backs you know they're done very nicely they're screwed down there's no really error there in any way everything fits nicely to the logs even the aftermarket bracelets you know the crowns work very well the skx and the turtle both of the crowns operate flawlessly you know it's very hard they both honestly have to get a 10 it's pretty equal in billed so let's go ahead and get both of those at 10 for the build next up we're going to talk about finishing now each of these watches on the case features a brushed surface on the top of the lugs and then we have a polished surface on the sides of the watch here at very high polish now the finishing is very good on these Seiko STX I must admit there is no errors this is a used watch I've worn this watch many times so there might be some scratches on here just just kind of try to ignore that finishing on the crown is very nice as well with that high polish very nice no sharp edges nothing like that definitely very good now let's take a look at the turtle now I did notice the finishing on the turtle is slightly you know a little better than the skx not cute not not like huge like improvement but you know it's it's definitely a little finer the high polish you know it's a little smoother not super noticeable but definitely noticeable if you really look closely and yeah I mean it's still great on both of the watches but I'm definitely gonna have to give the skx I would say an 8 and definitely the turtle 810 you know the brushing is really nice on the turtle on these rounded corners over here the polishing is really nice as well so definitely an eight and a ten let's get to the next one now let's talk about water resistance let me just tell you I tested both of these watches out in the ocean pool in a lake hot showers pretty much everything except scuba dive scuba diving because you know most of us people that were diving watches we don't really go scuba diving some people do I you know but personally I have never been scuba diving not a big fan of diving but I do like diving watches now each of these watches have the same water resistance rating 200 meters or 660 feet and they both have screw down crowns so you know it's pretty equal I've never had a problem of any water or you know fogging of the crystal anything like that on the hard legs crystal you know it's basically a 10 and a 10 because they're exactly the same and they work great next up we're gonna talk about iconic status this is kind of a controversial one the skx is kind of branded after psychos first divers the turtle this is a modern iteration of the turtle the turtle went through a few different changes over the years it has been seen in some movies as well the skx has been seen in a couple movies also but I think in today's world for some reason the skx is you know much more iconic and the Seiko turtle on the sacred turtle would probably come in second place in terms of that that's just in my eyes um the turtle is extremely popular you know it's it's more of a wearable design not everybody likes the you know the older cushion case and you know this is more of a rounded case a bit more wearable for the general population I'm gonna have to give the SK X which is seen in all is lost with Robert Redford and I'm gonna have to give the skx a 10 on the Seiko turtle and eight getting to the loom now both of these watches have the same loom its luma bright now loom is amazing you guys know this Seiko has some one the best loom around especially at their price point they definitely dominate that category now I'm definitely gonna have to get both a ten out of ten extremely bright lasts a long long time and everything lights up extremely bright even the pips last a long time both a 10 and a 10 it's the same loom and it's great now next up is accuracy well this is you know this is obviously we're going to see the SRP 777 or the turtle come ahead in this one and as a hackable and hand winding movement you know you can just precisely set the time and you can't do that on the skx unfortunately as you see you can set the time perfectly to a very specific time now on the Seco skx as you see we do not have the hacking feature just going to go ahead and unscrew the crown pull it out just keeps running it makes it very hard to set the time to the exact time of the day you're always going to be off by a few seconds no matter which way you do it I know you can kind of back hack it but you know I don't really like doing that I think that's kind of stupid but but anyway obviously the SRP 777 or the turtle is going to win in this category I'm gonna have to give this a 10 and the skx a 7 next up is bezel action well essentially these are the same exact bezels and they pretty much operate exactly the same it's very good it's very smooth there's really not much play in either of them as you can see there's really not much play everything is very smooth the skx is very smooth as well feels exactly the same as the Seco Turtle these are both can get a 10 and a 10 I think for this price point the bezel action is quite good in my eyes and they're basically the same exact bezels one's black and ones in the Pepsi variation so definitely a 10 and a 10 now we're going to talk about affordability well obviously the SK X is accessible you know at a price point of 200 or even pre-owned at a price point from anywhere from 140 to 160 150 130 you know matters the condition of the watch and etc definitely more accessible definitely more affordable affordable but you are getting a little bit less for your money and the SRP 777 I found this one a two hundred and forty-five dollars pre-owned you can probably grab them for about 190 or something like that now the SK X is definitely more affordable than the Seiko turtle and it's definitely more accessible to I see you know talking about this exact this exact model the SRP 777 the black model that comes on the rubber strap I'm definitely gonna have to give the skx a 10 on the SRP a 9 on this one now almost getting to the end guys glad you stayed with me through this through this whole video it's quite a long video now last one is certifications the sake of skx is a certified iso diver 645 certification with a screw down crown now if you didn't know these watches go through many tests to get this certification it can take a whole nother video to explain it but the Seiko s KX is ISO 6425 rated now getting to the SRP 777 the SRP 777 also is rated by ISO and it's rated 6 4 to 5 as well so you have the same rating for a suitable for scuba diving and it's in compliance with ISO 6 4 to 5 both of these watches but let's get a 10 a big whopping 10 for both of them I mean a certified diving watch at $200 and 250 bucks can you really beat it now guys we're gonna count all these all these numbers up and see who's the winner all right guys here it is well the obvious winner are not so obvious I should say is the SRP 777 coming in at 97 out of a hundred while the skx came in at 92 out of a hundred now a big part of this is due to the movement in the Seiko skx compared to the for our 36 the hand winding hackable movement which has a bit more you know it's a bit more complex than your 7s 26 it also has a couple more jewels inside of it and yeah but very close race very close race 92 to 97 very close you know both of these watches are very good you guys know this already I've reviewed both of these watches separately and I think this was just something cool to do you know a lot of people are probably on the fence should I spend the extra money and get the turtle or should I you know spend a little less and get these Seiko skx I think either way you go you're in good hands here and yeah but you know the SRP one in this in this this little video right here anyway guys hope you guys enjoyed this video of the dual of the Seiko s KX and the Seiko turtle you can definitely find some links in the description which are useful if you want to purchase any of these watches or some of my top 5 affordable alternatives to the Rolex Submariner in which I've kind of made like a staple on this channel with one of my videos definitely hit that subscribe button I want to know what you guys think in the comments section below do you think the turtle should have one or the skx which one do you think's better bang for buck better value for money you know I want to know what you guys think this is what I think and yeah hopefully I'll catch you guys on the next one as always thanks for watching this is the watch addict and I'll catch you in the next one bye

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